To Fonds Description

C.H. (Marty) Gervais fonds. Third accrual. – [193-]-2006; predominant 1959-2006. – 91.5 cm of textual records and other material. Note: Includes 469 photographs, negatives and slides, and 17 audio cassettes.

Series 1
Published and Unpublished Works. – 1976-2005. – 29 cm of textual and other records. – Title from contents of series.
Series consists of published and unpublished works which have been authored, co-authored, or edited by Gervais, with research and other associated material. Published books have been removed for cataloguing (see note at end of this finding aid). Prints of photographic works by Gervais have been placed in Series 8, but digital media storing his graphic works are included here. Series has been arranged alphabetically by the title of the work. For Keeping with Tradition: The Working Man's Choir, see also Series 9 Oversized Material.

BOX 43
F.1       Baldoon, Reaney correspondence, 1976-1977.
            Letters and research material for play co-written with James Reaney. Photographs removed to   Series 8 (Box 47, F.29).
F.2       Border Police, illustrations for use in book, photocopied [1982?], 3 pp.
            See also photographs in Series 8 (Box 48, F.3 – Box 49, F.1).
F.3       Fair Play [graphic materials – electronic], [2000s?], 1 disc [CD-R].
            Executable file. Multimedia slide show of photographs of youth sports. File includes notes.
F.4       Generation, Spring 2005, 36 pp.
            Printed. Undergraduate literary journal at University of Windsor, for which Gervais acted as faculty advisor. Complete issue.
F.5       Harbourfront Festival Prize, acceptance speech, 1999, 2 pp.
            Computer print, with handwritten annotations by Gervais.
F.6       Keeping with Tradition: The Working Man's Choir, biographies and typed interviews, 2002.
            Submitted biographical information forms and typescript interviews concerning members of an Italian men's choir in Windsor.
F.7       Keeping with Tradition: The Working Man's Choir, draft of text, [2002?], 15 pp.
            Computer print.
F.8       Keeping with Tradition: The Working Man's Choir, members list, [2002?], 3 pp.
F.9       Keeping with Tradition: The Working Man's Choir, notebook, 2002, 160 pp.
            Handwritten notes for Italian Choir project.
F.10     “Leaving your Body to Science,” draft of poem, 2002, 1 p.
            Computer print of e-mail by Gervais to self with text of poem. Later published in Literary Review of Canada, Nov. 2002, p. 19.
My Star Predominant: Essex County’s Raymond Knister, correspondence and research  materials, 2005.
            Materials for an exhibition and lecture at Windsor Community Museum, including  correspondence and essays by Imogen Knister Givens and photocopies of Knister's letters.
F.13     My Star Predominant: Essex County’s Raymond Knister, newspaper articles, 2005, 2 pp. Photocopies of articles from Simcoe Reformer [ca. 1931] on Knister and from Windsor Star    [2000s?] written by Gervais about Knister, annotated [by Imogen Knister Givens?].
F.14     My Town, speech, 2006, 8 pp.
            Computer print. Speech [prepared for book launch?].

BOX 44
F.1       Odysseus Victim Services Project, draft, 2000, 51 pp.
            Computer print. Entitled Don't They Believe Me? Anatomy of a Rape.
F.2       Odysseus Victim Services Project, memoranda and correspondence 2000-2002.
            Photocopies of handwritten and computer print memoranda from meetings of the Project board, and correspondence, principally faxes, between Gervais and Odysseus Victim Services Project Inc. Board members.
F.3       Odysseus Victim Services Project, illustrator's portfolio, 2000, 5 pp.
            Computer print. Portfolio of Jason Dwyer, including colour computer prints of artistic works.
F.4       Odysseus Victim Services Project, fact scenario second draft, 2000, 2 pp.
            Computer print. With folder bearing notes by Gervais.
F.5       Odysseus Victim Services Project, conference and seminar papers, 1989-1994.
            Research materials in the form of papers from police officer seminars on sexual assault.
F.6       Odysseus Victim Services Project, victims' papers, [ca. 1994-2000?].
            Statements by  victims of rape concerning their experiences.
F.7       Odysseus Victim Services Project, outline, 2000, 8 pp.
            Early draft entitled Don't They Believe Me? Anatomy of a Rape.
F.8       Odysseus Victim Services Project, outline, 2000, 11 pp.
            Early draft entitled Don't They Believe Me? Anatomy of a Rape.
F.9       Odysseus Victim Services Project, research materials, 1999-2000, 15 pp.
            Computer print. Materials concerning sexual assault, comprising two articles accessed on Internet, and one newspaper clipping (Globe and Mail, 10 June 2000, p. R9-10).
F.10     Odysseus Victim Services Project, trial experience submission, 2000, 8 pp.
            Photocopy of annotated computer print.
F.11     Odysseus Victim Services Project, mutual release, 2002.
            Quitclaim and associated documents relating to termination of contract between Gervais and    Odysseus Project.
F.12     Odysseus Victim Services Project, 3 notebooks.
F.13     Odysseus Victim Services Project, rough draft 2, [2001?], 45 pp.
F.14     Odysseus Victim Services Project, draft pages, [2000?], 19 pp.
F.15     Poetry, untitled poem [1990s-2000s?], 2 pp.
F.16     Poetry, two poems [2000s?], 3 pp.
            Computer print.
F.17     Poetry, poems, [2000s?], 2 pp.
            Handwritten on verso of restaurant menus.
F.18     Prohibition, notes on folder, [1980s?], 1 p.
            Handwritten notes on a folder labelled “Prohibition” concerning publishing details.
F.19     Science of Nothing, early proofs, 2000, 66 pp.
            Printed. With correspondence from Mosaic Press to Gervais, 2000, 1 p.
F.20     Windsor Review, issues 32.1, 32.2, 34.1, and 35.1, 1999-2002.
            Printed, complete issues. Gervais, managing editor.
F.21     Windsor Review, issue 37.2, electronic files:
            “WR 01 05, Visual Art,” 2005, 1 disc [CD-R] in paper sleeve. Files in jpeg, doc, pdf, and unknown formats. Contents are artist biographies, statements, and images.
            “Dermot Wilson, Ice Lake Innocence,” 2005, 1 disc [CD-R] in broken jewel case. Files in rtf, tif, pdf, and postscript formats. Contents are texts and images.
            Zip discs, [2005?], 2 discs [Mac zip discs], one in clear plastic case. Files in unknown formats. Contents unknown [one file named “General Issue 37.2”?].
            Note, [2005?], 1 p. Note from Janine to Karen [Veryle Monck?], mentioning file “General Issue 37.2” on zip disc.

