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Brott, Boris

Boris Brott. Second accrual. – 1791-2011; predominant 1970-2010. – 2.28 m of textual records (Series 1, 2, 3 and 4).
This accrual also contains:
1,120 photographs: prints and negatives (5 prints are found in Series 1; the rest of the photos, both prints and negatives, are in Series 5):
487 prints: colour (439 4x5 to 5x7 inch; 37 4x10 landscape; 11 8x10)
14 prints: b&w (1 8x10 inch; 13 5x7 or smaller)
374 negatives: colour: 35 mm (in strips)
200 negatives colour: 35 mm on 8 cartridges (25 exposures per cartridge)
30 negatives: b&w (10 are ca. 3x4 inch; 20 are 35 mm [in strips])
15 index (proof) sheets: colour
48 slides: 35 mm (Series 5)

9 posters (Series 3)
1 original drawing (Series 5)
1 print from marker and coloured pencil on paper, signed and numbered (Series 1)
1 audio recording: 7-inch disc, 33-1/3 rpm (Series 5)
3 items of realia (Series 5)

This accrual has been arranged into five series:
Series 1: Correspondence
Series 2: Programmes
Series 3: Sponsorship and press Information, promotional material, appointment calendars, scrap books, posters, published materials
Series 4: Broadcast scripts, musical scores, poetry
Series 5: Photographs, art work, audio materials and realia

Series 1
Correspondence. – 1900-2010; predominant 1933-2010. – 47 cm of textual records. – 5 photographs: 3 col. 4x5 inch; 2 b&w 3x5 inch. – 1 print from marker and coloured pencil on paper, signed and numbered. – Title based on content of series. – Note: Since this series contains Alexander and Lotte Brott correspondence, documents belonging to them have also been placed here.

Box 85
Boris Brott
F.1       Condolence and acknowledgement letters on the death of Alexander Brott, 2005; also news clippings
F.2       A-B, 1968-1984: card from Lincoln Alexander; draft letter to Leonard Bernstein; photocopy of statement by Bernard Baskin about the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra; invoice sent to Baker Wilks Productions; card from Banking on Canadian Entrepreneus; letter to Ardyth, signed “A”, with a sketch of a conductor.
F.3       BBSMF: Apprentice and mentor letters, 1995-96
F.4       BBMF: Canadian Heritage grant for the National Academy Orchestra, 1999-2000
F.5       BBMF: Canada, Human Resources development, National Academy Orchestra, 2000
F.6       CHCH TV series, “Brott Backstage”; correspondence about, 1971-74; includes budgets, lists, press releases.
F.7       Canada, Auditor General, 2000
F.8       Canada, Order of, 1986-87
F.9       CBC series, “Brott to You”, correspondence about, 1971-73; also a TV special on Maurice Ravel.
F.10     CanWest Broadcasting Corp., 1981
F.11     D-F; 2008-10, 1 col photograph
Oversize: Note from Kelly Denton on the verso of “The Journey”, art print (marker and coloured pencil on paper) done by Denton, 2011. Filed with posters
F.12-3  Education Concert evaluation forms and correspondence, 2003; 2 col photographs
F.14     Education Concert, 2004
F.15     Education Concert, n.d.
F.16     Edmonton Symphony Orchestra, 1979-80
F.17     Festitalia Corp., 1979-80
F.18     Marc Gibbons, 2009-10

Box 86
F.1       Hamilton Philharmonic, 1978-88; includes two registered letters marked “don’t open” – they were not opened by Brott
F.2       Peter Herrndorf (National Arts Centre)
F.3       Victor Hochauser, 1967
F.4       H, J-L, 1985-2011; includes several cards from “Jan”
F.5       Malta, Knights of, 1990-91
F.6       Norman McCann Ltd., 1979-1982
F.7       McGill Chamber Orchestra, 2003
F.8       National Arts Centre Orchestra, 2010; also oversize card of congratulations signed by orchestra members for Brott’s 100th concert (filed with posters). Note: there are also two posters on card stock with signatures. See posters in Series 3.
F.9       Nova Scotia Symphony, 1983 (contract only)
F.10     Order of Ontario, 2006
F.11     P-S, 1977-2010
F.12     V, Y, W, 1979-86
F.13     Yamaha, 1982

