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Duncan Alexander MacGibbon fonds. -- 1907-[1972?]. -- 3.7 m of textual records. -- 3 maps.

Series 1
Correspondence, Receipts, and Appointment Book. -- 1920-1946. -- 7 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 1
F.1 Correspondence, 1920-1946, 26 incoming letters; 3 outgoing letters. Correspondents include: Canadian Trade Commission, Winnipeg Grain Exchange, Royal Trust Company, Board of Grain Commissioners for Canada, National Research Council of Canada, Alberta Pacific Grain Company Ltd., American Consular Service, Department of External Affairs, Canada, Canadian National Railways, Canadian Pacific Railway Company, and the Canadian Colonization Association.
F.2 Correspondence and Receipts, 1927-1929. The correspondence mainly concerns book purchases by MacGibbon. File also contains his tax returns for 1927 and 1928.
F.3 Correspondence and Receipts, 1927-1929. The correspondence mainly concerns book purchases by MacGibbon.
F.4 Appointment and Notebook, n.d.

Series 2
Articles and Research Materials, Published and Unpublished. -- 1907-[1972?]. -- 2.3 m of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Articles and Notes by MacGibbon; Some Unidentified Material:
F.5 "John Wesley Dafoe, 1866-1944," by MacGibbon, written for the Royal Society of Canada, ts. carbon, 6 p. File also contains testimonial dinner program and text of speech by Dafoe in 1943 and a memorial program after his death.
F.6 Untitled, unsigned ts. carbon for a book about bank failures, 111 p., n.d. Chapters are: The History Before Confederation; Bank Failures, 1868 to 1881; Bank Failures, 1881 to 1885; Failures Between 1893 and 1905; The Ontario Bank Failure; The Failure of the Sovereign Bank; Three Smaller Failures; The Farmer's Bank Failure; Bank Action Revision; Conclusion. MacGibbon who itemized and numbered his materials, has numbered it 2.
F.7 "Analysis of Protein Content of Wheat, 1922," ts., 4 p., unsigned, listing various kinds of wheat.
F.8 "Money and Banking, Supplement J," ts. carbon, 16 p., [ca. 1924], unsigned. Numbered 27 by MacGibbon.
F.9 "Electricity Supply in Kenya College," ts. carbon, 4 p., [1928?], unsigned.
F.10 "Memorandum on Western Grain Movement," ts. carbon, 2 p., [1933?], unsigned.
F.11 "Government Pool Guarantees and Stabilization Operations: Government Payments and Pool Profits: Some Preliminary Notes for an Inquiry," private and confidential unsigned ts., 28 p., [1935?]. Re wheat.
F.12 Untitled, unsigned ts. for a book about wheat, 123 p., [1945?]. Found in a mailing envelope from Vincent Wheeler Bladen to MacGibbon. Chapters are: The Prairie Provinces Suffer a Set-Back; First Effects of the Depression on Federal Wheat Policy; The Canadian Wheat Board and Another Royal Commission; Wheat Growing A Sheltered Industry; The Canadian Wheat Board.
F.13 Notes by MacGibbon on Winnipeg Board of Trade and Grain Exchange and the Toronto Board of Trade. Ms. notes, 171 p., [192-]
F.14 Notes by MacGibbon (continued), ms. notes, 228 p., [192-]
F.15 Notes by MacGibbon on International Trade, ms., 3 p., [1926]
Files organized by MacGibbon:
He usually made an numbered list of the contents and then marked the numbers on the items. Many of the items listed are not extant in the files. See also Series 6, Printed Materials. Many of the items there have MacGibbon's numbers on them.
F.16 MacGibbon's Personal File on the Wheat Pool (1929-1932). File contains mimeographed and printed reports and articles.
F.17 MacGibbon's Personal File (continued)

