Lyons New Media Centre

We have the digital tools for your creative soul

Need to create posters, digital art, podcasts and more? We have the tools you need!

Have to shoot a video for a class project , but you don't have a camera? We can help with that!

Want to relax making some origami, knitting or colouring? Pop by and see what we have to offer! 

We are located in Mills Library on the 4th floor, right outside Elevators #3 and #4.

Lyons New Media Centre

Lyons News

Our latest news

Lyons furniture getting a refresh

July 11/18 - Just a heads up that a week or two ago, our booth seats were re-covered, but that wasn't the end to our furniture refreshing! This week, our computer chairs...

New Booking System Now LIVE!

March 5/18 - As of this morning, the Lyons New Media Centre has rolled out its new booking system. All you need is your MacID and password to login to the new system, then just start booking things like you normally would...

Problems with Fortnite

March 5/18 - Until further notice, Fortnite is not available for gameplay on the Lyons gaming PCs. We have not yet removed the software at this time, because we have hopes to rectify the problem at some point...

Audio Recording Booth is NOW OPEN!

March 1/18 - Yes, that's correct... the audio recording booth at Lyons is NOW OPEN...

CFMU's Sixty Seconds with Rhonda Moore

February 14/18 - A CFMU sixty second video interview with Rhonda Moore, Lyons New Media Centre Manager.

Device Dojo is here!

February 5/18 - That's right! The Device Dojo has officially opened in Lyons...

Media Creation Spaces

The Rooms

The main room of Lyons New Media Centre (L411) has the following to offer:

  • 12 high-end media editing computers w/specialized software (these computers are to be used for media creation only)
  • video wall
  • laptop bar by the windows
  • soft seating by the laptop bar & video wall
  • collaboration/group-work booths
  • Help Desk
    • tinker toys, microphones, headphones, 3D printing, and all bookable rooms/items borrowed from here
    • basic assistance with multimedia hurdles

This room works as both a media classroom and a green screen/photography/filming room. You can book the media classroom online. *If you need equipment or the backdrops, make sure to specify in your booking. Also: The booking system only allows 2 hours. If you need additional time (2.5-4 hours total for a single booking), please note this in your booking description.

Available equipment for green screen/filming bookings:

  • Green screen wall
  • 3 backdrops (white, black and green) *Do not operate yourself, ask Lyons staff to assist
  • Camera equipment
    • video camera
    • Nikon SLR camera [no video, just still images]
    • Nikon SLR w/60mm fixed lens - good for close up/macro work
    • tripod
    • camera mic
  • Light box (with 4 different coloured backdrops)
  • Studio lights
  • Exception: Computer equipment/smartboard in the room is not available for green screen room usage.

Available equipment for Media Classroom bookings by Instructors (with Manager's permission):

  • Computer w/media speakers & SMARTboard
  • Laptops with Adobe Creative Cloud installed
  • Classroom setting for 12 students plus 1 instructor

Added in Spring 2018, the Audio Recording Booth is bookable online and is nestled in the right side of L414.

Our audio recording booth is a great new space for recording your audio work. Whether you are recording a podcast for a class; doing a voice over for a video; or recording a demo for your next big hit, the recording booth is available to you. You must be a current McMaster student or staff member, with valid Mac ID to use the booth.

In the booth:

  • Computer equipped with Audacity and Adobe Audition
  • RODE microphone and filter, with adjustable arm
  • Audio interface
  • High stool
  • Music stand with light for script/music
  • Headphones (available at the Help Desk)

The two bookable Edit Studios are equipped with media editing computers and audio-visual equipment.

Available equipment in Edit Studio L415:

Available equipment in Edit Studio L416:

  • Media editing computer (see software list
  • Audio/video listing/viewing station including:
    • DVD player, VHS player, record player, cassette deck, large screen TV

Also available (at Help Desk) for use in the edit suites:

  • USB condenser microphones
  • Headphones

The AV & Console Gaming Room (L418) is the "fishbowl" room near the Lyons entrance. This is bookable online, like the Edit Suites. It seats approximately four people and has a monitor affixed to the wall, as well as gaming consoles (PS3, PS4, XBox 360, XBox One & Wii).

Note: There is no computer housed within this room. If you want to edit media, please book L415 or L416, one of the Edit Studios.

LNMC Computer Availability

Cameras & Equipment


Most of the equipment on this page can simply be asked for at the Lyons Help Desk. The camera equipment needs to be booked. Click on each for details and links.

Camera & Filming Equipment

Cameras, tripods and more are available.

Microphones & Headphones

Headphones & microphones available for use in Lyons.


Robots that can be controlled with a smartphone.

Tinker Equipment

Tinker equipment includes things such as VR headsets, circuit kits, etc.

Craft Kits

Crafting kits are available for relaxing.

Cables & Adapters

Gaming & laptop video adapters.

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