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Vera Brittain. Series M: Memorabilia

Box 249 (formerly Box M1)
F.1       Programs and invitations to events with VB as a participant; includes some notes taken by her
F.2       Programs for events, memorials, etc.
F.3       Theatre programs
F.4       Foyle’s Literary luncheon programs
F.5       Invitations
F.6       Invitation to her wedding to George Catlin, 27 June 1925; marriage service; typed list of wedding gifts
F.7       Red Cross, St. John's Ambulance, Oxford certificates
F.8       Voluntary Aid Deployment (VAD): notices, orders, programmes, tags, Red Cross VAD shoulder pins
F.9       Tags and Cards:
Registration Card, 1915
Name tag from Time and Tide party, 16 June 1932
Halifax Luncheon Club, Guest of Honour, 30 Nov. 1932, table card with watercolour
Membership card, Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1941-42
Chatham House membership
Printed card announcing that she is not available for speaking engagements
Col. p.c. of Hastings
Cards from her father Thomas Brittain’s grave. August 13, 1935
F.10       Flowers:
Pressed rosebud. 1934.
Pressed rose from Winifred Holtby. June 13, 1935.
Pressed orchid and card from George P. Brett Jr. June 18, 1935.
Pressed flowers from Winifred Holtby, September 1935.
"Broom, from the Argonne Front, April 1936"
Pressed flowers from Winifred Holtby’s grave. July 19, 1938.
Pressed daisy from Winifred Holtby’s grave. July 19, 1938.
F.11       Hair:
Lock of Vera’s hair. ca 1904.
Locks of Vera’s and Edward’s hair. [ca1894-1907]
F.12       Books
“The Passing of the Third Floor Back” by Jerome K. Jerome. Given to Vera by Edward Brittain. Easter 1914.
The Narrow Way, inscribed "To Vera M. Brittain on her confirmation from E.H.B. March 26th 1909"
F.13      VB's will, 1963
F.14    VB's funeral service; printed sympathy cards from her family

Box 250 (formerly Box M2)
Wood box, carved, inscribed ‘Luzern’; contains a blue stone, possibly copper(II) sulfate.
Bound handwritten pages containing the names of people connected to St. Monica's School, 1931 (retirement of Miss Heath-Jones and Miss Bervon)
Pen used to write Testament of Youth
Image plate of Vera Brittain’s face
The Book of Common Prayer, 1911, inscribed by Miss Heath-Jones and Miss Bervon, St. Monica's

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