Christ Anglican Church

Flamborough, Ont.
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Christ Anglican Church (Flamborough, Ont.) : St. Alban's Anglican Church (Rockton, Ont.) fonds. -- 1889-2000. -- 44 cm of textual records.

At the time of its construction in 1865 Christ Church was located in West Flamborough township. Before that date the congregation had been served by the rector who was also responsible for St. James, Dundas and St. John's, Ancaster. For a more complete history see Centennial Christ Church West Flamboro, 1865-1965. St. Alban's Church was constructed in Rockton in 1868. For many years St. Alban's served as a harvest festival church with services conducted by the rector of Christ Church. Services at St. Alban's were cut back to only one per year beginning in 1950.

The fonds consists of parish registers containing statistical records, Vestry, A.Y.P.A., and Advisory Council minutes, Sunday school reports and other documents. The fonds has been microfilmed on 5 reels, numbered 99, 108-109, 381, 453.

Title based on content of fonds.
Fonds on deposit. Ownership of the fonds resides with Christ and St. Alban's Churches.
Finding aid available in hard copy and electronically.
Researchers are requested to use the microfilms. They must also sign an agreement of use form.
Further accruals are expected.

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Historical Notes

West Flamborough was served on a mission basis in the 1780s and 1790s but regular services were not commenced until the first rector of the area was appointed in 1816, to serve Dundas and Ancaster as well as West Flamborough. 1816 is thus regarded as the founding year of the West Flamborough parish. In 1817 land was purchased for a church, a school and a graveyard and a small log structure was built in which to hold services. As the congregation grew other buildings were used for services until, in 1864, the cornerstone of the present Christ Church was laid. The Church was finally completed in the summer of 1865 at a total cost of $2,500. It was enlarged in 1879.

A stone church, St. Alban's, was erected at Rockton in 1868. The Church and its grounds were consecrated in 1871. By 1949 services were only being held once a month. As the congregation was gradually decreasing, monthly services were discontinued in 1950 and now only one service is held annually by the Rector of Christ Church, West Flamborough: the Harvest Thanksgiving service.

Also materials relating to Beverly Church farm property.

Note: For further historical information concerning both Christ Church and St. Alban's, see the pamphlet in the filing cabinet: Centennial Christ Church, West Flamborough.


I - List of Parish Registers



For 1850-1890, please consult St James, Dundas, Register B
Parish Register A
Baptisms June 1890-Oct. 1940
Confirmations Sept. 1894-Feb. 1940
Marriages Nov. 1890-Nov. 1940
Memorials in 1887-1930
the Church
Parish Register B
Marriages Apr. 1902-Mar. 1913
(some duplication of Register A)
Parish Register C
Baptisms Jan. 1941-Apr. 1960
Confirmations Mar. 1943-Feb. 1960
Marriages Dec. 1940-July 1960
Burials Apr. 1941-Sept. 1959
Parish Register D
Vestry Book May 1889-Jan. 1940 108
Parish Register E
Vestry Book Jan. 1940-June 1960 108
Parish Register F Vestry Book June 1960-Apr. 1971 99
Parish Register G A.Y.P.A. Jan. 1913-Mar. 1916
Vestry Meeting Apr. 1921-June 1928
Parish Register H Vestry Meeting Jan. 1930-Jan. 1953
Parish Register I Advisory Feb. 1963-Sept. 1972
Council Meetings
Parish Register J Visitor's Book Aug. 1965-Oct. 1973 99
Parish Register K Account Book(?)Oct. 1940-Mar. 1941 109
Parish Register L St. Alban's Rockton, Vestry Book
Apr. 1887-Oct. 1972 (Current)
(returned to church)
Parish Register M Baptisms 1960-1975
Confirmations 1961-1974
Marriages 1960-1987
Burials 1960-2000
Insurance Policies and
Legal Documents
Parish Register N Vestry Book 1989-1999 453
Plans Envelope #1 a) Plan of Christ Church
Cemetery, 1961
b) Scale drawing of reredos
not filmed
Papers Box #1

Envelope #2

Envelope #3

Insurance Policies, Leases,
Bequests, etc.
Sunday School Reports and Balance
Sheet, Burial Records
Miscellaneous Letters and Papers
not filmed
File #1

1. Indenture:

2. Memorial:

3. Correspondence:
4. Application for permit to sell the Beverly Church Farm.
5. Letter, Martin, Kittson and Martin, November 16, 1892
to the Treasurer of the Diocese of Niagara.
-with a cheque in the amount of $982.97, resulting from
the sale of the Church Farm.

Beverly Church
(Rockton-under Flamborough)
Richard and Martha Hiscott to the Reverend
Michael Boomer.
One hundred acres, West half of Lot 14,
Concession 5 Township of Beverly.
November 2, 1854
re: Indenture entered and registered in the
Registry Office, County of Wentworth.
July 20, 1865.
re: Sale of property.
not filmed


II - Index of Statistical Registers

a) Baptisms

June 1890-Oct. 1940 Parish Register A 108
Jan. 1941-Apr. 1960 Parish Register C 108

b) Confirmations

Sept. 1894-Feb. 1940 Parish Register A 108
Mar. 1943-Feb. 1960 Parish Register C 108

c) Marriages

Nov. 1890-Nov. 1940 Parish Register A 108
Apr. 1902 Mar. 1913 Parish Register B
(some duplication of Register A)
Dec. 1940-July 1960 Parish Register C 108

d) Burials

Mar. 1892-Aug. 1940
(includes 1 entry for March 1945)
Parish Register A 108
Apr. 1941-Sept. 1959 Parish Register C 108

III - Other Records

a) Vestry Books

May 1889-Jan. 1940 Parish Register D 108
Jan. 1940-June 1960 Parish Register E 108
June 1960-Apr. 1971
St. Alban's Rockton:
Parish Register F 99
Apr. 1887-Oct. 1972
(Current-original returned to Church)
Parish Register L 109
1989-1999 Parish Register N 453

b) Vestry Meeting Minutes

Apr. 1921-June 1928 Parish Register G 99
Jan. 1930-Jan. 1953 Parish Register H 99

c) A.Y.P.A. Meeting Minutes

Jan. 1913-March 1916 Parish Register G 99

d) Advisory Council Meetings

Feb. 1963-Sept. 1972 Parish Register I 99

e) Account Book

Oct. 1940-Mar. 1941 Parish Register K 109

f) Visitor's Book (?)

Aug. 1965-Oct. 1973 Parish Register J 99

g) Plans

Plan #1 Christ Church Cemetery
(original returned to Church)
not filmed
Plan #2 Scale drawing of reredos in
Christ Church - Envelope #1
not filmed

h) Policies, Leases, Bequests, etc.

1907-1961 Miscellaneous Insurance and
Legal Papers - Box #1
not filmed

i) Sunday School Reports, Balance Sheets

1927-1928 Reports, Balance Sheets
Envelope #2
not filmed

j) Burial Records

1954-1957 Burial Records, from funeral
homes - Envelope #2
not filmed



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