Media Creation Software & Computers

Lyons New Media Centre houses high-end media editing computers, fully loaded with media creation software, available to any current McMaster student, staff or faculty member. Most of which are in the main area of the Centre and two are located within Edit Studios L415 & L416 (bookable online), and one is in the bookable Media Classroom for instructors to use.

Media Creation Software & Computers


Media Creation Hardware

Most of our computers are Hewlett Packard Z1s with 32 GB of memory and 1 TB of storage, running Windows 10. Each has a large monitor, standard keyboard & mouse, CD drive, and SD card reader & webcam all built-in.

Another computer (not an HP Z1) is housed in the bookable Audio Recording Booth, used solely for recording purposes. Adobe Creative Cloud and Audacity have been installed on this computer and has a high-end condenser microphone connected to it via an Audio Fuse control box.

USB microphones which plug into the computers in the Edit Studios may be borrowed from the Help Desk in Lyons New Media Centre. There are a couple of varieties, but all of them are condensor mics, and pop-filters are available for some of them.

Headphones are also available for loan at the Help Desk.

This equipment is solely for use within Lyons.

Users are expected to provide their own USB drives or portable hard drives. Lyons New Media Centre does not provide this for users. Other options may also include cloud storage, but users are expected to have their own accounts for such storage (eg. Google Drive, Dropbox, etc).

Although our computers have large storage spaces, it is not recommended to save files on them indefinitely. There is no guarantee that files will be there longer than a day, nor that anyone else may not have access to them. Remember that these are public computers and anyone has access to them.

Lyons is not liable for any loss of files or information left on our computers.

Although the resources within Lyons New Media Centre are available to anyone on campus, it is considered to be a media lab. Misuse of the computer workstations may result in users being asked to move to another location.

  • The computers are for media creation and education purposes only. All other usage should be taken to the computers in other areas of the library.
  • These computer workstations are not equipped with plugs for external devices such as laptops. Please consider using the laptop bar at the far end of the Centre (near the windows) to plug in and use laptops.

Fun Fact: There are 15 computers in the Centre for a campus population of nearly 40,000, and is the only location on campus where any McMaster user can access some of the high-end specialty media software (such as Adobe Creative Cloud software).

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