St. Jude's Anglican Church

Oakville, Ont.
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Baptisms, Marriages & Burials, 1842
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St. Jude's Anglican Church (Oakville, Ont.) St. Jude's Anglican Church (Oakville, Ont.) fonds. -- 1842-1977. -- 73 cm of textual records.

The first recorded service was held in Oakville by Rev. Thomas Green in August 1839. In 1842 a frame building was purchased from the Methodists to use as an Anglican church. In 1883 a new site was purchased and construction began on a new structure. A tower was built in 1896 and the church was expanded in 1956. For a more complete history see A.H. Lightbourn, Saint Jude's Church, Oakville, 1842-1957: An Historical Sketch. There is also a parish history up until 1930 in Parish Register B of this fonds.

The fonds consists of parish registers containing statistical records, Vestry, Cemetery Committee, Ladies' Auxiliary, and Parish Council minutes, and financial registers. Most of the fonds has been microfilmed on 5 reels, numbered 105-106, 116-118.

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The first recorded service in Oakville was celebrated by the Rev. Thomas Green who, in August 1839, came from Burlington on horseback. The earliest services were held in a frame school house which was shared with other religious denominations. In 1842 a frame building was purchased from the Methodists and adapted for use by the Anglicans. The cemetery and rectory were established west of town circa 1855. This rectory was subsequently sold due to its distance from the church and the present rectory was established in the 1970s. As the congregation had outgrown the church, a new site was purchased and the cornerstone of the present church was laid in June 1883. The Parish Hall was completed in 1887 and was extended in 1924. The Tower was built in 1896 and the chimes and clock installed in 1907. The church was further extended in 1956.

Note: There is a brief historical account of the parish by E.G. Pullen included with this index. (See also Church History in filing cabinet)

Historical Notes

by E.G. Pullen

Notes of, what was intended to be, a short and "amusing" history of St. Jude's Church, Oakville. Related by E.G. Pullen at a dinner for the outgoing and incoming members of the Parish Council at the Chamber of Commerce, Feb. 6 1974.

 It is a privilege to address such a distinguished group of St. Jude's people and to conclude that perhaps I was selected because, in the early years of the century, I was born along the street from the church and have been a member of St. Jude's since baptism at its Font.

 I am grateful to the late Harvey Lightbourne for his historical sketch 1842-1957, to Archbishop Jackson, Mrs. George Doty and other friends for pertinent, and sometimes amusing, information about St. Jude's and her people.

 I propose to speak first of People, then Buildings, Finances and Music.

August 12 1839 -- The Rev. Thomas Green came on horseback from St. Luke's, Wellington Square (Now Burlington) with his sacramental vessels and robes in saddle bags to celebrate the first recorded Eucharist in Oakville. It was then a community of some 500 souls with a Grist Mill, Tannery, Shipyards, blacksmith shop and, of course, several Pubs!

1842 -- the first Rector was George Winter Warr who, over a span of 132 years, has been followed by 12 Rectors to Ian Dingwall the 14th. The briefest incumbency is Salter Givens for 1 year-1851, here as Canon Russell Smith (father of Frank Smith, Nora Gibson and Hilda Milne) served 17 years-1926-43 and Cannon Worrell (great grandfather of Dr. Jack Worrell) served 34 years - 1869-1903.

Rev. L.W.B. Broughall - 1907-1911 became Bishop of Niagara in 1932. Canon F.C. Jackson - 1947-1958 is now Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Province of Rupert's Land. A son of Canon Worrell was Primate of the Canadian church.

Of the St. Jude's families which might be considered indigenous there are only 5 clergymen and Sally Armstrong (now Whitney-Mrs. K.T. Chisholm's daughter).

There is an interesting story about a long service Rector, in the previous century, who is reported to have had many arguments with his wife. She decided that such a argumentative person would not rest beside her in the cemetery, so she planted a sapling in one of the two family grave spaces. Pre-deceasing him she occupied the other space and when, some years later, he followed, a large pine tree beside her made it necessary for him to be buried at her feet. Archbishop Jackson reports that he searched for, and found, the large pine tree placed as described.

