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Ready, William Bernard, 1914-

William Ready fonds. -- 1948-1982. -- 8.4 m of textual records and other material.
First Accrual:
Correspondence, 1965-1980. Note: See also Boxes 61-3 for some unsorted correspondence.

Box 1
Note: Correspondence consists of both professional and personal letters. Some of the professional correspondence is identified by the use of an asterisk.
Aberystwyth (Study Tour of Britain)
Aitken, W.R. (Dr.)
American Library Association
Amtmann, Bernard Inc. *
Ancaster High and Vocational School
Applied Mathematics (Department of) *
Appreciation (Stanford University publication)
The Art and Craft of Writing (McMaster University course)
The Arts and Letters Club of Burlington

Box 2
Arts. Council of the Division of Arts. Department of Fine Arts *
The Arts in Ireland
Ashmolean Museum Library
Association of Hospital and Institution Libraries AHIL
Association of Research Libraries *
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada *
Atkinson Charitable Foundation *
Atlantic Monthly
Audio-Visual Department

Box 3
[Babine, Alexis V.]
Balint, Janet
Balliol College, Oxford
Baskin, Rabbi B.
Beatty, William K.
[Beckett, Samuel] *
Blackstaff Press
The Book Mart of Hamilton
Bookstore. McMaster *
Bourns, A.N. (President McMaster University) *
British Council. British High Commission
British Museum Society
Britton, H.E.
Buckie, Robert C. *
Bulletin of the Canadian Association of Special Libraries and Information Services
Business Archives. Council of Canada

Box 4
CACUL (Canadian Association of College and University Libraries) *
Callaghan, Morley
Cameron, Robert J.
Cameron, William J.
Campbell, John *
Campbell, Moran
Canada Council *
Canadian Association for Adult Education
Canadian Association of Library Schools
Canadian Author's Group
The Canadian Club
Canadian Department of Agriculture
Canadian Folk Music Society
[Canadian Library Association. CLA]

Box 5
Canadian Nature Federation
Canadian Society of Church History
The Cardinal Stritch College
Cary, Joyce
Catlin, George *
Chadwyck-Healey Ltd. *
Chalmers, Floyd S.
Chateau Books Ltd . *
Clark, Ronald *
Clarke, David
Coleman, James
[Collective Nouns]
The College Biblio Centre *
Committee for an Independence
Committee of Presidents of Universities *
[Committees miscellaneous]
Concord, Mass. [visit]
Cooper, Doug [Hamilton Association]
Coulter, John *
Counsen, Noven
Coutts, John *
Cowan, Barbara M.
Craggs, Hugh
Crane, David L.
The Critic
Crockett, Merritt
Cronyn, Hume
Culp, Ted N.

Box 6
Dagger, W.P.
Dahlberg, Edward [re: Collection] *
Daly, Tony
Re: [Davies, John A. (Dr.)]
Day, Dorothy
Demery, Peter
Department of Information and Development *
Diefenbaker, Rt. Hon. John G.
Dindial, Francis
Director of Information and Development *
Dominion Foundries and Steel, Ltd. Hamilton, Ontario *
Donaghue, Prof.
The Donner Canadian Foundation *
Downs, Bob
[Bill, D.]
Eaton, Cyrus
Eaton, Peter
Eaton Yale and Towne Canada Ltd. *
The Erasmus Circle of Montreal
Evans, Douglas W.
Evans, J.P.

Box 7
Faculty Association
Faculty Club
"Fantasy & Science Fiction"
Fisher, Sidney T.
French, A.
Gagan, David (Prof. History Dept.)
Garlic Committee
Gilmour, Clyde *
Girard, Andre
Globe & Mail *
Grant, George P.