Box 2
F.1 Wheat, 23 numbered items, 1907-1924. File contains printed reports, news clippings, a legal judgment, notices issued by the Board of Grain Commissioners for Canada, typescripts, bulletin.
F.2 Wheat, 9 numbered items, 1915-1923. File contains printed reports, legal statues, typescripts, periodicals.
F.3 Wheat (continued), 9 numbered items, 10-19. Files contains printed form, ts. carbons of statistics and statement, news clipping, pamphlets, mimeographed press release.
F.4 Wheat, 10 numbered items, 1922-1924. File contains printed forms, legal statue, pamphlets, mimeographs, newsletter, ts. carbon of letter from Geo. Langley to Members of the Royal Grain Commission, news clipping.
F.5 Wheat, 16 numbered items, 1922-1924. File contains pamphlets, mimeographs, news clipping, ts. carbons of correspondence with the Secretary of the Treasury of the United States, ts. carbon reports and questionnaire, ts. article, "Weighing at Country Elevators", printed form.
F.6 Wheat, 15 numbered items, 1924-1930. File contains grain by-laws, ts. carbon and mimeograph of statistics, report, and handwritten notes by MacGibbon which are not numbered.
F.7 Numbered items which do not fit into the sequences in the files above. Lecture by Ove Klenau, "Argentine Grain Trade", ts.; Mr. H. A. Lovett's evidence given recently before Alberta Coal Commission, ts. carbon; balance sheet.
F.8 Two file folders with itemized lists of contents. The folders were found empty by the archivist in 1997.
F.9 Wheat, shipping of. Numbered items, 1910-1928, MacGibbon's list is not extant. File contains ts. and ts. carbons of articles, copies of Hall Shipping Co. Ltd., Roland & Cornelius, Superior Shipping, Great Lakes Shipping correspondence, Thunder Bay Historical Society Papers, 1911-1912, statue, news clippings.
F.10 Wheat, 1930-1942, offprints of articles, pamphlets, mimeographs with handwritten notes, news clipping.
F.11 Wheat, 1926-1951, offprints of articles, pamphlets, mimeographs, tear-sheets. Two of the items have MacGibbon's numbers written on them.
F.12 Wheat, map of the grain elevators in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, [192-]
F.13 Lake Shippers' Clearance Association, 1920 Constitution, Reports, 1923-1928
F.14 Six typescripts, with numbered list by MacGibbon, on food prices in Britain, grain, and the New York Futures Market, 1924-1926.
News clippings collected by MacGibbon. See Boxes 4-7.
Materials identified as being by others:
F.15 Charles Jesse Bullock (1869-1941), "Direct and Indirect Taxes," bound ts. carbon, 17 p. Appears to be an extract from an 1898 publication by Bullock.
F.16 Harold W. Lang, "The Organization of Commercial Intelligence in Canada," ts., 14 p., 10 December 1917. Undergraduate essay for Political Economy 2.
F.17 H. M. Griggs, "The Transportation of Lake Coal," ts. 6 p.; ts. carbon, 6 p., [19?]. Griggs was the manager, Ore and Coal Exchange, Cleveland, Ohio.
F.18 "Memorandum for the Minister," ts. carbon, 12 p., 9 March 1922 from the Deputy Minister, re the Special Committee on the Export Trade.

Box 3
F.1 W. M. Drummond, "Financing of Land Purchase in Canada," bound ts. carbon, 444 p., [ca. 1924].
F.2 G. H. Van Allen, Counsel for the North West Grain Dealers Assn., "Memorandum" to the Advisory Committee on Taxation, Province of Alberta, ts. carbon, 21 p., 15 June 1927.
F.3 "Extract from the Debate of the Senate on the Campbell Amendment," ts. carbon, 2 p., 9 April 1927.
F.4 "Bibliography on Power Resources of the British Empire ... 1924-1929," ts., 9 p., 17 Feb. 1930, issued by Research Department, Intelligence Section.
F.5 Clerk of the Privy Council Order, April 1944, ts. carbon, 2 p.
F.6 International Wheat Council, Washington, D. C., ts. carbon, 19 p., March 1948. Press release sent to MacGibbon by H. G. L. Strange.
F.7 "Irrigation Projects in Alberta," ts. carbon, 13 p. [1972?]. Note: This paper was written after MacGibbon's death.
F.8 "Constituent and Subsidiary Companies Comprised in the Canadian Railway System," ts., n.d., 1 p. List of companies.

