Cables & Adapters

Cables & Adapters

Equipment - Cables and Adapters

Library Services Desks (4 hour loans) 

Can be taken out of the library. 

  • HDMI Cables (6ft) (Mills, Innis, Thode)
  • HDMI Cable (10ft) (Innis)
  • USB Cable (6ft) (Innis)
  • USB-C Charging Cables (Mills, Thode) 
  • USB-C to USB 3.0 (Mills) 
  • PC to VGA Adapter (Innis)
  • Display port to HDMI cables (Innis, Thode)
  • Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapters (Innis, Thode) 
  • USB-C to VGA & HDMI Adapters (Innis, Thode)
  • HDMI TO VGA Adapters (Thode)
  • Mini Display Port to VGA Adaptors (Thode)
  • Mini DVI to VGA Adapter (Thode)
  • USB TO VGA Adapters (Thode)

Lyons New Media Centre (2 hour loan)

In-Lyons use only - ask at the Help Desk.

  • Playstation 3 syncing cables 
  • XBox 360 syncing cables
  • Playstation 4 syncing cable
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