Box 8
H.M. Stationery Office
Haertt, Robert J.
Hamilton, Alvin
The Hamilton Association
Hamilton College, McMaster University *
Hamilton Spectator
Hammond, Antony *
Harrop, Dr. G.
Harvard Library Bulletin
Health Sciences *
Hedden, D.M. (Vice President, Administration) *
W. Heffer & Sons Ltd.
Hellmuth, William F.
Highland Secondary School
Hirschboeck, John S.
History of Science Society
Hood, Hugh
Arthur Hunt & Hunt
Hurtig Publishers *

Infantry Professional Magazine for Infantrymen
Innis, H.A.
The Institute for Advanced Study
IPLO Institute of Prof. Librarians of Ontario *
International Association for the Study of Anglo-Irish Literature
International Association of Documentalists
International Association of Documentalists & Info. Officers
IFLA International Federation of Library Association
Irish Tourist Board

Jones, J.O.
The Journal of Higher Education
Keiley Memorial Library
Kelly, J.N.
Kempling, W.M
Knowles, Stanley

Box 9
[Labour Party History]
Lamb, Dr. Kaye
The LARC Association
Laurence, Margaret *
Laux, Peter J.
Lawrence, Arthur
Lewis, N.H.
Leyerie, John
The Library Association
Library of Congress *
Loranger, George
Lucie-Smith, Edward
Lunt, Alfred
Lythcoff, Norma

Box 10
Macdonald, R.H., Victoria College
MacLennan, Hugh
Macmillan Co. of Canada Ltd. *
Macmillan, Rt. Hon. Harold
Macpherson, Prof. C.B.
Magee, David
Malone, Maureen
Manuscripts for Research
Markle, H.W.
Martin & Martin
Mason, W.H.
Mathew, Rev. David
McCalla, Dr. D.R. [McMaster Univ.]
McCarthy, Eugene
McClelland and Stewart Limited *
McDonald, Don
McGraw-Hill Inc . *
McGuiness, Brian
McIvor, R.C.
McMaster University *
Means, Gordon
Melick, Harold V.
Membership Cards
The Metcals Administration
Micro Methods Ltd.
Military History Club
Miller, Alexander
[Miller, Arthur]
Miller, Kenneth
Milligan, Frank
Mills Library [Miscellaneous] *
Ministry of Colleges and Universities *
Ministry of State Urban Affairs Canada *

Thomas More Institute
Morton, William Lewis *
Mowat, Farley *

Box 11
National Appraisal Board

Box 12
N.D.P. Archive [T.C. Douglas, M.P.] *
National Library of Ireland
National Library of Ottawa
Naval Academy: United States
Newman, Peter C. *
The New University of Ulster
New York Times Book Review
Nordloh, Robert J.

Box 13
O.P. Books Ptg. Limited
Oberlin College Library
O'Casey, Sean
O'Connell, James J.
O'Malley, C.D.
On Eideain, Dr. Sean
Ontario Committee of University Affairs *
Ontario Confederation of Univ. Faculty Associations
Ontario Department of Education
Ontario Educational Communications Authority
Ontario Library Association
Ontario Teacher's Federation

Pendragon House Ltd.
Pengelly, Rev. J. Bradford
Pfeifer, Beverly M.
Pickersgill, J.W.
Preston, M.A.
[Prince, Dr. William]
Princeton University Library
The Printing House
Psychiatry [Department of] *
Purdy, A1
Queensborough Community College
Queen's University Library

Readers Union
Ready, Patrick
Re: [Ready, Thomas]
Redmond, D.A.
Robertson, Ian
Rome, Howard P. [M.J.]
Rosenburg, Dr. H.S.
Rota, Bertram *
The Royal Society
Ryan, Lawrence V.
Ryerson Press [Article]

