H.G. Thode Library of Science & Engineering

Thode Library holds the University Library's collections in science and engineering and has a wide variety of study spaces to meet your needs. Other amenities in the building include the Reactor Cafe (first floor) and the Thode Makerspace (lower level), and the Integrated Science program has a home on the third floor.

H.G. Thode Library of Science & Engineering

Our Collections

H. G. Thode Library Collections

Thode Library holds the University's collections related to the various disciplines of Science and Engineering. Our collection includes books, print journals, government documents, technical reports, and microforms.

The Library's online catalogue is a searchable database that provides access to our collections.

Our books are arranged according to the Library of Congress classification system and you can locate an item in the library by using the unique Call Number listed in the Catalogue. Patrons can request an item be retrieved from the shelves for themselves or a scan of a single chapter of the book.  

The print journal collection and government documents are held in storage, and patrons can request the retrieval or a journal article scan of these items.

Most technical reports are not catalogued, but are arranged on the shelves by the technical report number. Thode Library also holds a microform collection of older books, periodicals and technical reports which may be requested at the service desk.

All materials, excepting print journals and microforms, are on open shelves and accessible to patrons during library hours.

A Thode Library book locater is available in the Thode Getting Around tab.

Our Study Zones

Group Study Space

The H. G. Thode Library has a seating capacity of 1475 distributed across a variety of learning zones. Review the zones below to find out which area best suits your need

See the Study Zones page for a full description of these areas and expectations for behaviour.

Thode Study Zones


Group Study Rooms (B103-B113)

Location: Lower Level

Space Type: Conversation-Friendly Zone

Seating: Rooms. Each room features a whiteboard and chalkboard

Capacity: 10 rooms with seats for 8 people

Note: All rooms can be booked online

Group Study spaces Policies


Collaborative Work Space

Floor: First Floor

Space Type: Conversation-Friendly Zone

Seating: Long tables, cafe tables, booths, computer stations, carrels, lounge chairs & sofas

Capacity: More than 600 seats


Floor: Second

Space Type: Conversation-Friendly Zone

Seating: Tables

Capacity: Seating for 400 people


Floor: Lower Level

Space Type: Low conversation zone

Seating: Study carrels

Capacity: Room for 148 individuals


Silent Study Room (B115)

Floor: Lower Level (at bottom of main stairs/elevator)

Space Type: Silent Learning Zone

Seating: Tables

Capacity: Seating for 15 people


Meditation Room (102)

Floor: First Floor

Space Type: Silent Learning Zone

Seating: Lounge chair and table

Capacity: Single individual

Thode Library Services

Instructional Support

Thode Library offers course-related and course-integrated instruction to McMaster faculty and students on how to find, evaluate and use information effectively and ethically.

We can ...

  • provide advice on creating effective library and information research assignments
  • teach your students and TAs how to search for information effectively
  • create a course guide to help your students navigate through the Library's resources for a specific class or assignment
  • educate students about plagiarism and the ethical use of information
  • teach students how to correctly cite sources in their papers and bibliographies

To request library instruction for Science or Engineering related sessions, please contact the Science and Engineering Librarian.

For instructional support in other subjects and in other libraries, visit Request Library Instruction for Your Course

Library Assistant

905-525-9140 ext.22000

Library Assistant

905-525-9140 ext.22000

Library Assistant

905-525-9140 ext.22000

Services Librarian, Thode Library

905-525-9140 ext.27743

Library Assistant

905-525-9140 ext.22000

School of Interdisciplinary Science Librarian

905-525-9140 ext.20733

Senior Library Assistant

905-525-9140 ext.22082

Library Assistant

905-525-9140 ext.22000
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