Lyons New Media Centre - 3D Printing Request

Attention ENG 1P13 students

If you choose to use our printers instead of your own lab, keep in mind that Lyons has a small number of printers and we are a print service for everyone on campus.

We cannot guarantee being able to print your request within your timeframe, as we have many requests for other courses and it all depends on where your request falls within the print queue. Plan your work accordingly and give as much lead time as possible.


This information is only used to facilitate your request, as well as anonymous statistics of this service, and is not used in any other way, nor provided to any third parties.

Is your file more than 10MB or having trouble using the online form?

Fill out the submission form and email it and your object (.stl) file to 
Please only do so if the web form is not working for you.
Note that you will not receive a ticket number until the object has been printed if you submit this way.

Contact Information

(we will use this to contact you when the print job is complete)

Model Information

.stl file
One file only.
8 MB limit.
Allowed types: stl.

Actual size in millimeters (mm) (to help us verify model size). If this is an estimate, please indicate that in the Notes field below to help expedite processing.

Is this for a course/research
Examples: MMEDIA 1A03, ENGINEER 2MM3, 'n/a' if this isn't for a course
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