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Vera Brittain fonds. First Accrual, Series H-I; addendum to series A, B, F, G.

Note to Researchers: Series G, H, I, contain similar materials. If you cannot locate a file or if a file is empty please search the other two series.

The subject categories are the author's own. In cases where the article was published, the manuscript will be found in with the published material. Please consult Library Research News Vol. 4 No. 4, part two of the Archive.

American Women and America
Careers for Women
Health and Illness
Husbands and Fathers
Married Women's Work
Miscellaneous (and Morality)
Motherhood and Children
Notes and Letters
Personalities and Powers
Politics, League of nations, etc.
Short stories and sketches
University Women, Universities
War and Peace
Women in General
The second portion of the index is arranged alphabetically, consisting of the unpublished material which was not initially assigned and subject heading.


Box 85
H1 "American Christmas." Manchester Guardian, December 24, 1929. "Christmas in America. Unashamed Sentiment."
H2 "The American Modern Girl." Yorkshire Post, May 30, 1927.

H3 "American Mothers Are Lucky." [n.p. n.d.], [HMS. 12 p., TMS. 10 p., 2 TMS. (car.) 20 p.]
H4 "American Women in Politics." Manchester Guardian, February 14, 1929. "American Women in Politics. Eight Congress Members."
H5 "America's Women Voters." Yorkshire Post, July 16, 1928.

H6 "A Chance to Discover America. Some Anglo-American Student Tours." Yorkshire Post, May 23, 1927. "Student Tours in America."
H7 "The Evils of Good Fellowship." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 20 p.]
H8 "The Giant Countryside Across the Atlantic." [Farmers' Weekly, June, 1938.] [HMS. 5 p., TMS. 5 p.]
H9 "If England Went to War--What Would She Expect of the United States?" [Liberty, July 1938] [HMS. 14 p., TMS. 13 p.]
H10 "The Leisured Women in America." Yorkshire Post, November 12, 1926.
H11 "Listeners, English and American." Atlantic Monthly, June 1935.

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H13 "Tulips Or Children? The Problem of the American Child." Yorkshire Post, September 26, 1927. "Tulips Or Children? The American Child."
H14 "Woman's Part in America's Future." Yorkshire Post. [n.d.]
H15 "Women Of Harlem. "Sisters Under the Skin'." Yorkshire Post, March 28, 1927. "The Dark Women of Harlem."

H16 "Are Women Barristers Making Good?" Daily Chronicle, June 26, 1928.
H17 "Are Women Spoiling Aviation?" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p., TMS. (car. synopsis) 1 p.]
H18 "The Beauty Doctor on Trial. A Case for Psychology." Manchester Guardian, February 25, 1932.
H19 "Being Tactful. Personal Responsibilities of the Professional Woman." Manchester Guardian, June 6, 1928.
H20 "Builders of Modern Temples. The Prospect of Women in Architecture.": Yorkshire Post, January 30, 1928. "Women In Architecture."

H21 "Careers Affected by Marriage." : Manchester Guardian, September 27, 1928. "The Professional Woman. Careers Affected By Marriage."
H22 "Choosing the Right Job. How a Girl Should Begin Her Career." : Daily Chronicle, May 10, 1928. Liverpool Post, May 10, 1928. "Women And A Career. Choosing The Right Job."
H23 "Consider the Teacher." : Yorkshire Post, October 5, 1928.H24 "Daughters in Business." Evening News, September 14, 1928.
H25 "The Educational Veil. Women Teachers and Their Disadvantages." : Manchester Guardian, March 7, 1929.
H26 "Good Brains for High Pay. The Moral of the Depressed Secretary. Manchester Guardian, April 2, 1930.

H27 "How Should A Woman's Education Fit Her For Life?" Daily News, May 5, 1928. Westminster Gazette, May 5, 1928. "Training Our Daughters for Life."
H28 "Maternal Mortality And Medical Women." Nation and Atheneum, March 31, 1928.
H29 "Medical Women. Some Facts and Figures." Manchester Guardian, May 22, 1928.
H30 "Planning a Daughter's Future. Daily Mail, July 23, 1932. "Let Your Daughter… Invent Her Own Career?"
H31 "The Professional Woman's Leeway. Where Prejudice Still Hinders." Daily Telegraph, June 6, 1929. "Professional Woman's Leeway. Avoiding Occupations Where Prejudice Lingers."

H32 "Prospects in Women's Employment. Outlook, April 2, 1927-May 7, 1927.
1 An Economic Survey 1900-1927
2 Women in Industry
3 Women in Business
4 Women in Professions
5 Women in the National Services
6 Some Social and Psychological Factors."

H33 "Research as a Career for Women." Daily Telegraph, February 5, 1929. "Research Work Opens New Fields To Women. Number of Good Posts Steadily Growing."
H34 "Scientific Women. Their Part in the British Association." Manchester Guardian, July 29, 1928.
H35 "Some Careers For Modern Girls." [Published about 1929] [2 TMS. (car.) 20 p., 1 p. synopsis (entitled, "Square Pegs in Round Holes.")]
H36 "Some Unusual Professions For Women." Yorkshire Post, August 29, 1927. "Unusual Careers. Prestige And Good Incomes."
H37 "A Square Deal for Nurses." Local Government Review, February 1939. "Vera Brittain Looks At The Nurses' Charter."

H38 "These Voluntary Workers." Yorkshire Post, December 12, 1928. "Voluntary Workers. Some Resolutions for Next Year."
H39 Those Invaluable Secretaries." News Chronicle, January 19, 1934. "The Indispensable Woman Secretary."
H40 "Wanted--Another Florence Nightingale." Quiver, June 1934.
H41 "Why Can't Women Have These Jobs?" Daily Herald, June 15, 1938.
H42 "Why Not Women Diplomatists?" [n.p. May 1934] [HMS. 9 p.]

H43 "Will Women Doctors Succeed?" [n.p. May 1934] [HMS. 9 p.]
H44 "Women and the Hospitals. The University Committee's Report." Nation and Athenaeum, February 2, 1929.
H45 "Women as Aviators. Their Position in the Profession." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H46 "Women As Diplomatists." Yorkshire Post, October 24, [1920]. "Diplomacy For Women."
H47 "Women As Ministers. Changes in England and America." Daily Telegraph, May 16, 1929. "Women As Ministers. Some Opening Doors, And a War With Tradition."

H48 "Women Doctors are Winning." Passing Show, August 25, 1934. "Woman to Woman."
H49 "Women In The Service Of Hospitals. (From a correspondent.) [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H50 "Women Medical Students. Some opinions on the Action of the Hospitals." Yorkshire Post, March 26, 1928. "Women Medical Students."

