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Pierre Berton fonds. Tenth accrual. -- 1898-1998; 1994-1996 predominant. -- 7.1 m of textual records and graphic material.

Correspondence series. -- 1898-1996; 1994-1996 predominant. -- 2.1 m of textual records and photographs. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 306 Family Correspondence, 1990s and General Correspondence, 1898 - 1980s
F.1 Bliss, Michael, 1970, 1 letter
F.2 Berton, Frank, (Berton's father) 1898, 1 letter and 2 post cards to his mother.
F.3 Berton family (Berton's children and grandchildren), 1994-1996; also 3 small water-colour sketches, from Pats (Patsy) to Janet and Lucy, ca.1973.
F.4 Canadian Pacific (N. R. Crump), 1970, 1 letter
F.5 Collins-Knowlton-Wing Inc. (Ellen White), 1 letter, encl. book review
F.6 Fowler, David, 1977
F.7 Garrard, Chas., 1972
F.8 King Edward School half-pints, 1974, children's letters and drawings
F.9 Last Spike letters, 1970-1971, 2 letters from the public and 1 reply; also letter (carbon) from Ennis Armstrong to Janet Craig, with bibliography attached.
F.10 London Free Press (William C. Heine), 1971
F.11 McClelland Stewart, 1976-1988
F.12 Macdonald, Dave, 1985 (re. Billy Bishop)
F.13 Macdonald, Ian (Montreal Gazette)
F.14 McIlwraith, Thomas, 1972
F.15 Murray, Peter, 1982
F.16 Novosickis, Nicolai, 1974
F.17 Saskatchewan Teacher's Federation, 1973

Box 307
Note: All correspondence is from 1994 unless otherwise indicated.
F.1 A
includes one Anonymous letter signed "A. Reader"
Abrams, W. G.
Ackerman, Lynne
Ackhurst, Jerome
Adams, Eric
Adamson, Mark T.
Aids Saskatoon (Vanessa J. Charles)
Alexander MacKenzie Trail Association
Algra, H.
Allen, Carolyn
Allen, Jim
Allerton, Jean
American Express
Amolins, Hilary A.
Archambault, Maurice
Argyle, Ray (Authors Award of Leadership), 1992
Arnold, Robin
Arnone, Colleen
Arsenal Pulp Press Ltd. (Wendy Atkinson)
Arthur, Joan
Artists Against Racism (Lisa Cherniak)
Arts Foundation of Greater Toronto (Julia Howell)
Ashby, Richard
Ashford, Lorraine
Auer, Monica
Austin, Diane

F.2 B
BC Book Prizes (Alan Twigg)
BC Film Maker (Kimberley)
Bahari, Maziar
Bain, H. Elaine
Barnes, Michael
Barrie, Vicky
Bath, D. T.
Baxter, E. R. (Bob)
Beales, William E.
Becker, M.
Bellefeuille, Monique
Benesh, Stephen J.
Bennett, Avie
Beslin, Elsa
Best, Art
Best, Terrence
Bevilacqua, Ezio
Bevilacqua, Maurizio
Black, Betty Dee
Blackmore, Ralph
Blake, Lloyd
Blue Sky Productions (Jeffrey Fuhr)
Blumberg, John
Boivin, Jacques
Bond, Courtney
BookLore (Ellen Tilson)
Bookmasters Ltd. (J. Frans Donker)
Boss, Bill
Bowering, George
Bowsher, Barbara
Boyd, James W.
Boyer, Patrick and Corinne
Brady, W. J. (Bill)
Brasen, Terese
Braudo, Michael
Bright, Steven J.
Bromby, Adele
Brooks, Josephine E.
Brown School Student Council (Dawn McPherson)
Brown, G. E.
Brown, Sharon
Bruce Trail Association (Ray Lowes)
Brymer, Maymie
Buffalo Friends of Olmstead Parks (Gretchen Toles)

F.3 C
CHCH Television (Reg McGuire)
CHED Superstation (Deb Mainwaring)
CITY-TV (Danielle Tremblay)
Cadman, A. R.
Cadogan, Elda
Caldwell, J. P.
Calgary Highlanders Regimental Funds Foundation (George M. Milne)
Callan, Dawn
Callwood, June
Cameron, Alison
Cameron, Elspeth
Campaigns for Human Rights: CHR (Israel Halperin)
Canada, Canadian see F.4
Canadian Broadcasting Corp. see F.5
Carlson, Don
Carmack, Eddy
Carpenter, Mary E.
Clements, Warren
Carroll, Leatham
Cartwright, Jack
Casey House Foundation (Susan Mullin)
Celebrate Your Inner Child Auction (Lin Spence)
Central Interior Regional Arts Council (Penny Stewart)
Central Ontario Railway (Kevin Street)
Chambers, L.
Chapman, Pat
Charendoff, Sydney J.
Charest, Kathleen
Cheetham-Tilt, Notburga
Chiat/Day Inc. (Vickie Littler)
Chiga, George C.
Chivas, Mellissa
Christian Children's Fund of Canada (David Soly)
Christopher, Dennis
Chun, Kin-Yip
Cinefest (Cam Haynes)
Classical Cabaret (Ruth Morawetz)
Clayoquot Sound see F.6
Clenman, Donia Bluemfeld
Clinansmith, Michael S.
Cochand, Louis
Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto (John McGinnis)
Consumers Gas (L. Chiotti)
Cook, Jacqueline M.
Copyright Conference
Crawford, Paul
Crean, Susan M.
Crelli, Michael G.
Cronin, Fergus
Croquet, Dorothea
Crouch, Philip (Flett Beccario Barristers & Solicitors)
Crouse, Richard

F.4 Canada, Canadian
Canada Asean Centre (Wilfred W. A. Hass)
Canada Post (Louise Maffett)
Canada's National History Society (Laird Rankin)
Canadian Arctic Resources Committee (Terry Fenge)
Canadian Civil Liberties Association (Alan Borovoy)
Canadian Congress of Learning Opportunities for Women (Nancy Drost)
Canadian Give the Gift of Literacy Foundation (Barbara Csarnecki)
Canadian Heritage (Al Fisk)
Canadian Museum of Civilization (George F. MacDonald)
Canadian National Institute for the Blind (Barbara Freeze, Rosemary Kavanagh, Robert A. Elton)
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (David E. Dodge)
Canadian Peace Alliance (Paul Thompson)
Canadian Red Cross Society (Ann M. Butryn)

F.5 Canadian Broadcasting Corp. See also Front Page Challenge (F.11)
F.6 Clayquot Sound. Includes correspondence with Forest Alliance of British Columbia.

F.7 D
[ ], J.
DND Public Affairs (Kent Page)
Danby, Ken (Speed River Preservation Group)
Davies, Robertson
DeLaurier, James
Denhez, Marc
Deverell, Bill
Diners Club
Discoveries Child and Family Centre (Carol Annett)
Doering, Aurora
Dolmage, Marilyn
Doner, Don G.
Dorazio, Mike
Downtown Arts Festival (Pat Hay)
Doyle, Vivienne
Draer (?), Phil
Draper, Doug
Dueck, Jerry
Dunbar, George
Dundana Parents Association (Dana Atkinson)
Dunnet, Keith
Dunsmore, Ken
Dyke, John M.
Dziadko, Lucy

F.8 E
E&N Railway Steering Committee (Bruce Tunstall)
Edmonton, City of (Jim Meyer)
Edwards, John
Eisler, Dale
Empire Club of Canada
Empry, Gino
Essex, James W.
Ewanchuk, Michael
Ezles, Leah

F.9 F
Faulkner, Peter
Featherby, S. F.
Feldman, Ari
Festival (David Keeble, Veronica Tennant)
Festival of the Written Arts (Gwen Southin, Betty Keller)
Filmon, Gary (Premier of Manitoba)
Firstbrook, Casse & Anderson Ltd. (Christina Morison)
Fisher, Kate
Fitzpatrick, F. H. D. Bill
Forest Alliance of British Columbia see Clayquot Sound, F.6
Fowlie, Jonathan
Fox, Kathy
Franklin, Satya
Fraser, Marion Botsford
Fraser's Highlanders (Larry Tingle)
Freeden, Sean
Friends of Canadian Broadcasting (Ian Morrison)
Forman, Gideon
Fruchtman, Marty
Fryer, W. F.
Fulbrook, Diane and Steve
Fuller, Simon
Furlott, Mabel

F.10 False Memory Syndrome
Letters of reaction to Berton's column, as well as newsclippings.
F.11 Front Page Challenge

Box 308
F.1 G
Gallant, Andre
Galt, George (Woodcock Emergency Fund)
Gamble, Alvan
Gardner, Mary
German, Tony
Gibson, Graeme
Giesbrecht, Henry J.
Glengarry Highland Games (Donald Bond)
Global Ed-Med Supplies Canada Inc. (Doreen Wicks, Mont Mazin)
Globe and Mail, letters to the editor
Godwin, Dorothy M.
Goldberg, Kenneth
Gordon, Alison
Gough, Jennifer
Gould, John
Great Klondike Gold Rush Exhibition (Bob Majni)
Green, Lewis
Green, Michael B.
Greene, R. S. H.
Greystone Communications see F.2
Gromosiak, Paul
Group of 78 (Geoffrey Pearson)
Gruber, Steve
F.2 Greystone Communications

