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Philp, Herbert William
Philp, Norman Lewis

Philip brothers fonds. – 1914-1934; predominant 1914-1920. – 12.5 cm of textual records, graphic material and realia.

Box 1
S.1       Scrapbook (boxed)
The scrapbook was assembled in 1934. It contains handwritten notes, news clippings, a telegram, printed images, pressed leaves and flowers, and photographs. It begins with a note that Herbert enlisted on 8 August 1914, although his attestation papers were signed on 23 September. Many of the news stories contained in the clippings were written by Herb although there are general clippings about the war and its progress. At page 63 there is a postcard sent by Herb to his parents, 1 May 1917, which is described as a “souvenir of Battle Vimy”. There are clippings about his death. The second part of the scrapbook concerns Norman, beginning on p. 212 with his photograph, followed by news clippings of his letters home. There are photographs taken when Norm was in Moore Barracks Military Hospital, Shorncliffe, Sept. 1918.

F.1       Summary of the military career of Herb; see also the summary inside the scrapbook; handwritten note.
F.2       Cards and envelope sent to William Philp from the Canadian government (found loose in the scrapbook).
F.3       “The Parson, by Trumpeter Herbert W. Philp”, typescript, 4 pp. (found loose in the scrapbook)
F.4       Birthday card from Herb to his mother, 11 March 1914 (found loose).
F.5       Postcards: one from Herb to his parents written on 14 August 1917 in France, illustrated with a “snap of part of our bunch … taken while we were resting after the first of this year’s heavy fighting.” One from Norm to his mother on 21 Sept. 1918, written from Moore Barrack Hospital, Shorncliffe. Found loose in the scrapbook.
F.6       Letter and 2 postcards from Herb to his niece, Elaine Hessaneur (later Cole), 1915-16. One postcard is illustrated with a photograph of two soldiers. Found loose, not in scrapbook. The letter describes fighting the Germans.
F.7       Six photographs (five of them military) found loose, not in scrapbook. One is captioned on the verso, “Nan’s brother Herb”. The other four are taken beside an airplane at a ceremony of some kind.
F.8       “Copy of a letter written to his father, John James, by Lieut. W. Elgin James”, 1 Oct. 1916, from hospital in England. The letter describes the battle of the Somme.
F.9       Printed materials found loose in the scrapbook: Programme, n.d., of a concert given by the Band of the Canadian Ordnance Corps. “Final Order of the Day by Major General Sir Archibald Cameron MacDonell commanding the First Canadian Division”. “The First Canadian Divison in the Battles of 1918”, pamphlet.
F.10     Christmas card to Herb from Fred Thomas, Dec. 1920. Letter, to Herb, 18 January 1920 (the day before his death). The letter, written in Waterloo, Ont. begins: “Well old boy you seem to like the hospital …”
F.11     Memorial record for Herb; contains his obituary, Jan. 1920.
F.12     Photograph of young woman, captioned on verso: “Emmas’s Boss. Note the long hair”. Found loose in scrapbook.

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