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Henry George Thode fonds -- 1932-1996. -- 9.4 m of textual records and other material.

Series 1
National Research Council/Atomic Energy Canada Limited. – 1939-1982. – 1 m of textual records and graphic material. – Title based on content of series.

Box 1
Defense Research Board, Chemical Warfare, 1943-1948
Defense Research Board, Ottawa, 1952-1961
W.B. Lewis (AECL), 1949-1957, 1961, 1966-1973, 1982
W.B. Lewis (AECL), reports by, 1968-1973, 1974-1978
NRC Montreal Laboratory reports, 1943-1945

Box 2
NRC Montreal Laboratory reports, 1945-1946
AECL miscellaneous, 1946-1955
C.J. MacKenzie correspondence etc., AECL & NRC, 1941-1968
Chalk River Laboratory reports, 1946

Box 3
Chalk River Laboratory reports, 1947-1954
Chemistry Progress Reports, 1943-1944
McMaster University monthly reports, results 1943-1946 (work completed with mass spectrometer)
Information and reports from the University of Minnesota, Alfred O.C. Nier et al, 1943
AECL bound field notebooks, numbered 1-2, no. 2 dated 1 Dec. 1957; 2 bound notebooks, n.d.

Box 4
Deuterium Mass Spectrometer
Laboratory notes of associate, R.C. Hawkins, [1941-1945]
Progress report, R.K. Wanless, [1950]
National Research Council Ottawa reports
ICI Fertilizer and Synthetic Products, Billingham
21 photographs and diagrams of machinery and calculations
Lectures from series sponsored by NRC ,1944-1945, 1957

Box 5
National Research Council reports, 1944-1959
National Research Council grants, 1939-1965
National Research Development Grant for McMaster Isotopic and Nuclear Studies in the Earth Sciences, 1972-1976

Series 2
Teaching. -- 1948-1983. -- 20 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 6
Metallurgy Department correspondence and papers, 1960-1965
Graduate Studies, PhD., 1948-1956
Graduate students, miscellaneous, 1968, 1971-1977
Graduate Students Supervisory Committee, 1972, 1973, 1977
Thode’s graduate student files arranged alphabetically:
Norbert Blum, Robert Joseph Bradley, Louis E. Bondar, Francois Caron, Andy Fyon, Ross Hirning, John R. Hulston, Sun Murong, Eric Olsen, James F.L. Pleva, Albert Tietsma, Bliss Tracy, Bruce W. Weller
Thesis list (most of those in the fonds have been removed, remaining theses are listed below)
BSc - M. Dubeck, 1951, Terence J. Kennett, 1953, D.E. McElcheran, [195-], G.A. Young, 1941, M.A. - Ross B. Shields, 1947
Scientific Translations, Ph.D. requirements, Dr. Thode’s students
Postdoctoral applications, 1968-1978
Record of activities, 1966-1983

Series 3
Nuclear reactor and Nuclear Activation Services. – 1957-1995. – 70 cm of textual records. – 13 photographic negatives. – Title based on content of series.

Box 7
AECL Board Regarding the Nuclear Reactor, 1957-1967
Reactor Safety Advisory Committee, 1957-1959
Nuclear reactor official opening April 10, 1959; includes 4 photographs
Miscellaneous, 1957-1962
Isotopic, Nuclear Geochemical Studies Group, [1976-1983]
External Assessors, Coop group, 1980
Maple Project Information, [1986-1987]
AECL Directors Handbook, 1975
Reactor’s 30th Anniversary, 1991
Report to Finance Committee of Board of Governors, 1995
Strategic Plan: Future of Nuclear Reactor, May 1995
Closure of reactor, 1995
Minutes: MNR users, 1995
Radioisotope license, 1983-1987
Highlights of weekly meetings, 1988-1989