Alexander Brott correspondence:
F.14     A, 1933-35: Associated Musicians of Greater New York; Dorothy Hale Averell; Rosalind Adelstein; Académie de Musique de Québec
F.15     Maro Ajemian, 1936; also test papers, 1935-36
F.16     B, 1936: A. Bloch; Harold C. Barnett
F.17     Wheeler Beckett (Richmond Symphony Orchestra), 1935-36
F.18     Frances Breed, 1935
F.19     Saul (later Steven) Brott (Alex’s brother), 1935-44
F.20     Saul Brott to his mother, 1943
F.21     Alex’s mother (Chana Geller Brott) and Abe Lenson (her second husband) to Alex, written for them by Saul, 1935. Also a letter about Lenson’s employment
F.22     C, 1927-45: Canada Steamship Lines Ltd.; Chamber Music Guild, Inc. (Marcel Ancher); Bill Chapin; Mrs. T. Chamberland; Chicago Musical College
F.23     Canada, 1942-44: Department of National War Services; Minister of Finance; Department of Labour
F.24     Canadian Broadcasting Corp., 1937, 1945
F.25     Canadian Performing Right Society Ltd., 1944-45
F.26     Helena (Mrs. C. Reynolds) Clark, 1935
F.27     D, 1935-45: Miriam E. Davis; Detroit Symphony Orchestra; Harold Dondenaz; Genevieve Duran (includes 2 b&w photographs of Duran)
F.28     F, 1934-35: Oscar Faerman; Miss M. Friedman
F.29     Walter Goetzel, 1943
F.30     Rosetta Goodkind, 1935
F.31     Goodman family members including Millie; Goodman  Bros. Ltd., 1934-36
F.32     Eunice Griffin, 1935-37
F.33     Sascha Jacobsen, 1936
F.34     Hazel, c/o Mrs. W. Jostin
F.35     Juilliard School of Music and Institute of Musical Art, 1934-37, encl. programmes, 1934-37; also a printed leaflet “Strike Against War”, issued by the Julliard Committee Against War and Fascism
F.36     K, 1935-36: Ruth H. Kaufmann; Charles Kaiserman
F.37     Dena Kayser, 1934-35
F.38     Serge Koussevitzky (Boston Symphony Orchestra), 1945
F.39     William Kupper, 1934-36
F.40     Ladies’ Morning Musical Club, 1945
F.41     Esther and Mildred Litman, 1931, 1934
F.42     M, 1936-42: Paul de Marky; Frances Marcus; Mrs. Mendelsohn; Al Miller; Freda Myran; Music Appreciation Group of the Jewish Public Library
F.43     “Billie” Maginnis, 1935; encl. b&w snapshot of her with Mr. Jacobsen
F.44     McGill University Faculty of Music, 1934-36; encl. programmes, 28 November 1934, 17 December 1936, 17 November 1971
F.45     Jean Moscoviteh, 1934; encl. letter from “Molly”
F.46     Joseph Edward Murray, 1936
F.47     Musicians’ Federation of Montreal, 1934-35; encl. membership cards and directory
F.48     N, 1937-45: National Council for Canadian-Soviet Friendship; National Music League; Bernard Naylor
F.49     National Film Board, 1944-45
F.50     North American Artists Bureau, 1943-45
F.51     O
F.52     Muriel Oliver, 1936
F.53     Maurice Onderet, 1934-37
F.54     Quebec: Motor Vehicles, 1942; Women’s Institutes, 1934
F.55     R, 1936-45: Georgina Russel; Mrs. I. Rabinovitch; John Taylor Roberts; Robert Reeds and Associates; Reichhold Music Awards Committee
F.56     Radio City Music Hall, 1934-35
F.57     S: Andrew Schulhof, 1945; William Schonbluh (?), 1966
F.58     Sissie Silverman, 1934-36
F.59     C.F. Sise (President, Bell Telephone), 1936-37
F.60     T: Margaret Thoday, note written on bottom of Brott’s typed account for lessons
F.61     Sam Tolchinsky, 1934

