To Fonds Description

Key Porter fonds. Fifth accrual. – 1945-2006; predominant 1980-1990. – 7.68 m of textual records and graphic material.

The accrual (44-2004) is arranged as follows:
Series 1: Editorial and production materials (boxes 93-107a)
Series 2: Lester and Orpen Dennys materials (boxes 108-116)

Series 1:
Editorial and Production Materials. – 1945-2004; predominant 1980-2004. – 4.8 m of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.

Box 93
F.1 Adams, Bryan. Made in Canada. 1999-2001.
F.2 America and Rediscovery. 1990.
F.3 American Children’s Treasury. 1990-1992.
F.4 American Express. Traveller’s Book. 1986.
F.5 Amin, Mohamed. African Safari. 1988-1989.
F.6 Atwood, Margaret. Barbed Lyres. 1990
F.7 Bank of Montreal. 1988-1990.
F.8 Barfoot, Joan. Critical Injuries. 2001.
F.9 Birds of North America. 1984-1985.
F.10 Bixley, Brian. Canadian Gardener’s Diary. 1989-1990.
F.11 Black, Conrad. 1992-1993.
F.12 Blyth, Sam. 1990.
F.13 Borins, Sara & Renée Dykeman. University Guide. 1994.
F.14 Brimelow, Peter. 1985-1986.
F.15 Bruce, Harry. Never Content. 2002.
F.16 Bruce, Harry. The Acadians. 1990.
F.17 Bruemmer, Fred. Seals. 1987.
F.18 Bruemmer, Fred. Unicorns and Narwhals. 1991.
F.19 Buckman, Dr. Robert. 1987-1989.
F.20 Buckman, Dr. Robert. A Touch of Magic: The Myths and Realities of Healers. 1989-1990.
F.21 Calgary. 1986-1988.
F.22 Calgary Stampede. 1986.
F.23 Cameron, Stevie. 1988-1990.
F.24 Canada: A Celebration. Japanese translation. 1990-1991.
F.25 Canadian Children’s Treasury. 1986-1990.
F.26 Canadian Geographic. 1989.
F.27 Canadian Living. 1986.

Box 94
F.1 Allan, Ted. Biography Materials. 1956-1960.

Box 95
F.1 Canadian Museum of Civilization. Celebrating Inuit Art. 1999.
F.2 Canadian Tire Corporation, Ltd. 1989.
F.3 Carr, Bill. 1999-2002.
F.4 Carter, Vince. 2002.
F.5 Castel-Bloom, Orly. Human Parts. 2003.
F.6 CB Media. Small Business Series.1988-1989.
F.7 Chambers, Dave. 1990.
F.8 Chambers, Dave. Complete Hockey Instruction. 1988.
F.9 Champagne, Lyse. Double Vision. 1990.
F.10 Children’s Treasury: Best Loved Stories and Poems From Around the World. 1985-1988.
F.11 Children’s Treasury. Cleared and Paid. 1986.
F.12 Children’s Treasury. Cleared / Pay on Publication. 1986.
F.12 Children’s Treasury. French Permissions. 1986.
F.13 Children’s Treasury. Not Being Used in Anthology. 1986.
F.14 Children’s Treasury. Public Domain. 1986.
F.15 Children’s Treasury. Rights and Permissions. 1986.
F.16 Chrétien, Jean. Straight From the Heart. 1984-1989.
F.17 Cohen, Leonard. 1945-1950. Camp Wabi-kon reports.
F.18 Cohen, Matt. 1989.
F.19 Coleman, Jim. New Book Idea. 1990.
F.20 Coopers and Lybrand. 1990.
F.21 Copeland, Dr. Glenn. 1990.
F.22 Cronyn, Hume. Terrible Liar. 1989-1991.
F.23 Cuddy Farms. Complete Turkey Cookbook. 1989-1990.
F.24 Darroch. Yangtze Expeditions. 1989.
F.25 Dean, Wendy. Journalling a Pathway Through Grief. 2001.
F.26 De Bono, Edward. Conflicts: A Better Way to Resolve Them. 1986-1990.
F.27 Delange, Nicholas. Illustrated History of the Jews. 1996-1997.
F.28 Deloitte, Haskins & Sells. Small Business Series. 1993.
F.29 Dennis, Wendy. Hot and Bothered. 1992.
F.30 De Villiers, Marq. Into Africa. 1996-2000.
F.31 Diamond, Dan. NHL 75th Anniversary Official Commemorative Book. 1988.
F.32 Discovery Books. 1989-1990.
F.33 Duck Decoys. 2000-2001.

