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Archie P. McKishnie fonds – ca. 1920-1946. – 6 cm of textual records.

Box 1

F.1       Poems. 0.1 cm. Includes t.s. copies of poems, “Harbour,” “The House of Love,” and “Just Only Pa.” 1 p. each.

F.2       “Alias John Smith.” 1924. (p. 4-81). 0.5 cm. Typescript, light edits. A revised version of this story was published in Maclean’s Magazine December 1, 1924.

F.3       Dwellers of the Marsh Realm. 1937. 0.7 cm. Typescript, light edits. Published as Dwellers of the Marsh Realm (Chicago: Donohue). [Note: published version includes additional chapters].

“Daddy Long Neck” (5 p.)
“Google Eyes the Bull Frog” (5 p.)
“Google Eyes Visits Old Man Turtle” (6 p.)
“Wise Old Amberorbs” (7 p.)
“Long Neck Flies Into Danger” (4 p.)
“Mr. Snipe Delivers Invitations” (5 p.)
“The Truce Banquet” (3 p.)
“Brownie and Loper Have an Understanding” (4 p.) [two copies]
“Marshrealm Chooses a Teacher” (5 p.)

F.4       Unidentified novel typescript. ca. 1.5 cm. A spy-thriller novel with anti-Asian and xenophobic overtones. Millionaire Jimmy Trainley uncovers a secret criminal organization. 2 partial drafts: p.1-37 (with edits) and p. 13-131.

F.5       Short story typescripts. [ca. 1922-1946].

“The Abyssinian : the true story of an oriental feline who lived for love and vengeance.” 17 p. Light edits. Includes 2 additional draft pages.
“Curly : the story of an Irish Retriever.” 20 p.
“Gold : A Christmas Story.” 15 p. Edits. [stamped by Massey-Harris Co. Limited].
“Needed.” 11 p.
“Per Agreement.” 25 p. Light edits.
“Taps.” [Serial copy produced by Brandt & Kirkpatrick, New York]. 16 p. Includes pencil edits.
“The Tiger Fish of the Water Jungle.” 15 p. Includes 2 additional draft pages.
 “When Greek Meets Hebrew.” 9 p. Pencil edits.
“When Greek Meets Hebrew” revised draft. 5 p.
“The Woman Preys.” 9 p.
 “Women’s Sphere.” 12 p. [A Lennox Ballister story]. Published in Maclean’s Magazine, Nov. 15, 1926.

F.6       Fragments, misc. [ca. 1922-1946].

Manuscript, 4 p. short story draft.
Typescript: “Per Agreement.” Playlet. 3 p.
Pencil doodle of a ship and city-scape. 1 p.
T.s. fragment from Brains, Limited (p. 3-9).
T.s. nature story fragment. 7 p. [t.s. short story fragment (p. 2-5) on verso.]
T.s. fragment of nature writing re: wolves. 2 p.
T.s. fragment of a Lennox Ballister story. 4 p.
T.s. short story fragment, on carbon paper. 2 p.
Instruction paper: teaching assignment for course on writing short stories, on carbon paper. From The Arts and Letters School, 431 Roncesvalles Ave., Toronto. 5 p.

F.7       “Mongrels” by Phyllis Jean McKishnie. Typescript. 9 p.

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