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Sports and Recreation

Sports and Recreation collection. First to Fourth Accruals. – 1879-1993. – 27 cm of textual records and graphic material. – 29 oversize items. – 23,500 cards (14,000 baseball cards; 9,000 hockey cards; 500 football and basketball cards). –1 action figure. –1 fabric item.

First accrual. 1879-1968. – 2 cm of textual records and graphic material. – 6 oversize items.
Box 1
Canadian Bowling Association, 1947-48, official rules pamphlet

Photograph of Team Canada at the 1936 Olympics. German printing on the verso

Horse riding (recreational)
Circle M Ranch, Kleinburg, Ont., leaflet, n.d.

Horse racing (harness). See F.2
Recreational sports see F.3-4

World Championship Tennis Inc., Rideau Lawn Tennis Club, 19 August 1968, program

J.J. (“Jack”) Corcoran, “Corcoran’s Wrestling Guide”, illustrated pamphlet, 1940s. Corcoran bulled himself as “Canada’s Leading Wresting Promoter and Matchmaker".

Horse racing (harness):
Printed photographs of champion horses, 1908-1919; one issue of Turf Light (New York), 1879; one issue of Last Minute Racing and Sporting News (Toronto), 1922. Other periodicals have been catalogued.
Scrapbook (oversize) of printed photographs of champion horses; printed photographs of champion horses (loose in scrapbook), 1900, 1916, 1950s-1960s; incomplete calendar from 1963 (oversize)

Recreational Sports (F.3-F4)
F.3       “Grand Celebration at the City of Belleville on Dominion Day, July 1st, 1879”, featuring a lacrosse match. Leaflet
F.4       “Monster Dominion Day Celebration, Hardball and Softball Tournament, Mon. July 2 Palgrave Park”, n.d. The poster notes that there will be “no Toronto teams or players allowed”.
Oversize: “Agricultural Society. Fall Fair and Ploughing Match … farm of Mr. Loucks”, [1860s?]

Photographs (3, oversize)
Two young men wearing athletic uniforms with “Oak Ridge” printed on their shirts. Their pants are quilted. There is nothing in the photograph to indicate what sport they might be playing. Photogravure, ca. 1900.
“Prominent Jockeys of the Canadian Circuit 1909”, sepia collage taken by Lloyd Wood at Fort Erie, Woodbine, Blue Bonnets.
Thistle Curling Club, Montreal. Sepia. Notman & Son. 1888. Images of men curling outdoors. The identification of the photograph is written in pen separate from the image.

Engraving (1, oversize)
“The American National Game of Base Ball, Grand Match for the Championship at the Elysian Fields Hoboken N.J.1865”, aquatint, copyright by Sidney Z. Lucas [latter part of name missing], 1890s.

Second Accrual. – 1912-1981. – 4 cm of textual records. – 16 oversize items.
Box 1
F.5       Cover only of “Over the Fence is Out Song”, words and music by Amelia McMillan; Toronto, Whaley, Royce &Co.
F.6       International League, Toronto, Maple Leaf programmes (6), 1947-1950
F.7       Ticket for the Rocky Marciano and Don Cockell Heavy Weight Championship Fight, 16 May 1955, live telecast at the State Theatre, Harrisburg, Pa.
F.8       Canadian Canoe Association Regatta Dance, 3 August 1912, programme
F.9       Tiger Football Club, Hamilton, Ont., annual dinner programme, 21 December 1946
F.10     Toronto Argonauts vs. Rough Riders programme, Varsity Stadium 1950
F.11     McGill University 1938 Intercollegiate Champions, dinner programme, 19 Dec.
F.12     Oshawa Generals, 1952-53 programme
Horse Racing:
F.13     1956 Year Book of Canadian Thoroughbreds
F.14     1959 Year Book of Canadian Thoroughbreds
F.15     1960 Year Book of Canadian Thoroughbreds
Roller Skating:
F.16     Toronto Roller Skating Club decal
F.17     “The King and His Court”, 4-man softball team, 1954-55 pamphlet, Walla Walla, Washington
F.18     John Deere 1949 champions, felt patch


- Ottawa-New Edinburgh Canoe Club, half-file champions of Canada, Lachine, 1928, features club members, a trophy, and the Commodore, C.E. Mortureux.
- Toronto Press Bowling Club Entertained at “Fernwood,” 1912, autographed; photographer, Pringle & Booth

Calendars with col. photographs of the teams:
-Club de Hockey Canadien Inc., Winners of the Stanley Cup, 1956-57; begins October 1956; Player’s Tobacco
-Toronto Blue Jays, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981; issued by Shoppers Drug Mart
-Toronto Marlboro Hockey Club, 1955-1956; only January 1957 page extant; Export A cigarettes
-Toronto Maple Leafs, 1955-1956; begins October 1956