Box 96
F.1 Dalton Camp Book. 2002.

Box 97
F.1 Elephants. 1989-1991.
F.2 Engel. Complete Canadian Health Guide. 1989-1993.
F.3 Falcons. 1990.
F.4 Fennell, Tom. Hong Kong Money. 1988-1990.
F.5 Fenyvesi. When the World Was Whole. 1989-1990.
F.6 Financial Post. Smart Funds. 1996-2000.
F.7 Fisher, Matthew & Ken Read. White Circus. 1986-1987.
F.8 Foster, Peter. 1990-1992.
F.9 Foster, Peter. The Booze Barons. 1987-1989.
F.10 Fotheringham, Allan. Politics and the Press. 1987-1990.
F.11 Fox, Sally. The Medieval Woman: A Book of Days. 1985-1989.
F.12 Fraser, Matthew. Quebec Inc. 1987.
F.13 Frum, Linda. Linda Frum’s Guide to Universities and Colleges. 1986-1990.
F.14 Frum, Linda. The Newsmakers. 1987-1993.
F.15 Gadsby, Joan. Addiction by Prescription. 1995-1998.
F.16 Garber, Anne. Shopping the World. 1989-1993.
F.17 Gartner, Zsuzsi. All the Anxious Girls on Earth. 2000.
F.18 Gibson, Gordon. Thirty Million Musketeers. 1998.
F.19 Graphic Litho-Plate Correspondence. 1981-1988.
F.20 Green Days Calendar. 1991
F.21 Greene, Graham. Miscellaneous. 1993.
F.22 Gretzky, Wayne. The Great Goodbye. 1999.
F.23 Grey Owl. Tales of an Empty Cabin. 1998.
F.24 Grossman, Brian. Fire Proofing for the Nineties. 1989-1991.
F.25 Hall, Alex. Another Kind of Eden. 2002-2003.
F.26 Hart, Martha. Broken Harts. 2001-2003.
F.27 Hemingway, Jack. Misadventures of a Fly Fisherman. 1986.
F.28 Hillel, Edward. The Main. 1986-1987.
F.29 Hockey Book (#2). 1983-1987.
F.30 Hoy, Claire. The Power of Pollsters. 1988.

Box 98
F.1 Flood, Cynthia. Making a Stone of the Heart. Editorial records, original manuscript, edited manuscript, jacket copy. 2000.

Box 99
F.1 Hummel, Monte. Endangered Spaces. 1988-1990.
F.2 Hummel, Monte. Wintergreen. 1998-2000.
F.3 Images of Canada. 1982.
F.4 The Insiders’ Calgary. 1982-83.
F.5 Jacobson, Tim. 1989-1991.
F.6 James, Sidney. Thus Spoke. 2000-2001.
F.7 Jeffrey, Brooke. Breaking Faith. 1991-1992.
F.8 Jeffrey, Suzanne. Picture Perfect. 1986-1987.
F.9 Jerome, Carol. Mirrors of Deception. 1986-1987.
F.10 Joyce, Gare. John Candy: His Own Private Melonville. 1994-1995.
F.11 Kavanagh, Dr. Terence. The Healthy Heart Program. 1983-1987.
F.12 Kavanagh, Dr. Terence. Take Heart. 1999-2002.
F.13 Kelly, Pat. Leadership From the Heart: What You Need to Know About Breast Cancer. 1996-2002.
F.14 Kelman, Steven G. Investing in Gold. 1989-1994.
F.15 Kertesz, Andre. Abrams Correspondence. 1983.
F.16 Kertesz, Andre. Court Case. 1982.
F.17 Kertesz, Andre. Miscellaneous. 1981-1988.
F.18 Kertesz, Andre. Thames and Hudson Correspondence. 1982-1983.
F.19 Khan, Timothy. 1985-1986.
F.20 Kirschbaum, Gabrielle. Picnics for Lovers. 1985-1987.
F.21 Kitowski, Richard & Jocelyn Klemm. Clueless About Wine. 2001-2003.
F.22 Kostick, Ken. Cooking for Kids. 2001-2002.