Box 87
F.1       Virginia (Mrs. Curtis) von Vorgthander, 1935
F.2       Joseph L. Visca, 1936
F.3       Bruno Walter, 1945
F.4       Anne Webber, 1935-36
F.5       Y, Z: Young Men’s Hebrew Association, 1935; M. Zigle (?), 1931
F.6       Copies of letters of reference letters in support of Brott becoming a full professor in the Faculty of Music at McGill University from Ernest Macmillan, Clément Morin, and Wilfred Gilleran (?), 1966-67
F.7       First Names: Letters from Frances whose last name began with a W, 1935-37
F.8       First Names, Illegible Names, Fragments of Letters

F.9       To his parents and brother, 1936-37
F.10     Drafts and/or handwritten copies
F.11     Typed carbons to: Louis Applebaum, Marcel Ancher, Thomas Archer, Desire Defauw, Harold Dondnaz, Mr. Jamieson, Ernest MacMillan, John Weinzweig, 1944-46

Lotte Brott (nee Goetzel)
F.12     Incoming, in German, 1940-42: includes letters from her father, Walter Goetzel, her sister Emmy Goetzel; Walter Traugott; and others
F.13     Letter fragments in German
F.14     Incoming, in French, 1938-42
F.15     Incoming letters in English, 1940-42, 1969; also a typescript, “In the Back of Mrs. Gordon’s Store”, written and sent to Lotte by Saul Brott
F.16     Incoming, in English. These letters from 1945 concern the discrimination against Jews in the Laurentians and include letters from Fred Rose (House of Commons), and  J.B. Salsberg (Ontario Legislative Assembly)
F.17     Outgoing drafts and carbons, 1941-68, German, French and English; also her bicycle license

Lotte Goetzel and Alexander Brott
F.18     Telgram from AB to LG, 1941; letter from LG to AB, n.d.
F.19     Letter to, from Women’s Arts Society, 1945 and a Christmas card signed Mr. and Mrs. M. Marcus.
F.20     Printed invitations; includes one to the banquet for George VI and Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, 1939
F.21     Empty envelopes addressed to various Brott family members. Note: The above correspondence was found in disarray and these envelopes could not be matched.

Other related materials:
F.22     Financial documents: purchase and insurance of automobiles, bank books, receipts, 1936-1943
F.23     Musical scores in unknown hand, mainly for “Outsiders, Behold Geedaranits”, also pamphlet, “Leitfaden der Allgemeinen Musiklehre” by Friedrick Worret published in 1900.
F.24     Programmes: Kolisch Quartet, 1936; Hart House; Ross Pratt at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Montreal; Musical Arts Quartet, 1937
F.25     Other: Alexander Brott’s graduation certificate from Devonshire School, 1928; music examination, McGill University, 1938-39; Temple Emanuel School for Adults lecture list, 1970-71; various school notes in unidentified hands or typed (includes “Lecture on Eugenics delivered at Columbia University”); “It Isn’t My Fault”, undated typescript carbon, 4 pp.; incomplete address book pages; and other documents

Series 2
Programmes. – 1966-2011; predominant 1990-2011. – 49 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Bari (Fondazione Lirico Sinfonica Petruzzelli e Teatri di Bari)
F.26     10 March 2010
F.27     3 Oct. 2010
F.28     10 Oct. 2010
F.29     15 Oct. 2010
F.30     29, 30 Oct., 3 Nov. 2010
F.31     18 Jan. 2011

Brott Summer Music Festival
F.32     1992

Box 88
F.1       1993
F.2       1994
F.3       1998; programme inserts
F.4       Spring-Summer 1999
F.5       2000

Classical Academy Orchestra
F.6       5 Sept. 1990
F.7       26 June-19 Aug. 1991
F.8       10 Aug. 1996

Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
F.9       23 Nov. 1973

Heart Strings for Haiti
F.10     21 Mar. [2010]