F.3 H
Halton Board of Education and Halton Roman Catholic School Board (Beth Berton-Hunter)
Hamilton Board of Education (Dianne Young)
Harbour House (Jean Covert)
Harbourfront Series (Geoffrey E. Taylor)
Harcourt Brace Canada (Sarah Byck)
Harford, Wilson
Harrington, John
Harrison, Nan
Hartford, A. A.
Hartt, Reg
Havelock, Ray
Hayes, J. Gerald
Hefferon, Dorris
Hertz, Ken
Hill, Mary
Hofer, Miriam
Hogan, John
Holgate, Margaret
Holysh, Martin
Honderich, Beland H.
Honderich, John A. (publisher, Toronto Star)
Horseshoe, The (Patty, Joe and Teri)
Hryniuk, Angela
Hubbard, Lucy
Hubbert, Mildred
Hughes, Robert E.
Human Rights Institute of Canada (Marguerite Ritchie)
Hume, Martin & Timmins (Robert Martin)
Humphreys, Linda
Hunter, Mae
Huntington Library (Peggy Park Bernal)
Hutton, Jack

F.4 I
Indigenous Peoples Support Network (Bob Antone)
Institute for the Prevention of Child Abuse (Tracy D. Figg)
Inuit Tapirisat of Canada (Jack Hicks)
Invitations see F.5
Irwin, Winifred
F.5 Inprint Editorial Services
F.6 Invitations

F.7 J
Jane, Ruth
Janes, Burton K.
Jericho Promotions, Inc. (Greg Mowery)
Johnson, Megan
Jordan, Sheila
JR's Fish Huts (Jimmy Kane)

F.8 K
Kainai Chieftainship
Kalvern, Peter
Kammermayer, Margaret
Kamsack Public Library (Gail Moriarty)
Kanis, Bill
Kashur, Peter James
Kay, Margery
Kealey, G. S. (Labour)
Keefer, Alec (Architectural Conservancy of Ontario)
Kelly, John Joseph
Kelly, Wayne
Kenney, Gerard see F.8
Key Porter Books Ltd. (Jocelyn Laurence)
Kidney Foundation of Canada (Beth Showler)
Kieburtz, Bruce
Kingston Sexual Assault & Crisis Centre (Lin Spence)
Kinrade, Laura
Kitchener/Waterloo Art Gallery (Ronald J. Simmons)
Kiwanis Club of Vancouver (Hugh Bufton)
Klondike Centennial Society see F.9
Knowles, Jonathan G.
Kondziolka, Douglas
Kowalchuk, Raymond D.
Krachun, Peggy
Kumbaya Festival (Molly Johnson)
Kyle Composite School (Jillian Gustafson)

F.9 Kenney, Gerard
F.10 Klondike Centennial Society

F.11 L
La Belle France (W. Carter Hoerr)
LaCaria, Marisa
Lacy, George
Laflamme, Vincent J.
Laing, Ken
Lamb, Alan M.
Laughlin, W. H.
Lauzon, Eva G.
Lawrence, Paul
Layton, Irving
Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan (Barb Bidaux)
Lebowitz, Andrea
Legris, H. A.
LeQuyere, Tracy L.
Lewis, Anthony
Lewis, Derrick T.
Little Sisters court case see F.11
Liptrap, Karen
Lloyd, Ralph
Lowe, Peter

F.12 Little Sisters court case (Joseph Arvay)
F.13 M
Madigan, Tim
Magyar, S.
Magnus Theatre (Mario Crudo)
Makowksi, William B.
Males, John L.
Macherjee, Zubin
Manitoba Museum of Man and Nature (A. S. Leach)
MANS, Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia (Barbara Campbell)
Marcus, Robert J.
Martino, Vito
Maslow, S.
Massey College (Ann Saddlemyer)
Maulsby, Richard E.
May, Ted
Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee (Marie Kostopoulos)
Meehan, Robert E.
Melnyk, Mike
Menesetung Bridge Association (M. Dawson)
Mennonite Brethren Herald (Susan Brandt)
Meredith, Don H.
Metropolitan Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (William B. Granger)
Michener Awards Foundation (Clark Davey)
Millar, Barbara
Miller, Harold A.
Mills, Virginia
Minter, Roy
Misener, Tim W.
Mitchell, David
Mitchell, W. O., award
Moore, Christopher
Moortunay, Felicia
Morton, Christopher J.
Mosher, Tim
Mostert, [ ]
Mowat, Farley
Muirhead, Angela
Muirhead family
Multiple Images Inc. (Doug Keeley)
Mundy, Marjorie J.
Murray, Connie
Museum Society of Etzikom and the Canadian National Historic Windpower Center (Len Mitzel)
Mutch, Jana

F.14 The Monitor
F.15 Mc, Mac
McCabe, Kathryn
McClear, Mary-Eileen
MacCarthy, Judith
McClelland, Jack see F.14
McClelland and Stewart, see F.1 in next box.
McConnell, Fred
McDermott, Dan (Earthroots)
MacDonald, Brian
MacDonald, Cheryl
MacDonald, Harvey C.
McDonald, James G.
McDonald, Sandy
McFadzen, G.
McGarvey, Pete
McGill University Students Society (Cornell Wright)
McGraw-Hill (Jacqueline Donovan)
McInnis, Harvelyn Baird
McIntosh, Jil
McKenna, B.
McKenna, Evelyn
Mackenzie, Shelagh
MacKenzie-Papineau Battalion of Canada
McLaren, Charlie
Maclean Hunter Cable TV
Maclean family
McLean, Willa
McLeod, Alex N.
MacLeod, Edith
MacLeod, Lindsay
McLeod, Shirely
McMaster University (Charlotte Stewart-Murphy)
McVean Associates Ltd.
F.16 McClelland, Jack
F.17 McClelland and Stewart, 1989-1993

Box 309
F.1 McClelland and Stewart, 1995-1995
F.2 N
National Book Service (Priscilla Furlong)
National Film Archives (Caroline Forcier)
National Film Board of Canada (Anne Taylor)
National Geographic see F.3
National Philatelic Centre
Nelson, Gloria H.
Nelson Canada (Vicki Hunter)
Network Programs International (Richard S. Shaw)
Network Ten Australia (Margaret Hutchings)
Newman, Peter C.
Newby, W. M.
Niagara Region Development Corp. (Frank Rupcic, Alan Teichroeb)
Niagara Symphony Auction Committee (Susan Botting-Arbeck)
Nisbet Lodge (Aaron VanderVeen)
Norberg, Arild
North Bendale Community Association (Lori Stevenson)
Norton, Jane
Noyes, Robert see F.4
F.3 National Geographic
F.4 Noyes, Robert

F.5 O
Oakes, Raymond
Oakley, R. Frances
Oakville Galleries (Marnie Fleming)
O'Keefe, Gene
O'Hagan, L. R.
Oliver, Andrew
Ontario Heritage Foundation (Karen Cornece)
Opacic, George
Open Learning Centre (Merle Hudson)
O'Reilly-Scanlon, Kathleen
Orillia Square Mall Merchants Association (Irene Chomyn)
Osprey Video Productions (Bill Noble)
Otto, Stephen A.
Outrider, The (Jim MacKin)

F.6 P
Palmer Reed Chartered Accounts (J. Smith)
Pappel, Albert
Paquette, Bonnie
Parkinson, Gary
Pavlove, Ray
Peabody, G. Allan
Peacock, Shane
Peake, Sean
Pearce, Jeff (Canadian Martial Arts Magazine)
Pearce, Ray
Pellier, Betty
PEN Canada (Alison Gordon, Jackie Manthorne)
PEN Czech (Jiri Stransky)
Penguin Books (Cynthia Good) see also F.7
Peterborough Civic Hospital (Wally Macht, Scott Young, J. M. Coghlan)
Pevsner, Donald L.
Pinnacle Life Insurance Agencies (H. Michael Armstrong)
Planning Advisory Committee, City of Toronto (Lisa Castellins)
Plant, H. James
Pletzer, Irene
Plowright, Lois
Poirier, Etienne
Powell, Russell A.
Pratley, Gerald
Pret, Eleen
Primedia (Cindy Huckle, W. Paterson Ferns)
Prior, Maurice
Propp, Dan
Puttick, Norm

F.7 Penguin Books, 1989-1991

F.8 R
Raisley, Phylis
Rassmussen, B. Grace
Rathore, Saif
Read, Gwen
Redpath, Austin
Reid, Patricia
Renner, Peter M.
Reynolds, Arnold J. M.
[ ], Dianne
Rigas, Evangelia
Riordan, M.
Ripperger, Mike
Robinson, Marion
Rooke, Constance
Rosenberg, Alan
Ross, Muriel
Ross, Val (Globe and Mail)
Rotary Club of Toronto Eglinton (Shirley Farlinger)
Rotary Club of Toronto-Parkdale (Scott Bartle)
Rotary Club of Toronto-Forest Hill (Marvin Graf)
Rowland, June (Mayor, City of Toronto)
Russell, Toby
Rutgers University (Jotham Johnson)

F.9 S
Sakaw Elementary School (Karen Fletcher)
Satre, Helge B.
Sasquatch Books (Joan Gregory)
Saunders, Allan (Sturgeon Creek United Church)
Sauriol, Charles
Sauve, Todd
Schafer, Lin
Schmid, Helen
Scobie, Norma
Scott, Joan and Paul
Scott, Len
Scott, Tiffany
Scouts Canada National Council (Jack Sinclair, John Rietveld, Laurence R. Fox)
Second City Comedy Channel (James B. Macdonald)
Segal, J. Z.
Seher, Albert
Sewell, John
Shaw, Steve see F.10
Shwe, Than
Silver, L. Ray
Sivertz, Ben
Slater, James B.
Sloggett, Ken
Slopen, Beverley
Smile Theatre Company (David Brown)
Smith, Andrew
Smith, L. A.
Soberman, Daniel
Society of Friends for the Cold Lake Library (Pamela Bailey)
Somers, Carolyn
Southern College (Donald R. Sahly)
Spandier, Jim
Stanton & MacDougall Ltd. (Patricia McLean)
Stevens, Lincoln
Stoddart Publishing (Jack Stoddart, Leona Trainer)
Strasdin, Edith
Streich, Gladys
Strossen, Nadine
Sugarman, Budd
Suurmond, Jan L.