 In the matter of Mission it is interesting to note that St. Cuthbert's, established in 1915 as a non-denominational church on the Town Line (now Winston Churchill Blvd), subsequently became mission of St. Jude's and then, in 1956, was moved to 9th Line and became a separate parish. In 1952 St. Jude's bought property on Queen Mary Drive and, under the guidance of Canon Jackson, initiated and largely financed the original building of St. Aiden's which was for a time a mission of St. Jude's along with St. Simon's established in 1957. In earlier days the Church of the Epiphany was also a mission.

Among the laity it is interesting to note names such as Armstrong, Bath, Byers, Chisholm, Davis (W.S. Davis 51 years a Warden), Grout, Hillmer, Lightbourne (E.T. Lightbourne 30 years Sunday School Supt.), Read, Williams (Mrs. J.S.w. Williams 40 years President of the Chancel Guild), Worrell. These are representative of may families devoted to the mission and welfare of St. Jude's. Commendable as long service in office may be, it was subsequently decided to limit the term of service in some offices, such as warden, to 3, and later 2, years in the interest of having more broad representation.

 It seems that earlier Vestry meetings were as vigorous as some of ours but perhaps on different subjects. In 1873 there was a very heated discussion about the presentation of the offering. At the conclusion, a Warden and father of a clergyman, Mr. Justus Williams, collapsed and died of a heart attack.

 In 1907 a Business Committee of 10 was established with names still familiar to many, Biggar, Bath, Chisholm, Green, Hillmyer, Byers, Read, Felan, Stansbury, Welsh and Colwell. For some reason, not disclosed, the following year this was replaced by an Advisory Board of 5 members of whom not all came from the Business Committee. Perhaps it is revealing to note that the enabling resolution stated, in part, "Shall confer no executive powers, nor, in any way derogate from the rights and duties of the Rector, Church Wardens, and Vestry".

 In 1948 Canon Jackson and Wardens Ralph Young and Percy Cowan established the Parish Council much as we now know it.

 In 132 years we changed from the Diocese of Toronto to the Diocese of Niagara, formed in 1875, and grew from a few families and individuals and one of 6 Anglican Churches.



1839 Services were conducted in a frame school house on the bank of 16 Mile Creek. Not that the creek is 16 miles long, but it is 16 miles from Dundas on Governor Simcoe's Road, now No. 5 Highway.

1842 It appears the Methodists had to dispose of their church, a frame building, on the N.W. corner of Colborne (Lakeshore Rd. E.) and Thomas St. so the Anglicans bought it and altered it considerably. Subsequently when the Methodists asked if they might use it on occasion the Anglicans refused! In later years this site became the Merchant's Bank and is now the Bank of Montreal.

Circa 1855 land was purchase west o the town and the cemetery and rectory were established. The rectory was a large building at the lake in quite extensive grounds which became known as "Holyrood". The lower ground to the East is much more recent addition to the original cemetery.

1871 or thereabouts, the Rector lost his way in a snowstorm, returning from Evensong, and, but for his faithful dog, might have spent the night in a drift. This event consolidated a decision in the making and a new rectory was built on the present site at the corner of Dunn and William Streets.

1883 Having outgrown the church on Colborne St. land was purchased on the S.E. corner of Thomas and William Streets (from a Methodist, I understand). The cornerstone was laid 13 June, 1883 and, on the authority of the diary of a prominent Methodist, George Sumner, the first service was 16 December 1883. He was the grandfather of the late George P.c.S.. Doty and with the kind permission of his widow the following is this entry: "Sunday, Dec. 16 1883 - Carrie and I was at the opening of the English Church. Heard the Rev. Mr. Mockridge from a part of the 1st ver of Chap St. John. In the p.m. Mary and I went and heard Rev. Mr. Tremayne from the latter part of the 7th ver of the 4th Chap Joshua. Mary and I went at our own Church this Eve. Clear and pretty cold though fine."