Israel at Fifty, Toronto
F.11     30 Apr. 1998

Jerusalem Baroque Orchestra
F.12     4, 6 Nov. 2004

McGill Chamber Orchestra
F.13     20 March 1970 (Alexander Brott conductor)
F.14     7 Feb. 1981
F.15     Place des Arts magazines containing programmes for 6 Nov. 2000, 3 June 2002, 2 Nov. 2005
F.16     27 Mar. 2000
F.17     30 Nov. 2002
F.18     17 Nov. 2003
F.19     24 Apr. 2004
F.20     18 Oct. 2004
F.21     22 Nov. 2004
F.22     7 Feb. 2005
F.23     14 Mar. 2005 (Alexander Brott 90th birthday Gala)
F.24     30 Jan. 2006
F.25     25 Sept. 2006
F.26     30 Oct. 2006
F.27     5 Nov. 2006 (160 Years of Great Music)
F.28     20 Nov. 2006
F.29     4 Oct. 2009
F.30     Photocopy, n.d., “Holiday Magic”

L’orchestre symphonique de Montréal
F.31     18 July 1966
F.32     22 Mar. 2005

National Academy Orchestra
F.33     12 Aug. 1998
F.34     Adath Israel Congregation 100th Anniversary, 9 Nov. 2002

National Arts Centre
F.35     Student Matinee Concerts, 12-13 Jan., 9-10 Feb. 1999
F.36     Family Adventures, 8 May 2010

New West Symphony
F.37     16-17 Apr. 2004
F.38     13-14 Apr. 2006
F.39     6-8 Apr. 2006
F.40     10-11 Nov. 2006

Northern Sinfonia Orchestra
F.41     14 June 1965; with Moscow Chamber Orchestra
F.42     13 Oct. 1967; also contains 1967-68 listing

Rome: Orchestra di Roma e del Lazio
F.43     16 May [2006]

Santa Cecilia: Orchestra del Conservatorio di Santa Ceclia
F.44     1 June 2000

Stained Glass series at Redeemer College (Hamilton Philharmonic and the Amadeus Ensemble)
F.45     2 Dec. 1987, 16 Nov. 1988, 12 Mar. 1988, 9 Feb. 1990

Toronto Sinfonia
F.46     11 Feb. 1977

Toronto Symphony
F.47     14 Dec. 2002

Box 89
F.1       Verona: Teatre Filarmonico de Verona, 22-23 Dec. 2007
F.2-3    “Boris Brott Programmes General, 1980-1992”
F.4       Selection of programmes; Brott not conducting

Seasonal Literature
Boris Brott Spring/Summer/Autumn Music Festival
F.5       19-30 July 1988
F.6       13 July-5 Aug. 1989
F.7       6 July-26 Aug. 1990
F.8       8 July-7 Aug. 1994
F.9       23 July-19 Aug. 1995
F.10     1999; includes Spring
F.11     25 Apr.-27 June 1999
F.12     14 July-21 Aug. 1999
F.13     1 July-19 Aug. 200; includes insert on the Kim Campbell, Hershey Felder concert
F.14     6 July-18 Aug. 2001
F.15     8 June-17 Aug. 2003
F.16     23 Sept.-1 Dec. 2003
F.17     10 July-19 Aug. 2004
F.18     3 July-18 Aug. 2004
F.19     27 Oct.-13 Dec. [2005]
F.20     National Academy Orchestra, Brott Music Festival 2006
F.21     13 June-20 Aug. 2009
F.22     16 June-20 Aug. 2010
F.23     Festival of the Sound, 19 July-11 Aug. 1966
F.24     Orchestre Métropolitain du Grand Montréal, 2002-2003

L’orchestre symphonique de Montréal
F.25     2004-05
F.26     2005-06

McGill Chamber Orchestra
F.27     1964-65
F.28     2004-05
F.29     2006-07
F.30     2007-08
F.31     2008-09
F.32     2009-10
F.33     2010-11

National Academy Orchestra
Educational Concerts
F.34     2000
F.35     2003
F.36     2004

F.37     Press Information and Repertoire, 2001
F.38     Printed Information, Feb. 2003

National Arts Centre
F.39     2010-11
Young People’s Concerts
F.40     2003-04
F.41     2004-05

New West Symphony
F.42     2002-03
F.43     2003-04
F.44     2005-06
F.45     2009-10

Stained Glass Series at Redeemer College
F.46     1987-88
F.47     1989-90

F.48     Itinerary for North American/Canadian tour; orchestra and year not listed

Series 3
Sponsorship and press information, promotional material, appointment calendars, scrap books, posters, published materials. – 1935-2011; predominant 1991-2011. – 1.1 m of textual records. -- 9 posters. – Title based on content of series.