BOX 45
F.1       Windsor Review, issue 37.2, draft, [2005?].
            Annotated and corrected. With corrections page, [2005?], 1 p.
F.2       Windsor Review, issue 37.2, draft, [2005?].
            Annotated and corrected.
F.3       Windsor Review, issue 37.2, proofs, 2005.
            Computer print. Printed 14 Jan. 2005 from file named “General Issue 37.2.”
F.4       Windsor Review, issue 37.2, proofs (Karen Monck), 2005.
            Computer print. Printed 14 Jan. 2005 from file named “General Issue 37.2.” Annotated. With   notes, [2005?], 1 p.
F.5       Windsor Review, resumé and note, 2000-[2005?], 2 pp.

Series 2
Black Moss Press. – 2004-[2006?]. – 2.5 cm of textual records. – Title from contents of series.
Series consists of records of Gervais' work as a publisher for Black Moss Press.

BOX 45
F.6       Ronnie R. Brown, States of Matter, proofs, 2005, 96 pp.
            Computer print. With proof print of cover.
F.7       Raymond Knister, There was a Mr. Cristi, draft, photocopied [2006?], 145 pp.
            Photocopy of  typescript manuscript [ca. 1930s?] obtained from Imogen Knister Givens, published by Black Moss Press in 2006.
F.8       Speeches for 35th anniversary, 2004, 7 pp.
            Computer print. Speeches by John B. Lee and unknown speaker [Daniel Wells?].

Series 3
Promotional Materials, including Catalogues, Articles, Clippings and Interviews. – 1987-2006. – 1.5 cm of textual records. – Title from contents of series.
Series consists of various promotional materials, including catalogues, clippings, articles, interviews, and posters, relating to Gervais and to works and exhibitions authored by him.

BOX 45
F.9       Catalogues, 1991-2005.
            Printed. Offering for sale, among others, books by Gervais.
F.10     Internet articles, 2000-2006, 17 pp.
            Computer print.
F.11     Interview, “A Sense of Wonder: An Interview with Marty Gervais” in Poetry Canada Review   issue 14.4 (Sept. 1994).
            Complete issue, Gervais interview on pp. 1, 3, 29.
F.12     Interview, “In Conversation with Marty Gervais,” by Dave Pierson, 2000, 9 pp.
F.13     Newspaper articles, 1988-1997.
            Original clippings and photocopies of newspaper articles.
F.14     Promotional materials, photographs, 2005, 1 p.
            Computer print of image file [for Windsor Star?].
F.15     Promotional materials, posters, 1987- 2005, 5 pp. and 2 cards.
            Posters and cards advertising lecture, readings, exhibition, and book launch.

Series 4
Education. – 1972-2003. – 2 cm of textual records. – Title from contents of series.
Series consists of materials reflecting Gervais' continuing involvement in the field of education.

BOX 45
F.16     Children's literature and education, 1972-1979, 3 pp. and 1 card.
F.17     Online teaching resources, 2002, 12 pp.
            Computer print.
F.18     Unknown class, [1975], 1 card.
F.19     University of Toronto, School of Continuing Studies, course instruction contract, 1997, 3 pp.
F.20     University of Windsor, 24-106 [introduction to creative writing class], memorial book, 2003.
            Scrapbook with correspondence and photographs.
F.21     University of Windsor, 26-104 [introduction to creative writing class], comment sheets, 1995,   17 pp.
F.22     University of Windsor, announcement of writer-in-residence, 2000, 4 pp.