F.10 Shaw, Steve, 1989-1993
F.11 T
Taylor, Lesley Ciarula
Telefilm Canada (Morey Hamat)
Tester, Frank J.
This Magazine (Rick Salutin, Carl Wilson, Gordon Laird)
Thomas, Kenneth
Thompson, Ann
Thomson, Arnold
Tihanyi, Eva
Timmons, Steven
Tittley, Karen
Toews, Colin
Tompkins, Ron
Toronto Grace Hospital (David Jones)
Toronto Historical Board (Mary Anne Beamish)
Toronto Junior Board of Trade (Kaan Oran)
Toronto Star (Kathleen Kenna, Ellie Tesher)
Torrance, Michael

F.12 U
United Church of Canada (Mary-Frances Denis)
University of British Columbia (Deborah Sweeney, Leslie R. Peterson, Jo-Anne Rocque, W. H. New)
University of Toronto (Rhonda L. Fox)
University of Toronto Faculty Association (Bill Graham, Jens Wollesen)
University of Toronto Schools (Ian L. Epstein)
University of Western Ontario (Peter Desbarats)
Upper Canada Playhouse (Joanne Whittaker)

F.13 V
VCCAA Newsletter
Valentine, Bill
van Berkel, Pieter
Vancouver International Writers Festival (Alma Lee)
Vansun, Lenno
Vavara, Jan
Viking Penguin (Jane von Mehren)
Vork, W. J.
Vroomen, Brian P.

F.14 W
Wallace, D. J.
Walsh, John
Ward, Pauline
Watkins, Garry
Watson, W. H. Joe
Webster, Art
Weintraul (?), Bill
Weldon Owen Publishing (Sheena Coupe)
Wells, Joseph D.
Wheeler, Kathleen
Who's Who in Ontario (Roderick W. McLeod)
Wigley, Linda
Williams, Dave, encl. 1 colour photograph
Williams, David R.
Williamson, Mary
Wilner, Norman
Wilson, Keane
Winder, C. Gordon
Woodcock Centre (Alan Twigg)
Woodgold, Rolf
Writers' Development Trust see F.15
Writers' Union of Canada see F.16
Wyatt, David A.
Wyse, Nancy

F.15 Writers' Development Trust
F.16 Writers' Union of Canada

F.17 Y, Z
Yaqzan, Matin
YMCA of Greater Moncton (Shirley Hilton)
YMCA St. Thomas-Elgin (Nancy Sheppard)
Yates, Joan
York Central Hospital Foundation (William M. Leacy)
York University (Seth Feldman)
Yost, Elwy
Young, Lily
Yurko, Lance
Zacher, Dorine
Zarov, Basil
Zeagna, Kathleen
Zimmerman, Ralph

Box 310
Correspondence, 1995.
F.1 A
Abbey, Lloyd
Abrioux, Dominique
Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (Bhoop Singh)
Adkin, David
Alberta Parks Division (Frank Fraser)
Aleksuil, Michael
Algra, H.
Alliance Releasing (Julia Tait)
Alternatives (Pierre Beaudet)
Anderson, Sharon
Anderson, Viola
Argue, Lois
Armstrong, Ennis
Armstrong, Harry
Art Gallery of Ontario (Maxwell L. Anderson)
Artists Against Racism
Arts Foundation of Greater Toronto (Julia Howell)
Astete, Oscar
Atlin Historical Society (Kate Fisher)
Atwood, Margaret
Auchterlonie, R. G.
Austring, Norman

F.2 B
[ ], Bill
Backhouse, Frances
Backhouse, Tom
Ball, Graeme
Barnes, A. J.
Base Borden Public and Military Library (Terri Bristow)
Bastable, Austin
Bayer, Mary Liz and Anne Du Moulin
Beland, Marc
Bevilacqua, Maurizio
Biddle, Eric R.
Bider, Leah
Big Brothers of York (Maddy Nichol)
Birkholm, Jodi
Bisanz, Christina
Bishop, Tom
Bissonette, Laurie
Bliss, Michael
Bloore, Dorothy Cameron
Blue Sky Productions Inc. see F.3
Bodsworth, Fred
Boivin, Jacques
Boomhower, Rosa
Bowman, A. C. H.
Boyd, Malcom
Bradford, Rebecca
Brett, Brian
Dave Broadfoot Productions Inc.
Brown, Anne
Bruce, W. S.
Buness, Anne
Burns Bog Conservation Society
F.3 Blue Sky Productions Inc.

F.4 Canada
Canada Council
Canada Day (A. John Lakes)
Canada, Government of, Office of the Minister of India Affairs and Northern Development
Canada, Government of, Parks Canada
Canada's National History Society (Laird Rankin)
F.5 Canadian
Canadian American Society and Chamber of Commerce of Northern California (June Arney)
Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen (James K. Moore, R. Kenneth Pretty)
Canadian Booksellers Association (Lis Shulist)
Canadian Broadcasting Corp. see F.6
Canadian Civil Liberties Association (Alan Borovoy)
Canadian Committee to Project Journalists (Wayne Sharpe)
Canadian Council on National Issues (Terry Farquharson)
Canadian Children's Book Centre (Joan Puterbough)
Canadian Environmental Defence Fund (David R. Donnelly)
Canadian Friends of Burma see F.8
Canadian Hearing Society (Melodie Aubrey)
Canadian High Commission (Nim Singh)
Canadian Museum of Civilization (Adam C. Barratt)
Canadian Snack Food Association (Linda Reid)
Canadian Television (CTV)
Canadian Tourist Office (Jill White)
Canadian Who's Who (Gwen Peroni)
F.6 Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

F.7 Cam-Cas
Camp, Dalton
Campaigns for Human Rights see F.8
Carpenter, Mary
Carroll, David
Carson Grove Elementary School (Torry Hansson)
Casey House Foundation (Susan Mullin)
Cass, Peter H.
F.8 CHR: Campaigns for Human Rights (Israel Halperin), mainly re Burma, includes correspondence with Canadian Friends of Burma
F.9 CEL Communications Inc.
F.10 Ch-Cu
Chamber, Bob
Cheetham-Tilt, Notburga
CHP Heritage Centre (Jane Beecroft)
Christian Children's Fund of Canada (Nancy Riehle)
Clara's Shop Ltd. (Susan Botting-Arbeck)
Clarinda Productions (Erica deGaspe Murphy)
Clarke, Mary L.
Church, William
Chursinoff, Michael
Clemence, Patrick
Cody-Rice, Edith
Coles, Dianne
Comeau, Edward H.
Comely, Maureen
Committee for Canadian Unity (Michael Klenavic)
CommLink (Lawrence A. Cornett)
Conroy, Sarah
Conservation Foundation of Greater Toronto (Kenneth A. Smee)
Conte-Ringer, Doris
Copp, Doug
Cosby, Michael C.
Craig, Janet
Cranston, Betty
Crawford, Brant
Curran, W. J.

F.11 D
Davies, Robertson
Davis, Donald A.
Davis, Fred
Davis, Joyce D.
Della-Casa, Jennifer Gillard
Denhenz, Marc
Desjardins, Dina L.
Deverell, Bill
Diduck, Pierre
Different Drummer (Richard Bachmann)
DiManno, Rosie
Dillman, Mary Alma
Doner, Donald G.
Doubleday see F.12
Douglas, Marilyn
Down Syndrome Association of Metro Toronto (Chris Van Krieken)
Dunn, Michael
Dunnet, Keith
F.12 Doubleday Canada Ltd.

F.13 E
East Wellington Advisory Group for Family Services (Jane Jaremey)
Edition Erde (Christoph Sahner)
Edquist, Verne
Eglinton Public School (Norah Haines)
Emery, Ralph
English Garden Publishers (Mary C. Knowles)
Errey, Margaret L.

