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Scott, Frederick George, 1861-

Frederick George Scott collection

Ms. poem "Day by Day" 4 lines, signed by the author. February 4, 1926.

Ms. poem "Note to a psychoanalyst" 4 lines, signed by the author, with 4 lines added in another hand. n.d.

Ms. poem "The tyranny of time" 16 lines, signed by the author. 1925.

"Dawn". Ms., 12 lines., signed by Scott. n.d.

"The Tyranny of Time". Carbon ts., 16 lines, signed "Labrador. 1925 F.G. Scott."

The collection also contains 22 printed copies of Frederick George Scott's poems, many signed by the author. There is also a photograph of the author, annotated "Here I am in my war paint" and signed by the author and his funeral order of service, 1944.

Collection Description

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