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Daniel David Moses fonds.

Series 1.—Manuscripts.—1977-1992.—43.5 cm of textual records, 3 book cover prints, and 2 photographs.

The manuscripts have been arranged alphabetically by title within three groupings: plays, poems, and other writing. Works with titles that have changed have been arranged together with the final title. The manuscripts are arranged from most recent to earliest draft. This series also includes some of Moses’ research and production material for his plays. Moses occasionally printed his manuscripts on the verso of documents such as correspondence, fact sheets, conference material, etc.; this has been noted when the additional documentation appears to be significant.


Box 1
Almighty Voice
F.1          Almighty Voice and His Wife, ts., pp. 49, 1992.
F.2          Almighty Voice and His Wife, Native Earth rehearsal script and production notes, ts., ms. edits, pp. 48. 1992.
F.3          Almighty Voice and His Wife, photocopy, ts., pp. 50, 1991.
F.4          Almighty Voice and His Wife, original, Ottawa rehearsal script [Canadian Theatre Company], ts., heavily edited with ms. notes and highlighting, includes some production and promotional material. Aug., 1991.
F.5          Almighty Voice and His Wife, draft, ts., pp. 47, June 1990.
F.6          Almighty Voice and His Wife, research, includes photocopies of material and ms. notes.

Big Buck City
F.7          Big Buck City, photocopy original, ts., pp. 67. June 1991.
F.8          Big Buck City, rehearsal script, ts., heavily edited with ms. notes, includes rehearsal notes, pp. 66, June 1991.
F.9          Big Buck City, later draft, ts., pp. 66, Apr. 1991.
F.10        Big Buck City, spiral bound copy [Note: spiral binding removed.], ts., ms. title page, pp. 65, October 1990.
F.11        Big Buck City, ts., lightly annotated, pp. 62, June 1990.
F.12        Big Buck City, revised version, ts., pp. 63, Nov. 1989.
F.13        Big Buck City, [“original” according to envelope], ts. with ms. edits, pp. 63, Nov. 1989.
F.14        Big Buck City, second draft, ts., some ms. annotations on first page, pp. 51, May 1989. [Note: Verso of pages includes itinerary details and correspondence relating to Moses’ Winnipeg tour in 1989.]
F.15        Deep Shit City, first draft, later titled Big Buck City, ts., pp. 36, March 1989. [Note: On verso pages, included is correspondence between Harper & Row Publishers Inc. relating to Harper’s Anthology of 20th Century Native American Poetry from 1986-1987.]

Coyote City
F.16        Coyote City, final version, ts., pp. 80, 1988.
Box 2
F.1          Coyote City, rehearsal version, ts., heavily edited with pencil and pen; several handwritten pages pp. 187, 1988.
F.2          Coyote City, fourth draft, ts., pp. 178.
F.3          Coyote City, third draft, ts. and ms. edit on p. 1, pp. 155.
F.4          Coyote City, second draft, ts., pp. 90.
F.5          Coyote City, first draft, ts., pp. 40.

Dream Quest of Sleeping Beauty
F.6          The Dream Quest of Sleeping Beauty, also titled The Dreaming Beauty, second draft, ts., pp. 29, Dec. 1988.
F.7          The Dream Quest of Sleeping Beauty, later titled The Dreaming Beauty, first draft, ts., pp. 27.

Feast of the Dead
F.8          Feast of the Dead, revised version, edited, ts., pp. 26, 20 March 1992/3.
F.9          Feast of the Dead, radio script, ts., some ms. edits, pp. 36.
F.10        Feast of the Dead, later draft, ts., pp. 36, Aug. 1989. Note: correspondence and some drafts of other works on the verso.]
F.11        Feast of the Dead, first draft, ts., pp. 33, May 1989. [Note: Festival and membership fact sheets and forms on the verso.]

Box 3
F.1          Kyotopolis, U of T draft, ts., includes production notes, some ms. edits, pp. 72, 1993.
F.2          Kyotopolis, pre-workshop production, ts., pp. 72, 20 December 1992.
F.3          Kyotopolis, computer print, pp., 72, 20 Dec. 1992.

A Marriage of Conveyance: a puppet play
F.4          A Marriage of Conveyance: a puppet play, ts., photocopy, pp. 7, 1989.

The Moon and Dead Indians
F.5          The Moon and Dead Indians, pre-workshop version, ts., ms. edits, pp. 36, April 1993.
F.6          The Moon and Dead Indians, post-workshop production, ts., ms. edits, pp. 41, 24 April 1993.
F.7          The Moon and Dead Indians, with Catalina Para’s ms. notes for the Spanish translation of some text, ts., pp. 44, 19 June 1993.


F.8          Delicate Bodies, poems, copyright script, ts., pp. 56, 1980.
F.9          Delicate Bodies, poems, later version and drafts of covers, ts., ca. pp. 56, 1980.
F.10        Delicate Bodies, poems, includes draft of covers and two photographs of Daniel David Moses, ts., ca. pp. 56, 1980.
F.11        Delicate Bodies, poems, earlier version, acknowledgement script, ts., ms. notes, ca. pp. 35.
F.12        Ode to Niagara, poems, ts., includes part of the earlier draft on the verso and draft of short vignettes with ms. edits titled “A Handful of Hallowe’ens”, pp. 21, Jan. 1990.
F.13        The White Line, poems, ts., pp. 94, 1989.
F.14        The White Line, poems, acknowledgements script, ts., ms. notes, pp. 93, 1986.
F.15        Early version of The White Line, titled Breath is the One Body, poems, ts., some ms. edits, pp. 75, 1980.

Other writing

F.16        “Writing work kept from year at Woodland Indian Cultural Educational Centre, 16/1/78-19/1/79”, includes drafts of press releases, reviews, letters, text for ads, and poems, ts., 1977-1978.

Series 2.—Electronic media.—ca. 1980-1999.—19 floppy discs.

F.17        Plays, poems, and essays—19 floppy discs. Includes drafts of plays and poems found in Series 1.
                “Finished Poems”
                “Kyotopolis, Big Buck City, City of Shadows”
                “Poems 3”
                “Short Plays/TIMS, WoN, TDB”
                “Poems 2”
                “Letters to the Bottom Line”
                “BG cover image etc. + Elliots”
                “Poems in progress”
                “Letters to the like-minded”
                “Essay + Non-fiction”
                “West Wind”
                “NEPA play + essays”
                “Visions of Hand + Eyes/Lyric Paragraphs/The Dreaming Beauty Book”
                “Red River”
                “Radio plays 4/mini films/FACE
                “In {sic) Transit/Poems 1”


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