Box 100
F.1 Jewison, Norman. Autobiography. 2003-2004.

Box 101
F.1 Kraulis, J. A. Mountains of Canada. 1983-1984.
F.2 Kraulis, J. A. Rocky Mountains. 1985-1987.
F.3 Kraulis, J. A. Southwest U.S.A. 1984-1985.
F.4 Krieghoff, Cornelius. 1992-1994.
F.5 Labignan, Italo. Hook, Line and Sinker. 1997-2002.
F.6 Lawrence, R. D. Natural History of Canada. 1986-1990.
F.7 Lawrence, R. D. Small Wild Ones. 1997.
F.8 Lee, Dennis. Garbage Delight. 2000-2001.
F.9 Lefolii, Ken. Red Stars. 1993.
F.10 Levine, Saul. The Originals. 1992.
F.11 Lynch, Charles. Prime Ministers. 1987-1988.
F.12 Lynch, Wayne. Loons. 1989.
F.13 Macfarlane, Lynne & Betty Jane Wylie. Everywoman’s Money Book. 1984-1985.
F.14 McInnis. Saving the Oceans. 1990-1993.
F.15 Mackenzie, John Price Sinclair. Birds of Prey. 1984.
F.16 Mackenzie, John Price Sinclair. Seabirds. 1985-1986.
F.17 Maclean’s Decade Book. 1987-1990
F.18 Maclear, Michael. American Century. 1988.
F.19 Mallan, Caroline. Wrong Time, Wrong Place. 1994-1995.
F.20 Marican, Monsoor. 1991-1992.
F.21 Marinelli, Luigi. Vatican Exposé: Shroud of Secrecy. 1999-2002.
F.22 Marmoreo, Dr. Jean. Managing Your Menopause. 1992-1994.
F.23 Marx, Robert and Jennifer. Sunken Treasure. 1990-1993.

Box 102
F.1 Mason, Bill. Outdoor Living. 1986-1988.
F.2 Mason, Bill. Path of the Paddle. 1980-1986.
F.3 Mason, Bill. Wilderness Camping. 1980-1983.
F.4 McClelland, Jack. Chair in Canadian Literature. 1996-1999.
F.5 McClelland, Jack. Imagining Canadian Literature. 1996-1999.
F.6 McCormack, David. The World of Wine. 1985-1986.
F.7 McFarlane, Brian. The Ultimate Hockey Quiz Book. 1998.
F.8 McGrath, Leslie. Young Canada’s Nursery Rhymes. 1999-2000.
F.9 McIntyre, Scott. Correspondence. 1990-1993.
F.10 McKendry, Ruth. Quilts. 1984-1985.
F.11 McKenzie, Jack. Birds of Prey. 1984-1986.
F.12 McKitrick, Ross & Christopher Essex. Taken by Storm. 2002-2003.
F.13 McMurdy, Deirdre. Correspondence. 1990-1993.
F.14 McNamee, Kevin & Janis Kraulis. The National Parks of Canada. 1994.
F.15 McQueen, Rod & Sean O’Sullivan. Both My Houses. 1984-1987.