F.14 F
Family Service Kent (Anne Coulter)
Fast, Isaac
Fenwick, Jamie
Findley, Timothy
Fisher, Florita
Fogden, Gladys
Forbes, Harold
Ford, Margaret
Ford Motor Company of Canada Ltd.
Forevergreen (Alan Aylward)
Fortin, Jean
Fotheringham, Allan
Fraser, Amy Friedman
Friends of Fort George National Historic Park Inc. (Erika Alexander)
Friends of the Museum, Eastend, Saskatchewan
Friends of Sir Sandford Fleming College Foundation (Barbara Truax)
F.15 Franklin, Elsa

F.16 G
[ ], J.
Gaasenkeck, Frances
Gagnon, Roland
Gale Research Inc. (Joyce Nakamura)
Gems of Hope (Doreen Wicks)
GEO (Wilma Simon)
Getson, Ivan D.
Gibson, Graeme
Goffin, David
Goog, Betty
Gordon, Ruth and John
Gould, John
Grant, Gerard
Grant, Shelagh D.
Gray, James H.
Green, George
Greenpeace Canada (Tamar Stark)
Grenier, Carole
Grol, Lini Richarda
Group of 78 (Geoffrey Pearson)

F.17 Ha-He
Habitat for Humanity Thunder Bay (Robert Whaley and Ellen Brew)
Haggart, Ron
Hailey, Arthur
Hall, Eileen
Hall, Barbara
Hallock, Mary
Halperins, The
Hamilton, Philip
Hammes, Jean
Harbourfront Reading Series (Greg Gatenby)
Harcourt Brace Canada (May Su Mei Ku, Mary Rose MacLachlan)
Harrington, Denis J.
Harrington, Richard J. , encl. 2 b&w photographs
Hartt, Reg
Harwood, Charles de L.
Hastings Heritage Trail Association (Heather Soule)
Hebert, Fraser
Hensby, Michael
Henshaw, Bill
Heritage Canada (Doug Franklin)
Herbert, Alec

F.18 Hi-Hy
Hillenbrand, Dick
Hilton, David A.
Hiner, Richard
Hines, Colin
Ho! Kanada (Barbara Doran, Peter Wintonick)
Holvas, Hannu
Hospice of Saint John Inc. (Martha Beardmore)
Hospital for Sick Children Foundation Telethon (Robin Tushingham)
Houghton Mifflin Company (Joseph Pickett, David Jost)
Houghton, Minerva
Howay, Fred
Howell, Alexander
Howell, Laura
Hoyle, Gwenth
Hudgins, David
Hurlburt, Judy
Huronia Hearing Impaired (Peggy Norton-Haris)
Hyporboroan Productions Inc. (Robert Nardi)

F.19 I
International Financial Freedom Institute (Everett Ofori)
Ioannou, Susan
Ippolito, Chris
Irwin, Tom
F.20 Invitations
F.21 J
Jacklin, William
Jackson, Ed
Johnson, Helen
Jones, Stan

F.22 K
Kainai Chieftainship
Kano, Jimmy
Keavney, Paul
Kennedy, Betty
Kevany, James P.
Keene, Ruby
Kellar, Kenneth
Kennedy, Judy
Kennedy, Rob
Kenney, Gerard
Kerr, Ashton L.
Killins, Harold C.
Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery (Ronald J. Simmons)
Khanna, Ranbir S.
Kleinburg Binder Twine Festival (Ann Gordon)
Kodansha Publishing (Philip Turner)
Kollar, Veronica
Kondziolka, Douglas
Korean Veterans Association of Canada (William Allan)
Komoka Railway Museum Inc. (John Kanakos)
Kramer, Martin H.

Box 311
F.1 L
Labour (Joan Butler)
Lacey, Ryan
Lachance, Margaret
Lacroix, Arthur
Laird Group (Joanne Robitaille)
Landell, Roger and Janess
Lange, Heather
Laskoski, Stephen
Leadston, Thomas A.
Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan (Barb Bidaux, Suzanne Styles)
Leduc, Adrienne
Lefeaux, Susan
Leighton, Douglas
Lerner Group (Cindy Nelson)
Leslie, Jean
Library Square (Faye McMyn, Catherine Malcolm, Marnie McManus)
Listen (Laurie Peck)
London Public Library (Karen Litton)
Lord, Barbara
Loren Starr Literary Agency (Carolina Loren)
Lynx Images (Russell Floren)

F.2 M
[ ], Evie
Macey, I. R.
Machan, Myrle
Magnus Theatre (Mario Crudo)
Mailey, John
Manitoba Historical Society (Michael Czuboka)
Manitoba Library Association (John Tooth)
Manning, Jo
MANS, Multicultural Association of Nova Scotia (Barbara Campbell), encl. 1 colour photograph
Maragna, Rocco
Marcucci, Albert
Marino, Don
Martin, Robert I.
Marule, Marie Smallface
Marwood, Judith
Mason, Ramona
Matheson, George
Mayerthorpe Area RCMP Victims' Services Unit Society (Margaret Thibault)
Mendelson Joe
Merrigan, [ ]
Methven, Lillian
MH Media Monitoring Ltd. (Sue Petrykewycz)
Mickleburgh, Pauline
Mills, Christopher
Mississauga, Mayor's Youth Advisory Committee
Mitchell, W. O.
Moonspot, The
Morison, J. F.
Mowat, Farley,
Mueller, Wolfgang G.
Murray, Jean A.
Murray, Cam
Murray, Helen
Museum of Broadcast Communications (Cary O'Dell)
Mussallem, Helen K.
Mutch, Jana, encl. 1 colour photograph
Myerson, Jackie

F.3 Mc, Mac
McCarter, Alec
McClelland, Jack
McCloskey, Dennis
McConnell, Lauren and Holly
McDonald, Thelma
McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. (Jacqueline Donovan)
McGuire, Maria
McIntosh, Donald K.
McIntosh, Len
McKay, Charles
McKee, Laverne
McKenna, B.
Mackenzie, Alexander, Trail Association
MacKinnon, M. A.
McLaird, James
McLaren, C. S.
McLaughlin, Mary
Maclean's (Robert Lewis)
MacLeod, Gordon
McLeod, Robert
McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Barbara A. Tyler, Elena Kiss)
McWilliams, Anita Ronayne
F.4 McClelland & Stewart Inc.

F.5 N
Nagy, Margaret Downy
Nardi, Robert
National Library Collection
Nelson Canada (Ann Ludbrook)
Nelson, Cindy
Network Programs International (Richard S. Shaw)
Nevins, Paul J.
Niagara Credit Union (Mary-Ann Cartwright)
Noble, Henry R. R.
Norflicks Productions Ltd. (Christopher Gagost)
Nowell, Iris
Nyitray, David Allen

F.6 O
Obem, A. Gaylord
Ocean Books (Philip Gosling)
Oldham, Evelyn
Ontario Genealogical Society, Simcoe County Branch (Claudia Hume McArthur)
Ontario Heritage Foundation (Wendy Lewis, Joanna Bedard)
Ontario Recreational Canoeing Association (Gordon Haggert)
Ontario Trucking Association (David H. Bradley)
Open Learning Agency (Merel Hudson)
Orillia Hall of Fame (Audrey M. Lambe)
Orlikow, David
Ormerod, Chris
Ouellette, Gerard
Overby, Sarita

F.7 P
Parallel Strategies Inc. see F.13
Parkland Regional Library (Lori Hudye, Kathy Brodie)
Palmer, Jim
Palmer Reed Chartered Accountants (James B. Palmer)
Parke, Cecilie
Partners in Research (Ronald G. Calhoun)
partnerSHIP Society (Jack C. Downey)
Peacock, Shane
Peake, Sean
Pedley, F. A.
PEN Canada (Nino Ricci)
Penguin Books Canada Ltd. (Donald Mason, Cynthia Good)
Penguin Books Ltd.
Performers for Literacy (Heather Smith)
Permissions Group
Perry, Mary
Pidgeon, G. Wallace
Pierce, T. Leon
Pierce-Hull & Associates Fine Art Advisers and Appraisers (Lorraine Hull), encl. 4 slides
Poelstra, Virginia
Pogue, Ruth
Port Burwell Marine Museum (David Mason)
Poulton, Sidney, encl. 1 colour photograph
Preroll Productions (Mitch Azaria)
Press Gang Publishers (Emma Kivisild)
Prieur, Gilles
Propp, Dan
Putting People First (Kathleen Marquardt)
F.8 Q
Queen Elizabeth Playground Committee (David Laneville)
Quill & Quire (Sharon McAuley, Bert Archer)

F.9 R
Railton, Maeve
Raincoast Books (Michael Carroll)
RBC Dominion Securities (Susan Latremoille)
READ Saint John (Pam Iype)
Reader's Digest (Jo Manning, Julie Fasano)
Regeczi, David
Reid, Patricia
Ridley, June K.
Rienstra, Dianna
Robert Service School (Tara McCauley)
Roberts Media Service (Gary Roberts)
Ross, Gordon W.
Rossi, Shawna
Rossland Historical Museum Association (J. D. McDonald)
Rotary Club of Toronto-Eglinton (Sandy McKellar)
Rotary Club of Toronto-Parkdale (Scott Bartle)
Royal Agricultural Winter Fair (Hartland M. MacDougall)
Royal Military College of Canada (Richard M. Eshaya)
Rule, Jane

F.10 S
Saint George's Restoration (Anne West)
St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts (Teresa Bellefontaine)
Saskatchewan Book Awards (Joyce Wells)
Save the CBC (Mark O'Neill)
Sawelo, Nina
Sceats (?), Herbie
Schnarr, D. J.
Scouts Canada (Vim Kochar, Ralph B. Young, Jack Sinclair, John Rietveld)
Sculptor's Society of Canada (Desmond Scott)
Scott, Helen H.
Shaw, Wally
Shaw Guild (Clifford Smythe)
Sierra Club of Canada (Elizabeth May)
Sinclair, Lister
Sivertz, Bent Gestur
Skyline Club
Smith, Brenda
Snugg-Sneddon, Grace E.
Sobey, Melissa
Sondergaard, Robert
South Shore Transition House Association (Marie Crooker)
Splendours of Summer (Mikhela Jason)
Spendlow, V. W.
Spremo, Boris
Spring, Hans
Staebler, Edna
Starlight Foundation (Christina G. Welton)
Stephenson, Bill
Straznicky, Marta
Stratford Festival (Pat Quigley)
STRIDE (Mary R. McDowell)
Sunshine Coast Resident Writers Group (Pat Stuart)
Surrey Seniors Week Organizing Committee (Doreen Biener)
Szekeres, Elizabeth
F.11 Stoddart Publishing Co. Ltd.