Box 90
Boris Brott Summer Music Festival
F.1       Sponsorship, 1991
F.2       Press Information, 1991
F.3       Press Binder, 1992
F.4       Press Information, 1992
F.5-6    Press Binder, 1993
F.7       Press Information, 1995
F.8       Sponsorship Benefits, 1998
F.9       Press Reviews, Spring, 1998
F.10     Spring/Summer/Autumn Music Festivals, press reviews and repertoires, 1999. Note: Box 36, F.15 only has the Spring/Summer information.

Box 91
F.1       Press Information and Repertoire, 2001
F.2       At A Glance and Ghost Ship Project, 2003
F.3       Press Reviews, 2003
F.4       Press Reviews, 2004
F.5       Press Clippings, Summer 2005
F.6       Festival promotional materials, 12 Aug. [1998], 23 Sept. 2003, 30 Oct. [2008?]
F.7       The Musical Shopper, 2006: correspondence, orders, donations and leads
F.8       Grant Application, incomplete photocopies, 1992
F.9       Boris Brott: Biographical and promotional materials
F.10     Denis Brott
F.11     National Academy Orchestra, promotional, n.d. but ca. 2000-2010
F.12     Promotional materials, others

Appointment calendars:
F.13     1995
F.14     Dec. 1998, Jan.-Dec. 1999
F.15     Feb.-Dec. 2000
F.16     2001
F.17     2002
F.18     2003
F.19     2004-06
F.20     2006-09

Scrap books
Note: Numbering of scrap books follows the sequence of the first accrual.

Box 92
S.37     2006. Items pasted on paper and left loose. News clippings, programmes, cards

Box 93
S.38     2007. Items pasted on paper and left loose. News clippings, programmes, calendar

Posters (Map Cabinet 81)
- “Showtime. Oct 26. Bethesda Concert Presents.” Illustrated with an image of Brott conducting.
- “Everyone has a part to play. Please give to your Philharmonic Orchestra. 25th Anniversary, 1975”. Illustrated with Brott and others, dressed as a nurse, doctor, chef, etc. On card stock.
“Teatro Filharmonico di Verona”, 20-21 November 2010
- Bari: “Fondazione Libico Sinfonica Petrusselli de Teatri di Bari”: 2 posters for the same event on 18 January 2011; the third lists a series of opera and dance concerts from 6 December 2010 to 25 October 2011.
- “Symphony to Broadway”, signed by Brott, Michael Burgess, Alberto Mizrahi, Amy Goldstein, Eric Moses, 26 April 2001
- National Arts Centre Orchestra, Brott’s 100th concert, four posters on cards stock, put together to make two oversize cards with signatures on the insides. The posters feature Brott but contain different images.
- Music Power at the Stoney Creek Quarry poster, extreme oversize; located in folder beside the map cabinet.

Box 94
News clippings, tear-sheets and photocopies.
F.1       1935, ca. 1960, 1965-66, 1968-69
F.2       1973?
F.3       1988-88
F.4       1990
F.5       1992
F.6       1993
F.7       1994
F.8       1995
F.9       1998
F.10     1999
F.11     2000
F.12     2001
F.13     2002
F.14     2003
F.15     2004
F.16     2005
F.17     2006
F.18     2007
F.19     2008
F.20     2009
F.21     2010
F.22     2011
F.23     News clippings, n.d.
F.24     Photocopies, n.d.