-Dundee-Angus Ice Rink, Canadian Army vs. Scottish Select, 28 January 1942; text only
-Ontario Jockey Club Toronto (3); spring meeting, 19-26 May and autumn meeting 22 Sept.-29 Sept. 1934; Spring meeting, 20-27 May and autumn meeting 23-30 Sept. 1939; Spring meeting 18-25 May and autumn meeting, 21-28 Sept.; 1940; all at Woodbine. Features images of Bunty Lawless, Archworth, and King O’Connor
-Oakville Midgets Ranger hockey team, game in Finland against Porvoon Allianssi on 4 January 1974; most text in Finnish with image of the Oakville team; signed by players
-1981 Boston Marathon, artwork by KN Martin; limited edition, no, 82 of 5,000
-Oshawa Generals hockey team, drawings by A. Black, 1990; autographed by Eric Lindros, number 88.

Display card:
Boxing: Joe Frazier vs. Muhammad Ali, World Heavy Weight championship, Madison Square Garden, [8 March 1971]

Third Accrual. – 1912-1993. – Circa 23,500 cards (14,000 baseball cards; 9,000 hockey cards; 500 football and basketball cards) and 1 cm of graphic material.
This accrual is arranged by sport. The majority of the accrual consists of sports cards, which are housed in boxes 2-9. Additionally, there is a small amount of other collectors and promotional material in Box 1. Please note box location exceptions listed at the end of descriptions.

Box 1
F.23     Upper Deck. All Rookie Team. Limited Edition Collector Series. 1992. No. 02683.
F.24     Upper Deck/McDonald’s promotional signage. NHL Hockey cards. 1991.

Box 2
Dominion Chocolate Co. Ltd. Black and white images on small cards, 7.3 x 3 cm. 2 cards. N. Toronto Hockey Team. No. 28; Dominion Chocolate Co. Ltd. Lionel Conacher. No. 118.
OPC. National League Hockey Stars Series B. Black and white images on blue backgrounds. 3 cards: John Joss Roach (53), Henry Earl Robinson (55), Jimmy Ward (56).
Parkhurst. Colour image, all cards are signed except Guidolin’s. 7 cards. Leo Boivin (6), Jimmy Thomson (8), Bob Solinger (16), Jack Evans (54), Allan Stanley (64), Aldo Guidolin (66), Lucky Premium Card (60).
Parkhurst. Colour image, signed. 1 card. Eric Nesterenko (19).
Parkhurst. Colour image. 5 cards. Jim Morrison (8), Bert Olmstead (42), Dickie Moore (38), Ken Mosdell (39), Leaf Speedsters Attack (75).
Topps. NHL. Colour images. 14 cards: Nos. 4-6, 17, 22, 24, 25, 27, 36, 37, 50, 55, 59, 62.

Topps. NHL. Colour image. 1 card: Bobby Hull, No. 33.
Topps. NHL. Colour image. 1 card: Bobby Hull, No. 59.
Topps. NHL. Colour image, wood-grain border. 52 cards: Nos. 3, 6, 7, 10, 14, 18, 19, 20, 22, 31, 32, 34, 37, 42, 43, 46-48, 50, 52, 53, 55, 56, 59-62, 67, 74, 75, 82, 84, 86, 90, 93, 95, 97, 99, 103, 105-109, 117-9, 123, 128, 129, 132.
Topps. NHL. Colour image. 7 cards: Bernie Geoffrion (29), Derek Sanderson (33), John Ferguson (69), Bobby Orr (92), Ken Hodge (98), Bobby Hull (118), Bobby Hull (124), Gordie Howe (131).

OPC. NHL. Colour image. 144, 15, 16, 18, 20, 37, 38, 41, 48, 53, 56, 67, 68, 70, 74, 82, 88, 92, 15, 18, 20, 37, 38, 41, 48, 53, 56, 67, 68, 70, 88, 92, 103, 108, 116, 120, 133-8, 142-4, 1467-9, 151-4, 156-68, 170-3, 175, 177, 178, 181-6, 188-96, 199-202, 206-212, 214, 216 (9). Box 6.
OPC. NHL. Colour image. 9 cards. Louis Angotti (134), Tony Esposito (138), Eddie Shack (139), Garry Unger (159), Nick Libbett (162), Henri Richard (163), Bill Sutherland (172), Ken Broderick (197), Lou Nanne (198), Gordie Howe (NN)

OPC. NHL. Colour image. 7 cards. Bobby Hull (15), Gordie Howe (29), Tony Esposito (234), Bobby Hull (235), Bobby Orr (236), Gordie Howe (238), Bobby Orr (248).
OPC. NHL. Colour image. 6 cards. Tony Esposito (110), Rosaire Paiement (233), Bobby Orr (245), Bobby Hull (261), Gordie Howe (262).
OPC. NHL. Colour image. 1 card. Calder Trophy (134).
OPC. Team Canada. Colour image. 6 cards. Vic Hadfield, Red Berenson, Bill Goldsworthy, Guy Lapointe (16), Serge Savard (25).