Series 5
Correspondence. – 1967-2006.
12.5 cm of textual records. – Title from contents of series.
Series consists of letters. Most letters are e-mails, many of which include the original message from Gervais. Others are forwarded or carbon-copied e-mails originally sent to others, flyers, commercially produced cards, etc. Certain letters sent by post retain their envelopes, which precede the letters. Any enclosures follow the letters to which they pertain. Note that some correspondence has been included in other series, as arranged by Gervais.

BOX 46
F.1       [–]
            [–] [Magnum Photos], 1998, 1 letter.
            [Brian?] and Betty [–], [1969?], 1 letter.
            Dan [-]. 1968, 1 letter.
            David and Marilyn [–], 1973, 1 letter.
            Gillian [–], 1980, 1 letter.
            [Glen?] and Helen [–], 1982, 1 letter.
            [Guff?] and Bud [–], 1970, 1 letter.
            Brother Matthew [–] [Abbey of Gethsemani], 1993, 1 letter.
            Mike [–], [2000s], 1 letter with enclosures.
            Pat [–], [1979?], 1 letter.
            Paul [–], 2001, 1 letter.
            [Paul?] [–], 2005, 1 letter.
            Terry [–], 2002, 1 letter.
F.2       A
            Alpha Centre, 1967, 1 letter.
            Teresa Altiman, 1976, 1 letter.
            Andrea Aragon, 2002, 1 letter.
            Anvil Press, 2001, 1 letter.
            Association for Early Childhood Education, 1972, 1 letter.
F.3       B
            Jenni Barford, [ca. 1980s?], 2 letters.
            Allana Barron, 2001, 1 letter.
            Roger Bell, 1999-2003, 20 letters.
            Sue Bennett, 2002, 3 letters.
            Cindy and Rick [Bisaillon?], [2000s?], 1 letter.
            Ronnie R. Brown, 2001, 3 letters.
F.4       C
            June Callwood, 1981, 1 letter.
            Canada Council, 1998-2002, 4 letters with enclosures.
            Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, 1971, 1 letter.
            Canadian Who's Who, 1997, 1 letter.
            John Carrington, 2001, 1 letter.
            Keith Carter, 2002, 2 letters.
            Gina [Charron], 2002, 3 letters.
            Greg Cook, 2002, 18 letters.
F.5       D
            Marie David, 1999, 1 letter.
            James Deahl, 2001-2002, 2 letters.
            Descant, 2002, 1 letter.
            Tom Dilworth, 2001, 1 letter [see also Judith Fitzgerald].
            Paul Drouillard, 2002, 3 letters.
            Sharon Drummond, 2001, 1 letter.
F.6       F
            Dorothy [Farmiloe], 1979, 1 letter.
            Judith Fitzgerald, 2001-2002, 12 letters.
            Raymond Fraser, 2001-2002, 5 letters.
            Dara Fruchter, 2001-2002, 21 letters.
F.7       G
            Galerie Matignon, 1981, 1 letter.
            [Michael J. Gallagher?], 1970, 1 letter.
            Lorraine Gane, 2002-2005, 5 letters with enclosures.
            Greg Gatenby, 2001-2002, 4 letters [see also Harbourfront Reading Series].
            A.T. and [–] Gervais [parents], 1967-[2000s?], 3 letters.
            Andre Gervais [son]: incoming, 2002, 9 letters; outgoing, 1995, 1 letter.
            Bill Gervais, 2002, 2 letters.
            Donna Gervais [wife], [1969?]-[2000s?], 12 letters
            Elise Gervais [daughter]: incoming, 1975-[1970s?], 2 letters; outgoing, [1970s?], 1 letter [see     also Donna Gervais].
            Paul Gervais, 2002, 1 letter.
            Stephane Gervais, [ca. 1988?], 1 letter.
            Abbey of Gethsemani, 2003, 1 letter with 2 enclosed letters for John B. Lee and Roger Bell.
            Imogen Knister Givens, 2002, 1 letter.
            Hedley Grenfell-Banks, 2002, 1 letter.
            Karin Griffith, 2002, 3 letters.
            Rita L. [Grissette?], 2003, 1 letter.
F.8       H
            Phil Hall, 2001, 2 letters.
            Jamie Hamilton and others, n.d., 1 letter.
            Geoff Hancock, 2002, 2 letters.
            Harbourfront Reading Series, 1986-2003, 2 letters [see also Greg Gatenby].
            Richard Harrison, 2002, 2 letters.
            Robert Hilles, 1999-2003, 15 letters.
            Hiram Walker and Sons Ltd., 1990, 1 letter.
            Cornelia Hoogland, 2001-2002, 4 letters.
            Peter Hrastovec, 2002, 1 letter.
            Humanities Research Group [University of Windsor], [2006], 1 letter.