Box 8
Nuclear Activation Services Limited Board, 1979-1988
Nuclear Activation Services Board of Directors, 1984-1987
Nuclear Activation Services Inc. Board, 1985-1988
Nuclear Activation Services Inc. Management Committee, 1984-1986
Nuclear Activation Services Inc. Shareholders, 1979-1987
Correspondence re XRAL/McMaster Joint Venture, 1978
Confidential Correspondence, 1984-1988
Nuclear Activation Services Articles of Incorporation, 1978
By-Laws, 1979, Agreements, 1984, Resolutions of the Board of Directors,1979-1988
Registers: Directors, 1979, Shareholders, 1979
Share Transfer, 1979, Shareholders Ledger, 1979
General receipts ,1984-1987

Box 9
Financial Statements, 1979-1988
Budget forecast, 1985
Financial Reports, 1981, 1986-1988
Insurance, Current operations,1988-1989
Review of salaries and fringe benefits

Box 10
Payroll, salary, job descriptions, 1987-1989

Series 4
Experiments and research. – 1935-1996. – 3.1 m of textual records and other material. – ca. 80 photographs, ca. 36 negatives, ca. 550 slides, 2 posters, 3 photographic maps, 17 maps. – Title based on content of series.

Box 10
Lab Manual, 1987
Information on grants for research, 1939, 1960, 1980, 1984, 1989
Directory of Graduate Research, American Chemical Society, 1989
Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, 1996
Research notes for various projects, [1940-1996]
Mass spectrometry information, [after 1941]

Box 11
Thode’s drafts and notes and works in progress with Dickman, Rao and Calvert, Wiles, Smith, Horsely, and Tomlinson, Goodwin, Grinenko, Shima, K.J.R. Rosman, J.R. DeLaeter, J.W. Boldeman, C.E. McEwing and C.E. Rees, 1952-1992

Box 12
Remaining drafts and notes, A.L.W. Kemp, J. Monster, W.J. Jenkins, 1967-1983
Lab notebooks of Thode, 1935-1955, 1970-1973. See also Series 1, Box 3.

Box 13
ca. 550 photographic slides, [1943-1992]
Various figures for papers, pictures of lunar samples
Slide Identification key
Isotope Separation, Fission Products, Zenon, Krypton, Mass Yield, Fine Structure, [1943-1950]
Hamersley and Michipicoten iron formations, [1970-1989]
Lake Superior Provincial Park Lakes, Lenton, Crozier, Lake Erie, Crawford Lake, [1970-1989]
26 photographs of duplicate figures and tables
3 sheets of negatives, Sulphur isotopes in recent sediments, Carbon isotopes effect in Decarboxylation, Fresh water sediments, Balance of Oceans, [1970-1989]
Negatives of slides for Crawford Lake paper, 1988
4 negatives Northern Iraq Crude Oils, [1970-1989]
7 negatives Sulphur isotope effects
10 negatives Kinetic isotopes
1 NASA photo slide and negative, Pd Isotopes etc. [197-]

Box 14
Black Sea Data, [1966-1993]
ISUA West Greenland, Iron rocks, [1977-1978]
Manuscript C.M. Carmichael, 1975-1977
Data [1982-1984], meromictic lakes, Sudbury fresh water lakes, Archean formations, sediments in fresh water

Box 15
Mary Thompson, NWT and Eastern Canada, 1973-1985
Hamersley Basin, [1978-1984]
Research notes, data, reprints
Drafts of report, tables
Correspondence with Trendall, Hayes

Box 16
Crawford Lake, [1981-1991]
Down core profiles
Experiment results, drawings, figures
Lake 223 [1987]
Manuscripts, Cook Thesis
Lake Erie samples [1986-1987]

Box 17
Hemlo Gold Deposit, [1979-1990]; predominant 1984-1985
Plots, samples, drawings
Rare Earth Elements, (REE), drill hole samples
Notes, references

