R.E.S.P.E.C.T. - Aretha Franklin sang about it ... Rodney Dangerfield complained he never got any. Respect is a simple thing that our parents taught us, but sometimes gets forgotten in day to day life.

The Library's Respect Campaign is a reminder to everyone to "respect the space and one another", and more. It's treating others the way you wish to be treated. Holding a door open for someone; listening to each others' views; seeing people for who they are; not being selfish with space or resources; following the rules. These are just a few examples of respect in our daily lives. Small things can make a big difference.


Respect Week 2019

Respect Week Messages

What's Happening this Week?

Monday, March 11

Respect Week begins!

Make sure to check out the Respect Week info booth in Mills Library to learn more about respectful behaviour in the Library and the McMaster community. While you're there, don't forget to share what respect means to you on the giant banner and grab some free stickers!

Tuesday, March 12

Respecting others.

To spread some kindness to others, we will be handing out free lollipops in Mills, Thode and Innis today! Make sure to stop by the Respect Week info booth to learn ways to give back to the community by volunteering in the Hamilton area.

Wednesday, March 13

Respecting the space.

You may notice some Messy Desks in Thode and Innis today. These installations act as reminders to clean up the space for the next person. Make sure to stop by the Respect Week info booth in Mills to learn about the Library's Study Zones and the difference between conversational, quiet and silent spaces.

Thursday, March 14

Respecting the environment.

Did you know McMaster has a Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) program? Come to Mills Library to discover how you can reduce waste (and cost!) by participating in the BYOC initiative! Come learn about the compost bins in Mills Library and participate in the Where does that go? waste-sorting game.

Friday, March 15

Respecting yourself.

Make sure to stop by the Respect Week info booth in Mills and check out a collection of books on self-care, as well as Energy Lights that can help improve your mood, focus and energy levels. Also, learn how you can borrow board games, unwind in the Zen Zone, and use the exercise bikes in the Library.

Respect Week Video Series

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