F.9       J
            Dale Jacobs, 2002, 4 letters.
            Maria Jacobs, 1982, 1 letter.
F.10     K
            Kenny Koekstrel, [1990s?], 1 letter with enclosures.
            Javan Kienzle, 2006, 1 letter.
            Margaret Kapasi, 2001, 1 letter.
F.11     L
            Marnie Lamb, 2002, 1 letter.
            Audrey [Lavin?], 2006, 1 letter.
            [League of Canadian Poets?], 2005, 1 letter with enclosure.
            Irene Lee, [ca. 1999], 1 letter [enclosed photograph removed to Series 8, Box 49, File 3].
            John B. Lee, 1999-2003, 34 letters.
            Allan Levine, 1982, 1 letter.
            Glynn A. Leyshon, 2001, 1 letter.
            Light Impression Archival Supplies, 2002, 1 letter.
F.12     M
            Hugh MacDonald, 2002, 8 letters.
            Alastair MacLeod, [ca. 2002?]-2003, 4 letters.
            Dorothy Mahoney, 2002, 1 letter.
            Maidstone Museum, [ca. 2002?], 1 letter.
            Maple Leaf Questers [Barb Nickleson], 1990, 1 letter.
            Dave Margoshes, 2003, 1 letter.
            Sid Marty, 2002, 2 letters.
            Lt. Gov. Pauline McGibbon, 1977, 1 letter with enclosure.
            Ken McGoogan, 1995, 1 letter with enclosure.
            Ellen McIntosh, 1979, 1 letter.
            Alex McKay, 2003, 1 letter.
            rob mclennan, 2001-2002, 7 letters.
            Sue McMaster, 2002, 3 letters.
            Susan NcNeill, 2002, 1 letter.
            Douglas Merriman, [ca. 2002?], 1 letter with enclosure.
            Dr. Bruce Meyer, 1999, 1 letter.
            Rusty C. Moe, 2001-2002, 7 letters.
            Karen Veryle Monck, 2002, 3 letters.
            Carl Morgan, 1990, 1 letter.
            Don Morrow, 2002, 2 letters.
            Karen Mulhallen, 2003, 1 letter.
            Nancy Murray, 1976, 1 letter.
F.13     N
            Rosine Nimeh-Mailloux, 2002, 2 letters.
            The Nite Staff [Sandi, Robbie, Heather and Cindy], n.d., 1 letter.
            Northward Journal, 1990, 1 letter with enclosure.
            [Harmon Maghew?] Norton, 1992, 1 letter.
F.14     O
            Oberon Press, 1989-1991, 2 letters.
            Ontario Arts Council, 2002, 1 letter.
            Ontario Genealogical Society, 2005, 1 letter with enclosures.
            The Ontario Poetry Society [TOPS], 2004, 1 letter.
            Carol O'Neil, 2006, 1 letter.
F.15     P
            Paragraph, [1990s?], 1 letter.
            Peterborough Poetry Festival, 1988, 1 letter.
            Marilyn Gear Pilling, 2002, 9 letters.
            Michelle Pilutti, 2002, 2 letters.
            Public Lending Right Commission, 1989, 1 letter with enclosure.
            Sandra Pupatello, MPP, 2004, 1 letter.
F.16     Q
            Br. Paul Quenon, 2002-2003, 2 letters.
            Rick Quinn, 2001, 1 letter.
            Katherine M. Quinsey, 2002, 1 letter.
F.17     R
            Ken Rivard, 2000-2002, 20 letters.
            Brian Fox Rogers, 1999, 1 letter.
F.18     S
            Bob Sacha, 2002, 1 letter.
            Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, 1998, 1 letter.
            St. James Press, 1990, 1 letter with enclosure.
            Jeffrey Seffinga, 2002, 1 letter.
            The Silver Ambassadors, 2006, 1 letter.
            Giselle Simard, 1979, 1 letter.
            John Spellos, 2002, 4 letters.
            Peter Stevens, 2002, 8 letters.
            Storyteller [Cathy Jewison], 2003, 1 letter.
            Betsey Struthers, 1999-2003, 21 letters.
            Nancy Sulaiman, 2003, 1 letter.
            Rosemary Sullivan, 2001-2002, 6 letters.
            Robert Sward, 2002, 9 letters.
F.19     T
            Teresa Talerico, [ca. 2002?], 1 letter.
            Toronto Public Library, 1984, 1 letter.
            Jon Travis, 2002, 1 letter.
            John Tyndall, 2001, 1 letter.
F.20     U
            University of Windsor [Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences], 2003-2005, 6 letters.
F.21     W
            Tom Wayman, 2002, 1 letter.
            Rosemary Weiler, 2001-2002, 5 letters.
            Darryl Whetter, 2002, 2 letters.
            George Whipple, 2005, 1 letter.
            John Wing, 2001-2002, 4 letters.
            Josh Withers, 2002, 1 letter.
            Word on the Street [Jen Cooper], 2003, 1 letter.