H51 "Women Workers in 1930. Saturday Review, November 29, 1930-December 20, 1930.
1 The Present Position of Women in Industry
2 The Controversy on Differential Sex Legislation
3 The Relation Between Industrial and Professional Women
4 Obstacles Women Have Still to Conquer."

H52 "The Disaster Of Being Educated." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 12 p.]
H53 "Do Our Public Schools Advance With the Times?" Sunday News, October 26, 1930.
H54 "In The Beginning." Oxford Outlook, June 1929.
H55 "Send Them Away? Day Versus Boarding School." Manchester Guardian, March 17, 1932.
H56 "Shall I Educate My Daughter For Marriage Or Career?" Daily Express, August 8, 1931.
"How Shall I Educate My Daughter." H57 "Those Girls' School Speech Days." Daily Telegraph, June 18, 1930.
"Speech Day At Girls' Schools. Addresses That Exasperate The Modern Young Woman."

Box 86
H58 "Anti-Feminism. A Prejudice for the Privileged." Manchester Guardian, January 5, 1928.
H59 "At the Suffrage Exhibition. Life's Larger ironies." Manchester Guardian, October 28, 1930.
"The Suffrage Exhibition. Life's Larger Ironies."
H60 "Barmaids in the limelight. Are They to Lose Their Jobs.?" Manchester Guardian, October 10, 1928. "Barmaids in the Limelight. the Welfare of Seamen."

H61 "The Bogey-Feminist. Popular Conceptions and Contradictory Facts." Manchester Guardian, December 13, 1928. "The Bogey-Feminist. Popular Conceptions."
H62 "But Need Sex Be Such A Handicap Today?" Daily Chronicle, January 21, 1930.
H63 "Canonising The Heretic. How Rebels Become Respectable." Manchester Guardian, March 5, 1930.
H64 "Committees Versus Professions. Pre-war and Post-war Feminism." [n.p. August 1929] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]

H65 "Controversial 'Protection'. The Open Door Council at Berlin." Manchester Guardian, June 20, 1929. "Women in Industry. Controversial 'Protection'."
H66 "Feminism at Geneva. Time and Tide, January 25, 1929, February 1, 1929.
1. Past and Present.
2. Future Possibilities."

H67 "Feminism Divided--The American Example." [n.p. 1927] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
H68 "Feminists and the general Election. What Progressive Women Want from the Next Government." Manchester Guardian, April 24, 1929.
"Feminists and the General Election. What Progressive Women Want."
H69 "Florence Nightingale as Feminist. Sentimental means Reality in Nursing." Manchester Guardian, January 16, 1929.
"The Lady of the Lamp. Florence Nightingale As Feminist."
H70 "International Suffragettes." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 3 p.]

H71 "Mrs. Pankhurst and the Older Feminists. An Impression by a Younger One." Manchester Guardian, June 20, 1928.
H72 "A Novel Women's Conference." [n.p. March 1930] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
H73 "The Open-Door Council. Third Annual Report." Manchester Guardian, August 1, 1929.
"Women's Work. The Open-Door Council."
H74 "Restrictive Legislation Again. The Urgent Need for Scientific Study." Manchester Guardian, December 13, 1927.
"Women in Industry. Restrictive Legislation Again."
H75 "The Sailor And The Barmaid." Yorkshire Post, October 17, 1929. "Human Problems of the Maritime Conference. The Sailor and the Barmaid."

H76 "The Spear-Head. Progressive Women and their Programmes." Manchester Guardian, November 6, 1928.
H77 "Those Male Preserves. Places where Women are Still Taboo." [Daily Chronicle. March 1930] [TMS. (car.) 1 p. (synopsis), TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H78 "Wanted--A New Deal for Women." Everywoman's, April 1935.
"Wanted--A Fair Deal For Women. We do not work less, eat less, wear less, than men. Why should our salaries be lower?"

H79 "Why Feminism Lives." [n.p. 1927] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H80 "Worlds Women Have Yet to Conquer. Liverpool Post & Mercury, December 2, 1929. "Worlds Women Must Conquer."

H81 "An Angel For The House." Manchester Guardian, January 20, 1928. "An Angel for the House. Engaging a Nurse."
H82 "The Burden Of The Fit. Putting a Brake on Ability." Manchester Guardian, April 30, 1931. "The Burden of the Fit. A Brake on Ability."
H83 "Celebrating Illness (by a Woman Worker)." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H84 "Change And The Nursing Profession. Some Reflections on the Caxton Hall Conference." January 24, 1927.
"The Nursing Profession. Conference At The Caxton Hall."
H85 "Fitter Youth." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 6 p.]

H86 "Health and the Public. 1. Sources of Failure. 2. Roads to Efficiency." Time and Tide, May 16, 23, 1931.
H87 "Our Enemy Influenza. Why Wait for Winter Epidemics?" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
H88 "Pay Beds for Middle-Class Patients." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H89 "Pity The Middle-Class Patient." Daily Mirror, May 17, 1929.
"The Middle-Class Patient. High Cost of Being III--Need For More Hospital Facilities For Professional Persons."

H90 "Bringing Up A Husband. The American Example." Manchester Guardian, June 2, 1927.
H91 "Changes In Parents. Some Tendencies of Family Development." Manchester Guardian, July 24, 1928. "Changes in Parents. The Development of the Family."
H92 "Entertaining For Socrates. Man, the Host." Manchester Guardian, May 17, 1932.
H93 "Fathercraft. The Man in the Nursery." Manchester Guardian, September 13, 1928.
H94 "Home-Making Husbands." Yorkshire Post, January 3, 1927.

H95 "The Human Peacock. Can We Hope For His Reappearance." Manchester Guardian, May 12, 1927.
"The Human Peacock. Man And his Unattractiveness."
H96 "The Husband in the Home." Evening Standard, May 7, 1928.
H97 "Husbands and Homes. The Hotel or the Sanctuary." Manchester Guardian, December 8, 1927.
H98 "Locked Study Door. how Women Workers have Influenced Men." Daily Telegraph, April 16, 1929.
"Locked Study Door. Passing of a Barrier to Family Co-operation."
H99 "A Man Must Be Considered. But As What?" Manchester Guardian, May 26, 1931.
"The Man Must Be Considered. The New Baby And The Old One."

H100 "Managing the Male. A Vanishing Occupation." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 1 p. synopsis, TMS. 4 p., TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H101 "This Generation of Men." [n.p. May 1934] [TMS. (car.) 8 p.]
H102 "Those Helpless Husbands!" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H103 "Why Are Husbands So Helpless?" Sphere, February 15, 1930. "Should Husbands be so Helpless?"