OPC. NHL. Colour image. 37 cards. Nos. 5, 8, 21, 36, 42, 46, 51, 56, 66, 72, 77, 82, 83, 88, 101, 104, 105, 124, 126, 128, 131, 135, 146, 147, 150, 153, 154, 168, 171, 178, 179, 182, 187, 188, 242.
OPC Goal Leader Series Nos. NHL. 1, 6, 133-35.

OPC. NHL. Colour image. Bobby Hull (65).
OPC. NHL Record Breakers. 2 cards. Bryan Trottier (67).
OPC. NHL. 2 cards. Gordie Howe (1), Bobby Hull (50).
OPC. NHL. Colour image. Ron Greschner (78), Phil Esposito (100), Gordie Howe (175), Bobby Hull (185).

OPC. NHL. Colour image. Mark Messier (289).
OPC. NHL. Colour image. Wayne Gretzky (106), Andy Moog (120), Dino Ciccarelli (161), Guy Lafleur (195).
OPC. NHL. Colour image. Denis Savard (73).
OPC. NHL. Colour image. 4 cards. Steve Larmer (105), Steve Ludzki (106), Brian Bellows (167).

Topps. NHL. Colour image. Pat LaTontaine (129), Dave Christian (142, poorly cut), Bob Gould (196), Jean Hamel (263), Alan Bester (297), Gary Leeman (305), Rick Lanz (321), Checklist (396).
OPC. NHL. Mike Bossy (209), Ray Bourque (211).

Topps. NHL. Colour image. 1 card. Wayne Gretzky (2).
Tim & Larry’s Sports Cards. Uni. of Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs. 1985-86. 36 card set. Complete. Box 6.
Wales Conference. New York Islanders. 37 card set.

OPC. NHL. Colour image. Steve Yzerman (11), Wayne Gretzky (259, 260).
OPC. NHL. 264 cards. [Complete?]. Box 6.
OPC. NHL. Joe Nieuwendyk (16).
OPC. NHL. 1-199. Box 9.
OPC. NHL. 330 cards. Complete. Plus, Brett Hull (186, two cards). Box 6.

Hi-Pro. NHL. Colour embossed image. Gold foil border. Samples. 2 cards. Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky.
OPC. Soviet Hockey Federation. Colour image.
OPC. NHL. 1990-91. Opened box, contains 32 unopened packs of cards (complete with gum).

Boxes 6 and 7
Ontario Hockey League. Official Factory Set. Complete and unopened. No. 7117. Box 7.
Pro Set. NHL. Colour image. 10 cards. Box 6
Pro Set. NHL. 1990. Numbers 406-705 of set. Box 6
Score. NHL. Colour image. 25 cards. Box 6
Score. NHL Premier Edition. 1990. 445 cards. Complete and unopened. Box 6.
Score. NHL Premier Bilingual Edition. 1990. 445 cards. Complete and unopened. Box 6.
Score. NHL Premier Edition. 1990. Unopened box, contains 15-card packs. Box 7.
Score. NHL Rookie and Traded. 1990. 110 card set. Complete and unopened. Box 6.
Score. NHL Young Superstars. 1990. 40 card set. Complete. Box 6.
Upper Deck. NHL French. 1990-91. 400 card set. Complete. Box 6.
Upper Deck. NHL. 1990-91. Unopened box. Two boxes. Box 7.
Upper Deck. NHL High # Series. Unopened box. Two boxes. Box 6.
Upper Deck. NHL. Colour image, small holograph on back. Binder of cards plus nine in box 6.
7th Inning Stretch. OHL. Coupe Memorial Cup. Complete and unopened. No. 2437. Box 7.

