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Fédération des travailleurs du Québec (FTQ)

The FTQ, or QFL (Quebec Federation of Labour), is the provincial section of the Canadian Labour Congress (AFL-CIO-CLC).
Biennial Conventions
11th Convention
Working Papers (of the 11th convention, Quebec, 19 - 23 Nov., 1969). Printed. 158 p. Bilingual.
12th Convention
Un seul front. Opening address by FTQ president, Louis Laberge at the 12th convention. Printed. 94 p. A One and Only Front. Opening address by FTQ president, Louis Laberge, at the 12th convention, Montreal, 30 Nov. - 4 Dec. 1971. [Translated from the French by the FTQ.] Printed. 109 p.
L'état, rouage de notre exploitation. Working papers prepared by the research department of the FTQ for the 12th convention. Printed. 141 p.

F.3 Sectorial Organization and Strike Vote/Syndicalisation sectorielle et vote de grêve. Report to the 12th convention by the General Council and the ad hoc committees examining these issues. Printed. 30 p. Bilingual.

F.4 Summary of the brief submitted by the QFL to the Gendron Commission. August, 1971. Mimeo. 4 p.
F.5 Recommendations Contained in the Brief Submitted by the Quebec Federation of Labour to the Gendron Committee. August, 1971. Mimeo. 5 p.

Press Releases, Leaflets, and Ephemera
F.6 Ninety press releases covering the period June, 1967 - January 1968 inclusive.
F.7 A bas le Bill 63! A Special issue of Pouvoir, published by the Parti Quebecois in collaboration with the FTQ , other trade unions, and the SSJB. Tabloid. 8 p. Jan? 1972.
F.8 Le Symbole de la FTQ. Brochure. n.d. 4 p.
F. 9 Leaflet and a petition against unemployment, distributed to advertise the "Mass Rally Against Unemployment" at the Forum, 28 Feb., 1972. 1 p. each.
F.10 Manifeste de la Fédération des travailleurs du Québec. Produced by Québec-Presse. 4 p.
F.11 La Lutte des travailleurs salaries Québécois : Le movement ouvrier à l'étape actuelle. Louis Favreau, 63 p.

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