Sacred Heart University
Salmon, E. T .
Science Associates / International, Inc.
D.G. Seldon Printing Ltd.
Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute *
Sheridan College of Applied Arts & Technology
Sidney, Michael J. [Trinity College]
The Silhouette [McMaster University Student Newspaper] *
Sirluck, Ernest (Dean)
Siroonian, Harold A. *
Slobodin, Richard *
Snell, G.E. Douglas
South Central Regional Library System *
Special Libraries Association
Stamford's Biblio. Library
Standard Procedures for Administrative Systems
Stechert-Hafner, Inc.
Stechert-Macmillan News
Steel Company of Canada Limited *
[Stratford Festival Archive] *
Students" Correspondence *

Box 14
The Toronto Public Library
The Toronto Telegram
Thode, Harry (President, McMaster)
Trent University

UCLA Library
Undergraduate Education [Committee on ...]
Unitarian Fellowship of Sarnia and Port Huron
[Universities of Ontario Press] [Proposal]
University of Prince Edward Island
University of St. Andrews
University of Toronto Library
University of Toronto Press

Velikovsky, Dr. Immanuel (Re: Archive of. ..) *
Waugh, E. *
Weatherston, Jean
Wiles, Roy M. (Dr.) *
Williams, Edwin E.
Williams, Trevor
Wilson, Prof. John
Wodehouse, P.G. *
Wright, Gordon H.
[The Writer]

Xavier University
York University
Zack, Manuel *

Box 15
Published Articles, 1965-1980

Abuse of the Library, America, February 25, 1961, 685; 19 copies published version
Acquisition by Standing Order, Library Resources and Technical Services, Spring 1957, 1985-88; 1 copy published version; 21 copies reprinted from published version
Acquisitions and Collections, Library Review, Autumn 1973, 109-114,2 copies of published version; 1 typescript photocopy Oct. 14; correspondence
African epiphany, Ave Maria, January 6, 1962, 27-29; 1 copy published version; 1 photocopy, annotated by Ready; 3 typescript photocopies, 10 p.
All is not lost! There's still Pierre, and that magic to stir men's blood. Maclean's, November 14, 1977; 3 published versions; 7 p. typescripts
André Girard: portrait of an artist, Catholic World, May 1956; 2 copies of published version
As It Was and It Will Be. The Josephinum Review; photocopies of published version; 1 typescript photocopy, 7 p.
Auction, The Hamilton Spectator, February 1, 1969; 1 published version

Barring The Weight, Short Story from Book of Short Stories August 1968; 3 typescript copies 8 p.; 3 revised typescripts 8 p.; 11 p. holograph manuscript
Behan At The Abbey, 4 p. typescript
Bibliocentre: An Essay in Central Processing at College Level, College and Research Libraries, January 1970; 4 copies reprinted of published version
The Bomb (short story), Short Story from Book of Short Stories August 1968; 1 photocopy, typescript version, 10 p.; 3 photocopies, typescript of published version; 3 p. holograph manuscript; 13 p. revised typescript
Book Sale At Cabra, ALA Bulletin, July-August 1969, 989-91; 3 copies of published version; correspondence; newspaper review by W.B. Ready
Books: The Reader and the Writer, The Writer, July 1967, 21-23; 4 copies of published version
Books in the Computer Age, Stechert-Hafner Book News Vol. 24, No. 2, October 1969, 17-18; 3 copies of published version
Bridey Murphy: an Irishman's View, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, August, 1956, 82-88; 1 copy published version
British Newspapers Are Models for New Weekly, The Monitor; 1 published article; 1 photocopy

Box 16
Can Girard's TV Innovation "Far Surpass the Book"? [TV Film: The Passion and the Resurrection], The Monitor, April 17, 1959; 3 published versions; 1 photocopy of published version
Canada in 2020. Taming the information machine, 13 photocopies. Oversize. Slip-cased with other oversize items. Shelved at the end of the fonds
Canadiana, Catholic Library World, January 1968, 349-351; 1 copy published version; 1 photocopy of published version; 9 p., photocopy typescript
Cards Across the Water, Library Review, Vol. 21, No. 3, 129-131; 7 photocopies of published version; 1 proof copy; 1 published version
Catalogue Retrieval: A Library Economy, Library Resources and Technical Services, Vol. 14, No. 3, Summer 1970, 439-444; 3 copies reprinted of published version
The C.A.T.T.S. Bibliocentre: Personal Beginnings [Publication?], Vol. 10, No. 4, 115-119; 1 copy published version; 3 photocopies of published version
The Cattle Raid On Cooley, From "The Great Disciple and Other Stories". Photocopy of published version

