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Spanish Civil War collection. – 1936-1948. – 17 cm of textual records.
Box 1
F. 1 Letters of support for Republican side from prominent Americans.
Most are circulars, addressed to “Dear Friend”, and it is likely that the signatures have been mechanically reproduced.
Signatories are as follows:
Bard, Phil (Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade), 3 July 1937
Bates, Ralph,19 February 1937, 13 March 1937
Dos Passos, John, 10 January 1940, 2 December 1941
Fast, Howard, 25 February 1948
Leach, Mrs. Henry Goddard, 20 March 1939
Parker, Dorothy, Summer 1945
Robeson, Paul, 6 June 1946, 27 October 1947
Sheean, Vincent, 14 October 1946
Wolff, Milton, 7 January 1946

The following files contain mostly circulars and pamphlets and have been arranged according to the name of the issuing group.
F.2 American League Against War and Fascism, 1935-1936.
F.3 American Rescue Ship Mission, 1938 & 1940-41.
F.4 Committee for Impartial Civilian Relief in Spain, 1939.
F.5 Committee on Spain, American Friends Service Committee.
F.6 Communist Party, U.S.A. (includes Young Communist League), 1936-1939.
F.7 Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, 1937-1939.
F.8 Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee, 1943.
F.9 League for a Revolutionary Workers Party, 1936-1939.
F.10 League of American Writers, 1938.
F.11 Medical Bureau and North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy, 1938 -1939.
F.12 Medical Bureau to Aid Spanish Democracy, 1937.
F.13 National Spanish Relief Association, 1940.
F.14 North American Committee to Aid Spanish Democracy.
F.15 Partido Communista, 1936.
F.16 Spanish Information, 1946-1947.
F.17 Spanish Medical Aid Committee (England), [1936?].
F.18 Tremont Committee to Lift the Embargo, 1939.
F.19 Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, 1945-1946.

The following files contain circulars, pamphlets, newspapers and cuttings. They have been arranged in date order:
F.20 [undated].
F.21 Text of the New Spanish Constitution. 1932
F.22 Communist (Spanish) and Anarchist-Syndicalist (German) newspapers and pamphlets. 1936
F.23 The Spanish Revolution (weekly bulletin of the P.O.U.M. party). 1936
F.24 Circulars, handbills and article.
F.25 Frente Libertario. 1937
F.26 La Batalla. 1937
F.27 The Fight. 1937
F.28 The Fourth International. 1937
F.29 A.I.T. Boletin de Informacion. 1937.
F.30 The Spanish Revolution. Bulletin of the Workers’ Party of Marxist Unification 1937.
F.31 Spain and the World. 1937
F.32 The Red Flag. 1937
F.33 Typed list headed “Literature of Spain”. 1937
F.34 P.O.U.M. statements. 1937
F.35 Our Fight; Journal of the XV International Brigade. 1937-1938
F.36 Il Garibaldino; Giornale della Brigata Garibaldi. 1937
F.37 Spanish Information Service, 1937-1938
F.38 News clippings, leaflets, posters, press release, mainly American
F.39 News clippings, leaflets, posters, post cards, tear-sheets, circular letters, mainly American
F.40 Spanish Revolution, Tomorrow, tear-sheet, newsclippings
F.41 Anti-Communist and thus pro-Franco American materials, 1937
F.42 British publications
F.43 Spanish Labor Bulletin
F.44 Circulars
F.45 News of Spain, 1938
F.46 News of Spain, 1939
F.47 Spain and the World, 1938; news clippings
F.48 Trade Union Committee for Spanish Refugees, leaflet, 1939
F.49 Spanish Intellectual Aid, leaflet, 1939
F.50 British publications
F.51 News clippings, 1939
F.52 Leaflets, posters, circular letters, American, 1939
F.53 Anti-Communist and thus pro-Franco American materials, 1938-1948
F.54 Circulars, leaflets, American, 1940
F.55 Circulars, leaflets, American, 1941

Box 2
F.56 Volunteer for Liberty, 1941, 1946
F.57 Victory Fiesta poster, 1942; also a tear-sheet
F.58 Press releases from Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee, news clippings, 1943
F.59 Posters, leaflets, 1944
F.60 Leaflets, petition, 1945
F.61 News clippings, 1945
F.62 News clippings, 1946
F.63 Leaflets, news clippings, 1947
F.64 Printed photographs
F.65 The Doorway, published by Propaganda Offices, National Confederation of Workers and the Anarchist Federation Iberian, artwork of the revolution, 19 July 1936; coil binding
F.66-7 Pamphlets, leaflets, and magazines

Oversize: Sunday Worker map of Spain, 1937; five posters; located in map cabinet.

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