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Millwrights Union. Machine Movers and Erectors. Local 1916. (Hamilton, Ont.) collection. – First accrual. – 1964-1982; 1977-1980 predominant. – 12.5 cm of textual records and realia. – The collection consists of various items belonging to Charles T. Taylor, a union member, including financial statements, minutes, and correspondence.

F.1 Undated assessment letter about the collection from Rob to Mary (possibly staff members of the Ontario Workers Arts and Heritage Centre)
F.2 Minutes of Millwright Executive meeting and conference, 1969; Millwright District Council of Ontario officers reports, agendas, 1978-1980 (incomplete); circular letter, 1982.
F.3 Financial statements of the Millwrights fund, 1969 and 1979; Local 1916, 1977-1979
F.4 Membership and executive lists, n.d., 1977
F.5 Proposed by-law and trade rules changes, 1978-1980
F.6 Proposed changes to collective agreements, 1977-1980
F.7 Printed Collective Agreement, 1978-1980; Constitution and Laws of U.B.C., 1979; Trade Rules and By-laws, 1975; Job Stewards’ report
F.8 Lackie Bros. Ltd., directory; Charles Taylor is listed as an employee.
F.9 Charles Taylor’s correspondence with the Ontario Labour Relations Board, 1975
F.10 Millwright’s Benefit Plan Trust Funds, 1974-1987. Mimeos, statements of Taylor’s pension status
F.11 Charles Taylor’s unemployment records, 1964-1981; includes some pay stubs
F.12 Charles Taylor’s union cap (District Council of Ontario Millwrights, U.B.C.), badge, and sticker
F.13 Colour photograph of Charles and Cynthia Taylor, n.d.

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