Series 6
Financial Records. – 1966-[2005?]. – 1.5 cm of textual records. – Title from contents of series.
Series consists of various financial or other records pertaining to Gervais' work as a photographer, publisher, author, and educator, and also to his personal life. They have been arranged alphabetically according to subject.

BOX 47
F.1       Art Gallery of Windsor, invoices, 2004, 9 pp.
F.2       Black Moss Press, cheque stub and invoice, 2005, 2 pp.
F.3       Black Moss Press, Firefly reports, 2002, 19 pp.
F.4       Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, cheque stub, 1971. 1 p.
F.5       Grant proposal, book of poetry on Thomas Merton, [ca. 2003?], 1 p.
F.6       House of Anansi Press, statement, 1970, 1 p.
F.7       The Porcupine's Quill, statements and invoice, 1989, 5 pp.
F.8       Rent cheques, 1966-1967, 4 cheques.
F.9       University of Windsor, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, invoice, 2000, 1 p.

Series 7
Personal and Family Records. – 1959-2005. – 2.5 cm of textual records. – Title from contents of series.
Series consists of records concerning Gervais' private life, in particular his family, his health, and his interest in photography. See also Series 8 Photographs and Sound Recordings for further examples of his photography. Arrangement has been made alphabetically by subject.

BOX 47
F.10     Alain Belassène, Poèmes de Michel Lagrange mis en musique, with handwritten note from author to Gervais, 2005, 12 pp.
F.11     Business cards, n.d., 3 cards.
F.12     Certificate of life membership, Ontario Poetry Society, [2000s?], 1 certificate.
F.13     Gabriel Gervais, assessment by Mary Beth Haber-Gibson, 1999, 5 pp.
F.14     Gabriel Gervais, Windsor Junior Spitfires, 2004, 1 booklet.
F.15     Greeting cards, by Sequoia, [ca. 1990s?], 5 cards.
            Photographs by Gervais on each card.
F.16     Hospital records, 1959, 2 pp.
F.17     Hospital records, Hopital Cochin, Paris, France, 2005, 14 pp.
F.18     League [of Canadian Poets] Awards, caricatures by Heather Spears, [2003?], 1 p.
F.19     Memorabilia:
            Horarium of Abbey of St.-Benoit du Lac, [1960s?], 1 card.
            Ticket for performance of “The Loving Couch” starring Virginia Mayo at Royal Alexandra, Toronto, 1966, 1 stub.
            Receipt, room 1218/20 at Ford Hotel, Toronto, [1966?], 1 receipt.
F.20     Photography, Keith Carter workshop recommendation letters, 2000-2002, 6 letters with enclosures.
F.21     Programme, 9th Annual Mayor's Awards of Excellence in the Arts, 2003, 8 pp.
F.22     Programme, Memorial service of Marie Anne Gervais, n.d., 8 pp.
F.23     Stephane Gervais, Windsor Spitfires, 2002.
F.24     Travel records, Europe, 1989.
            Receipts and other memorabilia from travels in Europe.
F.25     Unemployment Insurance book, 1966.
F.26     University student records, bookstore statement, admission, and student awards, 1967-1971, 8 pp.

Series 8
Photographs and Audio Recordings. – [197-?]-2003. – 469 photographs, negatives and slides; 17 audio mini cassettes. – Title from contents of series.
Series consists of groups of photographs and audio cassettes. Arrangement has been made into groups established by Gervais, with the groups arranged chronologically. See also Series 9 for oversized photographs.

Note: Unless indicated, authorship of photographs is unknown.