F.12 T
Takama, Marie
Taylor, Gloria
Taylor, Jeff
Taylor-Vaisey, Nicky
Templeton, Charles
This Magazine (John Montesano)
Thomas, Christopher K.
Thorne, Steven
Tiger Media Inc. see F.13
Titus, Gary W.
Towes, William
Together-Canadian Society (Michael R. Klenavic)
Topham, Jon E.
Toronto Arts Council (Margo Bindhardt, Anne Collins)
Tomaso, Edie
Toronto-Dominion Bank (Amanda Feld)
Toronto Society of Fellows of the Insurance Institute of Canada (Christina Welton)
Toronto Sun (Kathy Brooks), encl. obituary on Max Braithwaite
Town Publishing Inc. (Jacqueline Lealess)
Tradition Pictures
Tribble, Irene
Triple Echo Productions (Margaret Wicks, Richard Else)
Tryphonopoulos, Aliki
Turner, Edith
TV Ontario (Penny Fine)

F.13 Tiger Media Inc.; Parallel Strategies Inc.
F.14 V
[ ], Alma Note: Although found with the "V" correspondence, this person's name may begin with a "W", the initial printed on the front of the card.
Van Der Kolk, Henry
Van Geel, Michael
Viau, Claude
Victoria, University of (Anne McLaughlin)
Virago Press (Sarah White)

F.15 W
Waldie, Adam C.
Wallace, Fern A.
Wallace, Michael
Wallace, Ted
Waterloo St. Jacobs Railway (Sandy Skrien)
Watkins, Garry
Webber, Robert
Welch, Harold "Buster"
Wert, Aleen
West Parry Sound District Museum (Doris Muckenheim)
Westscott, Frank
Whitby County Town Carnival (Margaret Barrie)
White, Jill
Whitecap Books Ltd. (Robin Rivers)
Who's Who in America (Fred Marks)
Who's Who in Ontario
Whyte, Dylon
Willett, Diane
Williams, Mary
Wilson, Gordon
Woodman, Bill
Woodworth, John
Women in Business Group (Pat Graham, Dianne E. Edgar)
Writers' Circle of Durham Region (Kenza Warburton)
Writers' Development Trust; Writers' Union of Canada see F.16
Wylie, Betty Jane
Wyrick, Charles L.

F.16 Writers' Development Trust; Writers' Union of Canada
F.17 Y, Z
YMCA of Greater Moncton (Payson Rowell)
YMCA of St. Thomas-Elgin (Nancy Sheppard)
York Central Hospital Foundation (Elson Miles)
Yorkdale Secondary School (John Buchanan)
Zahorodny, Verma
Zielinski, Phyllis
Zytaruk, Tom

Box 312
Correspondence, 1996
F.1 A
Access (Jeff Morton)
Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (Bhoop Singh)
Adams, Barry
Adshed, Gordon R.
AIDS Saskatoon (Vanessa J. Charles)
Allanach, Stewart
Alta Genetics Inc. (Douglas G. Blair)
Altitude Publishing Canada (Stephen Hutchings)
Amnesty International (Rod Smith, Carolyn Konrad, Anne Pollard)
Argue, Lois
Artists Against Racism (Lisa Cherniak)
Arts Foundation of Greater Toronto (Julia Howell)
Arts and Celebrity Collectables Auction (John Wm. Brown)
Arvay Finlay Barristers (Joseph J. Arvay, Irene C. Faulker), encl. Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium judgement
Assiniboia Public Library (Carol Munro, Kay Cristo)
Association Franco-Yukonnaise (Caroline Boucher)
AV International Inc. (Mariella Rowan)
Avenue Road Arts School (Louis Rasminsky)

F.2 B
Bagley, Wayne
Bailey, David
Baker, Gail Darms, encl. 1 b&w photograph
Bantam Books Canada Inc.
Barat, Mike
Barrett, Tony
Barron, Isobel
Base Borden Public and Military Library (Terri Bristow)
Battersby, Jane
BBC Television (Rebecca Sandiford)
Beatty, Ken
Beattie, Jeanne
Bell, William
Big Brothers of York (Maddy Nichol)
Bingham, Janet
Birthwhistle, Laura Ann
Bishop, Elizabeth
Bodsworth, Fred
Bossom, John E.
Bowering, George
Bowman, Debbie
Bowmanville High School (Shirley Hutchinson)
Brown, Bernard Will
Brown, John Gracen
British Columbia Civil Liberties Association (John Westwood)
British Columbia Humanist Association (Theo Meijer)
British Columbia Social Studies Teachers' Association
Brooks, Jackson J.
Brophy, Dan
Burnham, J.
Burns Conservation Society (Michael Lapointe)
Byron-Hill, Joan

F.3 Canadian, Canadians
Canadian Aboriginal Peoples Action Group (Israel Halperin)
Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (Marcia Gilbert)
Canadian Association of Optometrists (Steven Mintz)
Canadian Authors Association (Elsie V. Ewald, Rudy Carlson)
Canadian Broadcasting Corp. see F.4.
Canadian Civil Liberties Association (Danielle McLaughlin, John Fraser)
Canadian Congress for Learning Opportunities for Women (Eleanor C. Ross)
Canadian Hearing Society (Melodie Aubrey), encl. 1 col. photograph
Canadian Heritage (Linda Johnston)
Canadian Independent Film Caucus (Peter Raymont)
Canadian Museum of Civilization (George F. MacDonald)
Canadian National Institute for the Blind (Ellen Stroud, Euclid J. Herie, Ann Cameron Orr)
Canadian Nature Federation (Christopher Lemieux)
Canadian Peace Alliance (Tryna Booth)
Canadian Scholars' Press Inc. (Brad J. Lambertus)
Canadian Television Network (Peter Jermyn)
Canadian Who's Who
Canadian Writers' Foundation (C. Herbert Little)
Canadians for Medical Progress Inc. (Joan Townsend), encl. photocopies of letters from Anne C. Cools, Elinor Caplan, Peter Milliken, Glen Clark, Gary Filmon, and other politicians)
F.4 Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

F.5 C
Cadzow, Bill
Calderisi. Robert
Callan, John
Calvert, Giff
Canada Post (Sallie L. Storey)
Canada's National History Society (Laird Rankin)
Can Start (Doreen Wicks)
Canbook (Dale Robertson)
Cannon, Bob
Carnarvon Community School (Darren Mitzel)
Cartwright, Lloyd
Cater, Albert James
Chatterley, James P.
Children's Wish Foundation of Canada (Eugenie Dore)
CHR: Campaigns for Human Rights
Christian Children's Fund of Canada (Nancy Riehle)
Christianson, Shawna
Citron, Diane
Clark, Lynda-Anne
Cody, Winifred
Committee for the Scientific Investigation of the Paranormal (Barry Karr, Joe Nickell)
Community Foundation of Durham Region (Stephanie Beatty)
Conaghan, Michael
Concerned Writers
Confederation Centre of the Arts (Douglas Tanton)
Cook, Alan
Corwin, Floyd
Coughlin, Mike
Council of Canadians (Maude Barlow)
Council of Ontario Universities (Bonnie Patterson)
Covey, Brent
Cox-Scruton, Dorothy
Craig, Janet
Crich, Gertrude
Cumming, Carman

F.6 D
Dale, James
Davis, Audrey
Deleau, Audrey
Demaine, Shirley
Doner Schur Popple Advertising (Heikki Kuld)
Doubleday Canada Ltd. see F.7
DuBois, Ron
Dumas, John
Durschmied, Erik

F.7 Doubleday Canada Ltd.

F.8 E
Earthroots (Dan McDermott, Sarah Winterton)
Edgar, David J.
Elaine's Books
Ellis, Tracy L.
Elton, Constance
Etobicoke School of the Arts (V. Cushing)
Exton, Margaret

F.9 F
F.A.C.E. AIDS (Mark M. Stenabaugh)
Fairview College (Bill Schiell)
Federation of Ontario Naturalists (John Lounds)
Felter, Betty M.
Ferrell, Ed
Fey, Louise
Fifties Inc. (Bill Fox)
Financial Post
Fleming, William
Fogel, Melanie
Forcier-Holloway, Caroline
Foremost Municipal Library (Betty Van Staalduine)
Forrest, Diane
Forrester, Maureen
Foster Parents Plan (Nancy Riehle)
France, Jane
Fraser, Amy Friedman
Fraser, Sylvia
Frayne, Trent (and June Callwood)
Fredericks, Corey
Friedrich family
Friedrich, F. D.
Friends of Alexander Ross
Friends of the Canadian War Museum
Friends of the London Public Library
Froom-Dogson, Caroline
Fuller, Holly

F.10 G
Gaede, Bob
Gallan, Andre
Galloway, Audrey
Gamester, Philip
Gateway Lodge (Leanne Buchinski)
Gaunt, Richard
Gee, Jim
Geist Foundation (Kevin Barefoot, Mary Schendlinger)
Gems of Hope (Doreen Wicks)
Geovese, Elizabeth
Gibson, Graeme
Gibson, Peter
Gjerstad, Ole
Globe and Mail (includes letters to the editor)
Goos, Betty
Gould, John A.
Govier, Jack
Graham, Gerry
Granger, Peter (Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation)
Greggains, Brian C.
Group of 78 (Geoffrey Pearson)
Gzowski, Peter