Christmas Custom, Ave Maria, December 22, 1962, 23-25; 7 copies published version of article; 5 photocopies of article; 13 p. typescript manuscript annotated; 8 p. typescript manuscript; 15 p. holograph manuscript
A Coat For St. Patrick's Day, The Atlantic Monthly, 42-45; 3 photocopies published version; (2 annotated by Ready)
Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972,  2 typescripts; 6 p. holograph manuscript
The Condition of Art and the Artist in Our Society. A Symposium, The Marquette University Magazine, Winter 1961, Vol. 3, No. 2, 14-22; 1 copy of published version
A Connecticut Librarian Speaks, C.L.A. News and Views, Vol. 6 No. 4, November 1964, 3-4; 1 copy of published version
Coo-Cullen,  Short story; 3 photocopies of published version
Coo-Cullen Growing Up, Short story; 2 photocopies of published version
Coo-Cullen the Champion, Short story; photocopy of published version
Critic's Choice, Ave Maria, October 7, 1961

Box 17
Dai Jenkins' Big Day, Ave Maria, February 28, 1959, 12-14, 26; 1 copy published version; 1 photocopy of published version
Dan Furlong Of A Sunday, Tomorrow, 40-43; 2 photocopies of published version
Dark Victim, U.S. Catholic, January, 1965, 39-42;1 copy published version; 1 photocopy of published version; 1 photocopy typescript, annotated by Ready; 5 photocopies of typescript version
Dead Or Alive, The Saturday Evening Post, August 25, 1951, 24-79 (8 pages); 2 copies of published version; 2 photocopies of published version
Death and Resurrection at the Fair, A.L.A. Bulletin, December 1968, Vol. 62, No. 11, 1392-1394; 1 photocopy of published version
The Death of Literacy, The Educational Courier, March, 1975; 1 published copy
The Dedication of John O'Hara, Library Review, Spring-Summer, 1971, 33-37; 1 copy published version; 2 copies reprinted from published version
Deterioration and Preservation of Library MaterialsCanadian-Library Journal, January-February 1971, 63-64; 1 copy of published version; 1 photocopy of published version
Devlin, Short story from Book of Short Stories August 1968, The Best From Fantasy and Science Fiction, Third Series, 1954; 4 photocopies of typescript version; 1 copy of published version

Box 18
Doctors in Both Faculties, Stechert-Hafner Book News, April 1961, 93-94; photocopy of published version
Dublin Town, Published Maclean's February 1975; 25 p. holograph manuscript
End of Coo-Cullen, Short story; photocopy of published version
Every Man, His Library, The Educational Forum, January 1960, 157-163; 2 copies reprinted from published version
Expeditions in progress, The Catholic Library World, December 1959, 159-160; 1 photocopy of article
A Fair Do, Published (?), 8-17; 1 published version; 3 photocopies of published version
Frankfurt. All the fun of a town fair, 1 published article/1 photocopy; holograph manuscript 13 p. entitled, "World Book Fair at Frankfurt."
The Frontier Ahead, Voice of St. Jude, September, 1958, 6-8; 2 copies of published version
Future for Catholic Writers in U.S. Looks Most Promising, The Monitor. September 11, 1959
God Bless The Trinity, Ave Maria, March 16, 1963, 20-23, 29; 7 copies of published version of article
The Great Disciple and Other Stories, 1 typescript (annotated) version