H104 "The Age For Marriage." Manchester Guardian, March 25, 1927. "The Age for Marriage. Early Or Late."
H105 "The Best Kind of Honeymoon." Daily Mirror, July 5, 1929.
"Best Kind of Honeymoon. A Long and Irresponsible Holiday or a Simple Week-End off from Business?"
H106 "The Crisis In Morals. Prudery versus Knowledge." [n.p. July 1929] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H107 "Does Marriage End Adventure?" Daily Chronicle, August 21, 1928. "Marriage versus Adventure."
H108 "I Denounce Domesticity? A Protest Against Waste." Quiver, August 1932.

H109 "If I Were A Bride Today." Woman's Journal, June 1934.
H110 "Is It Foolish To Be An Old Maid From Choice?" Modern Weekly, January 25, 1930.
H111 "Is Monogamy Doomed?" Daily Express, December 5, 1929. "Will There Be A Marriage Revolution?"
H112 "Keeping His Love. Expediency versus Dignity." Manchester Guardian, November 29, 1929.
H113 "Keeping One's Own Name." Daily News, April 20, 1929. "Should A Wife Change Her Name?"

H114 "Marriages That Last." Daily Chronicle, February 12, 1929.
H115 "Monogamy And Censorship." Realist, [November 1929].
H116 "Straws That Show The Wind. Some Minor Revolutions in Marriage Customs." Manchester Guardian, March 14, 1930.
"Straws that Show the Wind. The Wife Becomes a Person."
H117 "The Thought Behind The Phrase." [n.p. March 1937] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
H118 "You Are Still Two People After Marriage." Everybody's Weekly, December 16, 1933.
"English Wife Locked Up For Disobeying Husband."

H119 "Celebrate Processions." Daily Telegraph, March 27, 1929. "Celibate Professions. Problem of the Married Woman Worker."
H120 "Give Them Back Their Jobs? (Should a Woman Who Leaves Her Profession for a Time to Marry and Have Children, Return to that Profession?)"
Sunday Dispatch, August 9, 1931.
"Should Mothers Have Their Jobs--. Novelist's Vigorous Plea for Trained Women. 'The Wasted Years'."
H121 "Is Wifehood An Occupation? Confusing the Issue." Manchester Guardian, April 9, 1928.
H123 "Money-Making Wives." Daily Chronicle, October 2, 1928; Liverpool Post and Mercury, October 6, 1928.
H124 "Ought Married Women To Be In Business?" Woman's Journal, February 1935.
"Can A Woman Serve Two Masters?'No' says F.E. Baily, 'Yes' says Vera Brittain."

H125 "Political Wifehood. The Revolt against Vicarious Obligations." Manchester Guardian, July 12, 1929.
"Political Wifehood. The Revolt of Mrs. Webb."
H126 "Superfluous Matrons." Evening Standard, June 24, 1929.
"Superfluous Women are Really the Tennis Mad who Neglect their Homes. While the Professional Spinsters Work from 9 to 6--the Elegant Matrons fill
in their time with Trivialities."
H127 "Wives Who Earn. Some Aspects of the Problem." Manchester Guardian, January 8, 1929.
H128 "Woman's Place. V. The Passing of the Married Woman's Handicaps." Time and Tide, November 25, 1927.

Box 87
H129 "Are We Less Moral Than We Were?" Star, December 30, 1936. "Back To Religion… But Save Us From Humbug."
H130 "Are You An Accident Fiend?" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
H131 "Cables for Christmas." Manchester Guardian, November 30, 1927.
"Cables for Christmas. Saying It for Four And Twopence."
H132 "The Crisis in Morals. Sex-Reformers and Their Task." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 5 p.]
H133 "Do the Young Care?" Good Housekeeping, October 1933. "Modern Youth Does Care."

H134 "Does Fate Rule Our Lives?" Woman's Journal, October 1935. "Is It Fate?"
H135 "The Domestic Worker. Tracking a Perennial Problem." Manchester Guardian, August 13, 1930.
"The Domestic Worker. Tackling A Perennial Problem."
H136 "Evensong in the City." New Clarion, July 8, 1933.
H137 "The Fear of Death. Is It Increasing or Diminishing?" [n.p. n.d.] [(2) TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopses, TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H138 "Getting The Better Of Time." Clarion, January 1931.
"Hustle. 'Now we have had a quick lunch, what do we do with the time saved?'"

H139 "Has the Pleasantness Gone Out of Life?" Home Chat, April 2, 1932.
"Has the Pleasantness Gone out of Life? 'Yes', says Anthony Gibbs. 'No.', says Vera Brittain."
H140 "Is Shopping Sinful?" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 4 p.]
H141 "Is the Early Bird Always the Lucky One?" [Woman's Sphere, April 1937] [TMS. (car.) 6 p.]
H142 "It's A Thing I Feel Very Strongly About." [Home Chat, 1934] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
H143 "Job Seekers and Job Shirkers. Men and Women at Work." Manchester Guardian, July 11, 1930.

H144 "Life Versus Property." Manchester Guardian, December 13, 1929.
"Life Versus Property. Some Judicial Anomalies."
H145 "Love Or Money?" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
H146 "Making the Best of One's Time. Our Changing Use of Leisure." Quiver, June 1933.
"Leisure--The New World Problem."
H147 "Men and Their Monologues. Why We Don't Interrupt." Daily Chronicle, October 8, 1929.
"What Talkers Men Are? And, of Course, We Never Interrupt."
H148 "The Moral-Minded Restaurant. A Job Where Women Fail." Manchester Guardian, July 21, 1930.
"The Restaurant. A Job Where Women Fail."
H149 "One-Roomitis. "Lonely in the Midst of a Million'." Good Housekeeping, June 1932.
"One Roomitis."

H150 "The Organization of Women's Service. Some New Developments of a National Centre."
Manchester Guardian, April 29, 1929. "Women's Service. A National Centre."
H151 "Other Peoples" Houses. [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 4 p.]
H152 "Our Lengthening Lives." Daily Chronicle, March 21, 1929.
H153 "Our Malthusian Middle Classes." Nation and Athenaeum, May 7, 1927.
H154 "Personal View." Manchester Evening News, March 6, 1936.

H155 "The Postponement of Death." Yorkshire Post, January 22, 1929.
"The Postponement of Death. A Triumph of Civilisation--and the Question it Raises."
H156 "The Q.V." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 4 p.]
H157 "Retarded Lives." Good Housekeeping, June 1931.
"Women who were young in 1914. Have they lost or gained by the retarding of their lives?"
H158 "The Revolution Has Come. Flowers in a London Park." Manchester Guardian, July 7, 1933.
H159 "The Rubicon of Thirty." Evening Standard, May 10, 1929.
"Thirty--and Quite Happy About It. No Pathetic Clinging to the 'Twenties' for the Women of To-day."