BOX  47
F.27     Gervais as a young man, [ca. 1970s?], 5 photographs : b&w and colour prints.
            1- Gervais and woman near gas station : b&w print.
            2- Gervais with two women in front of Espresso Café : b&w print.
            3- Gervais seated, writing in book : b&w print.
            4- Gervais at typewriter : b&w print.
            5- Gervais on sandy beach : colour print.
Copy negatives of Gervais as a young man, [ca. 1970s?], 14 photographs : b&w negatives ; 35   mm.
            1*- Gervais and woman near gas station, 3 photographs.
            2*- Gervais with two women in front of Espresso Café, 3 photographs.
            3*- Gervais seated, writing in book, 3 photographs.
            4*- Gervais at typewriter, 2 photographs.
            5*- Gervais on sandy beach, 3 photographs.
F.28     Marilyn [–], [ca. 1970?], 1 photograph : b&w print. Note: Signed by subject on reverse.
F.29     Doctor Troyer and the Secret in the Moonstone illustrations, [1976], 10 photographs : b&w  prints.
            Illustrations are by Patric Ryan for C.H. Gervais, Doctor Troyer and the Secret in the Moonstone (Black Moss Press, 1976). Removed from Baldoon, Reaney correspondence (Box           43, File 1). Pages numbers upon which the illustration appears are given.
            1- Fairies setting fire to the shed [p. 22].
            2- Dr. Troyer asleep beneath a tree [p. 10].
            3- House on fire [p. 19].
            4- Dr. Troyer tied to stake by fire surrounded by faeries [frontispiece, p. 3].
            5- The girls making straw hats in the collapsing barn [p. 12].
            6- The ladle and pot chasing the dog [p. 16].
            7- The white goose with the black wing [p. 30].
            8- Faeries in the bedroom [p. 26].
            9- Dr. Troyer and other shuddle over the moonstone [p. 20].
            10- Dr. Troyer [p. 8].
F.30     Baldoon performance participants, [1976], 5 photographs : b&w prints.
            Note: Removed from Baldoon, Reaney correspondence (Box 43, File 1). Titles from reverse of prints.
            1- Tim Inkster helping out with Baldoon.
            2- Jerry Franken.
            3- James Reaney Jr and Eileen Thibadeau.
            4-Actors from Baldoon at Gervais house in Stevenson.
            5- Jerry Franken [as John McTavish].
F.31     Baldoon, photographs [by Robert Barnett], [1976], 14 photographs : b&w prints.
            Photographs by Robert Barnett from the Bathurst Street Theatre production of Baldoon, similar to those used as illustrations in C.H. Gervais and James Reaney, Baldoon (Porcupine's Quill,          1976).  Removed from Baldoon, Reaney correspondence (Box 43, File 1).
            1- Virginia Roncetti [as Jane McTavish] and Miriam Greene [as Mrs. Pharlan].
            2- Jerry Franken [as John McTavish] and Frank C. Turner [as Dr. Troyer].
            3- Janis Nickleson [as Mrs. McTavish], Virginia Roncetti [as Jane McTavish] and Miriam Greene [as Mrs. Pharlan].
            4- Frank C. Turner [as Dr. Troyer] and Allan Stratton [as Revd. McDorman].
            5- Virginia Roncetti [as Mary Troyer?], Frank C. Turner [as Dr. Troyer], and Rick Gorrie [as Jonathan Troyer].
            6- Stan Kane [as Revd. McGillicuddy] and Allan Stratton [as Revd. McDorman].
            7- Unknown actor [as Neil Campbell?].
            8- Jerry Franken [as John McTavish] and Frank C. Turner [as Dr. Troyer].
            9- Janis Nickleson [as Mrs. McTavish] and  Jerry Franken [as John McTavish].
F.32     James Reaney and Gervais, [1976], 1 photograph : b&w print.
F.33     Empty room with sunlit window, [ca. 1976?], 1 photograph : b&w print.
F.34     Premier Bill Davis at picnic, photograph by Gervais, [ca. 1976?], 1 photograph : b&w print.      
F.35     Authors, photographs by Gervais, [ca. 1976?], 8 photographs : b&w prints.
            1-2- Joe Rosenblatt.
            3- Eileen Thibadeau  with son James Reaney Jr, as above, enlargement.
            4- James Reaney at Hill Tile Yard, 1976.
            5-8- Morley Callaghan.
F.36     Authors, photographs by Gervais, 1976, 9 photographs : b&w prints.
            1- Milton Acorn at Collingwood Poetry Festival, 1976.
            2- Tim Inkster of Porcupine's Quill, 1976.
            3- Tim Inkster and Elke Inkster at Porcupine's Quill, 1976.
F.37     1-4- Al Purdy at Leamington Art Gallery, [1976?].
            5- Al Purdy at Leamington Art Gallery, [1976?].
            6- Al Purdy and Gervais with two women [wives?] at Leamington Art Gallery, 1976.