Box 18
Lake Tanganyika, [1971-1978]
Sulphur samples
Results of fresh water findings
Reports by Monster, Craig
Correspondence, Jan and Ted, [1977]
Oil research, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, [1975-1982]
Data Innisfail / Redwater Crude Oils
Westlake project / University of Alberta, [1980-1982]

Box 19
Athabasca Tar Sands, 1977
Williston Basin, [ca. 1977]
Lunar Manuscripts, [197-]
Notes, calculations, lunar samples, test results
Inventory sheets
24 Lunar photographs from Apollo 14 Mission, 1971
30 NASA promotional photographs
Cosmic dust catalogue

Box 20
Monster Reports [1955-1979]. Note: Experiments are numerically arranged
Correspondence, Jan Monster, 1964-1981

Box 21
Monster reports, [1956-1969]

Box 22
Monster reports, [1970-1979]
Drafts and research, Shima [1961-1975]
Research notes, purchase requisitions, Cragg [1955-1962]

Box 23
Lab notebooks, Brian Cragg, 1955-1962

Box 24
Lab notebooks, 1953-1964, various colleagues
U.C. Agarwala, Brian Dunford, A.G. Harrison, Michiko Midge Ishili, A.L.W. Kemp, Masako Shima, Wallouch, John Warren

Box 25
Contributing Material
Lab notebooks, W.F. Merritt & R.S. Joyce, 1945-1946, Don McElcheran, 1948-1949
Mass Spectrometer information, [1946-1954]
Correspondence, Donald Kent, [1977]
Map of Western Canadian Oil fields, chart, 1960, 1970
Ford, Sulphur exchange experiment
Stelco Steel Research and Development, [1950-1969]

Note: Oversize material: 11 figures, 2 posters, 3 photographic maps and 16 maps. The eleven figures are 55 x 46 cm and smaller and appear to involve cyclic pyrohydrolysis. The two posters involve lunar orbital data and geophysical observations from Apollo Missions. The three photographic maps are Apollo traverses from the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 missions. The fifteen maps on tracing paper were used by Thode when researching oil in the Saskatchewan/North Dakota region. This material is located in map cabinet drawer 31.

Series 5
Correspondence. -- 1946-1996. -- 60 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – (Boxes 28-30) For Thode’s correspondence as president of McMaster University see McMaster University, Office of the President fonds. Some presidential correspondence may still be lurking in this series.

Box 26
Correspondence, miscellaneous, A-M,1955-1959
Correspondence, miscellaneous, N-Z, 1955-1959
Correspondence, 1959-1996, includes Caltech

Box 27
A-M, N-Z, 1970-1975
Brookhaven National Laboratory, 1967-1973
Conference and meetings correspondence, 1949-1962. 1970
International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics, 1957
Canadian Industries Limited, J.W. Tomecko, 1958-1961
Ontario Educational Communications Authority, 1972-1973
Hamilton College, 1949-1957
Research at McMaster, 1955-1958
Faculty of Science, 1972-1977
Alumni Association, 1976-1978
Faculty and Staff campaign, 1980-1982
Terms of Reference, Vice-President, 1996
Alphabetically organized correspondence files for individuals and organizations 1962-1996:
U. Agarwala, S.E. Calvert

Box 28
A-G, H-O, P-Z, 1960-1967
Alphabetically organized correspondence files for individuals and organizations 1946-1986:
C.D. Coryell, E.C. Cox, F.S. Dainton, G.P. Gilmour, Graham R. Hageman, Alex G. Harrison, J.A. Hipple, A.L.W. Kemp, Etienne Roth, Hitoshi Sakai, M. Schidlowski, The Sulfur Institute, Edgar William Richard Steacie, Ding Tiping, H.L.S. Von Ubisch, Harold Urey and the Western New York Nuclear Centre
Correspondence regarding reviews of articles, 1983-1984
Philip Campbell, James Walker, 1983-1984
Correspondence regarding references for students seeking positions and fellowships, 1954-1996
Correspondence regarding the acquisition of samples for various testing purposes, 1968-1978

Series 6
Conferences and lectures. -- 1947-1989. -- 1.6 m of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – For Thode’s lectures as president of McMaster University see McMaster University, Office of the President fonds. Some presidential lectures may still be lurking in this series.

