Advertise on Library Digital Signage

Want to advertise your upcoming event, service, or resource in the library? There are digital monitors in Innis, Mills and Thode Libraries where such advertisements may be posted for you. See all the details below.

Advertise on Library Digital Signage


Advertisement Locations

The following monitors will show advertisements for non-Library groups:

  • Mills Library
    • 1st floor lobby (across from main entrance)
    • 2nd floor, large monitor inside Learning Commons
    • 2nd floor, monitor in the middle of the floor near washrooms/Learning Commons 
  • Innis Library
    • behind Library Services Desk
  • Thode Library
    • 1st floor, lobby area

Advertisements submitted from groups outside the Library will be posted to all of the above monitors. We cannot limit to specific monitors/libraries.

The following monitors are only available for departments and groups within the Library and are unavailable to non-Library groups:

  • Mills Library
    • 1st floor, two vertical monitors at the Library Services Desk
    • 1st floor, Sherman Centre media wall (Sherman Centre only)
    • 4th floor, Lyons New Media Centre (all monitors) - Lyons-only, limited Library ads (specific monitors)
  • Thode Library
    • lower level, MakerSpace (MakerSpace only)
  • All libraries
    • computer desktops in all three libraries

Tutorials & Help

Tutorials & Help

Adobe Photoshop is available in the Lyons New Media Centre if you do not have access to it in your own office.The following help file goes into a very basic set of steps to set up a new graphic in Photoshop, for use on the digital signage monitors across campus, and how to save it as a final image. For more help with Photoshop, please consult (all McMaster users have access to this) or visit the Lyons New Media Centre team for assistance.

Design in Photoshop, the Word version | Design in Photoshop, the PDF version

GIMP is a free graphics program that is often touted as a Photoshop alternative. It is cross-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux), and is free. The following help file is a quick guide to help you set up and export your new campus advertising image in GIMP.

Design in GIMP, the Word version | Design in GIMP, the PDF version

This help file walks users through how to set up a page in MS Publisher 2016 so that it is the correct size for campus monitors. Once a page has been resized correctly, the only other thing you need is to know how to save the finished product as an image, which is also covered in this file.

Design in MS Publisher 2016, the Word version | Design in MS Publisher 2016, the PDF version

Need more help than what you see here? There are resources on campus for you. The Lyons New Media Centre has special media editing hardware and software (Adobe Creative Cloud) available to all current McMaster users, as well as teaching resources to help you learn how to make your designs for digital signage.

Also available to current McMaster students, staff and faculty:

  • Free access to (thanks to UTS and others on campus). There are thousands of tutorial videos available here!
  • Media consultations via Lyons.
  • Free access to Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design, etc.) and other software such as GIMP, Comic Life and Inkscape. View the full list of media creation software online.
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