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Washington, Jackie

Jackie Washington fonds. – [189-]-2009; predominant 1970-2009. – 8.5 m of textual records and other materials. – ca. 2,500 photographs, ca. 150 audio cassettes, ca. 8 audio compact discs, 7 DVDs, 2 videocassettes, 2 audio discs.

This collection is arranged into the following series:
Series 1: Personal Information and Miscellany (Box 1)
Series 2: Artwork, Projects, and Musical Career (Box 1)
Series 3: Legal, Financial, and Medical Documents (Box 2)
Series 4: Correspondence (Box 2)
Series 5: Greeting Cards (Box 3)
Series 6: Flyers and Programs (Box 4)
Series 7: Honours, Trophies, and Plaques (Boxes 4-7)
Series 8: Journals and Notebooks (Boxes 8-11)
Series 9: Song Lists, Lyrics, Sheets (Boxes 11-12)
Series 10: Photographs and Portraits (Boxes 13-18)
Series 11: Sound Recordings and Moving Images (Boxes 19-27) Note: Boxes 20-27 are currently on loan and are unavailable to researchers.
Series 12: Posters and Promotional images (Box 13)
Series 13: Realia (Boxes 28-29)
Series 14: Newspaper Clippings (Box 30)

Series 1
Personal information and Miscellany. – 1916-2005. – 8 cm of textual records and graphic material. – 7 photographs. – Title based on content of series.
Box 1
F.1       Short biography of Washington written by Reg Denis and Sec Treas of the Hamilton Musicians Guild. Also includes a list of Washington’s friends, including contact information.
F.2       Family information. Contains marriage certificate for Washington’s parents, Jack George Washington and Roseanne Thompson. Also Washington family tree, family histories by Rosemarie Washington and Doris Olive (Washington) Skorpid, and newspaper clippings. Skorpid’s history contains family photographs dating from 1931 to 1982. File includes Hamilton Spectator article, “They’ll sing the praises of Jackie Washington,” by Graham Rockingham dated 17 March 2003.
F.3       High School Convocation programs for son, Michael Washington.
F.4       Jackie Stories. Anecdotes about Washington related by friends. 1999-2005.
F.5       Stories and other writings by Washington
F.6       “Power Words” and other New Age rituals
F.7       Train information. Articles, images, clippings about trains.

Series 2
Artwork, Projects, and Musical Career. – 1976-2004. – 8 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.

F.8       Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave. Includes correspondence, clippings, promotional images.
F.9       Hank Williams: The Show He Never Gave, script.
F.10     Jackie Washington: More than a Blues Singer, Hamilton: Mini Mocho, 1996.
F.11     More Than a Blues Singer: Jackie Washington Tells His Story, Grimsby: Weaverwood Press,
F.12     Blues and Sentimental, promotional document
F.13     Mose Scarlett, Jackie Washington, Ken Whiteley. Clippings, includes a biography of Washington written by Whiteley.
F.14     Business cards
F.15     Hamilton Musicians Guild, Cards and Documents
Train images (four in charcoal, one in water colour) rendered by Washington; oversize in Box 13.

Series 3
Legal, Financial, and Medical documents. – 1976-2006; predominant 2000-2006. – 8 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – Access restricted until 2039.

Box 2
F.1       Legal Documents and Agreements.  Largely involving music industry matters.
F.2       Guaranteed Income Supplement
F.3       Personal Care
F.4       Financial
F.5       Jackie Washington Trust
F.6       Medical Information

Series 4
Correspondence. – 1962-2009; predominant 2000-2009. – 8 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.
Correspondence addressed either to Washington or to Catherine Powell (for letters and emails written during the last years of Washington’s life). – Access restricted until 2039.

Box 2
F.7       1962-1987
F.8       1995-2007
F.9       2009
F.10     undated
F.11     Festival information
F.12     McMaster University
F.13     Washington’s Health, 2002-2005

Series 5
Greeting Cards. – 2000-2009. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title is based on content of series.

Box 3
F.1-2    Christmas
F.3-4    Birthday
F.5       Miscellaneous
Two group signed cards for Washington’s 89th birthday; oversize in Box 13.