H160 "The Seeing Eye. A Lack of Proportion." Manchester Guardian, June 29, 1931.
H161 "Self-Respect Or Economy." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H162 "Spending an Hour. A Sense of Proportion." Manchester Guardian, May 2, 1933.
"Spending an Hour. A Sense of Proportion?"
H163 "Strauss Returns To Vienna." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 5 p.]
H164 "A Summer School for Voters." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]

H165 "Symposium." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 2 p.]
H166 "That Trivial Round." News Chronicle, May 8, 1934.
H167 "Things Are Not What They Seem" Star, May 21, 1937. "Pity the Great."
H168 "This Generation Of Men." [n.p. 1934] [TMS. (car.) 8 p.]
H169 "Those Provincial Towns--And Some Exceptions." [Allied Newspapers, August 30, 1933] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
H170 "Those Superfluous Acquaintances. Friendship as an Attitude of Mind." Manchester Guardian, February 15, 1931.

H171 "Unofficial Aunts. One Solution for Several Problems." Manchester Guardian, April 14, 1932.
H172 "Warriors of the Lord. The Salvation Army and the Booth Family." Yorkshire Post, January 5, 1929.
"Warriors of the Lord."
H173 "Why I Prefer London--And Detest the Provinces." Evening Standard, September 26, 1930.
"Vera Brittain says: I find Noisy London a Haven of Peace after the Censorious Inquisitiveness and Carping Pettiness of Small Provincial Towns."

H174 "The Adaptations of Childhood. Our Complex Modern World." Manchester Guardian, September 27, 1929.
H175 "The Amateur Mother. Three Stories and a Moral." Manchester Guardian, October 16, 1931.
H176 "Babies' Clubs and Their Progress." [n.p. November 19, 1931] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H177 "The Baby and the Balcony." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
H178 "Books as Gifts for Children." Daily Mirror, December 15, 1933.
"Books as Gifts for Children. The Art of Choosing."

H179 "Bringing Up a Son. Our Future Husbands and Fathers." Manchester Guardian, February 1, 1929.
"Bringing Up A Son. Future Husbands And Fathers."
H180 "Changing Motherhood. What is A Good parent?" Manchester Guardian, May 6, 1927.
"What Is a Good Parent? Changing Motherhood."
H181 "The Child Mind." Manchester Guardian, November 21, 1929.
"The Child Mind. Lectures for Middle-Class Mothers."
H182 "Children and Books. How Natural Readers are Made." Manchester Guardian, July 26, 1927.

H183 "The Children Who Come Between." Quiver, February 1932.
H184 "The Children's Clinic." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
H185 "Children's Troubles." Daily Mirror, December 29, 1933.
H186 "Christmas Parties." Daily Mirror, December 22, 1933. "Your Children's Christmas Parties."
H187 "Christmas Sweets for Yourself and Your Children." Daily Mirror, December 13, 1933.
"Christmas Sweets for Everyone."

H188 "Clothes for your Baby." Daily Mirror, November 10, 1933.
H189 "Coming Out. A Vanishing Ceremony." Manchester Guardian, December 29, 1928.
H190 "The Co-Operative Nursery School. An American Experiment." Yorkshire Post, June 22, 1928.
"Nursery Schools. The American Method."
H191 "Discipline for Your Older Child." Daily Mirror, March 2, 1934.
"Discipline For The Modern Child."
H192 "Discipline that mother instinct." [Everyman, January 1931]
[TMS. (car.) 1 p. synopsis, TMS. (car.) 6 p.]

H193 "The Feeding of Infants." Daily Mirror, October 27, 1933.
H194 "The Feeding of Toddlers." Daily Mirror, November 3, 1933.
H195 "Fresh Air and Exercise for the City Child." Daily Mirror, March 10, 1934.
H196 "Future Parents at School. An Omission in Curricula." Manchester Guardian, July 3, 1929.
H197 "The Girl Baby Has Her Day." Yorkshire Post, December 2, 1927.
H198 "Give Your Baby Fresh Air and Sunshine!" Daily Mirror, November 17, 1933.
H199 "The Great Motherhood Myth." Tit Bits, May 4, 1935.

H200 "How Does Your Baby Sleep?" Daily Mirror, November 24, 1933.
H201 "Infant Welfare For Subscribers. A Modern Experiment." Parents' Review, March 1931.
H202 "The McMillan Ideal. Pioneers and the Future." Manchester Guardian, April 6, 1931.
"Nursery Schools. The McMillan Ideal."
H203 "Maternity Mortality: The Task of 1930." Yorkshire Post, January 20, 1930.
"Problems of Maternal Mortality. The Record of 1929 and the Task of 1930."
H204 "Men Like Gods. The Babies' Club Movement." Manchester Guardian, December 3, 1931.
H205 "Middle-Class Welfare. A Chelsea Experiment." Manchester Guardian, April 27, 1928.

H206 "Midwives and Babies' Clubs and Reprint from the Nursing Times." Nursing Times, December 5, 1931.
"Midwives and Babies' Clubs. Infant Welfare for Subscribers."
H207 "Midwives and Maternity. An Indictment of our Values." Time and Tide. September 27, 1929.
H208 "The Modern Baby." Daily Mirror, October 20, 1933.
H209 "No Children Taken. The Penalties of Modern Motherhood." [n.p. May 1930] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
H210 "The Nursery School." Daily Mirror, January 5, 1934.

H211 "Nursery Schools. A Solution for Many problems." Manchester Guardian, March 26, 1929.
H212 "Other Children Love Their Countries Too!" Teachers World and Schoolmistress, January 15, 1936.
"Other Children Love Their Countries Too! A Message to All Boys and Girls."
H213 "Our Belated Children." Woman's Journal, January 1934.
"I Was Over Thirty."
H214 "Our Expensive Children." Daily Chronicle, November 14, 1928.
H215 "The Psychology of Toys." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
H216 "Put That Mother-Instinct In Its Place!" [Mother, August 1936] TMS. (car.) 7 p.]

