Christ Anglican Church

St. Catharines, Ont.
Fonds - Brief Description: 

Christ Anglican Church (St. Catharines, Ont.) fonds. -- 1874-2004. -- 45 cm of textual records.

Christ Church was founded by some members of the congregation of St. George's because they felt that "creeping ritualistic practices" were being introduced into services there. Christ Church opened on 1 January 1873. As the population grew, it became necessary to establish a third church, St. Thomas, on the town side of the Welland Canal. Christ Church did not become a separate parish again until 1914. Construction began on a new, larger church in 1959. See also a parish history to 1960 in Parish Register A of this fonds.

The church was closed and deconsecrated by the Rt. Rev. Ralph Spence, Bishop of Niagara, on 28 December 2004.

Fonds consists of parish registers containing statistical records, Vestry, Parish Council, Men's Club, and Young People's Association minutes and financial registers, and correspondence. Most of the fonds has been microfilmed on 5 reels, numbered 87, 97-98, 100, 257. Some early Vestry minutes can be found in the St. Thomas' Church, St. Catharines, Ont. fonds.

Title based on content of fonds.
Fonds on deposit. Ownership of the fonds resides with Christ Church.
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Historical Notes

The origins of Christ Church may be traced back at least as far as 1870, for it was in this year that a number of the members of St. George's, then the parish church, left the congregation. Dating to 1870 or earlier,  Christ Church is the second oldest Anglican Church in St. Catharines. The rector of St. George's and his curates conducted services in a school house on Western Hill until the original Christ Church Building was completed. The first rector was appointed in 1873.

As the numbers in the parish grew it was found necessary to provide for a service on the town side of the Canal and thus, in September 1877, the cornerstone of St. Thomas' Church was laid. Christ Church parish now had two churches, Christ Church on the west side and St. Thomas' Church on the east side of the Canal. The work of the parish came to centre upon the larger congregation, St. Thomas', and Christ Church was not to become a separate parish again until June 1914.

The stone Parish Hall was formally opened on the 1st of January 1914. During 1957 the 85th anniversary of the parish was celebrated and a feast of dedication was conducted. Also during this year, due to the growth of the parish and the bad state of repair of the 85-year-old wooden church, it was decided to build a new structure. In October 1959 the sod turning for the new, larger church was carried out.

Note: The history of the early years of Christ Church has been taken from the Anglican Church Histories (q.v.). The information concerning the later period may be found, at greater length, in Parish Register A.


I - List of Parish Registers

a) Statistical and General

Parish Register A
Baptisms 1914-1933
Confirmations 1914-1954
Marriages 1914-1929
Burials 1914-1949
Parish History 1914-1960
Parish Register B Baptisms 1933-1956 97 1st half
    98 2nd half
Parish Register C Baptisms 1956-1963 98
Parish Register D Marriages 1929-1954 98
Parish Register E Vestry Book 1932-1945 98
Parish Register F Vestry Book 1945-1957 98
Parish Register M Vestry Meeting Minute Book
Parish Register G Vestry Meeting Minute Book
Parish Register H Vestry Meeting Minute Book
Parish Register I Parish Council Minutes 1955
Declaration 1955
Bible Class Attendance 1938
Parish Register J Parish Council Minutes 1955-1965 98
Parish Register K Christ Church Men's 98 1st half
  Club Minutes
87 2nd half
Parish Register L Christ Church A.Y.P.A. Minutes
Parish Register MM Baptisms 1964-2004 439
Parish Register N Marriages 1954-1983 440
Parish Register O Marriage 1984-2004 440
Parish Register P Confirmation 1962-1999 440
Parish Register Q Burials 1949-2004 440
Parish Register R Vestry Book 1957-1982 441
Parish Register S Vestry Book 1982-1988 442
Parish Register T Vestry Book 1989-1998 442
Parish Register U Vestry Book 1998-2004 442
File #1 A.Y.P.A. Correspondence
not filmed

b) Financial

Account Book #1 1923-1939 100
Account Book #2 1940-1955 100
Account Book #3 1956-1959 100
Account Book #4 1960-1961 100
Account Book #5 A.Y.P.A. Accounts 1938-1956 87
Account Book #6 Sunday School Accounts 1948-1955 100
Account Book #7 New Church Building Fund Accounts

II - Index of Statistical Records

a) Baptisms

1914-1933 Parish Register A 97
1933-1956 Parish Register B 97 1st half
    98 2nd half
1956-1963 Parish Register C 98
1964-2004 Parish Register MM 439

b) Confirmations

1914-1954 Parish Register A 97
1962-1999 Parish Register P 440

c) Marriages

1914-1929 Parish Register A 97
1929-1954 Parish Register D 98
1954-1983 Parish Register N 440
1984-2004 Parish Register O 440

d) Burials

1914-1949 Parish Register A 97
1949-2004 Parish Register Q 440

III - Index of Financial Records

a) General Accounts

1923-1939 Account Book #1 100
1940-1955 Account Book #2 100
1956-1959 Account Book #3 100
1960-1961 Account Book #4 100

b) Specific Accounts

1938-1956 A.Y.P.A. Accounts
- Account Book #5
1948-1955 Sunday School Accounts
- Account Book #6
1959-1961 New Church Building Fund
- Account Book #7

IV - Other Records

a) Vestry Books

1932-1945 Parish Register E 98
1945-1957 Parish Register F 98
1957-1982 Parish Register R 441
1982-1988 Parish Register S 442
1989-1998 Parish Register T 442
1998-2004 Parish Register U 442

b) Vestry Meetings - Minutes

1872-1879 Parish Register M 257
1938-1961 Parish Register G 98
1961-1970 Parish Register H 98
Note: Accounts of some early Vestry Meetings may be found among the records of St. Thomas' Church, St. Catharines.

c) Parish Council Meetings - Minutes

1955 Parish Register I 98
1955-1965 Parish Register J 98

d) Men's Club Minutes

1948-1955 Parish Register K 98 1st half
    87 2nd half

e) A.Y.P.A. Minutes and Correspondence

Parish Register L 87
File #1 not filmed

f) Parish History

1914-1960 Parish Register A 97



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