F.25     Canadian Government Executive, Apr./May 2005
F.26     City and Country Home, Sept. 1986; contain an article on Brott’s Bay Street home in Hamilton
F.27     Hamilton Magazine, Sept. 1990; re Ardyth Brott
F.28     Hamilton Magazine, Winter 1993; re Ardyth and Alexandra Brott
F.29     Lifestyles, Summer 2003; Brott is on the cover
F.30     McGill News, Jan. 1968
F.31     National Enquirer, 28 May 1996. The story that mentions Brott is on page 39. A photocopy of this story is in the first accrual, Box 38, F. 26
F.32     Society Social Calendar, Jan./Feb. 2009

News Letters:
F.33     News sponsored by Seagrams, Feb./Mar. 1999
F.34     Orchestra Canada, July 1993
F.35     Prelude, Fugue & Riffs: News for Friends of Leonard Bernstein, Fall/Winter 2009; Spring/Summer 2010
F.36     Boris Brott News, July 2001

F.37     National Academy Orchestra schedule, 2005; press release, n.d.
F.38     “Tomorrow’s Audience Today II: A Resource Guide to Successful Education Programs”

Series 4
Broadcast scripts, musical scores, poetry. – 1791-1982; predominant 1967-1976. – 22 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 95
Broadcast Scripts
F.1       BBC Welsh Orchestra and Choir, Music for Christmas conducted and narrated by Boris Brott, television script, broadcast 16 Dec. 1973
F.2       CBC TV series, Alphabet Soup, 1971-73, Series No. 2, “R” is for Rhythm. Guests: Boris Brott and four children
F.3       CBC TV, Bach Noel, CBC Winnipeg Orchestra conducted by Boris Brott, recorded Nov.-Dec. 1975; script, cast list and memorandum
F.4       CBC Radio series, “Brott to You”, Script no. 14 “Critics: Purge or Panacea”, 23 July and 1 Aug. 1971. See Box 70 in the first accrual for other scripts in this series.
F.5       CBC TV special on Maurice Ravel, recorded 30-31 May, 1 June 1973; scripts in French and English, schedule, background notes
F.6       CBC TV, Talent Festival Showcase, Winnipeg, 14 and 15 Sept. 1976; script in French and English, and one letter
F.7       CBC Radio Festival, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Verdian  Orchestra, script narration by Jan Rubes, n.d.

Brott Backstage series, CHCH-TV
F.8       No. 9, “Edifice Complex”, VTR date 13 Nov. 1972
F.9       No. 2, “Fee and Sympahty”, 26 Jan. 1973
F.10     No. 3, “Czech and Balances”, 8 Feb. 1973
F.11     “Bass-ically Speaking”, 7 Mar. 1973
F.12     “A Copland Portrait”, tape date, 16-17 Mar. 1973
F.13     No. 7, “From Russia with Strings Attached”, 14 Feb. 1974
F.14     No. 9, “Back to Baton”, 18 Apr. 1974
F.15     “Please, Sir, How Can I Get to Carnegie Hall?”, n.d.

Brott and Friends series, CKDS radio, Hamilton
F.16     No. 1, “The Art of the Conductor”
F.17     No. 2, “String Fever”
F.18     No. 3, “Blowin’ in the Winds”
F.19     No. 4, “Resounding Brass”
F.20     No. 5, “Re: Percussion”
F.21     No. 6, “Successful Flops”; note that the ribbon copy of this script in in Box 70 of  the first accrual

The Making of Music series, Tees Television, Newcastle Upon Tyne
F.22     Programme 1, “Why Make Music?”, VTR date, 9 Jan. 1967; 2 pocket scores, schedule, draft script, notes
F.23     Programme 2, “Musically Speaking”; file contains the blue print of studio one.
F.24     Programme 3, “I Got Rhythm!”, 9Feb. 1967; script, schedule, notes
F.25     Programme 4, “With Strings Attached”, 26 Jan. 1967; schedule, notes
F.26     Programme 5, “Being Instrumental”, printed sheet music
F.27     Programme 6, “For Form’s Sake”, 19 Jan. 1967; script, notes, schedule, printed sheet music
F.28     Programme 7, “What’s the Score?”; script, notes
F.29     Programme 8, “I Like It”, schedule
F.30     Programme 9, “Conducting”, 23 Mar. 1967; script, schedule
F.31     Programme 10, “With the Lid Off”, 16 Feb. 1967; schedule
F.32     Programme 11, “Making the Scene”, 11 Apr. 1967; script, schedule
F.33     Programme 12, “Music à la Mode”, script
F.34     Programme 13, “With National Assistance”; 18 Apr. 1967draft script, schedule