Box 103
F.1 Middleton, Dave. Big Cats. 1997.
F.2 Miller, Russell. The Life and Times of L. Ron Hubbard. 1986-1989.
F.3 Miller, Vince. Blame it on the Weather, American Style. 1998-2001.
F.4 Mirvish, Ed. There’s No Business Like Show Business. 1997-1999.
F.5 Mouton, Claude. The Montreal Canadiens. 1987.
F.6 Mowat, Claire. The Visitors. 1991.
F.7 Mowat, Farley. Born Naked. 1993.
F.8 Mowat, Farley. Correspondence. 1992-1995.
F.9 Mowat, Farley. High Latitudes. 2001.
F.10 Mulgrew, Ian. Unholy Terror: The Sikhs and International Terrorism. 1986-1988.
F.11 Nash, Knowlton. Times to Remember. 1986-1987.
F.12 Nash, Knowlton. Times to Remember. Photographs and Images. 1986.
F.13 Needles, Dan. Letters from Wingfield Farm. 1995-2002.
F.14 Neilsen, Eleanor. How to Ride a Dragon. 2001.
F.15 O’Dowd. Irish Americans. 1986.
F.16 Okay Okay Blue Jays. 1983-1984.
F.17 Olive, David. Corporate Morality. 1986-1987.
F.18 Olympic Winter Games. Picture Record. 1984-1988.

Box 104
F.1 Ontario Book. 1983-1986.
F.2 Orser, Brian. A Skater’s Life. 1987-1989.
F.3 Pain, Howard. Editorial. 1979-1983.
F.4 Pain, Howard. Heritage of Upper Canadian Furniture. 1978-1984.
F.5 Parfit, Michael. Blame it on the Weather. 1998-2002.
F.6 Parker, Terry & Neil Hartling. Alaska to Nunavut. 2002-2004.
F.7 Patterson, Freeman. Photos of Natural Things. 1977-1985.
F.8 Patterson, Freeman. Portraits of the Earth. 1985-1990.
F.9 Payzant, Geoffrey. Glenn Gould: Music and Mind. 1980-1986.
F.10 Petersen, Shelley. Stagestruck and Dancer and Abby Malone. 2001-2002.
F.11 Porter, Julia. Before We Say Good Night. 2001.
F.12 Raycroft, Mark. White Tails: Nature’s Wild Spirits. 1998-1999.
F.13 Reichert, Bonnie. Today’s Parent: In Search of Sleep. 1996-2000.
F.14 Ritter, Erika. Hidden Lives of Humans Under Consideration. 2002.
F.15 Roscoe, Patrick. Laboratory of Love. 2000.
F.16 Roscoe, Patrick. Simple Rules. 2000.
F.17 Roscoe, Patrick. The Truth About Love. 2000-2001.
F.18 Rule, Bernadette. Dark Fire. 1997-1999.

Box 105
F.1 Patterson, Freeman. Revised Editions. Photography of Natural Things. Photography the World Around Us. Photography and the Art of Seeing. 2004.

Box 106
F.1 Rohmer, Richard. Golden Phoenix. 1997.