Series 6
Flyers and Programs. – 1980-2008; predominant 2000-2008. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 4
F.1       Flyers and signs for musical events.
F.2-3    Programs before 2000
F.4       Programs 2003-2008
F.5       Music Catalogues

Series 7
Honours, Trophies, and Plaques. – 1980-2006; predominant 2003-2006. – 1.1 m of textual records and realia. – Title based on content of series.

F.6       Certificates.  Includes certificate from Hamilton Mayor, Robert E. Wade, certificate of induction into the Canadian Jazz and Blues Hall of Fame, certificate of nomination (2003 Blues with a Feeling Award), and birthday certificates.
F.7       Order of Canada. Nomination documents.
F.8       Jackie Washington Day Signature Book. 15 June 2003.
F.9       Honorary Doctorate from McMaster University. Includes degree, programs, and correspondence from McMaster University, 2003.
F. 10    Jackie Washington Rotary Park. Flyer and certificate from David Christopherson, MP. 2004.

Box 5
Blues with a Feeling (1998)
Helen Verger Award (2004)
Hamilton Music Award: Lifetime Achievement Award (2004)

Awards and Medals
Box 6
Mel Brown Award (2005)
War medal
Medal from Hamilton Gallery of Distinction
The “Magic Heart Award” (1986); oversize in Box 13

Box 7
Excellence in the Arts (1980)
Canadian African Heritage Coalition (2006)
Doctor of Letters (2003)
Jazz and Blues Hall of Fame (2002)

Series 8
Diaries and Notebooks. – 1967-2007. – 50 cm of textual records and graphic material. – 11 photographs. – Title based on content of series. – Diaries are arranged by year; 1992-2001 have not been located. This series also includes scrapbooks, notebooks, and address books.
Washington used his diaries in order to narrate and reflect upon the events in a given day. He also used this medium in order to record astrological and numerological information. These diaries contain lined pages marked in accordance with the calendar year. As Washington aged, these diaries became a means of recording medical information including blood sugar levels.

Box 8
F. 1      1967
F.2       1971
F.3       1976
F.4       1976
F.5       1977
F.6       1978
F.7       1980

Box 9
F.1       1982
F.2       1983
F.3       1984
F.4       1985
F.5       1986
F.6       1987

Box 10
F.1       1988
F.2       1989
F.3       1990
F.4       1991
F. 5      2002
F. 6      2003

Box 11
F.1       2006
F.2       2007
F.3       Sketchbooks
F.4       Notebooks
F.5       Addresses
F.6       Scrapbook, 1976-1978. Contains clippings, photographs of Washington, including an autographed copy of the cover image from Blues and Sentimental.
F.7       Scrapbook, 1974-1982. Contains photographs, sketching, clippings.
Address book with accompanying photographs of friends; oversize in Box 13.

Series 9
Song Lists, Lyrics, Sheets. – [19-]. – 32 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. Contains lyrics from Washington’s Masterbook as well as his extensive song lists (ordered numerically by Washington; these numbers were kept intact by the archivist).

Box 11
F.8       Masterbook 1-266
F.9       Masterbook 267-529
F.10     Masterbook 530-803
F.11     Masterbook 804-982
F.12     Song List 35-1199
F.13     Song Lyrics (originally accompanied “Song List 35-1199”)
F.14     Song Lyrics
F.15     Song Lists (general)
F.16     Sheet Music

Box 12
Song books
F.1       Alphabetical Index
F.2       1-99
F.3       100-199
F.4       200-299
F.5       400-499
F.6       500-599
F.7       600-699
F.8       700-799
F.9       800-899
F.10     900-999
F.11     1000-1099
F.12     1100-1199

Series 10
Photographs and Portraits – [189-]-2004; predominant 1980-2004. – 2.5 m of graphic material. – ca. 2,500 photographs. – Title is based on content of series.
Arranged as: portraits and photographs of Washington, photographic collections titled by Washington, annotated images, non-annotated images. Individuals identified by Washington in the “annotated” grouping are not listed.