Classic Games Inc. 1991 Draft Picks. Colour image. 3 cards. Tyler Wright (10), Philippe Boucher (11), Donevan Hextall (29). Box 6
Upper Deck. Colour image, small hologram on back and eight hologram cards. NHL. 181 cards. Incomplete set. Box 6.
OPC. NHL. Premier. 1991. 132 card set. Complete. Box 6.
OPC. NHL. Premier. 1991. Unopened box, contains 36 packs of cards. Box 6.
OPC. NHL. Premier. Colour image. 1 card. Vincent Damphousse (21), Wayne Gretzky (38), Jeremy Roenick (100), Patrick Roy (101 signed). Box 6
OPC. NHL. Opened box, contains 17 unopened packs of cards (complete with gum). Box 6.
OPC. NHL. Gary Nylund (101), Mats Sundin (219), Murray Craven (254), Teppo Numminen (274), Mike Sillinger (337), Brian Benning (359), Todd Gill (361), Neil Sheehy (407), David Reid (423), Al MacInnis (491); unopened pack of three. Box 6
Parkhurst. NHL. 1991-92. 225 cards. [Complete?]. Box 6.
Parkhurst. NHL. 11 cards, nos. 68, 85, 88, 93, 110, 155, 161, 168, 179, 199, 218. Box 6
Pro Set. Series 1. 1991-92. 345 card set. Complete. Box 6.
Pro Set. NHL Platinum. 1991-92. 150 card set. Complete. Box 6.
Pro Set. NHL. Pat Falloon CC3, Scott Niedermayer CC4; four packs of unopened cards. Box 6
Score. NHL. Colour image. 3 cards. Brett Hull (1, Canadian and American variant); Ray Bourque (50), Eric Lindros (330). Box 6
Score. NHL. “Canadian Hockey Set”. Cards 1-440. Box 6.
Score. First Round Draft Choice. Colour image. Eric Lindros – C (329). Box 6
Topps. Stadium Club. 34 cards. Box 6
Upper Deck. NHL. In binder in Box 9. Box 6
Upper Deck. Number 1 Draft. 45 cards. Box 6
L.A. Kings/Smokey the Bear. Three packs. Box 6

OPC. NHL. Premier. Unopened box, contains 36 packs of cards. Box 6.
Parkhurst/Pro Set. NHL. [Complete set?]. Box 6
Upper Deck. All World Team. 2 cards. Jaromir Jagr (W3), Nicklas Lidstrom (W4). Box 6
Upper Deck. Euro-Rookie Team. 2 cards. Javel Bure (ERT1), Nicklas Lidstrom (ERT2). Box 6
Upper Deck. Hockey Heroes. Wayne Gretzky (10, 11, 18). Box 6
Upper Deck. 1-440. Box 6.

OPC. NHL 48-pack carton. Opened, but complete. Box 7.
Neilson. Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe. Box 6.

Oversize: OPC. NHL. Four sheets of uncut hockey cards. (not boxed)

Box 1
F.19     Upper Deck. 1992. MLB. Heroes of Baseball. Limited Edition Collector’s Series. Nos. 9710, 9711, 15360, 15368.
F.20     Upper Deck. 1992. MLB. 1972 Division Winners. Limited Edition Collector’s Series. Nos. 17257, 30801.
F.21     Upper Deck. 1992. MLB. Blue Jays Heroes. Limited Edition Collector’s Series. Nos. 46828, 46900.
F.22     Upper Deck. 1992. MLB. Expos. Limited Edition Collector’s Series. No. 15514.

Box 3
Imperial Tobacco. Fred Burchell (14), “Rube” Vickers (37), Fred Mitchell (47), John Kissinger (72), Wm. H. Abstein (86).
Topps. Ernie Banks (310)
Topps. Don Drysdale (260).
Post Cereal. Baseball Star. 23 cards.
Topps. MLB. 56 cards.

OPC. Bill Singer (85), Pete Vuckovich (130), Alan Ashby (148), Pedro Garcia (166), Jim Mason (211), Sam Ewing (221), Steven Hargan (247).
OPC. Jim Clancy 9103), Mike Willis (227).
OPC. Alan Ashby (36), Jim Clancy (61), Rick Cerone (72), John Mayberry (199), Willie Horton (252), Team Checklist (262), Rick Bosetti (279), Mike Schmidt (323), Lou Brock (350).
OPC. Balor Moore (6), Dave Stieb (77), Rickey Henderson (482)

Donruss. Rickey Henderson (119).
Topps. 25 cards, all Blue Jays.
Topps. Kmart 20th Anniversary. AL & NL MVPs. Box of 44 cards 1 stick of gum. Additional packs of cards. Box 7.
Donruss. Diamond Kings. Dave Stieb (9; three copies signed), Eddie Murray (22).
Fleer. MLB. Rickey Henderson (519).
OPC. Ryne Sandberg (83), Dave Winfield (258).

Donruss. MLB. Darryl Strawberry (159), Julio Franco (213).
OPC. Julio Franco (48), Robin Yount (237), two checklist cards.
Topps. MLB. 132 ct. box.
Topps. MLB. 68 cards.
Toronto Sun & Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs. 35 cards.

Donruss. MLB. Willie Upshaw (10), Jim Rice (15, signed).
Leaf-Donruss. MLB. George Bell (4, signed).
Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, etc. Blue Jays only.
OPC. 7 cards.
Pete Rose Baseball Card Set. Box of 120 cards. Box 7.
Topps. MLB. 35 cards. Box 7.

Donruss. MLB. 8 cards.
Donruss. MLB. The Rookies. Box of 56 cards and 15 piece puzzle. Box 7.
Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, etc. Blue Jays only.
OPC. MLB. 33 cards. Box 9.