Box 107
F.1 Scliar, Moacyr. The Centaur in the Garden and Max and the Cats. 2002-2003.
F.2 Sharp, Rosalie. Ceramics, Ethics and Scandal. 2002.
F.3 Silliker, Bill. The Maine Moose Watchers Guide. 1997.
F.4 Sloss, Paula. Heinz BBQ Cookbook. 2002-2003.
F.5 Smith, Beverley. Jamie Salé and David Pelletier at the Olympics. 2002.
F.6 So, Irene. Investing in Greater China. 2001-2003.
F.7 Taguchi, Dr. Yosh. Prostate. 1999-2000.
F.8 Taylor, Peter. Bald is Beautiful. 1996-1997.
F.9 TD Asset Management. Women in the Know. 1996-2002.
F.10 Thomas, William. The Dog Rules. 2000-2004.
F.11 Thomas, William. Never Hitchhike On the Road Less Travelled. 2001-2002.
F.12 Toews, Judy & Nicole Parton. Never Say Diet. 1997-1999.
F.13 Turner, Garth. 2001 RRSP and Retirement Guide. 1998-2001.
F.14 Turner, Garth. 2015: American Version. 1999.
F.15 Turner, Garth. 2020: Rules for a New Age. 1999.
F.16 Turner, Garth. Contract Copy. 1997.
F.17 Turner, Garth. The Defense. 1998-1999.
F.18 Turner, Garth. Hedge Fund Book. 2002.
F.19 Turner, Garth. Little Book of Investment Advice. 2001.
F.20 Turner, Garth. Little Book of Real Estate Wisdom. 2002.
F.21 Ustinov, Peter. Peter and the Wolf. 1993-1996.
F.22 Van Kampen, Vlasta. Marigold’s Wings. 1999-2002.
F.23 Vizincey, Stephen. The Man With the Magic Touch. 1995.
F.24 Ward, Bob. Virgin Trails. 2001-2002.
Also Backlist, 2003; four catalogues, 2003-2004; one Irwin catalgoue for Fall 1986; and two posters (Farley Mowat and Awards, 2002-2003). The posters are in map cabinet, drawer # 8.

Box 107a
Key Porter catalogues: Fall 1988; Fall 1989; Spring 1990; Spring 1994; Fall 1994; Fall 1995; Key Porter Books & Lester Publishing / Spring 1996; Complete Backlist Catalogue / January-May 1996; Fall 1996; Fall 1998; Spring 1999; Fall 1999; Fall & Winter 2000-2001; Spring & Summer 2003; Spring & Summer 2004; International Rights / Spring & Summer 2005; Spring & Summer 2006

Series 2:
Lester and Orpen Dennys, – 1980-1999. – 1.28 m of textual records and graphic materials. – Title based on content of series.

Box 108
F.1 Abella, Irving & Harold Troper. None is Too Many. Film Rights. 1984-1987.
F.2 Abella, Irving & Harold Troper. None is Too Many. Revised. 1984-1986.
F.3 Abella, Irving & Harold Troper. None is Too Many. Rights and Permissions. 1982-1988.
F.4 Abella, Irving & Irwin Cotler & Manuel Prutschi. False Witness. 1986-1987.
F.5 Allende, Isabel. Stories of Eva Luna. Rights. 1990.
F.6 Amis, Martin. London Fields. 1988-1990.
F.7 Appelfeld, Aaron. The Age of Wonders. 1987-1989.
F.8 Armstrong, Joe. From Sea Unto Sea. 1982-1988.
F.9 Artists and Designers. 1983-1984.
F.10 Avner, David. Project Never Published. 1986.
F.11 Bainbridge, Beryl. General. 1982-1985.
F.12 Ballard, J. G. The Day of Creation. 1987-1989.
F.13 Ballard, J. G. My Father’s Island. Editorial. 1989-1990.
F.14 Barron, Sid. The Best of Barron and Miscellaneous. 1985-1990.
F.15 Bedard, Michael. Redwork. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1989-1990.
F.16 Bercuson, David. The Secret Army. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1982-1989.
F.17 Bercuson, David. The Secret Army. Rights and Permissions. 1982-1989.
F.18 Bickerstaff, Isaac. Friends, Hosers and Countrymen. 1982.
F.19 Birds of Canada. 1985.
F.20 Bissoondath, Neil. On the Eve of Uncertain Tomorrows. Editorial File. 1989-1990.
F.21 Bissoondath, Neil. On the Eve of Uncertain Tomorrows. Rights. 1989-1990.
F.22 Blais, Marie-Claire. Anna’s World. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1982-1985.
F.23 Blais, Marie-Claire. Anna’s World. Rights and Permissions. 1985-1988.
F.24 Blais, Marie-Claire. Deaf to the City. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1980-1982.
F.25 Blais, Marie-Claire. Deaf to the City. Rights and Permissions. 1980-1987.
F.26 Blais, Marie-Claire. Miscellaneous. 1980-1989.
F.27 Boire, Gary. Morley Callaghan Book. 1986.
F.28 Bonnycastle, Richard. A Gentleman Adventurer. 1983-1986.
F.29 Borges, Jorge Luis. Prologo Yun Prologo de Prologoes, Siete Noches and Miscellaneous. 1979-1984.
F.30 Borovoy, Alan. When Freedoms Collide. 1987-1990.
F.31 Brookner, Anita. Brief Lives. 1989-1999.
F.32 Brookner, Anita. Lewis Percy. Co-publication details (Penguin). 1988-1990.
F.33 Brookner, Anita. Lewis Percy. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1988-1990.
F.34 Brott, Ardyth. Children’s Stories. 1985-1986.
F.35 Brown, Craig (ed.). The Illustrated History of Canada. Domestic Rights. 1987-1990.
F.36 Brown, Craig (ed.). The Illustrated History of Canada. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1987-1989.
F.37 Brown, Craig (ed.). The Illustrated History of Canada. Foreign Rights. 1987-1989.
F.38 Brown, Craig (ed.). The Illustrated History of Canada. Pictures. 1987-1988.
F.39 Brown, Craig (ed.). The Illustrated History of Canada. Québec Rights (Boréal). 1988-1989.
F.39 Brown, Craig (ed.). The Illustrated History of Canada. Text. 1986-1990.