1887 The Sunday School Building was completed. Queen Victoria's Jubilee window at the east end of the main hall was given by Christopher Armstrong.

1896 The Tower was built and in 1907 the chimes and clock were installed at a cost of $4,417.16. The old bell was given to the church at Glen Williams.

1913 about 18 December, in the afternoon, the floor in the nave caught fire from an overheated furnace. Oakville's Volunteer Fire Brigade saved the building from total destruction but damage was very extensive. The Presbyterians and the Methodists offered their churches for Christmas services but the Anglicans declined and "made do" admist the dust and debris of alterations in the Sunday School building then in progress. So much for ecumenism!

1956 The extension from the bell tower door northwards, including the balcony, to give a total of 450 seats as well as on the west (north of the kitchen) to provide offices and a new choir vestry was completed at a cost of $115,000.00.



1875 At the first sessions of the Synod of the Diocese of Niagara my grandfather, Hugh F. Pullen, was a lay delegate. He returned with the frightening news that St. Jude's apportionment had been doubled from $2.50 to $5.00 P.c.S./a. In 1890 it had grown to $9.00 and in 1947 to $1,500.00. In 1969 St. Jude's voluntarily made its apportionment $31,000.00. In 1972 it declined to $21,000.00 but became $25,000.00 in 1973.

1890 Income $477 plus Pew Rental $529 = $1006. Expenses, Rector $600, Blowing organ (by hand pump) $16, coal $58, cutting wood .50, wine $4.90, taxes $7.28.

1901 cancelled pew rentals (some of the card holders are still on the pews) and adopted the envelope system with separate Parochial and Mission sections.

1945 Income $13, 263.50, Rector $3,000, fuel $739, Taxes $340.

Mid to end 1960's Adopted policy of $1 for others for every $1 spent on St. Jude's. Income grew to exceed $90,000.00 P.c.S./a with certain notable contributions of $10,000.00 to PWRDF and $10,000. to St. Aidan's in one year. The ensuing decline eliminated $ for $.

1973 Income $114,000, Utilities $4,980, Taxes $1,615 and given to others 25 percent.



1851-62 Page 8 of Harvey Lighbourn's Historical Sketch gives a description of the Progression from singing only the metrical version of the Psalms to the glorias to a 4 instrument orchestra in the gallery, with some confusion between the orchestra and the choir, to a harmonium to an organ built by "an old gentleman who lived down the Lakeshore". It is not clear whether this was Richard Coates or whether the Coates organ followed that built by the old gentleman.

1899 A new organ was installed at a cost of $1,900. and lasted 36 years.

1908 The choir was surpliced.

1937 While E. DeCourcey Fletcher (Marnie Fraser's father) was organist and choirmaster a Casavant organ was installed at a cost of $5,000. At some time during Mr. Fletcher's period the organ was still hand pumped by Cecil Gillan, a slow but very faithful attendant to various duties about the church. An argument developed as to who was most important, the pumper or the player. As the organist was rather positive about the importance of his skill Cecil decided to cease pumping during the voluntary, the following Sunday, and when the organist looked up in bewilderment he was greeted with the comment "now who is most important?".

1949 G. Melbourne Evans joined St. Jude's as organist and Choirmaster. His outstanding contribution to the music of the church is self evident. His development of a boys choir has contributed most, not only in terms of music, but in the musical training, discipline and exposure to church life of hundreds of boys.

