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O’Reilly for Higher Education includes technology and business content from more than 250 publishers, along with videos, case studies, learning paths and self-assessments. The database provides more than 40,000 e-books, including the familiar O'Reilly titles with woodcut animal covers, plus 30,000 hours of video, learning paths, case studies, interactive tutorials, audio books, and videos from O’Reilly’s global conferences. Individual titles are also listed in McMaster's library catalogue.

Topics range from programming to IT networking to project management to graphic design to business strategy. The content includes code snippets, certification preparation materials, practice exercises, training videos, and much more.  Formerly known as Safari Tech E-books.

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) online library of books, reports, working papers, periodicals and statistical data covering a wide range of subjects including agriculture & food, development, economics, education, employment, energy, environment, finance & investment, governance, industry & services,  social issues, migration & health, taxation and transport.  Search by keyword(s) or browse by theme or by country name.

Overton is a searchable index of policy documents, guidelines, think tank publications and working papers. It collects data from 188 countries and over a thousand sources worldwide with more being regularly. Each document is parsed, finding references, people and key concepts, and then they are linked to the relevant news stories, academic research, think tank output and other policy. The product allows you to search these documents and see where your ideas, papers, reports and staff are being cited or mentioned. It can help you to discover where your work may be influencing or changing practice in the real world.