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Learn to master quantitative and qualitative data analysis with step-by-step guides and sample data.

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Provides detailed information on new issues, mergers and acquisitions, syndicated loans, private equity and more for the global financial marketplace. It supports analyzing investment banking and deal trends, identifying comparable deals, monitoring deal activity and generating industry-leading league tables and market share analysis.

Coverage: 1997 to the present

SEDAR+ is the CSA (Canadian Securities Administrators) website for Canadian securities, filings, disclosures, and other information.

Date coverage:

  • All historical profile, Cease Trade Order and Disciplinary List data is available through SEDAR+.
  • SEDAR+ contains all documents filed after January 1, 2015. All prospectuses and applications filed on SEDAR since January 1, 1997 are also available in SEDAR+.
  • All public historical data filed prior to SEDAR’s retirement on July 20, 2023, are available via an archive report option on SEDAR+. This includes documents filed prior to January 1, 2015.

SpringerMaterials: The Landolt-Börnstein Database, is the world's largest resource for physical and chemical data in materials science. This resource includes 250,000 substances and material systems, 3,000 properties, and 1,200,000 literature citations.

SpringerMaterials incorporates all volumes of Landolt-Börnstein New Series, the largest and most respected compilation of data in physics and chemistry founded in 1883, along with a number of unique and specialized databases.

Core Components

Statista includes over 1,500,000 statistics on over 80,000 topics from more than 18,000 sources. It provides access to data from market and opinion research institutions, as well as from business organizations and government institutions. It also includes market forecasts, dossiers, industry reports, infographics, and more. Statistics can be downloaded directly in PNG, PDF, Excel, and PowerPoint formats.