Box 19
Hamilton Has My Heart,2 published copies, Hamilton. First Anniversary Issue.
The Heroic Theme, Library review, Vol. 21 No. 6, Summer 1968, 283-288; 1 copy, published version of article
How the Russell papers got to Hamilton, Hamilton Spectator, October 12, 1972 (Photocopy of published article). Oversize. Slip-cased with other oversize items. Shelved at the end of the fonds.
International Affair. Later entitled "The Piper Pays". The Saturday Evening Post, September 2, 1950, pp. 31, 76-78
International Incident, ("from a Saturday Evening Post story by W.B. Ready") 1-11; 1 typescript version
The Irish and the Jews and Everybody Else, The Great Disciple and Other Stories XIV 109-114; 1 copy of published version
The Irish and South America, Eire-Ireland, Spring 1965-66, 50-63; 4 copies of published version; 1 photocopy of published version; 1 typescript manuscript, annotated; 1 typescript manuscript

Joyce Cary A Biographical Sketch, published (?)
Killer By Profession (Solitary Dogan), (The Saturday Evening Post ?) 45, 87, 88, 91; 1 published version; 2 photocopies of published version
Leaping Librarians, 3 p. photocopy typescript
Libraries and the Refreshment of Reading, College and Research Libraries, March 1958, Vol. 19, 124-25, 146; 2 copies of published version of article
Libraries Are for You, The Catholic Digest, April 1961, 97-101; 2 photocopies, published version
Library Automation: A View From Ontario by William Ready and Tom Drynan, Published versions (12 copies) Halifax, N.S. 1977. Location: Box 19A
Library Books Are Different, The Library Scene, December 1974; 7 published versions
Library Progress,Published version.
Like His Progenitor, the New Fielding Writes of Life as God Made It [Gabriel Fielding], Photocopy of published version
The Magic of Ireland. A Beguiling countryside and a city of memories, Atlas World Press Review, April 1975
Man, the book and the picture, ALA Bulletin, March 1953, 112 - 113; 1 copy, published version
The Man Who Tripped the Wing At Coonakilty, Short story in Book of Short Stories August 1968; 1 typescript version, 12 p.

Box 20
McMaster's Acquisition of the Russell Papers [published ?], 2 copies
Medicine and Literature: Doctors in both Faculties, Paper presented to the Mayo Foundation. March 2, 1961
Museums imaginary, Ave Maria, April 30, 1960, 14, 26; 3 copies, published version
The Nation / Ground is Fertile for the Martyr Tree. Oversize. Slip-cased with other oversize items. Shelved at the end of the fonds
The National Library of Ireland, Wilson Library Bulletin, June 1969, 953-958; 1 copy published version; 1 photocopy of published version
National Library of Wales, 1 photocopy typescript, 8 p.
Not For Brody, The Atlantic Monthly, 61-63; 1 copy published version; 2 photocopies of published version
O World Invisible, AHIL / Quarterly, Winter 1967, Vol. VII, No. 2, 41-45; 3 copies published version
The Officer Who Saw the Pope, Victorian Magazine, July 1950, 11-14; 3 copies of the published version
Ownership of the Canadian Press (United States and Canada), photocopy

Box 21
Packer Passes, Ave Maria, June 22, 1963; manuscript notes, 25 p.; 1 copy of short story version; 1 copy of published version; 1 photocopy of published version (annotated); 2 photocopies of published version
Padraic Column, Holograph manuscript notes
Park's Cross, Tomorrow, December 1948, 27-29; 2 copies of published version; 2 photocopies of published version
Patrick Will Take Over, 1 typescript copy; 1 photocopy typescript; 14 p.
The Piper Pays. Published version entitled "International Affair", 3 photocopies; 1 copy of published version; 1 typescript version
The Pipes That Once, Ave Maria, March 11, 1961, 20-24; manuscript 14 p. annotated by Ready; 3 photocopies of published version
Principles Underlying Book Selection, Catholic Library World, February, 1966, 357-361; 1 copy typescript manuscript 19 p.; 1 copy published version
The Problem of Acquisitions: The Chicago Symposium, California Librarian, September 1951, Vol. 13, No. 1; 1 copy published version
Publishing in Canada: Its Death and Resurrection, [1 version]
Punched card and/or Computer Control of a map collection, Special Libraries, May-June 1967, Vol. 58, No. 5; 1 copy published version The Rare Book Room
McMaster News, Winter 1969, Vol. 39, No. 1; 1 copy published version; 1 photocopy of published version