F.11 H
[ ], Israel
Haliburton Club Breakfast
Hall, Kathy
Haller, Herman
Hamilton Spectator (Mark McNiel)
Hamilton, Clayton E.
Hamilton, R. Kent
Hancock, Trevor
Harbourfront Reading Series (Greg Gatenby)
Harcourt Brace & Co.
Harrison, Dorothy
Hart, Anne
Harvey, Ted
Hastings Trail Association (Kris Shaw)
Hay River Co-operative Playschool (Barbara Grehan)
Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario (Frank Rubini)
Heritage Canada (Brian Anthony)
Hilliker, John E.
Homan, Dianne
Howard, F. H.
Horizons (Jan Parkins)
Horton, Jean
Horvath, Sandy
Hosek, Frank
Houghton Mifflin Co. (Joseph Pickett, Peter Davison)
Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation (Manny Kohlmeier)
Hunt, S.
Huisman, Jack
Hunter, Ethel
Huronia Hearing Impaired (Peggy Norton-Harris)
Hymas, Michael
Hyperborean Productions Inc. (Robert Nardi)

F.12 I
Ikea (Jennifer Sexton)
International Biographical Center
Investigative Productions Inc.
Ivy's Bookshop (Yvonne Sharpe)

F.13 J
Jacobson, Natalie
Jaconello, Katherine
Jacques, David
Jadah, Alex
Jain, J.
James, Suzanne
Johnson, Nels Gustav
Johnson, Sandor
Johnson, Sara E.
Johnston, G. Wayne
Jones, Joanne
Joslin, Paul
Joy, Howard

F.14 K
Kain, Karen
Kainai Chieftainship
Kainai Middle School
Kay, Agnete, encl. 1 colour photograph
Keating, Don
King Lear Senior Public School
Kingsborough Greenlight Pictures Inc. (Richard Belanger)
Kirchner, Leon
Kleinberg and Area Binder Twine Festival (Nina Szymanska)
Kyba, Daniel A.
Kodansha America, Inc. (Philip Turner)
Kondziolka Douglas

F.15 L
Lafarzen, Ruth
Laframbroise, James G.
Lambert, Berniece
Laney, Lee
Laninga, Diana
Laurin, Claire
Lavallee, Guy
Leblanc, Alfreda
Leduc, Adrienne
Lehun, Richard
Little Sisters
Life Institute (Geoff Arnold)
Loewen, Richard
London Northwest (David H. Schlottman)
Lovering, Patricia
Lowther, Hal
Lycar, Elizabeth
Lyons, Barbara
Lysnes, Sterling

F.16 M
Magna International (Frank Stronach)
Magnus Theatre (Mario Crudo)
Manchee, Alan
Mannell, Laurie S.
Mariani, Bill
Martin, Carol
Martin, Dennis S.
Marsh, Gordon J.
Mathe, Louis
Mathew, T. G.
Mayerthorpe Area RCMP Victims' Services Unit Society (Margaret Thibault)
MediaLinx (Sally Tindal)
Metropolitan Toronto Reference Library (Maureen Mudzik)
Midland Chamber of Commerce (Marie DeNoble-Evans, John McCarthy)
Miller, Robert
Mirvish Productions
Mitchell, Orm
Morano, Michael
Moritsugu, Frank
Mukalazi, Robert
Murray, C. Higgison

F.17 Mc, Mac
MacBean, Sylvia
McCall, D. G.
McCarthy, Karen Flanagan
McCormack, Melissa P.
McCuaig, Ruth W.
McDougall, D. Blake
Mackay, Shauneen
McKay-Clements, John
MacKenzie, Helen Joan
MacKenzie, Ian
McKinney, David W.
McLaren, Charlie
McLeod, Dan
MacLeod, Frances
McMaster University (Peter George)
McMichael Canadian Art Collection (Joan Goldfarb)
F.18 McClelland and Stewart

F.19 N
Na'amat Canada (Jan Hastie)
Native Men's Residence (Marilyn Capreol)
Nettleton, Wm. G.
Nelson Municipal Library (Deborah Thomas)
Neufeld, Helen E.
North Bay Public Library (Geraldine Ritter)
North, Laila
Northern Neighbours Foundation Inc. ( J. Michael Bomek)

F.20 O
Oh Yes Ottawa! (Chandra Colbear)
O'Malley, Terry
Ontario Birding News (Brian Morin)
Ontario Council (Lorne Kenney)
Ontario Court of Justice (Milton A. Cadsby)
Ontario Heritage Foundation, Niagara Escarpment Program (Roger Martin)
Ontario Naturalists (John Lounds)
Ottawa, City of (Jacquelin Holzman, Barbara Ramsay, Keith Arvisais)
Orca Book Publishers
Orzelski, Izabella, encl. 2 colour photographs

F.21 P
Pace, Angela
Palmer, Gertrude
Park Street Collegiate Institute (W. Hollinger)
Parkins, Bob
Parkland Regional Library (Kathy)
Partners in Research (Ronald G. Calhoun)
Pasterfield, Dunstan
Patson, Archie
Paul, W. Dave
Peake, Sean
Pearson, J. H.
Pecarve, Reubin
Peddle, Harold
PEN Canada (Constance Rooke, Ron Graham, Nino Ricci)
Penguin Canada (Louise Curtis, Cynthia Good)
Penguin USA (David Golkin)
Pennefather, Bob
Periodical Writers Association of Canada (Trudi Down, Ruth Biderman)
Peterborough Civic Hospital Foundation (James M. Coghlan)
Peters, Andrew
Pianosi, Ezio
Pickios, Greg
Pirrie, Bruce
Pleydell-Bouverie, Jasper
Plumb, Basil M.
Pogue, Ruth
Pope, Richard
Porter, Cy
Porcupine United Way (Joanne Krakana)
Powell River Public Library (Kay Bremner)
Primate Productions (Randy Chase)
Primedia Releasing Inc.
Prince, Brian
Provost, Claude
Pullman, Carolan
Putting People First (Pat Thiesen)

F.22 Q
Queen's Own Rifles (Adam Saunders)
Quill and Quire

F.23 R
Rae, Arlene Perly
Raffan, James
Raincoast Books (Mark Stanton)
Rapson, Judith
Ray, Robin
READ Saint John (Pam Iype)
Reader's Digest (Julie Fasano)
Rice, Gary H.
Ripperberger, Mike
Rivers, Roy
Robert, Nicole
Roedde House Preservation Society (Terry Brunette)
Rose, Barbara Wade
Rotary Club of Edmonton (Frank C. Reid)
Rotary Club of Toronto-Parkdale (Scott Bartle)
Royal Canadian Mint (Danielle Wetherup)
Royal Commonwealth Society (Charles Gunning, Colleen Henderson)
Royal Society of Canada
Ruthven Park National Historic Site (Marsha L. Paley)

F.24 S
Saarinen, Gloria
Saint George's Restoration (Anne West)
St. Francis of Assisi Parish (Ruthann Fisher)
Salvation Army North York Temple Corps (Clarence Bradbury)
Sault Ste. Marie Public Library (Stephanie Stowe)
Sauriol, Charles
Schiff, Stacy
Science and Medicine Canada Inc. (Gary Browne, Linda Graham)
Scott, Len
Scouts Canada (Vim Kochhar, Jack Sinclair)
SDS Productions (Gabrielle Tenebaum)
Selby, Ora
Shaw Guild (Clifford A. Smythe)
Shehan, Dana
Shuster, Frank and Ruth
Silver, L. Ray
Simmonds, Monty M.
Simon Fraser University (Heidi Dirksen, Geof Huttin)
Sisk, Pauline
Ski Timber Ridge (Elaine Amundson)
Slater, Edna
Smith, Lawrence E.
Smith, Vera
Sneddon, Scott and David McCarthy
Special Libraries Association
Splendours of Summer
Spring, Erin
Stafford, Ellen
Statistics Canada (Laurel Hyatt)
Stein, David Lewis
Stephenson, Bill
Sterk, Brian
Steward, Nigel R.
Stockert, Ryan, encl. 1 colour photograph
Stoddard Publishing (Bill Hanna, Stephen Quick, Leona Trainer)
Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry County Library (Frances Marin, S. Leanne Clendening)
Stuart, Hazel A.
Students for Political Action (David Nagler)
Sunshine Coast Festival of the Written Arts (Michael Barnholden)
Swanson, W. J. (Bill)

F.25 T
Taback, Harold
Taylor-Vaisey, Nicky
Tedford, Margaret
Teitelblaum, Jeff
Templeton, Charles
Thibault, Margaret
This Magazine (Trevor Hutchison, Rick Salutin)
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie Corp. (Paul Mather)
Thunder Bay Museum
Toewater, John W.
Toronto Arts Council, William Kilbourn Fund (Margo Bindhardt, Anne Johnston)
Toronto Ballet Ensemble (Laila North)
Toronto Junior Board of Trade (Kenneth MacDonald)
Toronto Star (letter to the editor)
Toronto Schools, University of (Rebekah Wahba)
Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (Louise Rosenbloom, Alixe Sacks)
Town of Collingwood Museum (Tracy Marsh)
Treasures of Canada (Timothy C. S. Hemming)
Triple Echo Productions (Margaret Wicks)
TVOntario (H. S. Bhabra)
Two Wheels Productions (Sandy Greer, Lida Kaslisz)

F.26 U
UAF Alumni (David L. Geesin)
UNEQ (Rose-Marie Lafrance)

F.27 V
Vallieres, Michel
Van Dyke, Ina
Vancouver Public Library (Kathleen Barber)
Vancouver International Writers Festival (Alma Lee)
Vancouver Yukoner's Association
Vectra Marketing Group Inc. (Mark Cohan)
Victoria, University of (Jane Turner)
Victoria College Craigdarroch Castle Alumni Association (Margie McLellan)
V.I.P. Cruises (Gloria Ingram)
Von Baeyer, Edwina
Vorg Inc. (Paula Thomas)

F.28 W
Wagner, E .S.
Wagar, Gordon
Wallace, Andrew
Warwick, W. F.
Washington, University of (Brigitte Bourauel)
Waterloo, University of (James Downey)
West, John M.
West Coast Railway Association (Don Evans, Mary Collins, David G. McLean)
Western Canada Wilderness Committee (Karen Baltgailis)
Wheeler, Alison
Who's Who in America
Wiegand, Emily
Willow (Martha Bertram)
Wilson, Clarence
Women's Canadian Club (Ruby Evans, Mary Ferracin)
Women in Business Group (Dianne E. Edgar, Pat Graham)
Woodward, Graham
Woodward, John
Wright, J. C.
Wright, J. deP.
F.29 Writers' Development Trust
F.30 Writers' Union of Canada

F.31 Y
Yankewicz, William W.
Yarnell, Ronald
Yorkdale Secondary School and Adult Learning Centre (John Buchanan)
York-Durham Heritage Railway / Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts (Barbara Murphy), encl. 1 colour photograph
Young, Judi
YWCA (Nancy Sheppard)
F.32 Z
Znaimer, Moses

Secret World of Og
Box 313 Letters from children with drafts of P.B.'s replies

Manuscripts series. -- 1951-1998. -- 3.8 m of textual records. -- Title based on content of series.

