Headphones & Microphones

Headphones & Microphones

Equipment - Headphones and Microphones

Library Service Desks (4 hour loan)

Can be taken out of the library

  • Over the ear headphones

Library Accessibility Services (4 hour loan)

The following equipment is for use within CATS only. Sign them out through the CATS service desk

  • Freestanding Snowball Microphone
  • Headset with microphone-style headphones

Lyons New Media Centre (2 hour loan)

The following equipment is for use within Lyons only, and limited to 2 hours per day. These do not need to be booked; simply ask to sign them out at the Help Desk and use at one of our computers or in our Edit Suites (microphones are for use in Edit Suites only).

  • USB condenser microphone
  • Nessie microphone
  • Yeti condenser microphones (x2)
  • Headphones (2 for edit suites, 4 for general use in Lyons)

The following needs to be booked in advance:

  • Webcam (with manager's permission only; contact her directly via email)

It should be noted that all computers in the main room & edit suites in Lyons have built-in webcams.

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