The Revelation of Manuscripts, Canadian Library Journal, December 1974, Vol. 31, No. 6, p. 532-538; 1 published version; 2 annotated typescripts 12 p.
Rutgers seminar for Library Administrators, College and Research Libraries, July 1957, 281-283; 1 copy published version
Ryan's Daughter. Movie review. Hamilton Spectator. January 20, 1971
St. Patrick's Day in the Afternoon, The Atlantic Monthly, 38-41; 1 copy published version; 1 photocopy of published version
The Samuel Beckett Collection in McMaster University Library-- Preface, McMaster University Library Research News, Vol. 2, No. 4, October 1973, 3 p.; 1 copy of published version
A Salute to Alec Guinness, Published version; photocopy

Box 22
A Season in Madrid, Maclean's, May 1973, 83-84; 1 photocopy of published version
The Short Story, California Librarian, March 1952, 137, 167-9; 1 copy published version
The Sin of Cement, Ave Maria, September 12, 1964, 12-15; 1 copy of published version; 1 photocopy of published version
The Sin of Cement (short story), Short story in Book of Short Stories, August 1968; typescript version 10 p.

Box 23
Solitary Dogan (short story), Short story in Book of Short Stories, August 1968; photocopy typescript version, 13 p.
Some of the Best Reading Comes in Children's Stories, Published version; photocopy of published version
The Sound of Poetry, ALA Bulletin ?, February 1962, 153-154; 3 copies published version; photocopy of published version
Stack Walkers, The Globe and Mail, November 12, 1975; 2 photocopies; 3 p. annotated typescript, 2 p. holograph manuscript
Stimuli and Sanctions, Library Review, Winter 1966, 533-536; 2 copies published version
Surprise Rescue, The Saturday Evening Post, January 20, 1951, 24, 52, 54, 57, 60; 3 photocopies of published version

Tales of Wales, Published: Proceedings and Book Catalogue Children's Books International ?
Thomas the Welshman, Books on Trial, June-July 1956, 396-7, 446-7; 1 copy published version
To Be A Writer, The Catholic World, 113-116; 3 copies of published version; one copy annotated by Ready
La Trahison des Clercs: The Book and the Scholar, 5 copies of reprint from Transactions of the Royal Society of Canada; Fourth Series, Vol. XIII, 1975, 22 p. Photocopy typescript
Transatlantica or Common British Ephemera, 12 p. annotated typescript
Travel and Adventure, Books on Trial - Supplement, October 1954, 4 p.; 1 copy published version
Two Fine Coats, Based on a Ready's short story, "A Coat for St. Patrick's Day", Atlantic Monthly, 5 photocopy typescripts

Box 24
Way of a Wake, Ave Maria, April 25, 1964, 20-23; 1 typescript version (annotated) 10 p.; 2 photocopy typescripts; 8 copies of published version; 3 photocopies of published version
The Way To The Grave, Ave Maria, June 23, 1962, 10-14; 2 photocopies of published version
The Way To The Grave (short story), Short story from Book of Short Stories August 1968; photocopy typescript version, 11 p.
Weerawannas, 2 typescript copies 16 p., 14 p.
Westward Ho The Station Wagons, Books for Family Reading 55-57; 1 copy published version
Where Falls Not Hail (a play), "Based on a story of the author from Saturday Evening Post"; 2 typescripts; 3 photocopies of typescript version
Where Falls Not Hail (short story), Saturday Evening Post; 1 photocopy typescript; 1 photocopy of published version, 9 p.
Women in the Writing Craft Producing Some of Today's Finest Books, The Monitor, November 11, 1960; various published copies
Words Meant To Be Heard. Sounds of Literature Captured In High Fidelity Recordings, The Monitor, January 20, 1961
A Writer's Notes on His Craft, 16 p. typescript

