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Canadian Sheet Music. Third accrual. – 1884-1967. – 30 cm of textual records. – The music has been arranged alphabetically by title.

Box 15

File 1
1967: A Collection of Songs. Collection with multiple composers
Ah! ‘Tis a Dream. Composer and lyricist C.B. Hawley
Album Musical du Passe-Temps. Vol. XIX, No. 480. Collection with multiple composers
All the Things You Are. Composer Jerome Kern, lyricist Oscar Hammerstein
Always In My Heart. Composer Ernesto Lecuona, lyricist Kim Gannon
Angel of Night. Composer Charles Kinkel
Anglo-Saxon Tea Two Step. Composer Cecil Birkett
As Time Goes By. Composer and lyricist Herman Hupfeld
At the Canada Jubilee. Composer and lyricist Gordon Thompson

File 2
Blooming on the White Rimmed Wheel. Composer and lyricist Lindley Hunt
Bluebell Rockaway. Composer R.G. Stapells
Blue Danube Waltz. Composer Johann Strauss
Blue Hawaiian Skies. Composer Stan Comons and George E. Aylett, lyricist Joe Hearst
The Boys We Love. Composer Edgar W. Ruff. Words by Sgt. W.E. Turley. 1916.
Britannia on the Bay. Composer and lyricist E.B.E. Bessey
The Burning Love Song. Composer Nukol Sparks

File 3
Canada qui Chante Collection with multiple composers
Canadian Flag Song. Composer Angelo M. Read
The Canadian Music Books. Collection with multiple composers.
Chansons Canadiennes. Vols. 1 & 2. Compiler Marius Barbeau; collection with multiple composers.
Chant de la Créole. Composer Aloys Hennes.
Chant Patriotique Canadien. Composer José Delaquerrière.
Choice Collection of the Best Old Time Dances, Reels, Jigs, etc. Anonymous; 2 copies.
Choral Fantasia on the Maple Leaf. Composer Frederick L. Plant.
Christmas Cavalcade. Composer and lyricist Tomo Shandy.
Cycle of Three Songs – The Birds, The Lamb, The Donkey. Composer Walter J. Buczynski.
Cymbeline Waltzes. Composer J.F. Davis.

File 4
Daylight. Composer Blind Tom
Dearly Beloved. Composer Jerome Kern, lyricist Johnny Mercer
Diamond Jubilee March. Composer B.E. Chadwick
Dolly’s Quadrilles. Composer Gustave Smith
Don’t Wait ‘till the Night Before Christmas. Composer Abel Baer, lyricist Sam M. Lewis

File 5
Easy Pieces in Easy Keys. Collection with multiple composers.
The Electric. Composer M. Pingle
Elmira Reunion March and Two Step. Composer Hy. Restorff
The Emblem of Canada. Composer J. Paton Clarke
Estudiantina. Composer Emile Waldteufel

File 6
Fantasy on Nursery Rhymes. Composer Leslie R. Bell
A Fine Romance. Composer Jerome Kern, lyricist Dorothy Fields
Flirtation Galop. Composer Lizzie M. Brooks

Box 16
File 7
Gems of Sacred Songs. Collection with multiple composers.
Glory. Composer Gordon V. Thompson
The Golden City. Composer Gordon V. Thompson

File 8
The Happy Gang Book of War Songs. Compiled by Bert Pearl; collection with multiple composers.
Harding’s Collection of 200 Jigs Reels and Country Dances. Collection with multiple composers.
Heintzman Co. March and Two-Step. Composer A.W. Norrin.
Here’s to the Boys of the 1-6-0. Composer and lyricist Muriel Farrell.
Holy Spirit, Truth Divine. Composer Handel, adaptation by Alfred Whitehead.
The Honeymoon Polka. Composer Chas. Le Thière.

File 9
I Know Where the Flies Go (On a Cold & Frosty Morning). Composer Sam Mayo, lyricist John P. Harrington and San Mayo.
I Love You Truly. Words and Music by Carrie Jacobs-Bond
I Will Always Give Thanks. Composer Charles Ovenden.
Imperial Edition of Music – Famous Classics for the Piano. Books Collection with multiple composers.
Imperial Edition of Music – Primary Classics for the Piano. Books Collection with multiple composers.
If You Believe. Composer and lyricist Johnny Cowell
In Flander’s Fileds. Composer Roberta Harvey, lyricist John McCrae
In the Land of the Fleur-de-Lys. Composer and lyricist Charles H. Quinn
In Dear Old Sweetheart Days. Composer Allan Murray, lyricist Edward Michael
In Single Blessedness. Composer and lyricist D. Vaughn
In Winter Cold. Composer Leslie R. Bell
It Can’t Be Wrong. Composer Max Steiner, lyricist Kim Gannon
It’s Been A Lonely Party. Composer T.R. Sloan, lyricist Winslow Benson
I’ve Heard That Song Before. Composer and lyricist Jule Styne and Sammy Cahn.