1968 New Allen Organ installed at a cost of $50,000 by special contributions.


I - Index of Parish Registers

a) List of Parish Registers

Parish Register A

(This register includes some confirmation entries for St. Luke's, Palermo)

Baptisms July 1842-Sept. 1922
Confirmations June 1918-Dec. 1922,
Marriages Dec. 1842-Aug. 1911
(Publications of Banns, Aug. 1867-July 1903)
Vestrymen card. 1847
Pew Holders card. 1847
List of Members of the Church (pre 1865)
Burials Dec. 1842-Aug. 1848, 1851-1925
Parish Register B
Baptisms Jan. 1923-Dec. 1929
Confirmations Dec. 1923-Dec. 1929
Marriages Jan. 1923-Dec. 1929
Burials Jan. 1923-Dec. 1929
Parish History
Parish Register C
Baptisms Jan. 1930-Dec. 1933
Confirmations Feb. 1930-Dec. 1933
Marriages Mar. 1930-Dec. 1933
Burials Jan. 1930-Dec. 1933
Parish Register D Baptisms Jan. 1934-May 1941 1st/117
  Confirmations Dec. 1934-Dec. 1940
Marriages Jan. 1934-May 1941
Burials Feb. 1934-Dec. 1941
Parish Register E
Baptisms May 1941-Mar. 1948
Confirmations Dec. 1941-Dec. 1949
Marriages June 1941-July 1953
Burials Jan. 1942-June 1953
Parish Register F
Baptisms Mar. 1948-Oct. 1953 118
Parish Register G
Baptisms Oct. 1953-Dec. 1971 118
Parish Register H
Marriages Sept. 1896-1913
(Some duplication of Register A)
Parish Register I
Marriages July 1913-June 1925
(These appear to be in addition to those
in Register B)
Parish Register J
Marriages Aug. 1953-June 1974 118
Parish Register K
Church Families Mar. 1902-1904
Confirmations May 1904-1910
Communicants circa or pre 1902
Families and offerings 1904-1908
Services Mar. 1920-Oct. 1907
Confirmations Dec. 1934-Dec. 1940
Parish Register L Vestry Book Oct. 1907-Dec. 1922 105
Parish Register M Vestry Book Jan. 1923-Sept. 1935 105
Parish Register N Vestry Book Sept. 1935-Sept. 1944 105
Parish Register O Vestry Book Oct. 1944-July 1951 105
Parish Register P Vestry Book July 1951-Jan. 1970 105
Parish Register Q Vestry Meeting Minutes
Jan. 1878-Apr.1890
Parish Register R Vestry Meeting Minutes
Mar. 1891-Mar. 1913
Parish Register S Vestry Meeting Minutes
Apr. 1913-Jan. 1925
Parish Register T Vestry Meeting Minutes
Jan. 1926-Jan. 1942
Parish Register U Vestry Meeting Minutes
Jan. 1943-Jan. 1954
Parish Register V Vestry Meeting Minutes
Jan. 1955-Jan. 1977 (Current)
Parish Register W Cemetery Committee Minutes
Jan. 1945-Jan. 1959
Parish Register X Index of Cemetery Lots (to c.1950?) 116
Parish Register Y Index of Cemetery Lots,
Lots for Perpetual Care, 1935-1945
Parish Register Z Cemetery Record
July 1942-Aug. 1959
Parish Register AA List of Cemetery Lots,
Nov. 1862-Dec. 1959
Parish Register BB Minutes of Meetings of the Ladies'
Auxiliary Mar. 1895-Nov. 1900
Parish Register CC Parish Council Minutes
Feb. 1947-Oct. 1950
Envelope #1 Copy of Original Deed of
Consecration, St. Jude's Cemetery, 1868.
Draft Minutes of Vestry Meetings c.1916.
Women's Auxiliary Hymn Sheets.
not filmed
  Year Book and Church Directory c.1931.
Small Cemetery Plan.

b) List of Financial Registers

Account Book #1 Cemetery Committee Cash Book,
Jan. 1930-Dec. 1944
Account Book #2 Sunday School Account Book,
Jan. 1889-Mar. 1908
Account Book #3 Financial Statements,
1869, 1885, 1889, 1890, 1891-97
Account Book #4 Financial Statements,
Account Book #5 Financial Statements,
(1943 missing)