F.35     Series: “Music – Why Bother?”, programmes 1-6, May-June 1970, Mohawk College, photocopies of broadcast scripts
F.36     Manuscript Notes, “I Hate Music … But I Like to Sing”; series of six ½ hour programmes for children, n.d.
F.37     Romeo and Juliet / West Side Story, Montreal Place des Arts, photocopies of theatre scripts in French and English; handwritten notes titled “Beatles”
F.38     Composers Alive, 13-part TV series proposal, 2 versions

Box 96
F.1       “The Sophia Diaries”, draft script by Ardyth Brott and May Pat, diary extracts, photocopies
F.2       “The Merry Widow”, 26 May 1982, script, list of songs, vocal score and lyrics
F.3       “Orchestral Music for Schools”; see also Box 70, F. 26 in the first accrual
F.4       Steve Brott, “The Boris and Ardyth Show”

Musical Scores:
F.5       “Toute-Suite for Denis”
F.6       Pops, “Bein’ Green”
F.7       Paul McIntrye, “Ferdinand: A Story with Music”, printed score
F.8       Leaves (6) from Lady’s Magazine, 1791-92, stamped “Ex Libris Boris Brott”; predominantly Handel

F.9       “Lotte 60th Birthday”, 8 Feb. 1982; “Ode to Lotte”

Series 5
Photographs, art work, audio materials and realia. – 1938-2010; predominant 1997-2000.
1,115 photographs: prints and negatives
484 prints: colour (436 4x5 to 5x7 inch; 37 4x10 landscape; 11 8x10)
12 prints: b&w (1 8x10 inch; 11 5x7 or smaller)
374 negatives: colour: 35 mm (in strips)
200 negatives colour: 35 mm on 8 cartridges (25 exposures per cartridge)
30 negatives: b&w (10 3x4 inch; 20 35 mm [in strips])
15 index (proof) sheets: colour
48 slides: 35 mm

1 original drawing
1 audio recording: 7-inch disc, 33-1/3 rpm
3 items of realia
Title based on content of series.

Box 96 cont’d
F.10     Colour chalk portrait sketch of Brott, not signed.
Envelope 1: 8 large col. photographs; includes Brott with Elizabeth Pitcairn, concertmaster, New West Symphony and an older Brott with Denis
Envelope 2: Boris Brott, Kim Campbell, Hershey Felder at the Brott Muskoka Festival, n.d but July-Aug. 2000., 28 col. photographs, found loose and placed in this envelope by the archivist

Box 97
Note: Photographs placed in envelopes by the archivist; some were transferred from existing envelopes
Small B&w
E.1       Alexander Brott in Montreal
E.2       Little girl with caption, “This is Joe’s daughter” possibly in Alexander Brott’s hand
E.3       Unidentified couple photographed in Zurich by W. Pleyer, with text on the verso in German, dated Nov. 1938
E.4       Unidentified woman, ca. 1940s
E.5       Unidentified female dancer
E.6       Unidentified convocation
E.7       Boris Brott with two young female musicians, inscribed “with love from Maureen and Hazel”
E.8       Boris Brott with young musicians (4)

Small colour
Boris Brott with others:
E.9       Pierre Berton, 1991
E.10     Sheila Copps, 1994; Ardyth is also in the photograph
E.11     Marc Gibbons, 5 July 2009
E.12     Don Harron in costume as Charlie Farquharson, 1993
E.13     Mordecai Richler, 1992

Boris Brott alone:
F.14     Holding a baton in a garden (5)