File 10
Jesus, Lover of My Soul. Composer W.C. Williams
Just Plain Joe. Anonymous

File 11
La Berceuse de Donalda. Composer Al. Caron-Legris, lyricist Claude-Henri Grignon
Land of Glad To-Morrows. Composer and lyricist Gordon Thompson
The Land of the Maple. Composer and lyricist H.H. Godfrey
Le Passe-Temps. Vol. XX, No. 492. Multiple composers
Le Passe-Temps. Vol. XX, No. 494. Multiple composers
Le Passe-Temps. Vol. XX, No. 498. Multiple composers
Le Passe-Temps. Vol. XX, No. 515. Multiple composers
Le Passe-Temps. Vol. XX, No. 518. Multiple composers
Leonora Waltzes. Composer I. Hellmuth Clucas
Les Noms Canadiens. Composer P. Dupaigne
Leslie Choral Series: Olde Irish Blessing; A Song of Sharing; Love This World my Children
Lève-toi, Canadien! Composer and lyricist Rodolphe Mathieu
Little Man – You’ve Had a Busy Day. Composed by Mabel Wayne, lyricist Maurice Sigler and Al Hoffman
Little Wild Rose, Shirley Dawn. Composer and lyricist Inez Bower
L’Ordre de Bon-Temps. Librettist Louvigny de Montigny, arranger Healey Willan
Love in Bloom. Composer and lyricist Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger
Love Walked In. Composer George Gershwin, lyricist Ira Gershwin

File 12
Manhattan Beach March. Composer J.P. Sousa
Melody Mike’s Favorite Irish Songs. Collection with multiple composers.
Messe de Noel. Composer J.J. Perreault, lyricist E. Lapierre
Messe des Morts. Composer Alexis Contant
The Midnight Waltz. Composer Walter Donaldson, lyricist Gus Kahn
The Mikado Valse. Composer P. Burcalossi
Military March. Composer Franz Schubert
Moonlight Becomes You. Composer Jimmy Van Heusen, lyricist Johnny Burke
The Montreal Bazaar Waltz. Composer Alexander Duff
Musical Canada. October, 1929; Collection with multiple composers
Musical Canada. November, 1929; Collection with multiple composers
My Devotion. Composer and lyricist Roc Hillman and Johnny Napton
My Gal’s Family. Composer and lyricist Lebam Rekab and Any Toce

Box 17
File 13

Nancy Lee. Composer Stephen Adams, lyricist F.E. Weatherly
National Airs. Compiler George. H. Farnell; Collection with multiple composers
National Songs. Collection with multiple composers.
No! A Temperance Song. Composer J.J. Roberts, lyricist Jno. Ormiston

File 14
O Canada! Composer C. Lavallée, lyricist Weir D.C.L.
Officer of the Day March. Composer R.B. Hall
Old Favorite Songs: No. 3 Collection with multiple composers
The Old Red River Cart. Composer and lyricist Inez Bower
On the Banks of the Humber River. Composer and lyricist Ignatis Brook Thornton
Opening Day March and Two Step. Composer Charles M. Vet

File 15
Peggy O’Neil. Composer Harry Pease, Ed. G. Nelson, and Gilbert Dodge, lyricist R. Beaudry
People Will Say We’re In Love. Composer Richard Rodgers, lyricist Oscar Hammerstein
Popular Songs and Choruses. Collection with multiple composers.
Pretty and Easy. Compiler Paul Laval; Collection with multiple composers.
Prince of Yukon Waltzes. Anonymous.

File 16
Queen’s Lancers Quadrille. Composer A. Leduc
A Rendezvous With a Dream. Composer and lyricist Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger
Roses in December. Composed by Allie Wrubel, lyricist Herb Magidson

File 17
S.S. Noronic. Composer W.D. Martin
Sa Laurentienne. Composer Claude Champagne, lyricist Adrien Plouffe
The Sack Waltz. Composer John A. Metcalf; incomplete
The Santa Clause Express. Composer and lyricist Abner Silver, Al Sherman and Al Lewis
Santa Clause Is Comin’ To Town. Composer J. Fred Coots, lyricist Haven Gillespie
Select Compositions for Voice. Collection with multiple composers.
Shout! Where You May Be I am A Canadian. Composer and lyricist Ira Schuster, Paul Cunningham, and Leonard Whitcup
Sociability Songs. Collection with multiple composers.
Soldiers of the Empire. Composer J. Benj. Burns, lyricist Harry H. Marsales
Soldiers Songs of Canada
. Collection with multiple composers
A Song of Welcome to Their Majesties. Composer Bell Leeder Sager, lyricist Rev. E. A. Irwin

