St. Christopher's Anglican Church

Burlington, Ont.
Fonds - Brief Description: 

St. Christopher's Anglican Church (Burlington, Ont.) fonds. -- 1952-1994. -- 37 cm of textual records.

The first services at St. Christopher's mission took placed on 2 March 1952. In 1954 St. Christopher's was declared a parish by the Bishop of Niagara. Construction began on a church which was opened in 1955. The congregation grew rapidly and in 1961 St. Elizabeth's Church was established in east Burlington, followed in 1963 by St. Phillip's in north Burlington. For a more complete history see The First Thirty Years, 1952-1982.

The fonds consists of parish registers containing statistical records and services. The fonds has been microfilmed on 3 reels, numbered 320-322. The fonds contains some statistical records for St. John's Church (Burlington, Ont.) and Grace Church (Waterdown, Ont.).

Title based on content of fonds.
Fonds on deposit. Ownership of fonds resides with St. Christopher's.
Finding aid available in hard copy and electronically.
Researchers are requested to use the microfilms. They must also sign an agreement of use form.
Further accruals are expected

Finding Aid: 

I - List of Parish Registers

Parish Register A Baptisms, 1952-1957 320
Parish Register B Baptisms, 1958-1960 320
Parish Register C Baptisms, 1960-1963 320
Parish Register D Baptisms, 1963-1967 320
Parish Register E Baptisms, 1967-1988 321
Parish Register F Marriages, 1955-1969 321
Parish Register G Marriages, 1969-1979 321
Parish Register H Marriages, 1980-1985 321
Parish Register I Marriages, 1986-1994 321
Parish Register J Confirmations, 1955-1964 322
Parish Register K Confirmations, 1964-1978 322
Parish Register L Services, 1952-1961 322
Parish Register M Services, 1962-1967 322
Parish Register N Services, 1967-1975 322
Parish Register O Services, 1976-1980 322
Parish Register P Services, 1980-1984 322
Parish Register Q Services, 1984-1988 322
Parish Register R Services, 1988-1992 322

II - Index of Statistical Registers

a) Baptisms

Nov. 1952-Dec. 1957 Parish Register A 320
Jan. 1958-Dec. 1960 Parish Register B 320
Dec. 1960-June 1963 Parish Register C 320
June 1963-April 1967 Parish Register D 320
April 1967-Jan. 1988 Parish Register E 321

b) Marriages

May 1955-Aug. 1969 Parish Register F 321
Aug. 1969-Dec. 1979 Parish Register G 321
Feb. 1980-Dec. 1985 Parish Register H 321
April 1986-May 1994 Parish Register I 321

c) Confirmations

April 1955-May 1964 Parish Register J 322
May 1964- Nov. 1978 Parish Register K 322
Note: Register K continues from Register J and also includes some names from St. John's, Burlington (Nelson) and Grace Church, Waterdown.

d) Burials

The first burial register is still currently (1996) in use at the church.    

III - Other Records

Service or Vestry Books    
1952-1961 Parish Register L 322
1962-1967 Parish Register M 322
1967-1975 Parish Register N 322
1976-1980 Parish Register O 322
1980-1984 Parish Register P 322
1984-1988 Parish Register Q 322
1988-1992 Parish Register R 322
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