Box 109
F.1 Callaghan, Barry. The Alchemist in Winter. 1985.
F.2 Callaghan, Barry. The Black Queen Stories. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1981-1987.
F.3 Callaghan, Barry. The Black Queen Stories. Rights and Permissions. 1983-1990.
F.4 Callaghan, Barry. Miscellaneous. 1983-1989.
F.5 Callaghan, Barry. The Way the Angel Spreads Her Wings. 1989-1990.
F.6 Callaghan, Morley. The Lost and Found Stories. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1985.
F.7 Callaghan, Morley. The Lost and Found Stories. U.S. Rights. 1985-1987.
F.8 Callwood, June. Jim: A Life with AIDS. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1986-1988.
F.9 Callwood, June. Jim: A Life with AIDS. Rights and Permissions. 1988-1989.
F.10 Callwood, June. Miscellaneous. 1986-1988.
F.11 Callwood, June. Twelve Weeks in Spring. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1985-1987.
F.12 Callwood, June. Twelve Weeks in Spring. Rights and Permissions. 1986-1987.
F.13 Callwood, June. The Sleepwalker. Film. 1990-1991.
F.14 Callwood, June. The Sleepwalker. Rights. 1989-1990.
F.15 Calvino, Italo. Difficult Loves and Marcovaldo. 1983.
F.16 Calvino, Italo. If On a Winter’s Night. 1979-1988.
F.17 Calvino, Italo. Miscellaneous. 1986.
F.18 Calvino, Italo. Mr. Palomar. 1986-1989.
F.19 CBC. Miscellaneous. 1985-1986.
F.20 Chase, Joan. The Evening Wolves. 1988-1990.
F.21 Clayton, Deidra. Eagle: The Life and Times of R. Alan Eagleson. 1980-1990.
F.22 Coach House. Authors’ Photos Book. 1986-1987.
F.23 Cohen, Matt. Emotional Arithmetic. 1990.
F.24 Cohen, Matt. Emotional Arithmetic. Editorial. 1990.
F.25 Cohen, Nathan. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1977-1978.
F.26 Collins, Anne. The Big Evasion. 1984-1988.
F.27 Collins, Anne. In the Sleep Room. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1990.
F.28 Collins, Anne. In the Sleep Room. Rights and Permissions. 1990.
F.29 Cooper, Heather. Project. 1986.
F.30 Cook Waddell, Lyn. The Hiding Place. Rights. 1990.
F.31 Creal, Margaret. The Man Who Sold Prayers. 1988.
F.32 Crean. Peace: A Dream Unfolding. 1986.
F.33 Curry, Ralph. Leacock Treasury and Miscellaneous. 1976-1990.
F.34 Delillo, Don. Libra. 1989.
F.35 Dennis, Wendy. Sexual Etiquette For the `90s. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1989.
F.36 Dennis, Wendy. Sexual Etiquette For the `90s. Rights and Permissions. 1989-1990.
F.37 Desai, Anita. Baumgartner’s Bombay. 1989-1990.
F.38 Diamond, Dan. Blue Jays Guide 1987.
F.39 Diamond, Dan. Blue Jays Guide 1988.
F.40 Diamond, Dan. Blue Jays Guide 1989.