Box 25
Unpublished Articles, 1965-1980
Angharad: A Love Story (Play), 18 p. typescript
The Bird, 1 typescript copy, 10 p., annotated by W.B. Ready
A Bird in the Air (Guineas in the Air), 2 photocopied typescripts
Campus Mayhem, 70 p. typescript
Canada: Park and People, 10 p. annotated typescript
Computer Report, 9 p. annotated typescript, February 1977; 8 p. holograph ms.
Conservation, Preservation, Holograph ms. notes, 27 p.; 4 p. annotated typescript
Convention, Typescript and photocopy notes
Cyprus-- Memoir and Review, 9 p. typescript

[Dan Felici], Short story; 2 typescripts
The Deer's Cry. Saint Patrick of Tara (377-460), 3 photocopied typescripts
Dominic and the Chariot, 16 p. typescript
The End of our Beginning, 18 p. typescripts; 4 p. holograph ms.
The Fact of Fiction, 1 typescript copy, 6 p. signed by William Ready
"A Framework For Expansion?" or "Catch 22?", 8 p. annotated typescript
The Harp That Once and Will, 1 photocopy typescript, 12 p.
Hola! Holography, 5 p. typescripts
Holography, Holograph and typescript notes

In A Tavern, 2 typescript copies, annotated by W.B. Ready, 4 p.
An Irish Relation, Photocopy typescript, 24 p.
Jellico, 8 p. typescripts; 21 p. holograph ms.; 20 p. holograph ms.
Karno, Fred Karno's Army, 4 p. annotated typescript
Land of My Fathers: Wales, 1 photocopy typescript, 14 p.
Le Sorcier Pierre: Speriamo!, Holograph ms.; typescript
Lectures to the Seamen of H.M.S. Jackal at Ardrishaig, 13 p. typescripts; typescript, 59 p.
Libraries and the Book Business, Photocopy typescript, 11 p.
A Library Dedication, 9 p. annotated typescript
Library Review, 10 p. holograph ms.; 4 p. annotated typescript

Box 26
Martyrs College, 1 typescript copy, 18 p.
Martyrs Memorial, Act I, Scenes 1-4; Act II, Scenes 1-3; Act III Scenes 1-4, typescript copy
McCavities and Wendigos, 5 p. typescript
More Than Players, Typescript copy, 10 p.; photocopy typescript, 10 p.
Farley Mowat, 4 p. typescript
Music and Flowers, annotated typescript 16 p.; typescript 16 p.
National Library of Wales, 8 p. typescript manuscript

Dr. William Price, 16 p. annotated typescript; 16 p. holograph ms.
Reception 100, 18 p. annotated typescript
Saint and Singer, 20 p. typescript
Science and Literature, 8 p. typescript
[Sidonia], 36 p. typescript
["Sidonia"], 12 p. holograph ms.; 31 p. annotated typescript
Some Aspects of Irish Immigration To Britain, 24 p. typescript; 24 p. photocopy typescript

