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Jack Winter fonds. 6th accrual

Note: All sound recordings and moving images are stored separately. They are described in this finding aid with the textual records that they reflect.

Stage plays, radio and television plays
Box 59
Before Compiege
F.1 Preface, manuscript, revised typescript, typescript, 1986-1988

Caboose to Moose Jaw
F.2 Story proposal, outline, draft script, 1987-1988
F.3 Manuscripts, draft script, Feb.-April 1988

Family Matters
Performed in March 1988 at Chameleon Studio, Montreal
F.4 Manuscripts, administrative and publicity correspondence
F.5 Production script, earlier typescripts

2 audio cassettes, recorded at Chameleon Theatre, 19 March 1988

Base on the writings of Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin
F.6 Revised typescript, summer 1984
F.7 Final typescript, 1987
F.8 BBB radio script, 1988
F.9 Manuscripts and typescripts, June 1988
F.10 Preliminary draft typescript, July 1988
F.11 Draft typescript, Aug. 1988
F.12 Draft typescript, uncut, 1988

3 audio cassettes of BBC broadcast, 12.04.88
2 audio reels, recorded 2/5/85, Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Letters from the Earth
Based on the writings of Mark Twain
Radio and television
F.13-4 Manuscripts and typescripts, 1985-1987
F.15 Radio version, typescript, 1985
F.16-7 Television version, typescript with revisions, Aug. 1987
F.18 Television version, typescript, 1987
F.19 Television version, final typescript, correspondence, 1987-88

Box 60
Mask of the Bear
Working title, A Bird in the House
Based on the short story, Mask of the Bear, by Margaret Laurence
F.1 Manuscripts and typescripts, 1970-1987

Video-cassette (format not known, but not VHS), produced by Canadian Broadcasting Corp., Oct. 8, 1988

Saltykov’s World
Based on the writings of Mikhail Saltykov
F.2 Manuscripts and typescripts, 1985-1986
F.3 Revised typescript, final typing, Aug. 1986
F.4 Typescript, 1986
F.5 BBC radio script, 1986

Colloquium for the Stage
“Cursur and Precursor: The Toronto Theatre, 1960-76”
F.6 Manuscripts and typescripts, 1988

2 audio cassettes, recorded 3 February 1988, at the Norris Building, Concordia Centre for Broadcasting Studies, Montreal

F.7 Outline for “Street-Games”, 1988

Misplaced Persons (1995)
F.8 Typescript, 1988. File also contains a poster for a reading by White at Concordia University.
Poetry and Shorter Prose
F.9 Miscellaneous poems
F.10-4 “The Career Master”, “Entitlement”, “HIM”, “Ishana and Ian”, “Patience”

F.15 Manuscript and typescript drafts, Nov. 1984-July 1985
F.16 Manuscript and typescript drafts, Aug. 1985
F.17 Manuscript and typescript drafts, Sept.-Nov., 1985

On Not Teaching Creative Writing (not published?)
F.18 Two small notebooks containing ms. notes
F.19 “In Residence”, ts. carbon, 1986. Untitled ts. carbon, 1986
Manuscripts and typescripts:
F.20 March 1986
F.21 April 1986
F.22 May 1986
F.23 June 1986
F.24 July-Aug. 1986
F.25 Oct.-Dec. 1986

Box 61
F.1 Jan. 1987
F.2 Feb. 1987
F.3 Mar. 1987
F.4 April 1987
F.5 May 1987
F.6 June 1987
F.7 Corrected typescript, 16 July 1987
F.8 Typescript incorporating changes of 16 July
F.9 Extracts from final typescript
F.10 Manuscripts and typescripts, Sept. 1988

Box 62
F.1 1979, 1982, 1985-1986
F.2 1987
F.3 1988

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