Box 110
F.1 Didion, Joan. Democracy. 1983-1989.
F.2 Didion, Joan. Miami. 1987-1988.
F.3 Didion, Joan. Salvador. 1983-1988.
F.4 Dorland, Michael. The Double-Cross Circuit. 1976-1978.
F.5 Downie, Mary Alice. Miscellaneous. 1988.
F.6 Downie, Mary Alice & Barbara Robertson. The Well-Filled Cupboard. 1982-1989.
F.7 Durrenmatt, Friedrich. Justice. 1986.
F.8 Dyer, Gwynne & Tina Viljoen. Defence of Canada. 1986-1988.
F.9 Eksteins, Modris. Rites of Spring. 1988.
F.10 Elek, Peter. The Book of Alfred Kantor. 1985.
F.11 Elkins, Valmai Howe. The Birth Report. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1982-1984.
F.12 Elkins, Valmai Howe. The Birth Report. Rights and Permissions. 1983-1984.
F.13 Elkins, Valmai Howe. Rights of the Pregnant Parent. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1983-1986.
F.14 Elkins, Valmai Howe. Rights of the Pregnant Parent. Rights and Permissions. 1984-1986.
F.15 Elkins, Valmai Howe. Miscellaneous. 1986-1987.
F.16 Endo, Shusaku. The Samurai. 1982-1984.
F.17 Endo, Shusaku. Scandal. 1987-1988.
F.18 English, John. Shadow of Heaven. 1986-1990.
F.19 Festivals of Canada. Edinburgh Editorials. 1980-1984.
F.20 Fetherling, Doug. The Five Lives of Ben Hecht. Editorial. 1979.
F.21 Francis, Charlie & Jeff Coplon. Speed Trap. Rights and Permissions. 1990.
F.22 Friedrich, Otto. Glenn Gould: A Life... Rights. 1987-1990.
F.23 Friedrich, Otto. Glenn Gould: A Life... Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1989.
F.24 Gallivan, Danny. The Hockey Book. 1986.
F.25 Garrison, Robert & David Young. Supernova. 1987-1988.
F.26 Gatenby, Greg. Whales. 1983.
F.27 Gatenby, Greg. Whales. Artwork. 1982-1989.
F.28 Gold, Alison. The Clairvoyant. 1990.
F.29 Govier, Katherine. Between Men. Date Unknown.
F.30 Granatstein, Jack & Bercus, David. Canada’s Other Wars. Editorial. 1989.
F.31 Granatstein, Jack & Desmond Morton. Bloody Victory. 1983-1988.
F.32 Granatstein, Jack & Desmond Morton. A World Forged in Fire. 1989.
F.33 Granatstein, Jack & Desmond Morton. Marching to Armageddon. 1988-1989.
F.34 Grater, Lindsay. Hippo’s Wedding. Rights. 1989-1990.
F.35 Gravel, François. Benito. 1988-1991.

