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Front d'action Politique (FRAP)
Note: FRAP is housed in the same box as the FTQ, thus the numbering begins with file 12.

F.12 Liason. Information bulletin of FRAP. Special election issue, 11 Feb., 1971, v. 5, Oct., 1971
Special issue on the Lapalme affair, ? ,1971
F.13 FRAP. Tabloid newspaper; v. 1 (no. 1, Sept., 1970); v. l (no. 3, Oct., 1970)
F.14 Les Salariés au pouvoir. An explanation and history of FRAP, with an exposition of its program. (Montreal: Les Presses Libres, 1970), 138 p.
F.15 Non à l'autoroute. A pamphlet published by a united front, including FRAP, the CSN, the FTQ and 11 other groups. n.d. 8 p.

Internal and Unpublished Documents
F.16 "Strategie d'action et modele de reorganisation". Authorship unknown. n.d. Mimeo. 7 p.

Press Releases, Leaflets and Ephemera
Two small election brochures. Oct.-Nov., 1970. A leaflet calling for action against the resistance of the medical specialists to public medical insurance distributed by a united front of the CAPs (Comité d'action politique, or riding committees) and workers' and students' groups. Oct., 1970. 1 p.

Affiliated and Associated Organizations
CAP (Comité D'action Politique) Maisonneuve.:
F.17 "Le comité de citoyens de Hochelaga-Maisonneuve". An information brochure on the comité which later became a CAP of FRAP. Fall 1969? Mimeo. 8 p.
"Les locataires s'organisent par le comité de citoyens du quartier". An information brochure from the comité de citoyens de Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Oct. 1969. Mimeo. 8 p.
CAP St. Jacques
F. 18 Le Travailleur. Published monthly by CAP St. Jacques. v.1 (no. 6, Nov., 1971)
F. 19 Le comité de citoyens de St. Jacques, force dans la solidarité. An information brochure on the committee which later became a CAP of FRAP. n.d. Printed. 16 p.
"Le comité de citoyens de St. Jacques adhère au FRAP". A statement for the Nov. 1970 municipal election. Mimeo. 6 p .
"Le Visage de St. Jacques". A statement by the CAP St. Jacques on housing, unemployment, transportation, and recreation in their riding. n.d. Mimeo. 5 p.
"Dans St. Jacques les salariés passent à l'action politiques ... le comité de citoyens devient le Comité d'Action Politique (FRAP)". n.d., 8 p.
"Modele de réorganisation au CAP St. Jacques," the Conseil Permanent du CAP St. Jacques. n.d. Mimeo. 14 p.
Leaflets for a political education course, Jan.-April, 1971. Mimeo. 4 p.


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