H217 "Putting Parents In Their Place. Teachers Who Intimidate Fathers and Mothers." Manchester Guardian, January 8, 1930.
"Putting Parents in Their Place. Intimidating By Teachers."
H218 "A Recipe Book for Babies." Nursery World, July 4, 1934.
Book Review: Recipes for Food and Conduct, by Chelsea Babies Club."
H219 "The Second Baby. Some Childhood Problems and Their Remedy." Manchester Guardian, October 3, 1930.
H220 "The Significance of Golly. An Old-Fashioned Toy." Manchester Guardian, December 17, 1931.
H221 The Stubborn Two-Year-Old." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]

H222 "These Precious Modern Children!" Everybody's Weekly, January 27, 1934.
"Do Modern Mothers 'Fuss' Too Much Over Their Children?"
H223 "Toys For Baby's Christmas." Daily Mirror, December 8, 1933.
H224 "Welfare Centres for Subscribers. Can the Middle Classes Overcome Their Own Limitations?"
Maternity and Child Welfare, [n.d.]
H225 "Welfare For Middle-Class Mothers." Time and Tide, March 30, 1928.
H226 "What Does Motherhood Mean? Personal Possessiveness Or Social Responsibility?" Manchester Guardian, July 4, 1928.
"What Does Motherhood Mean? The Possessive Instinct."
H227 "What I Would Tell My Daughter." News Chronicle, November 29, 1933.

H228 "What is the Main Business of Life?" Good Housekeeping, November 1935.
"What is the Main Business of Life? One's work before family relationships, says Vera Brittain. A personal life before a professional, says Beatrice Kean Seymour."
H229 "When Baby Walks." Daily Mirror, December 1, 1933. "When Baby Walks. Correct Shoes Vital."
H230 "When Daughters Come Home." Daily Telegraph, January 15, 1929.
"When Daughters Rule. Is the New-Fashioned Parent Too Self-Sacrificing?"
H231 "Why Don't We Have More Babies." Star, February 12, 1937.
"Marriage Needs Security. Parliament and the Family."

H232 "Why I Think Mothers Can Have Careers." Good Housekeeping, April 1930.
H233 "Your Older Child." Daily Mirror, dates as given below
1. "Back to School for the Easter Term." January 12, 1934.
2. "Epidemics and How to Avoid Them." January 19, 1934.
3. "How Do You Get on with Your Children?" February 2, 1934.
4. "Helping at Home." February 6, 1934.
5. "How Natural Readers are Made." February 16, 1934.
6. "Parents and Teachers." February 23, 1934.
7. "The Spirit of Service." March 24, 1934.
8. "Sources of Education Outside School." March 17, 1934.
9. "The Children's Garden." April 13, 1934.
10. "Talented Children and Some Problems of Temperament." April 7, 1934.
11. "Keeping Your Child In Health." April 21, 1934.
12. "Choosing the Right Career." April 27, 1934.

Box 88
H234 "Dr. Eric Prichard at the Babies' Club." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
H235 "Dr. Louse McIlroy." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
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Box 89
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Box 90
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Box 91
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I41 [European Peace Treaties.] [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. (notes) 8 p.]
I42 "The Expanding Horizons of Twentieth Century Women." [n.p. May 1960] [TMS. (car.) 13 p.]
I43 "Eyewitness in Plymouth." [n.p. 1941] [HMS. synopsis 12 p.]
I44 "The Father." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 12 p.]
I45 "Food and European Recovery. (The Road to Spiritual Renaissance)." [n.p. April 1946] [HMS. (notes) 10 p.]

I46 "Food Relief in Europe." [Speech at Aeolian hall, January 24, 1942] [n.p. 1942] [TMS. (car.) 6 p., annotated by the author to "file with articles"]
I47 "The Forgotten Prisoner (Introduction)." [n.p. 1943] [TMS. (car.) 11 p.]
I48 [Book Review] "Book Review." The Poison of Prudery by Walter M. Gallichan. [n.p. 1929] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I49 "Gandhi in Britain." [n.p. October 1967] [HMS. 3 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I50 [Book Review] "Short Review." Lars Porsena by Robert Graves; Apella by a Quarterly Reviewer. [n.p. 1927] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]

I51 "Guests Who Tell Tales. The Need for a Philosopher of News." [n.p. November 25, ] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p., TMS. synopsis (car.) 2 p.]
I52 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Facing Facts." The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall; Nightseed by H.A. Manhood; Stranglers by Dorothy Van Doren;
David and Diana by Cecil Roberts. [n.p. 1928] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I53 [Book Review] "Short Review." Examples of San Bernardino of Siena, chosen by Ada Harrison, illustrated by Robert Austin. [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I54 "Agatha Harrison." [W.I.L. News Sheet. Sent May 1954] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.] I55 "Henrietta and Peter." [n.p. 1946] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I55 "Henrietta and Peter." [n.p. 1964] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]

I56 "Hitler in Action." [Peace News, May 4, 1945] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I57 "Holland's Children." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I58 "Home-Truths About The League." (Intelligence Department, League of Nations Union, February 1934) [n.p. 1934] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
I59 "The House Above the Lake." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 1 p.]
I60 "Laurence Housman's Ninetieth Birthday." [P.E.N. News, August 1955] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]

I61 "A Human Revolution." [Six Point Group Paperback, 1966] [HMS. 16 p., TMS. synopsis 2 p., TMS. 19 p., TMS. (car.) 21 p.]
Box 92
I62 "Ideas for Articles (General)." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 11 p.]
I63 "The Idle Woman. A Study in Social Parasitism." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 3 p.]
I64 "If Women Were Rich--What Would They Do With Their Money?" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I65 "India Remembered. A New World Perspective." [India To-day, June 15, 1956] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]

I66 "Indo-Pakistan Intercession Service. Preliminary Statement." [n.p. March 22, 1950] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
I67 "Internationalism in the Oxford Union." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I68 "Introduction to 'Ikram in Memoriam'." [n.p. January 18, 1966] [HMS. 4 p., TMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p. (2 copies)]
I69 "Is It Nothing To You… ?" [P.P.U. Food Relief Bulletin, December 19, 1941] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
I70 "Is the Early Bird Always the Lucky One?" [Woman's Sphere, 1937] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]

I71 [Book Review] Margery Fry--The Essential Amateur by Enid Huws Jones. [n.p. 1966] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I72 "Journey In Suspense. Did It Happen?" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
I73 [Book Review] "Critic's Commentary." Woman and Marriage in Modern England by Annie Keen. [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I74 "The Kind of God I Believe In." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. 5 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
I75 "Labour In Action (Commentary)." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 6 p.]

I76 "Law Versus War." [P.P.U. pamphlet, 1944] [TMS. (car.) 12 p.]
I77 "Let Us Start Thinking Now!" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I78 [Letter to the Editor] "Acquittals at Liege." [Times, November 15, 1962] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]
I79 [Letter to the Editor] "Across the Square (leading article on current sex morals)." [St. Martin's Review, December 1953] [TL. (car.) 2 p.]
I80 [Letter to the Editor] [Admission of Germany to the League of Nations.] [Time and Tide, August 27, 1926] [TL. (car.) 3 p.]