Box 111
F.1 Greene, Graham. The Captain and the Enemy. 1987-1990.
F.2 Greene, Graham. Getting to Know the General. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1984-1989.
F.3 Greene, Graham. Getting to Know the General. Rights. 1984-1990.
F.4 Greene, Graham. J’accuse. 1979-1985.
F.5 Greene, Graham. Miscellaneous. 1977-1990.
F.6 Greene, Graham. Monsieur Quixote. Audio Rights. 1982.
F.7 Greene, Graham. Monsieur Quixote. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1982-1990.
F.8 Greene, Graham. Monsieur Quixote. Rights. 1982-1987.
F.9 Greene, Graham. Pirates of the Round Pond. 1985.
F.10 Greene, Graham. The Tenth Man. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1984-1986.
F.11 Greene, Graham. The Tenth Man. Rights. 1985-1990.
F.12 Greene, Graham. Ways of Escape. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1978-1987.
F.13 Greene, Graham. Ways of Escape. Rights and Permissions. 1979-1990.
F.14 Greene, Graham. Yours, etc. Editorial. 1989-1990.
F.15 Gutkin, Harry. Journey Into Our Heritage. 1989.
F.16 Hasek, Jaroslav. The Red Commissar. 1981-1988.
F.17 Hébert, Diane. Second Chance. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1987-1989.
F.18 Hébert, Diane. Second Chance. Rights and Translation. 1987-1989.
F.19 Hill, Lance. Roadhouse. 1988.
F.20 Houston, James & Ken Giniger. Far North Anthology. 1985-1986.
F.21 Hubbard, Jaimie. The Battle for Cineplex. Editorial. 1989-1991.
F.22 Hubbard, Jaimie. Public Screening. Promotions. 1989-1991.
F.23 Humber, William. Let’s Play Ball. 1988-1990.
F.24 Hummel, Monte. World Wildlife Fund Project. 1985-1986.
F.25 Illustrated History of Canada. Book Club, Encyclopedia, Educational Sales. 1987.
F.26 Illustrated History of Canada. Coles Correspondence. 1987.
F.27 Illustrated History of Canada. Financial. 1987-1989.
F.28 Illustrated History of Canada. Production.1986-1989.
F.29 Illustrated History of Canada. Sales, Promotion, Marketing. 1986-1988.
F.30 Illustrated History of Canada. Special Sales/Editions. 1985-1987.

Box 112
F.1 Irving, John. A Prayer for Owen Meany. 1987-1990.
F.2 Irving, John & Janet Turnbull. Miscellaneous. 1987-1989.
F.3 Ishiguro, Kazuo. The Remains of the Day. 1988-1990.
F.4 James, P. D. The Skull Beneath the Skin. 1988.
F.5 James, P. D. A Taste for Death. 1986-1990.
F.6 Johnson, Arthur. Breaking the Banks. 1986.
F.7 Jonas, George. Scales of Justice. 1985-1986.
F.8 Jonas, George. The Sullivan Project (Never published). 1985-1986.
F.9 Kaminska, Ruth. I Don’t Want to Be Brave Anymore. Editorial. 1978-1979.
F.10 Kapica, Jack. Shocked and Appalled. 1984-1989.
F.11 Keneally, Thomas. A Family Madness. 1985-1987.
F.12 Kennaway, James. Tunes of Glory. 1981-1986.
F.13 Kogawa, Joy. Naomi’s Road. 1985.
F.14 Kopacsi, Sandor. In the Name of the Working Class. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1984-1988.
F.15 Kopacsi, Sandor. In the Name of the Working Class. Rights. 1985-1990.
F.16 Landau, Suzanne. Landau Strategy. Editorial. 1979.
F.17 Lebo, Fern. Elegance with Ease. Editorial Correspondence. 1979-1980.
F.18 Legion Magazine. True Canadian War Stories. 1985-1987.
F.19 Levitt, Cyril & Billy Shaffir. Riot at Christie Pits. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1985-1988.
F.20 Levitt, Sheldon (et al). Treasures of a People. 1984-1987.
F.21 Lipman, Marci. Horizons. 1985-1990.
F.22 Littleton, James. Target Nation. Editorial and Miscellaneous. 1985-1987.
F.23 Lunn, Janet. Miscellaneous Correspondence. 1984-1989.
F.24 Lunn, Janet. Miscellaneous Stories. 1978-1987.
F.25 Lunn, Janet. The Root Cellar. 1981-1990.
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Box 113
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Box 114
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Box 115
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Box 116
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