Mission, Strategic Planning and Statistics

Mission, Strategic Planning and Statistics

Strategic Initiatives - 2018/19

Initiatives List

Conduct an environmental scan of community engagement activities of academic libraries across Canada.  Prepare a comprehensive list of community engagement activities currently underway in the library.  Prepare a brief report with recommendations for further action.

Support broad access to McMaster's unique collections through the establishment of a robust and sustainable digitization program.  During 2018/19, the project will focus on:  staffing and equipment requirements, developing processes to increase the volume of digitization, building relationships in the Library and the larger community, and establishing pathways for contributing the library's locally digitized content to repositories and discovery sites, e.g. HathiTrust, Canadian National Digital Heritage Index (CNDHI). 

Support the newly created Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee to make recommendations regarding collections, services and facilities.  Identify and prioritize projects for the coming year.  Establish partnerships with key campus partners including the new Associate Vice-President, Equity.  In partnership with indigenous groups, focus considerable attention on the Truth & Reconciliation Commission Calls for Action.

Work with four other universities (Toronto, Western, Queens and Ottawa) to leverage the shared preservation facility for low-use materials a the UTL Downsview location.  During 2018/19 the project will focus on monographs and identifying serials for transfers.

Work with Government Relations, senior university leadership and Advancement to identify funding opportunities to support renovations to designated study areas.  Explore opportunities to enhance learning support services in Mills Library.  Develop a plan to assess the use of library spaces in terms of accessibility, types of students and their possible or specific needs/wants. 

Increase faculty member engagement with McMaster Experts as a central record of scholarly activity.  Encourage active profile maintenance through engaging with users, developing support documentation, and implementing automated and semi-automated tools (including ORCID ID).  Develop a sustainable model for supporting and growing the service.

Take a lead role in building understanding and raising awareness of the advantage of using OERs (educational materials that are free to use and reuse without charge). During 2018/19 the project will focus on marketing open textbooks to faculty teaching large undergraduate courses.

Conduct a needs assessment and environmental scan in order to develop a program of specific services to improve the transition to university for first year students.  Prepare a brief report with recommendation.

Implement two connected services, and OCLC holding reclamation for the University Library's physical collections and an analysis of our print monograph collection by Sustainable Collection Services (SCS).

Lead the advancement of Research Data Management policy, guidelines, services and resources across campus.  Collaborate with various campus service and stakeholder groups.

Build on and promote access to the Bertrand Russell Archives, one of McMaster's most significant cultural assets, on the the 50th anniversary of the Library's acquisition.  During 2018/19 the library will open 88 Forsyth as the new home of the Archive and the Research Centre;  host two scholarly societies; process and open the new accrual; release the Letters to Russell project; release the Commonplace poetry book; continue explorations with the Russell Research Centre of grant opportunities for enhancing the web presence of our may Russell platforms. 

Raise awareness of existing learning and development opportunities available on campus.  Survey managers and staff to identify key opportunities.  Develop opportunities for job shadowing (or other knowledge sharing opportunities) and for a library staff day of service.

Investigate library policies and practices on course textbooks and explore opportunities in print, online and OER that are feasible and most effective for student needs.

Explore opportunities to gather and preserve key historical university documents and artifacts.  As proof of concept explore a mini project with Alumni regarding preservation of artifacts on display in Convocation Hall. 

Explore different ways of presenting collection resources to better connect with and highlight selected resources to users, such as displays or breakout collections or the use of different types of shelving.



Meeting target button Meeting target Caution button Approaching Target Not meeting target button Not meeting target

1. Enable new and emerging models for advancing knowledge and accelerating the University's research mission.

1.1 Use of Research Data Management Services Not meeting target button


Digitization - Update: Feb 2019

Downsview Share Preservation Facility - Update: Feb 2019

McMaster Experts - Update: Feb 2019

Research Data - Update: Feb 2019

Russell Archives & Reserach Centre Update: Feb 2019

Increase Visibility of Collection Resources Update: Feb 2019


1.2 Page Views from RDM website Not meeting target button
1.3 New Published Research Content in the IR (MacSphere) Not meeting target button

2. Enhance, support and promote our unique print and digital collections.

2.1 Page Views from the Digital Archive Not meeting target button

Digitization Update: Feb 2019

Print Monograph Collection Updating & Asssessment Update: Feb 2019

Russell Archives & Research Centre Update: Feb 2019

Increase Visibility of Collection Resources Update: Feb 2019

University Archives Update: Feb 2019

2.2 Digitized Items uploaded to the Digital Archive Meeting target button
2.3 Digitized Books Not meeting target button
2.4 Downloads from the IR (MacSphere) Caution button
2.5 Library News Stories Not meeting target button

3. Improve access to our extensive resources by ensuring their easy discovery through a variety of approaches.

3.1 Use of Academic Research Resources  

Digitization Update: Feb 2019

Print Monograph Collection Updating & Assessment Update: Feb 2019

Increase Visibility of Collection Resources Update: Feb 2019

4. Facilitate deep learning and creativity for students through the provision of innovative physical and virtual environments, services and learning.

4.1 Usage of Online Modules  

Library Master Space Plan - Update: Feb 2019

Open Educational Resources - Update: Feb 2019

Textbook Policies - Update: Feb 2019

Outreach to First Year Students Update: Feb 2019

Increase Visibility of Collection Resources Update: Feb 2019

4.2 Library Involvement in Student Learning (F2F)  
4.3 Gate Count  
4.4 Silent/Quiet Study Seats  
4.5 Virtual Reference  

5. Build strong relationships with the community - both on campus and off.

5.1 Library participation in joint (university or external) grant proposals  

Digitization Update: Feb 2019

McMaster Experts Update: Feb 2019

Community Engagement - Update: Feb 2019

Diversity - Update: Feb 2019

University Archives - Update: Feb 2019

6. Recruit, cultivate and retain a highly skilled, technologically agile workforce that aspires to excellent and continuous professional development.

6.1 Staff Skill level/knowledge  

Digitization - Update: Feb 2019

Research Data Update: Feb 2019

Staff Learning & Development  - Update: Feb 2019

Diversity - Update: Feb 2019

6.2 Staff Attendance at SLDC sessions  
6.3 Use of Lynda.com  
6.4 Retention rates after 1 and 5 years of hiring  

7. Secure appropriate financial resources to maintain a world-class research library

7.1   Total Budget Allocation  

Downsview Shared Preservation Facility - Update: Feb 2019

Library Master Space Plan - Update: Feb 2019

7.2   Library Participation in joint (university or external) grant proposals  



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