Donruss. MLB. 45 cards.
Donruss. MLB Diamond Kings. Lloyd Moseby (21).
Fleer. MLB. Kevin Mitchell (17), Bobby Thigpen (507), Barry Bonds (604).
Fleer. MLB. Major League Prospects. Dave Clark & Greg Swindell (644), Willie Fraser & Devon White (646).
Fleer. MLB. All Star Team. Rickey Henderson (7).
Hi-Pro. MLB. Gold frame. Carney Lansford, Ozzie Smith, Andre Dawson, Wade Boggs, Dwight Gooden, Don Mattingly.
OPC. MLB. 48 cards. Box 9.
Score. MLB. Andres Galarraga (19).

Box 4
Donruss. MLB. Roberto Alomar (5 copies, two signed).
Donruss. MLB. Diamond Kings. Will Clark (21)
Fleer. MLB. Dave Stieb (123), Roberto Alomar (U-122).
Leaf. Gold Leaf. 18 cards.
OPC. MLB. Delino DeShields (88).
Topps. MLB. Jim Clancy (54), Jeff Hamilton (266; multiple copies); Jimy Williams (314), Mark Eichhorn (749).
San Bernardino Spirit. 28 cards.

Card Collectors’ Co. Ken Griffey, Jr. Series. Complete set of 16.
Donruss. MLB. Puzzle & Cards. Complete set of cards and puzzle pieces. Box 8.
Donruss. MLB. Diamond Kings. Kelly Gruber (12), Nolan Ryan (665).
Fleer. Ken Griffey Jr. (548, 4 copies).
Leaf. Ken Griffey Jr. (33), Joe Carter (83), Cecil Fielder (442), Todd Stottlemyre (620).
Pacific Trading Cards. Ken Griffey Jr.
Score. MLB. Rookie & Traded. Box of 110 player cards and 10 trivia cards. Box 7.
Score. MLB. Complete or nearly complete set of cards. Box 8.
Score. MLB. Joe Carter (213), Ricky Jordan (548), Ramon Martinez (635).
Southern League of Professional Baseball Clubs. All-Star. Complete set of 25 cards.
Topps. MLB. “Traded” Series. 132 cards. Box 7.
Topps. MLB. The Official Complete Set. Unopened box of 792 cards. Box 8.
Topps. MLB. 29 cards.
Upper Deck. Ken Griffey Jr. (1), Ramon Martinez (18, four copies), Erik Hanson (766, 25 copies).
Upper Deck and Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny (1).

Card Collectors’ Co. Dave Justice Series. Complete set of 16.
Classic Baseball. MLB. Complete or nearly complete set in unopened packs. Box 8.
Donruss. MLB. Puzzle & Cards. Complete set of unopened cards and puzzle pieces. Box 8.
Donruss. MLB. Complete or nearly complete set. No puzzle. Box 8.
Donruss. MLB. 36 ct. box of 16-card packs, with puzzle pieces. Box 7.
Donruss. MLB. Rated Rookie. 56 cards.
Donross 1990. Puzzle and Cards. 75 strips of packs. Box 7 and 9.
Donross. 1990. Team Set. 2 strips of packs. Box 7.
Fleer. MLB. Unopened box of 132 cards and 22 logo stickers. Box 7.
Fleer. 1990. 1 strip of packs. Box 7.
Fleer. MLB. Box of 672 cards and 45 stickers. Box 8.
Fleer. MLB. 52 cards
Leaf. MLB. 16 cards.
Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs. Blue Jays Fans Club. 74 cards.
Score. MLB. Rising Stars. Box of 106 cards. Box 7.
Score. MLB. Rookie & Traded Card Set. Unopened box of 120 cards. Box 7.
Score. MLB. 98 cards.
Topps. MLB. 132 ct. box. Box 7.
Topps. MLB. 792 card set. Box 8.
Topps. MLB. 53 cards.
Topps. Forty Years of Baseball. Pre-Production samples. 9 cards.
Upper Deck. MLB. 659 card set – complete or nearly complete. Box 8.
Upper Deck. MLB. Unopened box of 15-card packs. Box 9.
Upper Deck. MLB. 12 cards, includes Michael Jordan.

