Application to Use the Margaret Laurence Journals and Manuscripts

Accession 1997
Rules for the Use of These Records

  1. The researcher understands that permission to examine this material does not include permission to publish its contents or any excerpt from it. The researcher also understands that in giving permission to examine this material, McMaster University Library makes no respresentation that it is the owner of the common law copyright or literary property in the material. If at any time the researcher should wish to quote from this material in any publication, the researcher is responsible for obtaining permission from the estate of Margaret Laurence.

  2. The researcher understands that photocopying of this material is not permitted under any circumstances.

  3. The researcher agrees to follow the general rules for the use of manuscript material displayed in the Divisional Reading Room.

  4. The researcher is a bona fide scholar, and is either a graduate student, has a doctoral degreee, or is a faculty member at a recognized university or college.

 I have read, understand, and express my intention to comply with the restrictions set forth above, and do request permission to examine this material for the purpose stated below.

(Reference may be made to the supervisor)
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