I81 [Letter to the Editor] "Attracting Americans to England." [Time and Tide. n.d.] [TL. (car.) 2 p., 2 p. photocopy]
I82 [Letter to the Editor] "Bird-Phobia." [Daily Mirror, September 1963] [HL. 1 p.]
I83 [Letter to the Editor] [British Services Tattoo.] [News Chronicle, August 25, 1947] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]
I84 [Letter to the Editor] "Child Evacuation." [Times, July 21, 1940] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]
I85 [Letter to the Editor] ["German bombing attacks."] [Evening News, May 4, 1942] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]

I86 [Letter to the Editor] "Guilt and Non-Fraternisation." [n.p. n.d.] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]
I87 [Letter to the Editor] ["International Law."] [Daily Herald, April 30, 1942] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]
I88 [Letter to the Editor] [King Edward's Offence."] Time and Tide, December 19, 1936. File removed; now filed as G514
I89 [Letter to the Editor] "Maternal Mortality and the use of Anaesthetics." Women's Leader and Common Cause, October 3,1930. File removed; now filed as G98
I90 [Letter to the Editor] [Monica Whately, Labour Candidate.] [New Leader, April 7, 1930] [TL. (car.) 3 p.]

I91 [Letter to the Editor] "My Man." [Time and Tide. n.d.] [TL. 1 p., 1 p. (car.)]
I92 [Letter to the Editor] ["Prisoners."] [News Chronicle, July 29, 1946] [TL. (car.) 1 p., with enclosed memorial to the Prime Minister regarding German prisoners-of-war]
I93 [Letter to the Editor] "The Pulse of Britain." [Times, August 4, 1962] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]
I94 [Letter to the Editor] ["Seed of Chaos."] [Tribune, May 22, 1944] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]
I95 [Letter to the Editor] "Seed of Chaos." [Friend, June 3, 1944] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]

I96 [Letter to the Editor] "Subscription Centres for Infant Hygiene." [Morning Post. n.d.] [HL. 1 p.]
I97 [Letter to the Editor] "Torpedoed in the Atlantic." [Guardian, December 16, 1964] [HL. 1 p., TL. (car.) 1 p.]
I98 [Letter to the Editor] "Undercurrents To CND." [Times, April 19, 1963] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]
I99 [Letter to the Editor] "The University Idea." Time and Tide, March 21, 1931. File removed; now filed as G331
I100 [Letter to the Editor] "Women Teachers and the General Election." [Time and Tide, 1929] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]

I101 [Letter to the Editor] ["Women's Work in Modern England."] [Yorkshire Post, May 10, 1928] [TL. (car.) 1 p.]
I102 [Letter to the Editor] "Writers in Jamaica." [Author, Autumn 1949] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
I103 [Book Review] "The Patient's Progress." The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. [n.p. 1943] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
I104 [Book Review] "A Revolutionary Historian." Memoirs. Vol. II by Captain B.H. Liddell Hart. [n.p. January 11, 1966] [HMS. 1 p., TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I105 "The Limitations of Politeness." [n.p. March 1932] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]

I106 "Lions in the Path." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I107 "London Letter." [n.p. August 23, 1948] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.].
I108 "The Long Novel." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. 2 p.]
I109 "The Long Vacation. (Short story.) (A Guy & Pauline sort of story.)" [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 1 p.]
I110 [Book review] "Democratic Giant." Franklin Roosevelt--His Life and Achievement by Basil Maine. [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]

I111 "Making Motherhood Intelligent." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 2 p.]
I112 [Book Review] "Avocatus Diaboli." The Life of Sir Edward Marshall Hall, K.C. by Edward Marjoribanks. [n.p. 1929] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I113 "The Matador's Wife (or the Real Horrors of a War Situation). [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 2 p.] I114 "Message to India." [Bombay Chronicle, March 1, 1944] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I114 "Message to India." [Bombay Chronicle, March 1, 1944] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I115 "Milton and St. Martin's." [For the Rock Theatre Co. Souvenir Programme, May 1951] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]

I116 [Book Review] "Presidential Personalities." Possible Presidents by Wilson Midgley. [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I117 "The Miracle of "Make-up'. What Cosmetics Have Done for Women." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I118 "Mission Workers in Wartime London." [Star Weekly, Toronto, Canada. n.d.] [(2 versions) TMS. (car.) 8 p. 7 p.]
I119 [Book Review] "Pamphleteers on Morals." Comments on Birth-Control by Naomi Mitchison; Christianity and Sex by Christopher Dawson. [n.p. n.d.]
[TMS. 3 p., TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
I120 [Book Review] "Fiction. Mr. Montague and Others." Right Off the Map by C.E. Montague; The Way Things Are by E.M. Delafield; The Decoy by J.D. Beresford. [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]

I121 "Must Our Children Be Doomed?" [n.p. 1937] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I122 "Mütterchen (Elisie Stevenson's Job)." [For St. Mary's Hospitals (Manchester) Anthology. Sent November 15, 1944] [TMS. (car.) 9 p.]
I123 [Book Review] "America as Others See Her." The Star-Spangled Manner by Beverley Nichols; Bigger and Better Murders by Charles Merz;
Alice in the Delighted States by Edward Hope. [n.p. 1928] [TMS. 7 p.]
I124 "Introduction (to 3 vols. of Conversations by Dr. Joseph de Nobili.)" [n.p. May 1960] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I125 [Book Review] "Books Day By Day." Without My Cloak by Kate O'Brien; Yellow Brimstone by Richard Blake Brown; Beyond Hell by Stephen McKenna;
Ordinary People by Rosita Forbes; Children of Darkness by V. Shishkov. [n.p. 1931] [TMS. (car. 4 p.]

I126 "An Open Letter From One Citizen To Another." [W.I.L. Pamphlet. July 1951] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I127 "Our Changing Family Lives." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I128 "Our Dreary Railway Stations. And How We Might Improve Them." [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.] I129 "Our Lunatic Values." [n.p. n.d.]
[TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.] I129 "Our Lunatic Values." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I130 "Own Anthology. An Autobiographical Anthology." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 1 p.]

I131 "Peace and the Public Mind." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. 36 p.]
I132 [Book Review] "Book Review." The Woman a Man Marries by Victor Cox Pedersen. [n.p. 1927] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I133 "A Perfect Day or The Superiority Complex. A Duologue." [n.p. July 26, 1931] [HMS. 5 p.]
I134 [Book Review] "The Church and Women." Should Women Be Priests and Ministers by Edith Picton-Turbervill. [sent St. Martin's Review, October/September 1953] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I135 "The Place Test (short story)." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 1 p.] I136 "Plans for Women Doctors. Maternal Mortality and Its Cure." [n.p. n.d.]
[TMS. (car.) 3 p.]

