Measuring Brain Drain by Gender 1990-2000

Measuring Brain Drain by Gender 1990-2000

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This dataset, a product of the Trade Team - Development Research Group, is part of a larger effort in the group to measure the extent of the brain drain as part of the International Migration and Development Program. It measures international skilled migration by gender.

The methodology is explained in: A gendered assessment of the brain drain, F. Docquier, L. Lowell, and A. Marfouk, Policy Research Discussion Paper (forthcoming), World Bank. 2007.

This data set updates and extends the Docquier-Marfouk data set on international migration by educational attainment. The authors use new sources, homogenize definitions of what a migrant is, and compute gender-disaggregated indicators of the brain drain. Emigration stocks and rates are provided by the level of schooling and gender for 195 source countries in 1990 and 2000. This data set can be used to capture the recent trend in women’s skilled migration and to analyze its causes and consequences for developing countries.