Scrapbooks of news clippings collected by MacGibbon:
Box 4
Wheat scrapbooks, 1933-1955, numbers 1-9
William Aberhart (1878-1943) scrapbooks, 1935-1943, numbers 6-7
Box 5
Wheat scrapbooks, numbers 10-13
Box 6
Wheat scrapbooks, numbers 14-18
Box 7
William Aberhart, numbers 1-5

Series 3
Conferences and Courses. -- 1926-1955. -- 5 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 3 (continued)
F.9 Course Outline, "Currency, Banking and Finance," 1926-1927
F.10 American Institution of Cooperation, Third Summer Session, 20 June-16 July 1927, Northwestern University, Chicago, Illinois, course materials, notes, and reports, speeches, with itemized list by MacGibbon. Items have been numbered by MacGibbon.
F.11 Imperial Economic Conference, Ottawa, July 1932, Memorandum on Empire Sugar Policy
F.12 Conference Proceedings, Canadian Society of Agricultural Economics, Regina, Sask., July 1933
F.13 Conference of Wheat Exporting and Importing Countries, London, England, 21-25 August 1933. Final Act.
F.14 Fourth International Conference on Agricultural Economists, University of St. Andrews, Scotland, 30 August to 6 September, 1936, remarks by Andrew Cairns.
F.15 International Studies Conference, Tenth Session, Paris, 28 June-3 July, 1937, Memorandum on Canada and the Doctrine of Peace Change, edited by H. F. Angus.
F.16 Conference on Financing of Farm Stored Grain, Winnipeg, 15-16 August, 1940. Summary of Proceedings.
F.17 Conference Proceedings, Research Conference on International Agencies for Economic Reconstruction, London, England, October 1942. Note: Stamped by McMaster University Library, thus not MacGibbon's personal copy.
F.18 Competition and Combines in Canada, Private Dinner Meeting, Toronto, Ontario, 2 June 1955, summary of discussion.

Series 4
Reports and Speeches. -- 1917-1949. -- 9 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.
Note: Unless noted as typescripts, documents are mimeographed or printed.

By MacGibbon:
F.19 "The Proposed Deepening of the St. Lawrence Waterway," the substance of MacGibbon's address to the Calgary Board of Trade on 1 December. N.d. but presumably before 1929 as MacGibbon is identified as a Professor at the University of Alberta.
F.20 "The Future of Canadian Flour Exports," ts., 11 p., delivered to an unidentified convention, [1945?]
F.21 "The Canada Grain Act," ts. carbon, 11 p., delivered to the Grain Exchange Study Club, 17 February 1949.

By Others:
F.22 "Annual Report of the Bureau of Industries for the Province of Ontario, 1882," ts. copy and carbon of copy, 4 p. each.
F.23 Robert Murray Haig, "Report of Professor Haig on Financial Situation of The City of Medicine Hat," ts., 11 p., 14 August 1917.
F.24 J. A. L. Waddell, "Two Addresses to the Engineering Students of Barcelona," 19 and 20 April 1922, offprint.
F.25 Report of Grain Elevator Committee, [1922]
F.26 Report of Grain Elevator Committee (continued), [1922]
F.27 Report of C. D. Howe & Co. of Port Arthur, Ontario on Facilities for Grain Shipments and Elevator Sites on the Fraser River and Burrard Inlet, British Columbia, 20 August 1923.
F.28 R. A. C. Henry, "Motor Vehicles Versus Other Forms of Transportation: An Address Delivered Before the Toronto Branch of The Engineering Institute of Canada," 7 January 1926.
F.29 Report on the St. Lawrence problem, advance proof, Leslie R. Thomson, 1929
F.30 Report on the Water Power Resources of Australia, 1929. Prepared by the Water Power Panels.
F.31 Two addresses by J. I. McFarland. One to the Winnipeg Canadian Club, 11 April 1935; the other to the Regina Canadian Club.
F.32 S. W. Fairweather, "Some Misconceptions of the Canadian National Railways," to Rotary Club of Moncton, 17 February 1936.
F.33 John W. Scoville, "Technology and the Volume of Employment," New York, 25 March 1938.
F.34 Report, "The Problem of Unemployment," issued by Lever Brothers and Unilever (England), January 1943
F.35 "Notes on a paper presented by the late Lord Keynes to the Political Economy Club, Cambridge, February 1946, in the rooms of Professor D. H. Robertson".
F.36 E. R. Rowzee, lecture to the Society of Chemical Industry, Montreal, 6 October 1949
F.37 Manitoba Pool Elevators, Reports for the Financial Year Ending 31 July 1949.
F.38 Report on the Petro-Chemical Industry in Sarnia, Ont., ts., 1 p., numbered 13, n.d.