I136 "Plans for Women Doctors. Maternal Mortality and Its Cure." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
I137 "The Plot (short story)." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 1 p.]
I138 [Poetry] "In Memoriam A.H." [n.p. May 1954] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I139 [Poetry] "Testament of Faith." [Hill Above Bank. August 1950] [HMS. 1 p.]
I140 [Poetry] "To Laurence Housman On His Ninetieth Birthday." [n.p. n.d.][TMS. 1 p.]

I141 [Poetry] "Ungathered Harvest." [n.p. 1943] [HMS. 1 p.]
I142 [Poetry] "Valediction." [n.p. 1934] [HMS. 1 p.]
I143 "Political Schizophrenia." [Peace News, May 1944] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I144 "Popular Misconceptions About Pacifism." Foreword. [Peace News pamphlet. Sent October 9, 1955] [TMS. 11 p., TMS. (car.) 11 p.]
I145 "Portrait of My Publisher." [Maclean's Magazine. January 1957] [TMS. 11 p., TMS. (car.) 11 p.]

Box 93
I146 "Post-War Scandinavia." [n.p. July 1946] [TMS. 11 p. (entitled, "Scandinavia Gives A Lead To Europe") 2 TMS. (car.) 6 p.]
I147 "Present Trends of American Opinion." [n.p. May 1940] [(2) TMS. (car.) 8 p.]
I148 "President Roosevelt. A Personal Impression." [n.p. April 14, 1945] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
I149 "Prologue." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 4 p.]
I150 "Publicity Notes--Vera Brittain." [n.p. May 19, 1939] [TMS. (car.) 6 p.]

I151 "Putting Oneself Wrong with the Law." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I152 "The Real Horrors of a War Situation." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 3 p.]
I153 "The Recruitment of Children." [Peace News, March 10, 1952] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
I154 "Reply to W.M.C.A. Broadcast. May 25, 1944." [n.p. May 25, 1944] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
I155 "Report on South Africa. The White Resistance Movement." [n.p. 1960] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]

I156 "Report on the World Pacifist Conference in India. Not For Publication." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
I157 "Resurrection" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I158 "Resurrection and St. Martin's Review." [n.d. n.p.] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I159 "Ruthlessness. A Post-War Phenomenon." [Liberation, December 1957] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I160 "St. Martin's Intercession Service. November 3, 1950." [TMS. 1 p. Biographical Note, TMS. (car.) 1 p.]

I161 "Santiniketan Farce." [Dawn, Karachi, Pakistan, December 6, 1949] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I162 [Book Review] "The Crucifixion Reinterpreted." The Passover Plot by Hugh J. Schonfield. [n.p. 1966] [HMS. 1 p., TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I163 "Seed of Chaos." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I164 "The Shibboleth of Home Life." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I165 [Book Review] "A Musician's Challenge." Female Pipings in Eden by Dame Ethel Smyth. [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]

I166 "Some Famous Staffordshire Women." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I166A "Some People We Know Tell Which Party They Support", You and Tomorrow, London: Labour Party, November 1949; VB one of several people who gives her opinion; tear-sheet only
I167 [Book Review] "The Health of Women." (Two Contributions to the Experimental Study of the Menstrual Cycle.) Its Influence on Mental and Muscular Efficiency by S.C.M. Sowton and C.S. Myers; Its Relation to General Functional Activity by E.M. Bedale.[n.p. 1928] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
I168 "The Spider (Short Story)." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 1 p.]
I169 "Spinster-Minded Schoolmasters. My Son Shall Not Be Taught By A Woman-Hater!" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I170 "Spring Comes to Zermatt." [Stresa, April 1953] [TMS. 4 p., (2) TMS. (car.) 4 p.]

I171 "Magazine Page. Staffordshire Memories." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I172 "Staying the Course." [Woman's Sphere, March 1937] [HMS. 9 p.]
I173 [Book Review] "Sunday-school Politics." Women and Politics by K.M. Stewart-Murray, Duchess of Atholl. [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I174 "Rough notes for 'The Subjection of Man.' (A prophetic extravaganza.)" [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 4 p.]
I175 "A Summer in South Africa." [Africa South, October 24, 1960] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]

I176 [Book Review] "Book Reviews." Collective Insecurity by H.M. Swanwick. [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 3 p.]
I177 "A Tale of Two Lovers (Serial Story)." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis 17 p.]
I178 "Tercentenary of a Famous Trial. (Trial of John Bunyan at the Christmas Quarter Sessions in Bedford, January, 1661.)" [John O'Londons, February 16, 1961]
[HMS. synopsis 10 p.]
I179 "The Terrace of God's House." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 5 p.]
I180 "That Cocktail Myth." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]

I181 [Book Review] "New Fiction. Haphazard Companions." The Devil's Shadow by Frank Thiess; Yet a more Excellent Way by Mary Scharlieb;
High Brows by Bruce Marshall; The Dark Mile by D.K. Broster. Time and Tide, May 31, 1929. File removed; now filed as G215
I182 "Things Are Not What They Seem." [Star. 1937] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I183 "This Clamour for Reprisals." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I184 "Three Illusions About Women." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I185 "Three Memories of Jawaharlal Nehru." [Sent to Dr. Chandra Das for a memorial volume, September 1, 1964.] [HMS. 7 p., TMS. 4 p.]

I186 "Today's Adolescents." [Childhood, May 19, 1947] [TMS. 4 p. (2 copies], (car.) 4 p.]
I187 [Book Review] "War the Blunderer." Mars His Idiot by H.M. Tomlinson. [n.p. 1935] [TMS. 3 p.]
I188 "Trilingual." The Great Man." [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 1 p.]
I189 "The Twilight of Truth. Misrepresentation and the Peace Pledge Union." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
I190 [Review of some] University Magazines. The Isis, Oxford; The Granta, Cambridge; New Troy, London University Union; University College Magazine, London; King's College Review; Glasgow University Magazine; The Sphinx, University of Liverpool; The University Gazette, Birmingham;
The Gong, University of Nottingham. "Youth on the Prow. A Review of Some University Magazines." [n.p. n.d.]
[TMS. (car.) 5 p.]

I191 "Utopians--Or Defenders of Sanity?" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I192 [Book Review] "Short Review." The Door to the Moor by Millie Bird Vandeburg. [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I193 "A Visit to Albert Luthuli in Pretoria Jail." [n.p. October 1961] [TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I194 "War-Book Women." [n.p. February 1930] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I195 "The Way to Dusty Death." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 2 p.]

