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Tim Buck

Time Buck collection -- 1939-1953. -- 6 cm of textual records and other materials.

1. Ontario Provincial Police report to W.E, Kelly, Crown Attorney, 28 March 1939, of a meeting held by Tim Buck in Port Dover, Ont. 3 p.
2. Twelve litho prints by Avrom Yanovksy. Includes biographical sketch of Avrom and a foreword by Tim Buck, 1952.
3. Ten b&w photographs and published proceedings of the International Economic Conference in Moscow in 1952.
4. One b&w photograph of Today Magazine dinner participants, Royal York Hotel, 26 September 1945.
5. Three b&w group photographs of Labor-Progressive Party delegates, 1944, 1946 and 1949.
6. Offprint of article by Tim Buck, "Taking counsel with Lenin on the problems of our time".
7. One audio disc of Tim Buck's speeches during the 1953 federal elections.
8. Two audio discs of Tim Buck's speeches during the 1944 federal elections. The contents of all three discs were dubbed onto two audio cassettes long before the discs were donated.

Collection Description

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