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Vera Brittain. Series N: Travel. 1934-1962.

These files have been organized by country and then chronologically. Undated items have been placed at the back of their geographical section.

Box 251 (formerly Box N1)
United States of America.
F.1       Mementos of American lecture tour. 1934. Includes promotional material from the ‘Cunard White Star Line’, postcards, newspaper clippings, and other travel material.
F.2       Postcards. 1936.
F.3       Second America Lecture Tour.1937. Includes promotional material from the ‘Cunard White Star Line’, brochures, playbills, and other travel material.
F.4-5    Cuttings from American Lecture Tour. 1934. Includes reports of VB’s lectures.

Box (formerly Box N2)
F.1       American Lecture tour for ‘American Friends Service Committee’. 1946. Includes flight information, articles, and clippings.
F.2       Cuttings, American Lecture Tour. 1940s.
F.3       Maps, souvenirs, etc. from trips to U.S.A. [n.d.]
F.4       Postcards from Northern half of the U.S.A. [n.d.]
F.5       Postcards from Southern half of the U.S.A. [n.d.]

Box 253 (formerly Box N3)
F.1       Mementos from visit to Canada. 1958-1959. Items from voyage to Canada on ‘Canadian Pacific’, including menus, passenger lists, and other promotional material.
F.2       Items from travels including maps, brochures, postcards, and clippings.
F.3       Primarily clippings, as well as some souvenirs.
F.4       Schedules, maps, postcards, and other items from visit.
South Africa. 1960.
F.5       Trip planning. 1960. Items related to trip planning and conference information.
F.6/7    Cuttings.1960, concerning South Africa. Includes unidentified photographs.

Box 254 (formerly Box N4)
F.1       England. 1936; 1950s-1960s. Brochures, maps, and postcards from travels in England.
F.2       Denmark. 1945. Primarily cuttings and pamphlets.
F.3       Holland. 1936, 1940s-1950s. Itinerary, postcards and other travel information.    
F.4       Sweden and Norway. 1945. Includes brochures, maps, souvenirs, and other promotional material.
F.5       Switzerland.[n.d.] Maps.
F.6       Monaco.[n.d.] Pamphlets.

Box 255 (formerly Box N5)
F.1       France. 1936, 1959, n.d.. Guides and pamphlets; series of war postcard photographs stamped “Photo Ocanad Hendaye”, some unidentified photographs, one of war, possibly not in France. Also a printed document from Verdun “Serment pour la paix”.
F.2       Luxembourg.[n.d.] Pamphlets.
F.3/4    Germany. 1947. Cuttings, maps, postcards, and other travel information. Incudes a “piece of tile taken form Hitler’s Chancellery in the Wilhemstrasse, August 1947” in enveloped pmk. 10 Sept. 1947.
F.5       Italy. 1950s. Pamphlets and maps.
F.6       Portugal. 1950s. Maps, guides, and phrasebook.
F.7       Greece and Turkey. 1965. Postcards, maps, guides, and other travel information.

Box 256(formerly Box N6)
F.1       Europe. General information, maps.
F.2       Europe. Postcards.
F.3/4    Lecture Tour of India. 1949. Cuttings and travel information.

Box 257 (formerly Box N7)

F.1       China.1960s. General information.
F.2       Taiwan.1962. General and travel information.

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