Box 5
Card Guard. Ken Griffey Jr. Promo card. 6 copies.
Donruss. MLB. Complete set. Unopened box of 792 cards and 2 puzzles. Box 9.
Donruss. MLB. 31 cards.
Classics. Draft Picks. Eduardo Perex (63), Shawn Livsey (75)
Classics. Homers Classics Collection. Dizzy Dean (8).
Fleer. MLB. Ken Griffey Jr., Frank Thomas.
Fleer. MLB. Uncut cards – Cal Ripken Jr. (490), Robin Ventura (139), Bob Milacki (483).
Fleer. MLB. Ultra Team. 12 cards.
Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs. The All Star Season. Unopened pack.
Leaf. MLB. 26 cards.
Leaf. MLB. Studio ’91. 20 cards.
Score. MLB. 150 cards.
Score. MLB. Dream Team. Roberto Alomar (2B).
Score. MLB. The Franchise. Will Clark.
Score. Mickey Mantle Limited Edition. Unopened pack of 7 cards.
Score. MLB. All-Star Fan Fest. Four unopened packs.
Topps. Stadium Club. Premiere Edition. MLB. 36 ct. box of 12-card packs. Box 7.1
Topps. Stadium Club. Series 1, cards 1-300. Box 9.
Topps. Stadium Club. Chuck Knoblaugh (548), Mo Vaughn (543).
Upper Deck. MLB. 93 cards.
Upper Deck. MLB. Baseball Heroes. 10 cards.
Upper Deck. Grand Slam. Hologram Edition. 27 cards.
Upper Deck. MLB. Top Prospect. Cards 53.
Upper Deck. MLB. Silver Slugger. 20 cards.

Donruss. McDonald’s MVP. 26 cards.
Donruss. McDonald’s Gold MVP. Complete set with duplicates.
Fleer. MLB. Reggie Jefferson (113).
Fleer. MLB. Career Highlights. Roger Clemens (7).
High 5. Reusable Decals. Joe Carter.
Kellog’s. Frosted Flakes All Star. Phil Niekro.
Nabisco. MLB. Tradition. Garth Iorg (28), Rick Bosetti (16), Tony Perez (7).
Oakland Athletics. A’s Dream Team. Reggie Jackson (5).
Pepsi. MLB. Dwight Gooden (2).

Donruss. Series 1. Unopened pack, 10 cards, 3 puzzle pieces.
Michael Jordan.
Leaf. Puzzle. 37 pieces.

Box 1
F.25     Upper Deck. 1991. NBA #1 Draft Choice. Limited Edition Collector’s Series. No. 03222.

Box 7
NBA Properties Inc. NBA. 1990. 9 cards.
Skybox. NBA. Low Series. 1990. 1-300.
Upper Deck. 1992. 10 cards.
Classics. 1997. Chris Gatling, Joey Wright, Johnson Slams for 6-6.

Box 7
Pro Set. 1990. Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Santa Claus.
Classic. 1991. Pat Harlow.
Pro Set. Series 1. 1991. Unopened Box.
Upper Deck. 1991. Lots.

Box 7
U.S. Olympic Cards. Hall of Fame. Harrison Dillard, Eric Heiden, Mel Sheppard, Scott Hamilton, Bob Mathias, Wilma Rudolph.

Fourth Accrual (48-2011). – 1907-1992. – 19 cm of textual records and graphic material. – 1 action figure, 1 fabric item. – 3 oversize items.

Box 10
F.1       Small handbill for baseball games, Saturday September 5, Elms vs. Pastimes 2:00 p.m., Dukes vs. Orioles 4:00 p.m., Labor Day, Red Stockings vs. Orioles, at the Baseball Park, admission 15 cents. [late nineteenth or early twentieth century]. The Red Stockings may possibly be the Boston Red Stockings.
F.2       “Signals…The Secret Language of Baseball in Finger-tip Movies, featuring Paul Richards” (Boston, Mass., Gillette Co., 1957).
            “Finer Points of Baseball for Everyone: How to Run Bases, Hints for Little, Junior, Midget, Babe Ruth Players”, 1961. Pesner Brothers Ltd. Montreal, Quebec, advertisement on back cover
F.3       The Baseball Blue Book (Louis Heilbroner: Ft. Wayne, Indiana, 1930).
F.4       Major League Baseball Yearbook’91, vol. 14, no. 1, 1991.
F.5       Official Scorebook, Detroit Tigers, Briggs Stadium, 1957.
F.6       New York Yankees, official program and score card, 1960. Includes two ticket stubs inside of program for Sunday May 29, 1960.
F.7       Toronto Blue Jays Calendar 1991, Shoppers Drug Mart.
F.8       Toronto Blue Jays Calendar 1992, American League East Champions, Shoppers Drug Mart.
F.9       Toronto Blue Jays – 5 items: Toronto Blue Jays vs. Milwaukee Brewers ticket, August 27, 1989, 2 sheets of stickers featuring col. images of players, 1980-1989, 3 official schedules, 1985 & 1990.
F.10     Toronto Blue Jays, Rally Rag, 100% cotton, ca.1991.
Oversize baseball items: see Box 11.