Box 29
1947, CIC Nuclear Chemistry at McMaster University
1958 and 1965, Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy
1967, Banff Conference the Economics of Canadian Unity
1970, Stable Isotope Geochemistry at Caltech
1975 (May), Wingspread Conference, Advanced Nuclear Converters and Near Breeders

Box 30
1975 (July), Pugwash Arms Control Implications of Alternative Nuclear Fuel Cycles
1976, Aspen Berlin Peaceful uses of Nuclear Energy
1979, SCOPE Global Biochemical Sulphur Cycle
Dahlem Conference West Berlin

Box 31
1981-1982, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Subcommittee for the Assessment of Isotopic Composition, General Assembly and meetings
1986, Gordon Conference
Visits to the Soviet Union 1959, 1963, 1965 [1970s] Vol 1 & 2
Visit to Calgary June 20, 1979
Lectures, 1958-1964
Includes Geneva Conference on Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy, the St. Catharines Lecture Series, the Presidential address to the Royal Society of Canada, the 10th Annual Edsel B. Ford Lecture and an address to the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

Box 32
Lectures, 1964-1971
Includes addresses to the National Conference on the Economics of Unity, the Commonwealth Universities Congress, and the American and Canadian Nuclear Societies. Also Thode’s lectures from his time as guest professor at CalTech, 1970.

Box 33
Lectures, 1971-1976
Include faculty meetings, address at the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy Conference, Thode’s lecture series at Mount Allison University and his work with the Woods Hole Institute.

Box 34
Lectures, 1976
Lectures for the Woods Hole Institute. Van Cleave Lectureship in Chemistry. Speech at the Convocation at Regina University. A lecture given to the IUPAC ; the Urey Symposium.

Box 35
Lectures, 1950-1989
Includes the laying of the cornerstone for the Physical Science building, Nuclear Science at McMaster, The Story of Isotopes, Convocation Address, 1960. Introductions for lecture series, e.g. Redman and Whidden lectures etc. Various collected speeches, some undated.

Box 36
Typed cue cards for various speeches.
Bound volume containing the texts of speeches, 1950-1960 and undated.

Series 7
Thode’s publications. – 1932-1996. – 30 cm of textual records. – Title based on content of series.

Box 37
Publications written by Thode and associates, on various topics. Includes Thode’s 1932 and 1934 theses and bound volumes of all of his reprints. A small bound volume outlines his publications from 1933-1971.

Box 38
1960-1996. Publications written by Thode and associates, on various topics including mass spectrometry, sulphur isotopes and Black Sea sediment.

Series 8
Biographical material. – 1934-1996. – 90 cm of textual records. – ca. 108 photographs. – ca. 20 negatives. – 4 certificates. – Title based on content of series.

Box 38
Curriculum vitae
Thode biographical notes
Oral history done by Mrs. McAuley concerning McMaster Medical School. Interviews with Thode, [1995]
Various biographical sketches of Thode for different programs, awards and publications

Box 39
Biographical sketches and notes (cont.)
Press Clippings, [1951-1972]. Manny Zack’s biography of Thode in progress. Interviews conducted by Zack with colleagues and students familiar with Thode [1995]. Notes and article written by Gil Murray [1991]

Box 40
Photographs of Thode mainly for official and university publications. Most are head and shoulder shots or the proceedings of a particular ceremony, e.g. laying of a corner stone.
Honours and Awards: Canadian Business Spotlight 1951, Order of Canada 1967, Who’s Who in Canada, Appreciation evening 1971, Retirement reception dinner June 1972, Honorary degree, York University, Oct. 1972, Honorary Fellow, Chemical Institute of Canada 1972, Honorary degree, McMaster University 1973, Honorary degree, University of Regina 1983, Order of Ontario 1989, Sir William Dawson Award 1989, and the Chemical Institute of Canada Montreal Medal 1993.