Series 5
Royal Grain Inquiry Commission. -- 1923-1924. -- 2 cm of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 8
F.1 Index of Evidence by Subjects
F.2 Volume Listing
F.3 Index by Subjects and Witnesses
F.4 Memorandum

Series 6
Printed Materials and Miscellaneous Items. -- 1907-1965. -- 1.2 m of textual records. -- 3 maps. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 9
Searle Grain Company, Limited--Grain Market Features, 1937-1953, F.1-F.17. There were usually 24 issues per year; MacGibbon's holdings are incomplete.

Box 10
Searle Grain Company, Limited--Grain Market Features, 1954-1965, F.1-F.12. Searle Index, [1941], F.13. The Budget, issued by Alberta Wheat Pool later titled Alberta Wheat Pool Budget, and later still Wheat Pool Budget, 1935-1939, F.13-F.18. There were usually 50 issues per year; MacGibbon's holdings are incomplete.

Box 11
The Budget, issued by Alberta Wheat Pool, 1940-1953, F.1-F.14.

Box 12
The Budget, issued by Alberta Wheat Pool, 1954-1965, F.1-F.11. Canadian Grain Commentary, Maple Leaf Mills, 1961-1963, F.12.

Box 8 (continued):
F.5 Constitutions: Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council 1907; Interior Freight Handlers and Warehousemen's International Union, n.d.
F.6 Legal - MacGibbon's copy of The Canada Gazette, 1948 with 1 mimeo insert.
F.7 Legal - Statues and Bills, 1912-1927
F.8 Legal - Statues and Bills, 1927-1952
F.9 Maps: Queensland Tenure (Australia), 1927; Newfoundland, 1956; Welland Shipping Canal, Niagara Peninsula
F.10 Mimeographs - Board of Grain Commissioners for Canada
F.11 Mimeographs - articles by R. J. Deachman, 1929-1951
F.12 Mimeographs - Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1942-1943, private circulation memos and other documents
F.13 Mimeographs - various authors and subjects
F.14 Mimeographs - various authors and subject

Box 13
F.1 Mimeographs - various authors and subjects
F.2 News clippings, microfilm of news clippings, 1919-1949. The clippings are almost all from The Times (London), concern Canada, and are organized by subject. The microfilm was produced by Lawrence Microfilm Service of Canada Ltd. There is some doubt as to whether it belonged to MacGibbon.
F.3 News clippings, Drayton report on railways, 1917
F.4 News clippings, William Davies case, 1917
F.5 News clippings, English coal inquiry, 1919
F.6 News clippings, bank report, 1923
F.7 News clippings, Montreal Light, Heat and Power expropriation, 1946
F.8 News clippings, various subjects
F.9 News clippings, various subjects
F.10 Offprints - "Inflation and Inflationism," by MacGibbon, August 1935
F.11 Offprints and Pamphlets - Financial and Banking subjects, 1923-1943
F.12 Offprints and Pamphlets - Railways
F.13 Offprints and Pamphlets - Social Credit. Some are published in Britain.

Box 14
F.1 Offprints and Pamphlets - various authors and subjects
F.2 Offprints and Pamphlets - various authors and subjects
F.3 Offprints and Pamphlets - various authors and subjects
F.4 Serials - News-Bulletin of National Bureau of Economic Research, 1928; Imperial Oil Review, August 1951
F.5 Miscellaneous - Civil Service Examinations of Canada, 1919-1926
F.6 Miscellaneous - Order of Business for unknown Lodge.
F.6 Imperial Policy Group papers, 1939-1942. Note these papers are stamped as belonging to: Dr. W. R. Jaffrey, Hughson Street, Hamilton, Ont.

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