Farewell to the Twentieth Century. Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1996.
Box 314 Manuscript drafts
F. 1 Early drafts, with portions typed by P.B., April 1995, annotated ts., 146 p.
F. 2 My War with the Twentieth Century, early draft, annotated ts., 149 p.
F. 3 Revised version of above draft, ts., 141 p.
F. 4 Later version, marked "second draft", 15 May 1995, ts. 180 p. , with 12p. of photocopied material.
F. 5 Revised version of above draft, lightly annotated ts., 180 p. with 1p. of P.S.'s notes.
F. 6 Correspondence regarding title and design, April - November 1995, 42 p.
F. 7 Further revised draft, with two new sections ("The Ultimate Wine Tasting" and "Hollywood's New Rules") typed by P.B., 14 August 1995, p. 2 - 141, + 8p.
F. 8 Final revisions, additions and publicity, including P.B.'s typed sections, 54p.
F. 9 Flap copy and further final revisions, including P.B.'s typed sections, part dated 1 December 1995, 52p.

The Great Lakes. Toronto: Stoddart, 1996.
Box 315 Great Lakes, Research Binders
(numbers are not on original binders)
#1 General
#2 Supply and Transportation
#3 Canals
#4 Lumber
#5 Mining
#6 Shipwrecks and Storms

Box 316 Great Lakes, Research Binders, continued.
#1 History
#2 Fur Trade
#3 Cities and Waterfronts
#4 Conservation and Intruders

Box 317 Great Lakes, Research Material, continued.
F. 1 Research material - Parry Sound and Georgian Bay, photocopies, 17p.
F. 2 Research material - St. Lawrence Seaway and Lake Superior, photocopies, 93p.
F. 3 Research material, ecology.
F. 4 Research material - Georgian Bay, pamphlets.
F. 5 Research material - pamphlets and photocopies.
F. 6 Research material - pamphlets and photocopies.
F. 7 Research material, photocopies, 66p.
F. 8 Research material, photocopies, 93p.
F. 9 Research material, Lake Superior, photocopies, 107p.
F. 10 Research material and notes from Barb Sears, 35p.
F. 11 Research material, photocopies, 26p.

Box 318 Great Lakes, Research Material and Manuscript Drafts
F. 1 Research material, photocopies, 148p.
F. 2 Research material, Point Pelee, pamphlets
F. 3 Research material, Erie Canal, photocopies, 14p.
F. 4 Research material, storms and ghosts, photocopies, 37p.
F. 5 Research material, photocopies, photocopies, 34p.
F. 6 Research material, St. Lawrence Seaway, traffic report, 87p.
F. 7 Research material, Pontiac, photocopies, 21p.
F. 8 Research material, photocopies, 99p.
F. 9 Research material, photocopies and 1p. of notes by P.B., 87p.
F. 10 Research material, photocopies, 19p.
F. 11 Research material, index cards compiled by P.B., 95 cards.
F. 12 Correspondence with Peter Goddard regarding the book, August 1994 - May 1995,. Includes an outline of the proposed book, 21p.
F. 13 Further developed outlines, breakdown of text and pictures, May - August 1995, 51p.
F. 14 Later outlines, August 1995 - January 1996, 36p.
F. 15 Notes, comments and research material by Barbara Sears, 1995-6, 39p.
F. 16 Introduction (formerly Chapter 1 - The Mythic Road to Tartary), 13 December 1995, annotated ts., 14p.
F. 17 Chapter 1 - P.B.'s first rough draft, annotated ts., 11p.
F. 18 Chapter 1 - first (clean) draft, 3 April 1995, annotated ts., 8p.
F. 19 Chapter 1 - second draft, 5 April 1995, ts., 8p.
F. 20 Chapter 1 - third draft, 6 July 1995, ts., 9p.
F. 21 Chapter 1 - above draft, heavily revised, with replacement pages, ts.,18p.
F. 22 Chapter 1 - above draft, further revised, 25 August 1995., ts., 20p.
F. 23 Chapter 1 - final draft (4 Oct. 95) with Janet Craig's comments, revised final draft, with P.B.'s annotations and first edit version (23 Nov. 1995), 49p. total.

Box 319 Great Lakes, Manuscript drafts, continued.
F. 1 Chapter 2 (later Chap. 1), P.B.'s early draft, ts., 13p.
F. 2 Chapter 2, P.B.'s early draft, ts., 12p.
F. 3 Chapter 2, Another early draft by P.B., with 1p. ms. outline, 23p. total.
F. 4 Chapter 2 (later introduction), "The Mystical Road to Tartary", P.B.'s draft, ts., 22p.
F. 5 Chapter 2, first (clean) draft, 5 April 1995, ts., 19p.
F. 6 Chapter 2, second draft, 10 April 1995, ts., 19p.
F. 7 Chapter 2, third draft, 6 July 1995., ts., 19p.
F. 8 Chapter 2, above draft, incomplete, with P.B.'s ms. revisions, ts. 15p.
F. 9 Chapter 2, "final" draft, 4 October 1995, revised ts. pages, 7p.
F. 10 Chapter 2, revised final draft, 18 October 1995, 2 annotated tss., with different revisions, 16p. total.
F. 11 Chapter 3, first (clean) draft, 6 July 1995, 9p.
F. 12 Chapter 3, above draft, revised, with new opening pages typed by P.B., 12p. total.
F. 13 Chapter 3, final draft, 4 October 1995, 2 annotated tss., with different revisions, 16p.
F. 14 Chapter 4, P.B.'s first typed draft, 10p.
F. 15 Chapter 4, first (clean) draft, 5 July 1995, ts., 8p.
F. 16 Chapter 4, "final" draft, 4 October 1995, incomplete ts., 5p., revised ts., 10p.
F. 17 Chapter 4, above draft, two versions, with Janet Craig's and P.B.'s edits, 10p. total.
F. 18 Chapter 4, revised final, 1 December 1995, 2 clean versions, 12p. total; two revised versions, one with Janet Craig's revisions, one with P.B.'s revisions, 9p. total.
F. 19 Chapter 5, P.B.'s first typed draft, 12p.
F. 20 Chapter 5, P.B.'s first typed draft of another section, with part of chapter 4 incorporated, 9p.
F. 21 Chapter 5, first (clean) draft, "Tales of the big cut", 5 July 1995, ts., 9p.
F. 22 Chapter 5, (heading changed to Chapter 6), above draft with P.B's revisions and additions, annotated ts., 11p.
F. 23 Chapter 5 (now changed to 6) , second draft rewrite, 5 September 1995, ts., 10p.
F. 24 Chapter 5, "Big guns on Erie's waters", second draft, 5 September 1995, annotated ts., 8p.
F. 25 Chapter 5, 4 October 1995, final draft, 4 October 1995, two revised versions, one with Janet Craig's revisons, one with P.B.'s revisions, annotated ts., 20p.
F. 26 Chapter 6, P.B.'s first typed draft, annotated ts., 18p.
F. 27 Chapter 6, "Ontanagon Boulder", first (clean) draft, 5 July 1995, ts., 14p.
F. 28 Chapter 6 (now changed to 7), revised version of above draft, 14p.
F. 29 Chapter 6 (now changed to 7), second draft, 6 September 1995, ts., 7p.
F. 30 Chapter 6, "final" draft, 4 October 1995, ts., with Janet Craig's annotations, 14p.
F. 31 Chapter 6, (formerly ch. 4 & 5) "The war to control the lakes", "final first edit", 15 December 1995, 6p.
F. 32 Chapter 7 (here headed "Eight"), "Fire, storm and human frailty", P.B.'s first typed draft, annotated ts., 2p.
F. 33 Chapter 7, P.B's first full typed draft, annotated ts., 22p.
F. 34 Chapter 7, first (clean) draft, 17 July 1995, ts., 17p.
F. 35 Chapter 7, above draft, heavily annotated, 17p.
F. 36 Chapter 7, "final" draft, 4 October 1995, heavily annotated with Janet Craig's revisions. Also two notes from Craig to P.B., December 1995, ts., 19p. total.
F. 37 Chapter 8 (formerly ch. 7), P.B.'s first typed draft, heavily annotated ts., 15p.
F. 38 Chapter 8, first (clean) draft, ts., 11p.
F. 39 Chapter 8 (here changed to "Nine"), above draft, heavily annotated, 16p.
F. 40 Chapter 8, "Sagas of the big ditches, "final" draft, 4 October 1995, ts., incomplete, 2p.
F. 41 Chapter 8, complete version of above draft, with Janet Craig's annotations, 15p.
F. 42 Chapter 9 (formerly ch. 8), P.B.'s first typed draft, heavily annotated ts., 12p.
F. 43 Chapter 9, "Intruders that tranformed the lakes", first (clean) draft, 8 August 1995, 10p.
F.44 Chapter 9, "How much is a view worth?", "final" draft, 4 October 1995, with Janet Craig's annotations, ts., 8p.
F. 45 Chapter 10, "The fight for preservation", P.B.'s first typed draft, heavily annotated ts., 2p. with the balance of the chapter taken from first (clean) draft,
8 August 1995, 9p.
F. 46 Chapter 10, "The fight to save the inland seas", "final" draft, 4 October 1995, with Janet Craig's annotations, annotated ts., 8p.
F. 47 Chapter 11, 'My love affair with Point Pelee", P.B.'s first typed draft, 8p.
F. 48 Chapter 11, 2 more typed drafts by P.B., , both heavily annotated ts., 18p. total.
F. 49 Chapter 11, photocopies of above 2 drafts, 18p. total.
F. 50 Chapter 11, "second" draft, 14 September 1995, 2 copies, differently annotated tss., one incomplete, 11p. total.
F. 51 Chapter 11, another typed draft by P.B., 25 September 1995, faxed version, 8p.
F. 52 Chapter 11, 2nd draft rewrite, undated, ts., 5p.
F. 53 Chapter 11, "final" draft, 5 October 1995, with Janet Craig's annotations, annotated ts., 5p.
F. 54 Chapters 1 - 11, rough draft, composed of various earlier drafts and some new pages typed by P.B., heavily annotated typescript, 137p.
F. 55 Inserts, rejected and corrected pages, from various drafts, 40p.

