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Sabinet Discover is an information services tool providing seamless access to comprehensive African legal, news and research content. McMaster users have access to modules of Government & Law, News resources, as well as Sabinet African Journals, which is available on a separate platform. 

  • Sabinet’s Legal Information Services include all South African Legislation on National, Provincial and Municipal level as well as all Gazettes from 1910 to current. Also included are Sabinet Labour and Sabinet Judgments.
  • Sabinet’s News Services includes SA Media, a news clipping research service as well as the South African Press Association’s Archive with content dating back as far as 1977 to 2015 and all African News Agency’s newswires from 2015 to September 2022. 
Coverage: 1939 to 1948

Contains 300 titles from key nations across the globe that took part in the Second World War. Includes an extensive range of both rare and well-known wartime publications produced for military and civilian units serving at home and abroad.

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