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Harry J. Waisglass fonds.

Harry J. Waisglass. Fifth accrual. – 1948-2001. – 17 cm of textual records.

Box 12:
F.1      Correspondence, general, 1964-1991. Includes letters from Eileen Sufrin and Lynn R. Williams
 F.2      Correspondence, Grievance Settlement Board, 1979-1990
 F.3      Correspondence, McMaster University, 1975-1988
Letters to the Editor, with news clippings:
 F.4      Various topics, 1993-1997
 F.5      Health Care, 1996-1997, 2000
 F.6      Payroll taxes, 1995
 F.7      Quebec separatism, 1995-1997
 F.8      Social Contract, 1993; includes letter from Bob Rae
 F.9      Strikes, 1997
Lecture notes:
 F.10    Quebec, 1996
 F.11    Mediation of grievances, 1983
 F.12    Strategy of bargaining, 1976
Articles, thesis, news clippings:
 F.13    Articles, 1967-1979
 F.14    Thesis, University of Toronto, 1948
 F.15    Interview, press mentions, 1965, 1996-2001
Biography and Bibliography:
 F.16    Resumes, bibliographies, 1974-1975, 1991
 F.17    Who’s Who biographical sketches, 1980-1996
 F.18    Job applications, 1967, n.d.
 F.19    Certificate, Province of Nova Scotia, 1965
 F.20    Programs, 1972-1980.


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