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Canadian Sheet Music collection. Second accrual.

Box 15
1. Beloved Sleep. Words by Edward Teschemacher, music by David Dick Slater. London: J.H. Larway, 1904.
2. Bringing Home the Bacon. By Frank Bannister, Lew Colwell. Van and Schenk. Winnipeg & Toronto: Hearst Music Publishers, 1923.
3. Buy My Roses. Words by E. Teschemacher, music by David Dick Slater. London: J.H. Larway, 1907.
4. Canada's Gallant 42nd. Words by Mary D. Robinson, music by Larkin-Craig Chandler. With violin obligato. Montreal: Larkin-Craig Chandler, 1915.
5. Canadian Born. Words by E. Pauline Johnson, music by Harry Livens. Toronto: Whaley, Royce & Co., 1919.
6. Dance Characteristique. Piano by Paul Ambroise. London: J.H. Larway,1905.
7. The Doherty Organ Method Book. Clinton, Ont.: W. Doherty Piano & Organ Co. Ltd., 1887.
8. The Flash Light. Music by Edwin Ellis, rearranged by E. Paull. Toronto: Canadian- American Music Co., 1909.
9. Hitler on the Run. Words by Neil MacDonald, music by Donalda Munro. Kincardine, Ont: The Kincardine News, n.d. (1940s?)
10. Land of Glad Tomorrows (Canada Our Own Homeland). Words and music by Gordon V. Thompson, English & French. Toronto: Leo Feist Ltd., n.d.
11. A Masonic Musical Ritual for Ceremonials and Craft Degrees. Canada: The Grand Lodge A.F. and A.M. of Canada, in the Province of Ontario, 1918.
12. Men of the Air. Words by John Walker, music by Edward V. Heal. St Thomas, Ont: Edward V. Heal, 1941.
13. My Shepherd of Galilee. Words by Gordon V. Thompson, music by James Edmund Jones. Toronto: Whaley, Royce & Co., 1911.
14. The New Canadian Song Series. Book I (revised). by Alex. T. Cringan, edited by P. George Marshall. Toronto: Canada Publishing Co., 1931
15. The Singing Hour. Edited by W. Benson Collier. Music by Edmund Hardy. Toronto: The Ryerson Press. 1941.
16. Take Me Out to Sunnyside. Words by Lillian Castle. Music by F. Shuttleworth. Toronto: L. Castle Music Co.. 1923.
17. Tho' Your Sins Be As Scarlet. Words by Rev. Arthur S. Bone, music by John Adamson. Toronto: Whaley, Royce & Co., 1911.
18. The Tinker's Song. Words by May Byron, music by David Dick Slater. Toronto: Hawkes and Harris Music Co., 1918.
19. Twilight. Words and music by William A Summerville and Fred Weaver. Toronto: Louis Bloch, 1908.
20. The Young Musician's Favourite No.8: A Collection of Dances, Reels, Jigs, Hornpipes with Calls and Figures. Toronto: W .H. Billings, n.d. (1880s?)

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