File 18
Songs and Stars of Main Street Jamboree. Collection with multiple composers
Songs of the British Empire. Collection with multiple composers
Some Day My Prince Will Come (Some Day I’ll Find My Love). Composer Frank Churchill, lyricist Larry Morey
Songs Canada Loves. Collection with multiple composers.
Souvenir de l’Exposition. Composer Paul Marcel
Square Dance. Tunes compiled by Harry E. Jarman; Collection with multiple composers
Standard Musical Library No. 17, Vocal; Collection with multiple composers
Standard Musical Library No. 37, Vocal; Collection with multiple composers
Standard Musical Library No. 41, Vocal; Collection with multiple composers
Starlight Waltz. Composer Cha. S. Brainard
Stein Song. Composer E.A. Fenstad, lyricist Lincoln Colcord
A Storm on the Lake. Composer Wm. Horatio Clarke
Strachan’s Gilt Edge. Composer Frank Jimerson
Suite Canadienne. Composer Claude Champagne; includes Parts I-IV
Sunday, Monday, or Always. Composer Jimmy van Heusen, lyricist Johnny Burke
Sundown Shadows. Composer and lyricist Ernest H. Dainty
Sunset on the St. Lawrence. Composer Maxime Heller
Sweetheart, We Need Each Other. Composer Harry Tierney, lyricist Joseph McCarthy

File 19
The Tale of an Empty Cabin. Composer Inez Bower
There Are Such Things. Stanley Adams, Abel Baer, and George W. Meyer
There’s a Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere. Composer and lyricist Paul Roberts and Shelby Darnell
This Year’s Kisses. Composer Irving Berlin
Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect Peace. Composer and lyricist Ernest R. Bowles
Till the Lights of London Shine Again. Composer and lyricist Tommy Connor and Eddie Pola
’Til Reveille. Composer and lyricist Stanley Cowan and Bobby Worth
Timber! Composer Dolores Claman, lyricist David Savage and Doug Nixon
The To-Ki Oki. Composer and lyricist Horace Lapp
Toneland Revels. Compiled by Henri Condé; Collection with multiple composers.
Ton Petit Kaki. Composer Jacques Aubert, lyricist Roger Hanck and A.J. Hurley
The Tournament Galop. Anonymous
Tout le Long. Composer Alexis Contant
Trail O’Dreams. Composer Armand Meerte, lyricist William Eckstein
Twilight Memories. Composer and lyricist James Sanford

File 20
United We Sing: A Collection of Songs for Canadians Everywhere. Arranged for mixed voices by D.M. Burton
Valse-Etude. Composer Paul de Marky
Vera. Composer Edward Holst
Verschiedene Walzer. Composer Jacob Kircher; handwritten manuscript
Vingt-et-une Chansons Canadiennes. Collection with multiple composers.

File 21
Walk Hand in Hand. Composer and lyricist Johnny Cowell
Watkins: A Few Old Favourites. Collection with multiple composers.
The Way You Look To-night. Composer Jerome Kern, lyricist Dorothy Fields
We’ll Never Let the Old Flag Fall. Composer M.F. Kelly, lyricist Albert E. MacNutt
We’re Proud of Canada. Composer and lyricist Mark Kenney
When It’s Summer at Green Gables. Composer Edward Miller, lyricist Clarence Charters
When My Dream Boat Comes Home. Composer and lyricist Cliff Friend and Dave Franklin
When September Comes Around Again. Composer and lyricist M. Joseph Boucher
When the Christmas Chimes Are Ringing. Composer and lyricist Edith Miers and Dorothy Terriss.
When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano. Composer and lyricist Leon Rene
When Your Heart’s On Fire Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. Composer Jerome Kern, lyricist Otto Harbach
Winter Wonderland. Composer and lyricist Dick Smith and Felix Bernard
Wishing (Will Make it So). Composer and lyricist B.G. De Sylva
With Every Breath I Take. Composer and lyricist Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger

File 22
Ye Olde Time Songs. Collection with multiple composers.
You and the Night and the Music. Composer Arthur Schwartz, lyricist Hoard Dietz
You’ll Never Know. Composer Harry Warren, lyricist Mack Gordon
Youthful Voices. Compiler Dan Wright.
Unknown piece of music missing cover page and possibly others. Possible title: I would never live with my mother-in-law.

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