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Levenson, Christopher, 1934-

Christopher Levenson fonds. Second accrual. – 1960-1999. – 61 cm of textual records.

Series 1:

Harbinger Poetry. – 1994-1998. – 14 cm of textual records. – Harbinger Poetry was established by the Carleton University Press in 1996 with Christopher Levenson as its editor. – This series consists of records pertaining to the Harbinger Poetry of the Carleton University Press and contain records such as HPS general information; flow charts; resignation letters from the editorial board; as well as manuscript correspondence and assessments. -- Title based on content of series. -- Manuscript folders list the poets/authors in alphabetical order. -- Please note that original manuscripts are not included.

Box 4
F.1 General Information, 1994-1998
This folder includes the mission statement and history as well as some correspondence of the Harbinger Poetry Series.

F.2 Flow Charts, 1995-1997
This folder consists of flow charts listing poet/author's name and any actions taken regarding the manuscripts submitted.

F.3 Letters of resignation from the editorial board, 1995-1996

Manuscripts being assessed, 1996-1998
Billing, Brick
Bryden, Diana Fitzgerald
Downie, Glen
Fraser, Andrew
Joyce, Arthur
MacDonald, Tanis
Morrow, Audrey
Peck, Jim
Penny, Michael
Powell, R.J.
Rose, Carol
Sacuta, Norm
Shenfield, Karen
Steinecke, Julia
Stewart, Sheila
Thornton, Russell
Vermeersch, Paul
Waller, Margaret
Wiesenthal, Chris

Manuscripts accepted, 1996-1998
Bloom, Ronna
Desbarats, Michelle
Kritsch, Holly
LeDressay, Anne
O'Meara, David
Poile, Craig A.
Shönmeier, Elenore
Sinnett, Mark

Manuscripts rejected, 1995-1997
Flood, John (correspondence regarding evaluating manuscripts)
Amero, Suann G.
Andrews, Shari
Bak, Louis
Bishopric, Thor
Briggs, John
Bull, Arthur
Cameron, Mary
Carter, Kim
Chambers, Guy
Charles, Heather L.
Civkin, Shelley J.
Danielson, Jane
Greenaway, Linda
Hammond, Barry
Harding, Brian
Harrison, Troon
Heinz, Susanne

Higgins, Iain
Hornby, Margaret
Johnston, Gordon
Johnston, Sean
Kay, Margaret
Kienlen, Alexis
Koziel, Lea
Latter, Deborah
Leznoff, Noah
Litovitz, Malca
MacDonald, Tanis
McCallum, Tricia
McCloskey, Patrick Jameson
McElroy, Gil
Mclennan, Rob
Miles, Kirk
Mioduchowska, Anna
Mineault, Nathalie
Miseck, Lorie
Norman, Chad
Norman, Renee

Pawlick, Thomas
Penny, Michael
Pilling, Marilyn Gear
Pimentel, Lynn
Ridgley, Sylvia
Rimmer, Christopher
Robinson, Jason
Rogal, Stan
Rose, Carol
Santateresa, Matt
Serralheiro, Paul
Smith, Marion
Smith, E. Russell
Sobat, Gail Sidonie
Strader, Brian
Treadwell, Florence
Tupper, Dorothy
Waller, Margaret
Whiskeyjack, Janice
Wilde, Lynda

Manuscripts requested, 1995-1998

Series 2:
Literary Review of Canada . – 1997-1998. – 4 cm of textual records. -- The Literary Review of Canada was established in 1992. This journal encourages discussions of Canadian culture, politics and society. -- This series consists primarily of correspondence between the editor, authors and reviewers. The manuscript folders contain both correspondence and typescripts (ts.) of poetry. -- Title taken from subject of series. -- Titles of poetry are not listed.

F.10 Correspondence - General, 1997-1998
Letter to reviewers containing guideline information
List of poems accepted for LRC, March 1998
Bloom, Ronna
Donlan, John
Ellenbogen, George
Flood, John
Harrison, Troon + ts. poem
Hynes, Maureen
Irie, Kevin + 2 ts. poems
McNeil, Florence
Stevenson, Richard (2 letters)
Treadwell, Florence

F.11 Manuscripts and correspondence, 1997-1998
List of acceptances:
Amabile, George
Bell, John
Billing, Brick
Briggs, John
Cliffe, Susan
Clausson, Nils
Coles, Don
Conn, Jan
Doyle, Mike
Dube, Paulette
Edwards, Jannie
Glickman, Susan
Harrison, Troon
Heinz, Suzanne
Jasper, Pat

Lane, Travis
MacDonald, Tanis
Norman, Renee
Pennie, Patricia
Pilling, Marilyn Gear
Ruzesky, Jay
Thornton, Russell
Thurston, Harry
Tihanyi, Eva
Treadwell, Florence

F.13 Copies of manuscripts not accepted but to keep in reserve
Amabile, George
Bloom, Ronna
Conn, Jan
Edwards, Jannie
Glickman, Susan
Lane, M. Travis

F.14 Manuscripts rejected
Clarke, George Elliott
Donlan, John
Hynes, Maureen
McNeil, Florence
Panofsky, Ruth
Petersen, Karen
Stevenson, Richard

Series 3:

Collected poems . – 1960-1999. – 31 cm of textual records. – This series consists of the collected poems of Christopher Levenson. The poetry has been divided into 7 volumes. Each volume contains a table of contents to the poetry. Each poem has several versions handwritten and as typescripts. – Title based on content of series.

Box 5
F.1Vol. 1, p. 1-49
F.2Vol. 1, p. 50-100
F.3Vol. 2, p. 1-80
F.4Vol. 2, p. 81-140
F.5Vol. 3, p. 1-59
F.6Vol. 3, p. 60-100
F.7Vol. 4, p. 1-37
F.8Vol. 4, p. 38-100
F.9Vol. 5, p. 1-52
F.10Vol. 5, p. 53-100

Box 6
F.1Vol. 6, p. 1-49
F.2Vol. 6, p. 50-100
F.3Vol. 7, p. 1-46
F.4Vol. 7, p. 47-100

Box 7
F.1Vol. 8, p. 1-100
F.2Vol. 9, p. 1-40
F.3Vol. 9, p. 41-100

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