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Stuart, Harold Brownlee

Harold Brownlee Stuart fonds. First accrual. – 1915-2003. – 16 cm of textual records and graphic material. – 50 b&w photographs, some sepia toned.

Series 1 Diaries
Diaries series. – 1915-1946. – 3 items. – Title based on content of series.

Box 1
F.1 Diary volume; 8 September 1915-29 December 1918. HMs war diary (ink) (“This volume reserved for war diaries”); bound dark green buckram, 1/4 leather red volume entitled “Record” sold by Robt. Duncan & Company, Manufacturing Stationers Hamilton, Canada. Entries include weather, location, times, longer entries on activities, meals, etc.; 186 pp used.
F.2 Diary volume; 1 April 1944-30 June 1944. HMs war diary (pencil and some ink); pages taken from a ringer notebook and held together with 2 clasps. Entries include weather, location, activities, meals, meetings, etc.; unpaginated.
F.3 Diary volume; 1 January 1946-30 June 1946. HMs diary (pencil); 6 ringed black leatherette covered looseleaf notebook. Entries include weather, location, activities, meals, meetings, etc.; 181 daily entries.

Series 2 Personal Documents
Personal documents series. – 1916-2003. – 13 items. – Title based on content of series.
Note: Series consists of original documents, clippings and photocopied information about Major Harold Brownlee Stuart.

F.4 Casualty Form–Active Service; 4 March 1916-31 May 1919 (photocopy).
F.5 Canadian Expeditionary Force Certificate of Service; 1 December 1919.
F.6 Request attachment from: CanMilitry to: Defensor re Harold Brownlee Stuart; 13 December 1941 (photocopy).
F.7 Advanced detachment 3 Canadian Construction Company Royal Canadian Engineers; 31 May 1942. Ts (carbon) with ms annotations.
F.8 Canadian Army Overseas Routine Orders; 2 June 1943.
F.9 7th Canadian Construction Company Royal Canadian Engineers Part II Orders issued by Major H. B. Stuart, R. C. E. Officer Commanding; 4 June 1943 (mimeograph).
F.10 Service and Casualty Form; 12 August 1919-14 October 1946 (photocopy).
F.11 Canadian Active Service Force Attestation Paper; 31 August 1940-23 October 1946 (photocopy).
F.12 Biographical information supplied by Marjorie Stuart; 24 August 2003 (photocopy).
F.13 News clipping: “Engineering Fraternity”; [after August 1921].
F.14 News clipping: “Pylons of the New High Level Bridge”; The Hamilton Spectator; 14 March 1932.
F.15 News clipping: “Arctic Travel Pictured By Musk-Ox Commander”; [The Hamilton Spectator?]; 19 March 1948.
F.16 Diagram [Clovis joint?]“Drawn by H. B. Stuart” (pencil on cardboard); [n.d.].

Series 3 Photographs
Photographs series. – 1915-1946. – 50 b&w photographs, some sepia toned. – Title based on content of series.

F.17 Harold Brownlee Stuart studio portrait by Heeland, Toronto, verso annotated “Harold Brownlee Stuart, taken 1915”; sepia toned : 15 x 20½ cm [1 photograph].
F.18 “...H. B. Stuart Hamilton...Wallace Davis Vancouver...taken in France 1916”; recto and verso annotated; b&w : 9 x 14 cm [1 photograph].
F.19 Harold Brownlee Stuart studio portrait by Basil, 100, Tottenham Court Rd, London, W. [ca. 1917 (date taken from annotated envelope in F.23)]; sepia toned : 15¼ x 20¼ cm [1 photograph].
F.20 Group portrait by Moore & Rea; recto annotated 12 June 1922, verso annotated “Strauss Bascule Bridge Hamilton Beach, Hamilton Ont”; sepia toned : 31 x 15½ cm (right edge torn) [1 photograph].
F.21 “Leaving UK 1944”; b&w snapshots with annotated envelope [8 photographs].
F.22 Mechanical devices; verso annotated 14 Dec 44; b&w snapshots [2 photographs].
F.23 Demonstration photographs: Method of carrying bridge by light pack, verso annotated “static tests”; portable bridge; group portrait on portable bridge; stamped “Photographed by Associated Screen News Ltd. Montreal”; [ca. 1945 (date taken from included annotated envelope “? Petawawa 1945”)]; b&w : 20½ x 25½ cm [3 photographs].
F.24 “Yuma Arizona 1946”; b&w snapshots with annotated envelope; verso of 4 duplicates annotated 14 Apr 1945 [8 photographs].
F.25 “Military Design and Construction World War II”; 1943-1946; b&w snapshots with annotated envelope, some identified on verso [25 photographs].

Series 4 Reports
Reports series. – 1945-1946. – 2 items. – Title based on content of series.

F.26 Report: “Confidential. Canadian Pack-Type Magnesium Light Alloy Infantry Assault Bridge. Report on Demonstration at Petawawa Ontario Canada. 7th May 1945”; duplicated photographs and folded plan of magnesium assault bridge, mimeographed text; lightly annotated on cover by Harold Brownlee Stuart.
F.27 Report: “Engineer Board Yuma Test Branch Arizona January 1946”; folio Accopress binder with original photographs and mimeographed identification of photographs.

Series 5 Monographs
Monographs series. – 1928. – 1 item. – Title based on content of series.

F.28 Weatherbe, Karl. Canada. Canadian Army. Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers. 6th Field Co. From the Rideau to the Rhine and Back. The 6th Field Company and Battalion Canadian Engineers in the Great War; a Narrative. Toronto: Hunter-Rose Co., 1928; with inscription “Father. 25.XII.1928 from Harold”; also includes a specimen page and book review “A Canadian War Book of Note” (Mail & Empire, 5 January 1929).

Note: Researchers may also be interested in Lloyd Reeds Map Collection map G 3401 .B72 1932 MC17A “Canada / Sinusoidal Equal Area Projection / Scale 200 Miles to 1 Inch, Correct Only along / All Parallels and Central Meridian. / 40,000 Square Miles to 1 Square Inch / Base Index Map // Compiled & Drawn 5 Oct. 1932 / H. B. Stuart // IN.O_”. Physical description: Manuscript map. 59 cm x 90 cm, on sheet 64 cm x 94 cm. Water bodies are hand coloured. Paper appears to be linen based.

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