Borrow from Other Libraries / Interlibrary Loan

Sometimes your research takes you beyond what our collection can offer. When that happens, you can take advantage of tools like RACER to search library collections from universities across Ontario, Canada, and beyond.

Borrow from Other Libraries / Interlibrary Loan

Borrowing from another University library (Reciprocal Borrowing)

Borrowing in Person from a Non-McMaster Library

In addition to using RACER (Interlibrary Loan), McMaster faculty, staff, and students can borrow in person from other university libraries in Canada (excluding: University of Toronto and Ontario College of Art and Design) .

Please contact the library in question to determine their requirements for a Reciprocal Borrower Card. Most will require a current McMaster ID and proof of address, but additional documentation may be required. 

Contact a partner university in: 



Atlantic provinces

Western provinces

University of Toronto Libraries charges reciprocal borrowers (like McMaster students) a fee of $300 for a borrower card. McMaster Library will subsidize $250 towards the cost of these cards, for graduate students only.   Cards expire on August 31st of each year.

  1. To acquire or renew an external borrower card at UTL (valid from September to September only), please complete the application form and submit to the Services Librarian, Mills Library service desk (1st floor) (Cards may no longer be arranged for at Robarts Library.
  2. You will be responsible for the remaining $50. We can accept a MOSAIC chartfield, debit, or credit card for this fee.
  3. When this transaction has been completed, we will alert the staff at the Robarts Library so that they can provide you with a borrower card.  
  4. This borrower card expires on August 31st of each year (i.e., if you purchase the card in May, it will expire in August). 

You are welcome to submit interlibrary loan requests for any materials not owned by McMaster using your RACER account. There is no charge for an interlibrary loan. Recommendations to purchase items for the Library’s collections are welcome and will be considered as the budget allows.

Faculty may obtain on-site access and/or borrowing privileges at over 160 research libraries participating in the OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program.  Please contact the library in question to determine their requirements. 

North American members of OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program 

(excluding: University of Toronto and Ontario College of Art and Design)

Hamilton Public Library cards are free to anyone living, working or studying in Hamilton.

Students attending an educational institution in Hamilton are eligible for a free library card with identification and a student card.  Register at any HPL branch  If you have any questions, Contact HPL

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