I196 "We Need More Women in Public Life!" [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I197 [Rough notes dealing with "a weekly causerie of 1-1/2 to 1-2/3 cols. dealing with matters of special interest to women."] [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. (car.) 5 p.]
I198 "Why are the British Unpopular?" [n.p. 1946] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 4 p.]
I199 "Why Does the Public Prefer Bad Literature?" [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. synopsis 2 p.]
I200 "Why I Brought My Children to America." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 4 p.]

I201 "With and Without Prejudice." Author, Summer 1935. File removed; now filed as G504
I202 Wittlin, Tadeusz "Preface" to book (unidentified) by Tadeusz A. Wittlin. [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p.]
I203 "Women and Oxford Discipline." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. 5 p.]
I204 "Women Writers and Women's Progress." [n.p. n.d.] [TMS. synopsis (car.) 1 p.]
I205 "W.I.L.P.F. The Next 50 Years." [n.p. August 1965] [HMS. 2 p., TMS. (car.) 2 p.]

I206 "Working for Peace." [P.P.U. Youth Symposium. April 23, 1945] [TMS. (car.) 9 p.]
I207 "A Working holiday." [Peace News, February 1960] [TMS. (car.) 1 p.]
I208 "The World Pacifist Meeting and the Proposal." [Service Civil International, May 6, 1950] [TMS. (car.) 4 p.]
I209 "Would I Fight?" [n.p. n.d.] [HMS. 4 p. (summary)]

Note: The following files were found in in the I series in February 2008 and added to this listing at that time.
I210 [Letter to the Editor] "Peace versus War in India", Peace News, February 16, 1963 [TL(car)]
I211 [Letter to the Editor] "Bombing Civilians" Peace News, March 14, 1943 [TL (car)]
I212 "Stephen the Potter. Study of an Unintellectual Character. 2nd Novel in the Alleynlene Trilogy. ...". [N.d. but 1938 or later. Ms., 2 p.]
I213 [The Reichstag Trial] [1933] [Ts. carbon, 5 p.; Ms., ms. notes, 12 p.]

ADDENDA to Series A, B, F, G

A. VERSES OF A V.A.D. (V.A.D. London/268, B.R.C.S.)
London; Erskine Macdonald, Ltd., 1918.
The archive has two published copies of the book; however, holograph forms of a number of the poems will be found in A6, Poems of the War and After.
Compiled by Vera Brittain and George Catlin, with foreword by Victor Gollancz.
London; Victor Gollancz, 1945.
"Original MS. of Above All Nations, with Victor Gollancz's alternations to his own Introduction & Rough Mock-up." Rough mock-up, comprising typescript copies and mounted newspaper cuttings, annotated in Vera Brittain's hand. 175 p. Typescript manuscript, heavily corrected. 175 p. "Correspondence, and unused material which might be useful for quotations." "Anthology Letters." Folder containing correspondence pertaining to the material used for Above All Nations, including news articles, leaflets and booklets. Typescript pages of letters, clippings and poems. 134 p.
London; Pitkin, 1951.
"St. Martin's Booklet."
"The Pictorial Story of St. Martin-in-the-Fields." Holograph manuscript. 15 p.
Annotated typescript. 10 p.
"Draft Copy."
"Final typed copy of the Pitkin booklet."
"Pictures and Captions."
"Manuscript of The Story of St. Martin's.
An Epic of London."

B23 The Enchanted Fountain. Written by Baroness Josephine von Reitzenstein. Introduction by Vera Brittain.
London; New Vision Publishing Company, [1945] [Typescript manuscript, 1 p.]

B24 Winifred Holtby: A Concise and Selected Bibliography. Written by Geoffrey Handley-Taylor. Foreword by Vera Brittain.
London; A. Brown & Sons Ltd., 1955. [Holograph manuscript 2 p., typescript manuscript (car.) 2 p.]

B25 Understanding Your Child. Written by James Lee Hymes. Foreword by Vera Brittain.
London; Rider, 1954. [Typescript manuscript (car.) 4 p.]

B26 Mahatma Gandhi: essays and reflections on his life and work. Together with a new memorial. 2d enl. ed.
Edited by Sir Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. London; G. Allen and Unwin, 1949.
"Gandhi the Martyr," by Vera Brittain, p. 361-66. [Holograph manuscript 7 p., typescript manuscript (car.) 7 p.]

B27 Rose Window. A tribute offered to St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Written by twenty-five authors.
London; William Heinemann Ltd., 1939. "Glamour," by Vera Brittain.
Published copy, 7 p. photoccopy. [See also Addenda at the end of this finding aid, G545a.]

B28 It Isn't True! Some Popular Fallacies About Pacifism and War. Examined by Stuart Morris and Sybil Morrison.
Foreword by Vera Brittain. Pamphlet issued by Peace News, the International Pacifist Weekly Newspaper. [n.d.] [2 published versions]

B29 South Riding. Written by Winifred Holtby. Introduction by Vera Brittain.
[Classics Edition, 1949] [2 Typescript manuscripts, 8 p., 9 p.]

B30 Long Shadows. Written by George Warburton Sizer and Vera Brittain.
London; A. Brown & Sons, Ltd., 1958. "The Meaning of It All," by Vera Brittain.
[Photocopy of published version]

B31 Let Us Honour Peace. [Contributors] Rose Macaulay [and others]. Foreword by H.R.L. Sheppard.
London; Cobden-Sanderson, 1937. "Why I Stand For Peace," by Vera Brittain.
[Holograph Manuscript 13 p., 2 typescript manuscripts 13 p, 10 p. photocopy of published version]

F28a November 10, 1934. "Scrapbook, 1918." British Broadcasting Corporation. Armistice Day Broadcast.
HMS. 1 p. TMS. 5 p., TMS. (car.) 5 p. F41a. March 8, 1937. "Author's Dinner." [n.p.] Hol. MS. 5 p.

F49a. March 8, 1937. "Author's Dinner." [n.p.] Hol. MS. 5 p.
F49b. October 11, 1938. "American Pacifist Conference. [u.] Seminary.
F80a. January 26, 1943. "India." [n.p.] Hol. MS. 6 p.

F135a. June 6, 1950. "Rajkamuri Friends House.". [n.p.]. Hol. MS. 5 p.
F159a. 1952 [Phyllis Bentley/Artist] [n.p.] P.E.N. Talk Hol. MS. 2 p.
F190a. July 14, 1956 "P.E.N. History and Biography." [n.p.] Hol. MS. 4 p.

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F319 [untitled address] ["end of Yarmouth speech"] Hol. MS. 3 p.

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