British Empire Games:
F.11     British Empire Games, Sydney, New South Wales, 1938; 14 b&w photographs. Note: identification of athletes written in pencil on the versos of photographs; there is some doubt about some of the identifications.
- Robina Higgins, Gold medal for Canada in the javelin throw.
- Robina Higgins (Gold-Canada), Antonia Robertson (Silver-South Africa), Gladys Lunn (Bronze-England) standing on the podium for javelin throw.
- Decima Norman (Gold-Australia), Joyce Walker (Silver-Australia), Jeanette Dolson (Canada-Bronze) standing on the podium for 100 yard dash.
- Eric Coy (Gold-Canada), David Young (Silver-Scotland), George Sutherland (Bronze-Canada) standing on the podium for discus throw.
- Jim M. Courtright (Gold-Canada), Stan Lay (Silver-New Zealand), Jack Metcalfe (Bronze-Australia) standing on the podium for javelin throw.
- Jim M. Courtright (Gold-Canada), throwing the javelin.
- Louis Fouché (Gold-South Africa), Eric Coy (Silver-Canada), Francis Drew (Bronze-Australia) standing on the podium for shot put?
- Female Athletes of the 1938 British Empire Games?
- Male Athletes of the 1938 British Empire Games?
- Male cyclists and spectators.
- 3 male athletes running the hurdles
- William Roberts in the middle (Gold-England), William Fritz far right (Silver-Canada), Dennis Shore (Bronze-South Africa) running in the 440 yard race.
- Bob Pirie, Canadian gold medal winner of the 110 yard freestyle swimming event
- Males dressed in official uniforms at the 1938 British Empire Games?

F.12     Official Grey Cup program, Saturday, 28 November 1953, Varsity Stadium, Toronto. Cover art by Larry Tisdale
Oversize (not boxed)
Poster: “Football over CFRA [radio]”, Ottawa Rough Riders: All Home and Away Games, n.d. E.B. Eddy Company.

F.13     The Lunatic Gazette, series two, vol. 1, no. 1, October-November 1982. Cover story titled “Gretzky & Morenz.”
F.14     Leamington Flyers, official program, 1954-55.
F.15     Beckett Hockey Monthly, Issue # 5, March 1991.
F.16     Autographed col. photograph of Pat Lafontaine in action, New York Islanders, [1983-1991?]
F.17     Canadian National Junior Team 1991-1992, limited edition 1/00165, list of members with autographs.
F.18     “Hockey Notre Sport National par Jean Béliveau”, [ca. 1957], French. Molson’s
F.19     NHL 1992 Entry Draft blank card, unidentified autograph followed by #10. Note: The number 10 pick that year was Andrei Nazarov but the autograph is not his.
F.20     “The Ontario Hockey Association: Constitution, Rules of Competition and Laws of the Game, Grouping of Clubs and Schedule of Matches”, Season 1912-1913.
F.22     Bobby Hull, Winnipeg Jets, decal with opaque cover, n.d.
F.21     Maple Leaf Hockey Talks, Talk # 8 Eddie Shack, Toronto Maple Leafs, presented by Esso, ca. 1966; includes flexi vinyl disc 33 ⅓ RPM.
F.23     Two autographed postcards of Dave Keon dressed as a Hartford Whaler; one addressed “Best Wishes Keon”, the other “To Jeff Best Wishes, Dave Keon,” both addressed to Jeff Halbertadt, pmk. 1982
F.24     Autographed card of Bob Baun dressed as aToronto Maple Leaf, signed “Good Luck Bob Baun”, [1956-57]
F.25     Toronto Maple Leaf autographed postcards, 5 items with col. images of Darryl Sittler, Ron Ellis, Ian Turnbull, Paul Harrison (inscribed on verso “To Adam, Best Wishes Paul Harrison.”), Dan Maloney [ca. 1977-78?]. Also b&w postcard of Maple Leaf Gardens, [ca. 1930s]; col image of Frank Mahovlich printed on a circular card.
F.26     “How to Play Forward (Offensive)” by Henri Richard, 1966. Coca Cola
F.27     “The Flying Fathers” souvenir pamphlet, 1969. N.H.L Old -Timers vs. Flying Fathers programme, George Bell Arena, Thursday, 30 October 1969.
F.28     Granby Hockey Bantam Tournament, Granby, Quebec; coaster, Coca-Cola

Hockey Heroes: Autographed Stand-up/stick-up sportrophys, 1975. None of the items have been assembled to make them stand up. (Box 10)
New York Islanders:
Gerry Hart, Denis Potvin, Eddie Westfall, Glenn Resch, Billy Harris, Bryan Trottier
Montreal Canadiens:
Guy Lafleur, Peter Mahovlich, Yvan Cournoyer, Jacques Lemaire, Larry Robinson, Doug Risebrough. The last four are in their original cellophane wrap.