II - Index of Statistical Records

a) Baptisms

July 1842-Sept. 1922 Parish Register A 116
Jan. 1923-Dec. 1929 Parish Register B 117
Jan. 1930-Dec. 1933 Parish Register C 117
Jan. 1934-May 1941 Parish Register D 1st half 117
    2nd half 118
May 1941-Mar. 1948 Parish Register E 118
Mar. 1948-Oct. 1953 Parish Register F 118
Oct. 1953-Dec. 1971 Parish Register G 118

b) Confirmations

1843-1917 Parish Register A 116
May 1904-1910 Parish Register K 116
June 1918-Dec. 1922 Parish Register A 116
Dec. 1923-Dec. 1929 Parish Register B 117
Feb. 1930-Dec. 1933 Parish Register C 117
Dec. 1934-Dec. 1940 Parish Register D 1st half 117
    2nd half 118
Dec. 1941-Dec. 1949 Parish Register E
1950-1966 Parish Register DD 359
1967-1994 Parish Register DD 359

c) Marriages

Dec. 1842-Aug. 1911 Parish Register A 116
Sept. 1896-1913 Parish Register H 116
July 1913- June 1925 Parish Register I 116
Jan. 1923-Dec. 1929 Parish Register B 117
Mar. 1930-Dec. 1933 Parish Register C 117
Jan. 1934-May 1941 Parish Register D 1st half 117
    2nd half 118
June 1941-July 1953 Parish Register E 118
Aug. 1953-June 1974 Parish Register J 118
  1974-1980 Parish Register FF 359
  1980-1986 Parish Register GG 359
  1986-1992 Parish Register HH 359

d) Burials

Dec. 1842-Aug. 1848 Parish Register A 116
1851-1925 Parish Register A 116
Jan. 1923-Dec. 1929 Parish Register B 117
Jan. 1930-Dec. 1933 Parish Register C 117
Feb. 1934-Dec. 1941 Parish Register D 118
Jan. 1942-June 1953 Parish Register E 118
See also Cemetery Indices, Lists and Records listed in III.
Parish Register II 359

III - Other Records

a) Vestry Books (Services)

Mar. 1902-Oct. 1907 Parish Register K 116
Oct. 1907-Dec. 1922 Parish Register L 105
Jan. 1923-Sept. 1935 Parish Register M 105
Sept. 1935-Sept. 1944 Parish Register N 105
Oct. 1944-July 1951 Parish Register O 105
July 1951-Jan. 1970 Parish Register P 105

b) Minutes of Vestry Meetings

Jan. 1878-Apr. 1890 Parish Register Q 116
Mar. 1891-Mar. 1913 Parish Register R 105
Apr. 1913-Jan. 1925 Parish Register S 106
Jan. 1926-Jan. 1942 Parish Register T 106
Jan. 1943-Jan. 1954 Parish Register U 106
Jan. 1955-Jan. 1977
(current-original returned to church)
Parish Register V 116

c) Cemetery Committee Minutes, Indices and Lists

List of Cemetery Lots
Nov. 1862-Dec. 1959
Parish Register AA 116
Index of Cemetery Lots
Parish Register Y 116
Cemetery Record
Parish Register Z 116
Cemetery Committee
Parish Register W 106
Index of Cemetery Lots
(to c. 1950?)
Parish Register X 116

d) Minutes of Meetings of the Ladies' Auxiliary

Mar. 1895-Nov. 1900 Parish Register BB 116

e) Parish Council Meeting Minutes

Feb. 1947-Oct. 1950 Parish Register CC 106

f) Church Families and Communicants

c. or pre 1902
Parish Register K 116
Church Families
Mar. 1902-1904
Parish Register K 116
Families and Offerings
Parish Register K 116

g) Draft Minutes, Hymn Sheets, Year Book, etc.

1913-1916 Draft Minutes of Envelope #1
  Vestry Meetings not filmed
c. 1895-1900 Women's Auxiliary Envelope 31
  Hymn Sheets not filmed
c. 1931 Year Book-lists officers, families, etc.
Cemetery Plan-original returned to church.
1868 Copy of Original Deed of Consecration,
St. Jude's Cemetery.
not filmed

h) Parish History

Origins to c.1930 Parish Register B 117