BOX 48
F.1       Voice of Thunder, photographs of Peru by Gervais for Windsor Star, 1984, 16 photographs : b&w prints.
            Prints bear various records on the reverse which relate to use by the Windsor Star. Labels have been affixed to most, which gives the slug and other pertinent information. Some prints have been stamped with “Windsor Star” and a date. Others bear notes in red china marker. The captions, as they appeared in the newspaper copy, have been subsequently cut from the issue and glued to some prints, and this caption has also been date-stamped. Photograph titles have           been taken from captions or, these failing, from slugs or contents as noted. Note: File title from folder.
            1- Indian woman in one of the many pueblo hovens, or shantytowns, selling newspapers.
            2- Boys from El Progresso take time out for a laugh at their chicken-plucking stall.
            3- Woman nursing child. Note: Title from contents of photograph.
            4- Missionary spirit in Peru.
            5- Last rites. Note: Title from slug.
            6- A Cayalti boy sells mangos at street stand.
            7- An old woman of Zana appears curious.
            8- Boys must wash their families' clothes in the Zana River.
            9- A typical shantytown in the foothills on the outskirts of Lima.
            10- Wood. Note: Title from slug.
            11- Two shy, beautiful youngsters play in the dirt outside their family hut.
            12- Fr. Lever. Note: Title from slug.
            13- A young mother proudly shows off her baby at El Progresso mission.
            14- Ursulines Pauline Maheux, left, Loretta Ducharme and Chiclayo boy.
            15- Priest (Fr. Morand). Note: Title from slug and note in pen.
            16- A young girl sells brooms to supplement her family's income.
F.2       Artsperience at North Bay, Ontario, 1988, 5 photographs : colour prints.
            Note: Titles from reverse of photographs.
            1- Gervais re-naming a tree.
            2- Gervais' creative writing group get ready to name a tree.
            3- Gervais.
            4- Gervais helps Nona get into place for the tree naming ceremony.
            5- The 'poet-tree' is born.
F.3-6.  Photographs of illustrations for Border Police, [1992?], 110 photographs : b&w prints.
            Prints of photographs for use in C.H. Gervais, Border Police (Waterloo, ON, 1992). See also Box 43, F.2 for other illustrations.

BOX 49
F.1       Photographs of illustrations for Border Police, [1992?], 22 photographs : b&w prints.
            Prints of photographs for use in C.H. Gervais, Border Police (Waterloo, ON, 1992).
F.2       Earl Birney, photographs by Gervais, [ca. 1994?], 16 photographs : b&w prints.
            Note: Some duplicates.
            1-16- Earl Birney in office.
F.3       John B. Lee
            1- Gervais and John B. Lee, [ca. 1995?], 1 photograph : colour print. Note: Removed from Irene Lee correspondence (Box 46, File 9).
            2- John B. Lee, 2002, 1 photograph : b&w print.
F.4       Photographs of Gervais and family, [ca. 1995?], 36 photographs : b&w negatives.
F.5       Harbourfront Reading Series, photographs by Gervais, [ca. 1998], 10 photographs : b&w prints.
            1- [Greg Gatenby?].
            2- Man with glasses, standing.
            3- Man seated at table.
            4- Al Purdy.
            5-6- Al Purdy.
            7- Al Purdy.
            8- Nancy Huston.
            9- Nancy Huston. Cropped print of photo above.
            10- Author at book signing.
            11- Woman reading at table.
F.6       1- [Author at Harbourfront Reading Series?], [ca. 1998], 1 photograph : colour computer print.
            Note: not printed on  photographic paper.
            2- Greg Gatenby [at Habourfront Reading Series], [ca. 1998], 1 photograph : b&w print.
            3- Al Purdy, [ca. 1998], 1 photograph : b&w print.
F.7       Gervais in Prince Edward Island, photographs by Sandra MacDonald, [ca. 2000s?], 16 photographs : colour prints.
            Note: Prints initialed SM on reverse.
            1- Gervais reading in dining room.
            2- Gervais speaking at retirement home.
            3- Gervais speaking with woman at retirement home.
            4- Gervais at kitchen table.
            5- Gervais with Hugh MacDonald and two young men [MacDonald's sons?] in kitchen.
            6- Gervais with Hugh MacDonald and dog near shingled house.
            7- Gervais photographing through window of shingled house.
            8- Gervais following Hugh MacDonald through door into shingled house.
            9- Gervais and Hugh MacDonald seated at restaurant booth.
            10- Gervais kissing red wooden statue of woman.
            11- Gervais and Hugh MacDonald at harbour.
            12- Gervais speaking.
            13- Gervais reading from Following the Plough.
            14- Gervais reading from Following the Plough.
            15- Gervais reading from notes.
            16- Gervais and Hugh MacDonald at harbour.
            Gervais in Prince Edward Island, photographs by Hugh MacDonald, [ca. 2000s?], 7 photographs : colour prints.
            17- Gervais seated in kitchen.
            18- Gervais standing across table from woman [Sandra MacDonald?].
            19- Gervais seated in armchair.
            20- Squirrel inside house at window.
            21- Beth Janzen.
            22- Gervais seated in kitchen.
            23- Gervais photographing through window of shingled house.
F.8       Gervais, photograph by Roger Bell, [ca. 2000s?], 1 photograph : colour print.
F.9       Girl on stool at bar with ice cream, [2000s?], 1 photograph : colour Polaroid.
F.10     1- Gervais and unknown woman, [ca. 2000s?], 1 photograph : b&w print.
            2- Toy skeletons with hats in hot sauce display, [ca. 2000s?], 1 photograph : b&w print.
F.11     Alistair MacLeod at Book Festival, photograph by Gervais, [2000s?], 1 photograph : colour computer print.
            Note: not printed on photographic paper.
F.12     Photographs by Gervais, [2000s?], 17 photographs : colour slides.
F.13     Photographs by Gervais, [2000s?], 13 photographs : colour slides.
F.14     Photographs by Gervais, [2000s?], 30 photographs : colour slides.
F.15     Photographs by Gervais, [2000s?], 21 photographs : colour slides.
F.16     Photographs by Gervais, [2000s?], 17 photographs : colour slides.
F.17     Robert Giroux and Br. Patrick Hart, photograph by Gervais, [2003?], 1 photograph : b&w print.
F.18     Abbey of Gethsemani, photographs by Gervais, 2003, 16 photographs : colour slides.
            Note: Dated April 2003 on slide case.
F.19     Abbey of Gethsemani, photographs by Gervais, 2003, 22 photographs : colour slides.
            Note: Dated April 2003 on slide case.
F.20     Essex County, photographs by Gervais, 2003, 12 photographs : colour slides.
            Note: Dated April 2003 on slide case.

