Canadian Business Patterns (CBP) User Guide

Canadian Business Patterns (CBP) is compiled from the Business Register, a repository of information on the Canadian business population. CBP provides counts of active business establishments by:

  • employment size ranges, including indeterminate (i.e., businesses such as sole proprietorships and partnerships, usually without a payroll)
  • geography groupings by province/territory, metropolitan areas, census agglomerations, census divisions and/or census subdivisions
  • various levels of industry classification (Standard Industrial Classification and North American Industry Classification System)

Canadian Business Patterns (CBP) User Guide

Save and Print Results from Canadian Business Patterns

Save and Print

Save Results

Click on the File menu to select an output option

  • Save As
    • Select a location from the drop-down Save in menu.
    • Type a name for your file in the File name field. 
    • Select a file format from the drop-down Save as type: menu 
    • Specify the location of the download using the drop-down Save in: menu (e.g., Desktop, My Documents)
    • Click Save.

CBP Save As Menu

Print Results

  • Select an appropriate Printer and Print Range on the Print dialog box.
  • Adjust Properties as needed.
  • Click OK to send to the printer.

Accessing Canadian Business Patterns


Canadian Business Patterns (1988 to present) is available to McMaster users online via ODESI or DLI and through Data Services (Mills Library, 1st floor). 

Canadian Business Pattersn logo

  1. Connect to Canadian Business Patterns via ODESI (Ontario Data Documentation, Extraction Service and Infrastructure) or DLI (Data Liberation Initiative). NOTE: If you see an Off-campus access to OCUL members screen, click on McMaster University.
  2. To access CBP data
    • via ODESI, scroll to the desired year and select the desired geography link from the list. NOTE: To view CBP data on non-library computers, you must download and install Beyond 20/20 Professional Browser. A free download (for Windows) is available from the Statistics Canada website.
    • via DLI, select Business and Financial folder Canadian Business Patterns (CBP) > select desired year from list > select desired geography link from list
  3. Select a relevant dataset from the list displayed. Pick a dataset with the appropriate year, geography and industry code.

Not sure which dataset to select? Review the options below.


  • 1988 to present
    • CBP, 1997-current, published 2x per year (June & December)
    • CBP, 1988-1996, published 1x per year (December)


Industry Classification Codes

  • NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) - 2, 3, 4 and 6 digit level
  • SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) - 1, 2, 3 and 4 digit level
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