Box 11
F.1       “Hockey Stars’ Scrap Book”, blank, cover illustration of Ron Ellis, Dale Tallon, Eddie Giacomin, all in different team uniforms, Prosport Productions Ltd., [197-]
Baseball (oversize)
F.2       Baseball board game, Canada Games Co. Limited, n.d., board only , with blue ink line.
F.3       Toronto Blue Jays Camera Day, August 25th, 1990, col. photograph of the team with printed autographs, sponsored by Kodak and Shoppers Drug Mart, 1990.
F.4       “Part of a Proud City’s Tradition”, New York Yankees display card, illustrated with Roger Maris and Mickey Mantle, n.d. Sponsored by Budweiser.
Dwight Gooden, Baseball Superstar statue, 1988 in its original box

Horse Racing:
F.5       Official Race program, Collingwood Harness Racing Club, Wednesday, May 24, 1950. “Three of a Kind”, sale programme for three horses, Mark Onward, Jupe Audubon, Baron Aztellion, Neepawa, Manitoba
Poster: “The Stars of the Trotting, Pacing, and Running Turf”, b&w illustrations of various horses as well as Woodbine Race Course, 1901, Canadian Sportsman Office, Toronto. (Oversize in Map Cabinet)

F.6       “Health and Strength” insert sheets, supplements to:
Hermann Saxon, strongest 12-stone man in the world, 14 December 1907, b&w.
Herman Saxon, n.d., col.
Arthur Saxon, said to be the strongest man in the world to-day, Christmas 1909, col.
Cornelius O’Kelly, Olympic wrestling champion, 1908, who is now distinguishing himself in the Ring, col.
S.V. and E.H. Bacon, amateur wrestlers, 28  March 191, b&w.
“Jappy” Wolffe, the famous swimmer, n.d., b&w
F. Meredith Clease, famous physical culture expert, n.d., col.
Maurice Deriaz, the great Swiss wrestler and weight lifter, n.d., col.
Clarence Weber, champion athlete of Australia posed as The Dying Gladiator, n.d., col.
Thomas Inch, Great Britain’s heavyweight champion lifter and Edward Aston, World’s middleweight champion lifter, n.d., 2 col. images, 15 April 1911
Thomas Inch, weight lifting champion (middle-weight) of the world, n.d., col.
George Hackenschmidt, most famous wrestler of the century, n.d., col.
Pat Connolly, runner-up in heavy-weight section at the Alhambra Tournament, 1909, b&w
Launceston Elliot, reputed most perfectly proportioned man of to-day, 2 November 1907, b&w.
Max Sick, celebrated continental weight-lifter, n.d., col.
Frank Gotch, America’s champion wrestler, Christmas 1909, col..
Alexander A. Cameron, Scotland’s all-round champion athlete, n.d., b&w
Eugen Sandow, posted as “The Gladiator” (from painting by Aubrey Hunt), summer 1909, col.
Francois Le Breton, famous French weight-lifter, n.d., b&w
Lieutenant J.P. Muller, most perfectly proportioned man in the world, n.d., b&w
Lieutenant J.P. Muller, one of the most celebrated athletes on the continent, n.d., col.
Hans Schwarz, Germany, one of the best Graeco-Roman wrestlers in the world, n.d., col.
R.E. Walker, Olympic and A.A.A. sprint champion, 1909, col.

Olympic Games:
F.7       “Canadian Olympic Trials, June 30, July 2, 1928”, programme, The Stadium, Hamilton, Ontario.
F.8       “Canada at the Olympic Games, 1948, the XIVth Olympiad, London, Eng., July 31st to August 14th, 1948; the VIIth Winter Olymic Games, St. Moritz (Switzerland), January 30th to February 8th: Official Report of the Canadian Olympic Association, 1938 to 1948”; illustrated publication

F.9       “Stadium Magazine, McGill at U. of T., October 15th, 1932”, published for the Athletic Directorate of the University of Toronto in the interests of the Intercollegiate Ruby.

Sports College:
F.10     Sports College, a joint project of the Canadian Broadcasting Corpration and the National Council of Young Men’s Christian Associations of Canada. Fabric member’s badge;“Ten Ways to Become a Better Boxer” leaflet; circular letter addressed to “Sports College Member,” dated October 11, 1945.

Track and Field:
F.11     “Dual Track and Field Meet: Oxford-Cambridge vs. Hamilton Olympic Club”,  19 July 1933, Olympic Stadium, Hamilton, Canada program; water-damaged.

F.12     “Tunney Thumpers”, programme illustrated with Whipper Billy Watson, British Empire champion, pro wrestling, 10 May 1956, Toronto. Note: Watson was not listed to wrestle

Oversize (not boxed; in Map Cabinet):
“A Picture Story of London [Canada] Champions of 63 Years”, presented by Smallman and Ingram for their 63rd anniversary sale, September 19-28, 1940”. Includes baseball, curling, lacrosse, walking, cycling, golf, badminton, quoits, rugby, show jumping, hockey, walking, fishing, shooting, tennis as well as music (Guy Lombardo) and painting (Paul Peel). Encased in plastic. Also enclosed are col.drawings of the Kelvinator plant from 1926 to 1950.

Board Game:
F.13     Snakes and Ladder board game, illustration of toboggans, Canada Games Co. Limited, n.d., only includes board, no additional pieces.

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