Box 320 Great Lakes, Manuscript drafts, continued.
Final drafts, design and publicity material.

1967, The Last Good Year. Toronto: Doubleday, 1997.
Box 321 Research Binders
(numbers are not on the original binders)
#1 Pop Culture
#2 Youth
#3 Politics
#4 General
Box 322 Research Binders
#1 Expo
#2 Extras (X)
#3 State of the Nation (A1)
#4 Manners and morals
Box 323 Research Binders
#1 Centennial
#2 Indiana Dunes
#3 Special Places
#4 General (X2)
#5 Marshall McLuhan
#6 Quebec 1
Box 324 Research Binders
#1 Thompson
#2 Quebec 2
#3 State of the Nation (A)
#4 Vancouver Sun Headlines
#5 Gould
#6 Interviews

Box 325 1967, manuscript drafts
Box 326 1967, manuscript drafts
Box 327 1967, manuscript drafts
Box 328 1967, manuscript drafts
Box 329 1967, manuscript drafts

Worth Repeating, 1998[?]
Box 330 Worth Repeating, manuscript drafts

Box 331 Articles and shorter pieces - 1951 - 1998, including originals of a series of articles Berton wrote in Korea during 1951, published in Maclean's Magazine.
F. 1 [1948], "Alaska Highway", 2 part article
Annotated typescript, 6p. + 7p.
Korea Series for Maclean's Magazine, 1951
F. 2 "Refugee", typescript, 4p.
F. 3 "Notes: Section Leader", typescript, 7p.
F. 4 "This is the Enemy", typescript, 12p.
F. 5 "Nisei", typescript, 5p.
F. 6 "Tokyo", typescript, 11p.
F. 7 "Seoul", typescript, 5p., notes, 2p.
F. 8 "Pusan", typescript, 10p.
F. 9 "Airlift", typescript, 13p.
F. 10 "Prisoners of War", typescript, 5p.
F. 11 "The Long Ordeal of Mrs. Tak", typescript, 13p.
F. 12 "Milk Run to Korea", published version, Maclean's Magazine, 15 May 1951, 3p.
F. 13 "The Real War in Korea", published version, Maclean's Magazine, 1 August 1951, 2p.
F. 14 [1951?] "Myths of Old Vancouver", typescript, 6p., notes, 7p. and cartoon by P.B.
F. 15 [1950s?] Speech about children's books, duplicated typescript, 11p.
F. 16 1990. Canada. Short essay. Typescript, 2p. and accompanying letter, 1p.
F. 17 1992. "Canada 125" essay. Lists of names and drafts of text, typescript with some ms. notes, 157p.
F. 18 1992. "Canada 125". Lists of names and drafts of text, typescript with some ms. notes, 115p.
F. 19 1992. "Canada 125". Lists, typescript, and a letter from the publisher, 27 March 1992, 16p.
F. 20 1992. "Canada 125". Draft of names and text, typescript, 28p.
F. 21 1992. "Canada 125". Further drafts of the article, and related broadcast, typescript, 27p.
F. 22 1993. Arthur Irwin. Foreword for biography. Letter, drafts and final typescript, 18p.
F. 23 1993-4. "Polar Regions" essay for Illustrated Library of the Earth. Various drafts, typescript, and related correspondence, 172p.
F. 24 1994. "Glad Day Book Trial". Annotated typecsript, 2p. and related letter, 1p.
F. 25 1995. Attack on Montreal (children's book), draft typescript and comments, 7p.
F. 26 1996. My Times. Corrections for mass market edition, 3p.
F. 27 [1997?]. "Phillips Thompson. Reworked version of a 1960 article, typcscript, 5p.
F. 28 1995. Obituary for Max Braithwaite. 2 annotated typescript drafts, 7p.
F. 29 1997-8. Berton House, Dawson. Typescript, 4p.
F. 30 [1997?] [1967 book outline?], typescript, 1p.
F. 31 [1980s] Tour de Force: Notes for Quizmasters, typescript, 4p.
F. 32 [undated]. "Future WDT Projects", typescript, 1p.
F. 33 [undated]. List of books and journals prepared by P.B., typscript, 5p.
F. 34 [undated]. Nomination for W.O. Mitchell, typescript, 1p.
F. 35 [undated]. For National Library Collection, typescript, 1p.
F. 36 [undated]. "What Niagara Taught Me", typescript, 2p.
F. 37 [undated]. Fragments, typescript, 2p.

Non-manuscript material
F. 38 1972-3. The Pierre Berton Show.
Binder containing outlines, schedules, reviews and letters.
F. 39 1992. Correspondence regarding Revenge of the Tribes, 65p.
F. 40 1992. Editorial comment regarding Kane manuscript, 4p.
F. 41 1992. Editorial comment regarding Trapped in the Ice, 4p.
F. 42 [undated]. Expenses regarding My Times, 4p.
F. 43 Publicity re. Western release of The Great Depression, 1990, 18p.
F. 44 Article about PB, 1978.

Printed Materials and Photographs. -- 1969-1996. -- 1.2 m of textual records and photographs. -- Title based on content of series.

Box 332
National Dream (television series), 1972- Feb. 1974, 13 files of news clipppings.

Box 333
F.1-6 National Dream (television series), March 1974-Sept. 1974, 6 files of newsclippings
F.7 National Dream, CBC publication concerning the television series
F.8 Photographs, 2 b&w, taken by CBC of the series
F.9 National Dream (book), 1970-1971 press mentions, news clippings
F.10 National Dream (book), 1972, 1975, 1977, press mentions, news clippings
F.11 National Dream (book and television series), 1976, press mentions, news clippings
F.12 National Dream (book), 1970-91, reviews, McClelland and Stewart catalogue
F.13 National Dream and Last Spike (combined edition), 1974, notices and reviews
F.14 Impossible Railway, 1973, notices and reviews; other railway related news clippings; article by Doug Fisher
F.14 Cornelius Van Horne paintings collections, 1976-1977, news clippings and photocopy of invitation.

Box 334
F.1 The Great Railway, 1972, news clippings
F.2 The Great Railway, printed photographs
F.3 The Great Railway and Klondike, 1972, invitations and news clippings
F.4 Klondike, press releases
F.5 The Last Spike, 1971-1975, news clippings
F.6 The Last Spike, 1971, invitations to the cocktail breakfast, menus, news clippings
F.8 1969, one news clipping, concerning the American last spike
F.9-10 Periodicals
F.11 Monographs
F.12 Miscellaneous

Box 335
Mentions of Berton in the press, 1994-1995, seventeen files. F.17 contains Robertson Davies obituaries.

Box 336
Mentions of Berton in the press, 1996, nine files.

Box 337
Press mentions of books: (Dates refer to the dates of the news clippings)
F.1 Artic Grail, 1994
F.2 Comfortable Pew, 1994-95
F.3 Drifting Home, 1994-95
F.4 Flames Across the Border, 1994
F.5 Great Depression, 1994
F.6 Hollywood's Canada, 1994-95
F.7 Juvenile (various books, including Secret World of Og)
F.8 Just Water and Stir, 1995
F.9 Klondike, 1994-96
F.10 My Country, 1994
F.11 National Dream and Last Spike, 1994-96
F.12 Promised Land, 1994
F.13 Remarkable Past, 1994-96
F.14 Why We Act Like Canadians, 1994-95
F.15 The Great Lakes, 1996-97
F.16 My Times: Living with History, 1995-96
F.17 Niagara: A History of the Falls, 1994-96
F.18 Winter, 1994-96
F.19 Book Censorship (Little Sisters Bookstore), 1994-95
F.20 Dionne Family, 1994-96
F.21 Festival of Authors, 1995
F.22 Front Page Challenge, cancellation of, 1995

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