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Brewer, Alfred Beverley
Canada. Canadian Army. Royal Canadian Artillery Regiment

Alfred Beverley Brewer fonds. – 1932-1940. – 6.5 cm of textual records and graphic material.

Pre-coronation (1932):
1 b&w photograph of the 79th Field Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery, taken at Petawawa in 1932, with mailing envelope sent to Sgt. Brewer.
Canadian Coronation Contingent (1937):
Documents re Sgt. Brewer’s membership in the Canadian Coronation Contingent (Militia Detachment), 12 May 1937:
Mimeograph list of militia attendees.
Mimeograph orders from Lieut.-Colonel B.W. Browne, 2 pages, March-April 1937
Bon voyage card from the 79th Field Battery, 13 April 1937, The Armoury, Montreal
Medal certificate from Buckingham Palace which accompanied the medal given to Brewer to commemorate his attendance.

Post-coronation (1938):
2 b&w photographs of the 6th Field BDE (Brigade?), Royal Canadian Artillery, taken at Petawawa in 1938:
1 - Officers
2 - Sergeants

World War II:
5 photographic post-cards (taken at Aldershot, England?)
1- 51st Anti-Tank Battery, Royal Canadian Artillery: sergeants, names are listed on the back
2 - 27th Anti-Tank Battery, mascot (a cat)
3 - 90th Battery: sergeants, names listed on back
4 - A Troop: only three soldiers are identified on back
5 - C Troop: only three soldiers are identified on back

2 photographic post-cards with messages from “Al” [presumably Albert Brewer] to his wife.
1 - taken at Portsmouth, England, 5 March 1940: 3 soldiers, identified
2 - “Al” in center, with 2 other soldiers

1 b&w photograph, Headquarters at Aldershot, England, unidentified group of soldiers.

1 b&w photograph, taken on the street in Montreal, with note on back from “mum”. She, Violet, and an unidentified soldier are in the photograph.

Miscellaneous military:
1 b&w photograph of older men in civilian dress but wearing medals, standing in front of a wall with various messages: “Quarante Hommes”, “Toronto or Bust”, with a battles list from World War I on the top, including Ypres and Vimy Ridge.
4 b&w photographs, military
2 b&w photographs, possibly taken in a Legion Hall.

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