Sound recordings

BOX 49
F.21     Interviews, 1981-1983, 8 audio microcasettes. Note: All cassettes have cases.
            Andrew Greeley, n.d., 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            Leroi Jones / Beauchemin, n.d., 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            Norman Mailer, 20 Apr. 1983, 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            W.O. Mitchell, 29 Nov. 1982, 1 microcasette (60 min.).
            Peter Newman, 16 Nov. 1981, Toronto, 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            G. Snyder / Smith, n.d., 1 microcassette (90 min.).
            [David] Suzuki / [Peter] Gzowski, n.d., 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            Margaret Trudeau, 28 Jan. 1982, Ottawa, Four Seasons Hotel, 1 microcassette (60 min.).
F.22     Interviews for Keeping with Tradition: The Working Man's Choir, [2002?], 9 audio microcassettes.  Note: All cassettes have cases.
            1- Untitled, 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            2- Gino Ingratta, Luigi Macor, 1 microcassette. Case only, lacking cassette.
            3- Gino Ing[ratta], Eddy, Camillo,1 microcassette (60 min.).
            4- Camillo, 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            5- Angelo, Angelo, Tullio, 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            6- Caesar, Celeste, Primo, 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            7- Primo, Renato, Egidio, 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            8- Blank, 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            9- Claudio, Antonio, Emanuel, 1 microcassette (60 min.).
            10- Gianni, 1 microcassette (60 min.).

Series 9
Oversized Materials. – [194-?]-2005. – 40 cm of textual records and graphic material. – Title from contents of series. – 5 photographs
Series consists of materials removed from previous series on account of physical size. They have been arranged according to the series sequence.

BOX 50
Series 1
Published and Unpublished Works
F.1       Keeping with Tradition: The Working Man's Choir, proofs, 2002.
            Computer print, from file dated 8 Jan. 2002.
F.2       Keeping with Tradition: The Working Man's Choir, proofs, 2002.
            Computer print, from file dated 15 Jan. 2002.
F.3       Keeping with Tradition: The Working Man's Choir, proofs, 2002.
            Computer print, from file dated 18 Jan. 2002. With envelope bearing sketch.

Series 3
Promotional Materials
F.4       Bob Monks cartoon, 2002, 1 p.
            Tearsheet of newspaper column including cartoon caricature of Gervais.
F.5       Newspaper articles, 2003-2005, 3 articles.
F.6       Posters, [1987]-2005, 4 posters.

Series 4
F.7       Memorial letter, Grade 6/7 Class, L.A. Desmarais Catholic School, n.d., 1 p.

Series 7
Personal and Family Records
F.8       Medical file, abdominal x-rays from Hopital Cochin, 2005, 3 photographs : b&w x-ray negatives.

Series 8
Photographs and Audio Recordings
F.9       Photographs
            1- Charcoal sketch of man smoking pipe while writing, n.d., 1 photograph : colour print.
            Sketch by unknown artist.
            2- [Self-portrait?], [photograph by Yousuf Karsh?], [1940s?], [printed 1996?], 1 photograph : tinted b&w print.
            Print, created by unknown process, hand-tinted and mounted on cardboard. Inscribed “For Marty Gervais with best wishes, Yousuf Karsh, 1996.”

The following books, which were included among the printed material of this fonds, have been removed and catalogued for Research Collections post-1800 monograph collection. They consist of one copy of a book by Gervais and three books sent to Gervais for reviewing. Note that the records in this accrual do not contain further materials concerning Gervais' reviews.

C.H. Gervais, The Rumrunners, Thornhill ON: Firefly Books, 1980.
Ferdinand Protzman, Work: The World in Photographs, Washington, DC: National Geographic Society, 2006. – reviewed for Random House of Canada Ltd.
Robert B. Silvers and Barbara Epstein (eds.), The Company They Kept: Writers on Unforgettable Friendships, New York: New York Review of Books, 2006. – reviewed for Random House of Canada Ltd.
Alan Cumyn, The Famished Lover, Fredericton, NB: Goose Lane Editions, 2006. – [reviewed for Random House of Canada Ltd.?].

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