E.15     Alexander Brott with Erika Raum, 1998
E.16     Lara St. John, James Ehnes, Valerie Tryon, Pinchas Zukerman, Marc Garneau, Glen Mallory (11), captioned, 1997-1999
E.17     Sarah Traficante, Elspeth Poole in concert, July 2002 (4)

E.18     Boris Brott Summer Music Festival cake, 1993
E.19     Collection of photographs found in an envelope labeled “Brott Mustic Fest”, some of the photographs have the camera date of 23 Sept. 2003 (22)
E.20     Collection of photographs found in a Kodak envelope dated “02/06/25”; concert and reception (15 prints; 24 negs.: 35 mm; 1 index (contact) sheet)
E.21     Collection of photographs of a concert found in an envelope from In A Snap Image Centre, Hamilton (23 prints)
E.22     Collection of photographs of young musicians (17 prints; 24 negs: 35mm; 1 index (contact) sheet)
E.23     Index (contact) sheets (5 items)
E.24     Kim Campbell and Hershey Felder in rehearsal with Boris Brott; not dated but 27-8 July 2000; photographs and negatives (25 prints; 25 negs: 35 mm)

Larger b&w (ca. 8x10)
E.25     Alexander Brott with an unidentified priest taken by Ian Westbury, Montreal

Larger colour (ca. 4x10 or smaller)
Note: Starred items (*) are stored together in E.36b
E.26     Brott Festival, photographs, 15 June-25 July 2000 (24 prints; 1 index (contact) sheet; 1 negative cartridge ID 303-863*)
E.27     Brott Festival, photographs, 25-28 July 2000 (11 prints; 1 index (contact) sheet; 1 negative cartridge ID 944-669*)
E.28     Brott Festival Muskoka, photographs, 8 June 2000 (28 prints; 1 index (contact) sheet; 1 negative cartridge ID 057-078*)
E.29     Brott Festival Muskoka, photographs, 27 July-5 August 2000, four include Kim Campbell and/or Hershey Felder (24 prints; 1 index (contact) sheet); 1 negative cartridge ID 317-047*)
E.30     Brott Festival Muskoka, photographs, 5-6 August 2000 (17 prints; 1 index (contact) sheet; 1 negative cartridge ID 272-540*)
E.31     Photographs found loose of various events, concerts, gatherings, family and friends, some are dated 1991 to 1999 (99 prints)
E.32     Photographs, of Kim Campbell and Hershey Felder in rehearsal, 28-29 July 2000 (24 prints; 1 index (contact) sheet; 1 negative cartridge ID 903-188*)
E.33     Collection of photographs found in a plain white envelope; one is captioned on verso “Feb. 5 1999, Oxnard, my birthday party Eugenie”, 10 have camera dates of 4 April 2003, two are dated 24 July 1999, various concerts (52 prints)
E.34     Photographs, concert, 1 Jan. 1999 (23 prints; 1 index (contact) sheet; 1 negative cartridge ID 056-565*)
E.35     Photographs, concert, 1 Jan. 1999 (16 prints; 1 index (contact) sheet; 1 negative cartridge ID 038-947*)
E.36     Negatives: colour: 82 negative strips, 35 mm (286 images)
E.36a   Negatives: b&w: 6 negative strips, 35 mm (20 images); 10 negatives, ca.3x4 inch
E.36b   Negative cartridges removed from E.26, E.27, E.28, E.29, E.30, E.32, E.34 and E.35.
E.37     “Technics: The Science of Sound; Classical Academy”

Photographic Slides in binder labeled “Mozart”; 48 slides. There are computer prints listing the slides with numbers and descriptions. All of the slides listed are not in the binder. Some slides in the binder are not numbered.

Box 98
Boris Brott Summer Music Festival red baseball cap
Silver medal engraved in Italian to Boris Brott for his direction of the Bari Symphony Orchestra, 2000, housed in red box
Crystal engraved “Thank you Maestro, Sixteen Unforgettable Years, New West Symphony League, Poinsetta Ball, 2010”, housed in blue box

UCLA Symphonic Wind Ensemble: audio recording: vinyl disc, 7 inch, 33 1/3 stereo

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