Box 40A
15 mounted items, mainly photographs, some news clippings, of a biographical nature.

Box 41
Scientific Clubs and involvement Trustee Steacie Fund, 1947-1988, correspondence and related paper work Royal Society of Canada, nominations 1992, newsletters and general correspondence Chemical Institute of Canada 1950-1992, conference material, correspondence, financial reports, Symposium on Mass Spectrometry in Chemistry, held at McMaster 1957, 50-year member certificate

Box 42 (Scientific Clubs continued)
Faraday Society, 1967-1972
Local Interests: Hillfield Strathallan College, patron 1962, Hamilton Tiger-Cat Football Club 1971-1978, City of Hamilton Theatre Auditorium, Board of Trustees 1972, Steel Company of Canada Limited 1978, Royal Botanical Gardens, 50-year charter member, 1947-1996

Science and the Government: Royal Commission on Government Organization 1964, Reprint - Science and Public Policy 1965, Comments on the Macdonald report 1969, Lamontange report, Science Policy for Canada 1971, Thode’s comments on Lamontange’s report 1972

Reprints and some of the publications Thode kept concerning close friends, e.g. Harold Urey’s biography, and colleagues, Henry Taube’s Nobel Prize acceptance speech.

Note: Not contained within the boxes of this series are 4 certificates. Two certificates acknowledging Thode’s membership on the Defense Research Board dated April 21, 1945 and May 7, 1958. A certificate acknowledging his membership in the Royal Society of London in March 18, 1954 and an appreciation certificate from the Royal Society of Canada acknowledging Thode’s presidency 1959-1960. This material is located in map cabinet drawer number 31.

Series 9
Reprints. -- [1934-1994]. -- 1 m of textual records. – Title based on content of series. – Reprints either used by Thode when doing his research or written by colleagues who sent him copies. Some general arrangement has been completed but the contents of Box 48 have not been described.

Box 43
List of manuscripts in Thode’s office 1968-1970. Two volumes of reprints by various authors [1945-1964]. Reprints sent to Thode by the following authors: R.B. Anderson, 1963-1968, D.D. Clayton, 1975-1977, John DeLaeter [1968-1994], M. Dickman [1970-1989], Irving Freeman, [1970-1986], Hawkins, McGilvery & Simpson, [194-], Robert Howarth, 1978, J.R. Hulston [1968]

Box 44
Earl K. Hyde, 1960, Terry Kennett, [195-], Roy Krouse, [1970-1983], Hertzog translations, [1934], Cherian Matthews 1968-1973, 1977, Hitoshi Sakai, [1961-1966], Mark Thiemens, 1983, 1989, Tudge, [193-], H.L.S. Craig, S.L. Miller and G.J. Wasserburg, 1963, Bernard W. Wehring, 1977-1978
Reprints grouped by subject: Ancient sediments [1973 -1982], Archean Sediments [1973-1979].

Box 45
Black Sea [1971-1986], B.I.F. [1970-1977], Carbon 13, 1956, Environmental problems, [1975-1983], Foreign language [1964-1985], Fulvic acid 1980-1981, Hemlo Gold, 1984-1989, Isotopes, [1971-1991], Mineralization, 1974-1984, Nuclear power program, 1974, Nuclear reactors 1969-1985

Box 46
Origins of life, [1962-1982], Paris Basin data, 1970 -1977, Petroleum, 1971-1986, NRC at McMaster lectures on electricity and electronics, [194-], Reprints, [1952 -1984], Sulfur atmospheric cycle [1963-1986], Polysulfide solutions, 1969, Sulfur isotope analyses, 1970, Uranium deposits in Northern Saskatchewan, [1984]

Box 47
Reprints, not described.

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