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Jack Winter fonds. 5th accrual. Textual records, graphic material, sound recording.

Stage Plays

Box 50
F.1 The Golem of Venice. Early use of golem theme in version of “Before Compiegne”. Ts. and ms., 104 pp.
F.2 The Golem of Venice. Early draft, with research notes. Ms., 107 pp.
F. 3 The Golem of Venice. Median version (1965-66). Ts. and ms., 34 pp.
F.4 The Golem of Venice. Various draft versions (up to 1966). Ts., 125 pp.
F.5 The Golem of Venice. 1983 version (ts.) with ms. notes, 149 + 22 pp.
F.6 Party Day. Correspondence, 1968-69, 169 pp.
F.7 Party Day. Photographs, 50 items.
F.8 Party Day. Programmes, 10 items.

Box 51
F.1 Before Compiegne. 1982 version (prepared for Ipswich but not produced). Promptbook, ts. and ms., 160 pp.
F.2 Before Compiegne. 1983 ts., 79 pp. (bound).
F.3 Before Compiegne. 1984 ts., 86 pp. (bound).
F.4 You Can’t Get There From Here. Television version (1974), ts. (photocopy), 143 pp. + a congressional committee report on “Covert Action in Chile” (photocopy), 31 pp.

Radio Plays
F.5 Golovlovo. Working draft, ts. and ms., 143 pp.
F.6 Golovlovo. Various draft sections, ts. and ms. (1977-84), 237 pp.
F.7 Golovlovo. Ts. (1984), 91 pp.
F.8 Golovlovo. Ts. (1984), 93 pp.

Box 52
F.1 Haydon. Original draft material, ts. and ms., 343 pp.
F.2 Haydon. Ts. (car), 1979, 42 pp.
F.3 Haydon. Ts. (car), 1979, 51 pp.
F.4 Haydon. Drafts of reworked script (1980-84), 97 pp.
F.5 Haydon. Preliminary typing of final version, ts., 51 pp.
F.6 Haydon. Final typing (1981), ts., 59 pp.
F.7 Haydon. Draft additions (Feb.-March 1984) , ms. and ts., 51 pp.
F.8 Haydon. Late ts. (March 1984), 50 pp.
F.9 Haydon. Final ts. (1984), 46 pp.
F.10 Balance. Synopsis, notes, script etc, ts. and ms., 101 pp .

Film script
Box 53

F.1 Selling Out. Script, ts. and ms., 86 pp.
F.2 Selling Out. Research material, 19 pp.
F.3 Selling Out. Correspondence etc., 74 pp.

F.4 Tales of the Emperor (novel). Early (1970) ts., 120 pp.
F.5 Tales of the Emperor. Ts. (photocopy), 1974, 77 pp.
F.6 Tales of the Emperor. 1978 draft, ts. and ms., 224 pp.
F.7 Tales of the Emperor. 1979 draft, ts. and ms., 268 pp.

Box 54
F.1 Tales of the Emperor. 1980 draft, ts. and ms., 292 pp.
F.2 Tales of the Emperor. Ts., 1980, 130 pp.
F.3-4 Tales of the Emperor. Drafts. of September-October, 1980, ts. and ms., 343 + 259 pp.
F.5 Tales of the Emperor. “Preliminary working version” (November-December 1980) ts., 127 pp.

Box 55
F.1 Tales of the Emperor. “Final working version” (November-December 1980), ts., 194 pp.
F.2 Tales of the Emperor. Ts. (1981), 40 pp.
F.3 Tales of the Emperor. Notes, miscellaneous material etc., 311 pp.
F.4 Agnes (novel). Various drafts., 1981-83, ts. and ms., 373 pp.
F.5 Eddy’s Visit (novella). Draft (1981-84), ms. and ts., 119 pp.

Short Stories
Box 56
F.1 “Ishana and Ian”. Ts. and ms., 9 pp.
F.2 “Julia’s Gift”. Ts. and ms., 89 pp.
F.3 “Andrew”. Ts. and ms. (including some research material), 172 pp.
F.4 “Patience”. Ts. and ms., 97 pp.
F.5 “Entitlement”. Ts. and ms., 85 pp.
F.6 “The Careers Master”. Ts. and ms., 148 pp.

F.7 Misplaced Persons. Ts., 58 pp. (poems and stories) .
F.8 Misplaced Persons. Bound ts. , 65 pp .
F.9-10 Individual poems. (1977-84) in various drafts., ts. and ms., 115 + 123 pp.

Box 58
F.1 “Do You Mean Joined-Up Writing?” Ms. and ts., 128 pp.
F.2 “Do You Mean Joined-Up Writing?” Production script for concert, ts. (2c.), 38 pp.
F.3 “Do You Mean. ..?” Correspondence re article, 15 pp.
F.4 “Do You Mean. ..?” audio reel of concert.
F.5 “Commerce and the Arts: An Immodest Proposal”. Ts. and correspondence, 37 pp.

General Correspondence
F.6 A- K
F.7 L -Z

Box 59
Other material
F.1 Ontario Centennial Planning Branch. Correspondence, agendas, minutes, reports. 56 pp.
F.2 Reader’s reports. by Winter (for publishers). 62 pp.
F.3 Writers in Performance (a series of readings organized by Winter). Correspondence, 1980-1983.
F.4 Writers in Performance. Posters etc.
F.5-6 Residencies: correspondence and reports concerning Winter’s tenure of 4 fellowship positions, 1978-84. 128 + 198 pp.

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