Box 13
Photographs and Portraits of Washington, oversized:
“Jackie Washington,” photographer: Vytas Beniusis, Hamilton (cover image for Blues and Instrumental)
“Jackie Washington:  Northern Lights Festival Boreal Sudbury July 1981” (photograph)
“Jackie Washington,” ca. 2000s, photographer: David Wiewel
“Dr. Ya-Ya and The Sugar Chair,” (portrait) 2004, artist: Casey Parsons (?)
“Jackie Washington and His Companion,” (portrait) 2004, artist: Casey Parsons (?)
Portrait of Washington by “Feeney.”
Jackie Washington Oil Painting (oversize; not in Box 13)

Box 14
Photographs of Washington, predominately from [198-] and [200-].
Photographs are not listed in detail; however, among the more recent photographs are images of Washington’s convocation (2003) and the opening of the Jackie Washington Rotary Park (2004). There is a copy of an image of the Washington family ca. 1930s, and an older photograph from the late nineteenth century of possible relatives. There are also promotional images of Washington with Mose Scarlett and Ken Whiteley. Family photographs are contained in Box 1, file 2, “Family Information.”

Box 15
Photographs titled by Washington in accordance with the surnames of those in the photographs. A-Q not extant.

Vander Berg

“Some of my Favourite London Ladies.” Includes contents of photograph album.

Box 16
Annotated photographs featuring identified individuals. Unlisted. Photographs from particular albums have been kept together. Train images.

Box 17
Annotated photographs featuring identified individuals. Unlisted.

Box 18
Photographs are not annotated, individuals are unidentified.

Address book. Features accompanying photographs of Washington’s friends. (in Box 13)

Series 11
Sound recordings and moving images. – 1975-2009. – 1.5 m of sound recordings and moving images. –ca. 150 audio cassettes, 8 audio compact discs, 7 DVDs, 2 videocassettes, 2 audio discs 331/3 rpm. – Title based on format of series.
Because identification labels had been previously removed from cassettes, the archivist was unable to list them in a clear order based upon their contents.
Note: Boxes 20-27 are currently on loan and are unavailable to researchers.

Audio Discs : 33 1/3 rpm (oversize; in Box 13)
“50 Years Together:  Featuring the Washingtons,” (1975).
“Jackie Washington and the Mystery Band?”

Box 19
Audio Compact Discs
Mose Scarlett, Jackie Washington, Ken Whiteley, “Where Old Friends Meet” (1991)
Mose Scarlett, Jackie Washington, Ken Whiteley, “We’ll Meet Again” (1999)
Mose Scarlett, Jackie Washington, Ken Whiteley, “Sitting on a Rainbow” (2003)
Jackie Washington, “Blues and Sentimental” (1976, copy)
Jackie Washington, “Keeping Out of Mischief” (1995)
Jackie Washington, “Midnight Choo Choo” (1998)
“Jackie Washington:  CD Format”
“Jackie Washington:  WAV Format”

“I Want to Be Happy:  The Jackie Washington Story, A Film by Ari A. Cohen” (2007) (Three copies)
“Jackie Washington Tribute:  July 6, 2009/ Photo Slideshow Celebration of the Music of Jackie Washington:  June 3, 2009, Convocation Hall”
“Jackie Washington Photos”
“Wood River Hall:  Season One, Disc One”

“Smith ‘N Hayes” (2005)
“We’ll Meet Again:  The Jackie Washington Version” (copy)

Audio Cassettes
Boxes 20-27
Unlisted. Box 20 also contains cassette labels.

Series 12
Posters and Promotional Images. – 2000-2008. – 5 cm of graphic materials. – Title based on content of series.
Oversize (Box 13)
Includes promotional posters for Scarlet, Washington, Whiteley and promotional images for Washington’s album Midnight Choo-Choo.

Series 13
Realia. – 1980-2007. – 1.2 m of realia. – Title is based on content of series.

Box 28
Concert tags, necklace, blues harp, miniature guitar.
Two framed collages (see location register for placement)

Box 29
Includes three of Washington’s hats.

Guitar: 1961 Gibson J-45 (not boxed)

Series 14
Newspaper Clippings. – 1978-2008; predominant 2000-2008. – 16 cm of textual records. – Title is based on content of series.

Box 30
F.1-2    Pre 1990
F.3       1995-2002
F.4       2003-2004
F.5       2005-2008
F.6       Undated
F.7       Folk Prints

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