Media Consultations @ Lyons New Media Centre

Media Consultations @ Lyons New Media Centre

Need help with a media project? Don't know where to start?

The Lyons New Media Centre now offers two media consultants to assist you!

Sometimes you just need to get past a small hurdle. Carlie's here!

Carlie will be available in Lyons about three hours a week for drop-in hours. If you are around during her drop-in times, please feel free to go to her for assistance!

"Where can I find Carlie?"

Simply go to the Help Desk in the middle of Lyons and ask the desk staff to see Carlie for a consultation. They will let her know you are asking for assistance and she will join you as soon as she's free.

"What can I get help with?"

  • storyboardingA black and white photo of Carlie, one of our media consultants.
  • filming
  • video post-production
  • basic graphics editing
  • basic motion graphics

"When is Carlie available?"

Fall Hours

Confirmed September 2017:

  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays @ 1-4pm 

Summer Hours

  • Potentially varies week to week. Please check with the Help Desk for Carlie's availability.

When you arrive for your appointment with Chris...

Ask the student assistant at the Help Desk in the middle of Lyons New Media Centre for him.

"What can I expect?"

Often students seek out consultation assistance on assignments that have some kind of media element to it. Chris has experience in building media projects that include:

A side-view portrait of Chris McAllister in black and white.

  • Video production
  • Graphic and print design
  • Website development
  • Client and business development
  • Audio recording/engineering
  • IT/Technology and computing
  • Workshops, Teaching and Learning/E-Learning
  • Courses in Communication Studies and Multimedia

"What kind of help can I ask for?"

Chris will work with you to help identify the requirements of your project, design a plan of attack for what you need to understand and what skills you need to learn (and where to learn them). Be sure to come equipped with some ideas of what you'd like to do, as Chris will not tell you what to do, but help guide you toward what YOU want to do.

"What kind of help can I not ask for?"

Chris can be very helpful, but he's not available to actually DO work for you. For example, if you're not sure how to perform a certain task in Photoshop, he may point it out to you, or create an education plan so you can tackle the problem yourself.

"What if I need a follow-up meeting?"

Consultation meetings are generally around 30 minutes. So, be sure to use the form and book a slot as soon as you can.

"Anything else I should know?"

Sometimes Chris won't always have the exact answer at hand for your question - but he's good at helping you uncover possible solutions that will meet your requirements. He also has a cat named Tinkerbot.

"When is Chris available?"

Chris is on duty for consultations Wednesdays between 1pm and 4pm. Request an appointment below!