Tales of Wales, Holograph and typescript manuscript 23 p.
There Are Dragons, 11 p. typescript
3-D Television, 4 p. typescript, annotated; 5 p. holograph ms.; 5 p. holograph ms.; 3 p. holograph ms.
Tolkien, Book review for Ottawa Citizen and CBC, June 24 of J.R.R. Tolkien: A Biography by Humphrey Carter; 7 p. holograph ms.
David Walker, 3 p. typescript; 4 p. holograph ms.; 1 p. typescript "Addenda To David Walker", dated January 10, 1977
T.H. White, 4 p. typescript; 4 p. holograph ms.; 1 p. typescript "Addenda To T.H. White", dated January 7, 1977
Who Would A Writer Be?, Typescript copy, annotated, 7 p.; typescript copy, 8 p.
[A Writing Workshop], 9 p. annotated typescript
University System of Cooperation Among the Libraries of the Provincially-Supported Universities of Ontario: History and Analysis
April 1970, 45 p. typescript
A Writer's Notes On His Craft, Humanities Lecture Series, 1969-70 Faculty of Engineering McMaster University, January 28, 1970. 1-18. typescript version; 2 copies of published version

Box 27
Book compilation:
We Live and Learn. Cromlech Press, 1969. Contributions from grade 3 children, compiled by Ready. Paste-up, artwork (14 drawings), copy of the book, letter from William B. Davis. Note: For other books by Ready see Boxes 37-55.

Devlin. Based on Ready's short story of the same title
Annotated typescript version, 15 p.; 2 photocopies of typescript version; photocopied typescript, 16 p.

Box 28
The Bomb, "Based on a story by the author (Beginnings, Sheed and Ward)" 3 photocopy typescript copies
"The Dinner Party" by Patricia Joudry 1961, Typescript version, 54 p.
"The True Bleeding Heart of Martin B." by M. Charles Cohen, Typescript version, 113 p.
"Angharad: A Love Story" by W.B. Ready, From A Story by the Writer, photocopy typescript, 18 p. 2 copies
Two Untitled Plays by W.B. Ready, Typescript copy
The Piper Pays, Typescript copy, 11 p.

Box 29
Losers, Keepers. A Masque.
Miscellaneous photocopied pages of holograph notes; first typescript 60 p.; 14 p. holograph notes
"Original Mss." holograph notes
Holograph and typescript notes
Holograph notes of partial annotated typescript
Holograph notes, typescript notes
Annotated typescript 70 p.
70 p. clean typescript

Box 30
Final typescript. 70 p.
70 p. annotated copy "original for working copy"
62 p. clean copy (bound) miscellaneous holograph notes
70 p. clean copy: Director's Copy" (bound)
62 p. annotated typescript (bound)

Box 31
Advertising leaflets, article in McMaster News September 1979
Sketch for cover design
Holograph preface
Cover design. Paper dust-jacket
33 p. clean photocopy
Miscellaneous notes regarding the play, including audition names and times, rehearsal units, etc.
2 folders of correspondence regarding production
33 p. photocopy typescript with annotations of "slides and sound cues"
Director's notes for auditions for the play
Proof copy from printers
Material regarding final printing of the play
Photographs Book Reviews, 1965-1980

Box 32
2 binders containing list of the reviews in chronological order

Box 33
Adams, J. Donald. Naked We Came. "A cut above the others."
Adamson, Joyce. Christie, Agatha. Cuneo and Herr. Callaghan, Morley. Clarke, Sir Kenneth. Cary, Joyce. DeGaulle, General . Duncan, David. Forester, C.S.. McGinley, Phyllis. Middleton, Drew. Moraes, Dom. Powell, L.C. Waugh, Evelyn.  "A Reading List That Missed Critics" Raves."
Alliluyeva, Svetlana. Only One Year.
Alpert, Hollis. The People Eaters.
Anouilh, Jean. The Cavern. "The rare genius of Jean Anouilh"
Aquin, Hubert. Prochain Episode.
Ardrey, Robert. The Territorial Imperative.   "...are we animals at heart?"
Arnold, Elliott. Code of Conduct. "Thriller based on Pueblo incident." [Binder July 27, 1970]
Arvin, Newton. American Pantheon. "Essays warm, well-mannered."

Austen, Jane. Bronte, Emily. Cather, Willa. Dinesen, Isak. Frank, Anne. Gordimer, Nadine. Hawkes, Jacquetta. Irwin, Margaret. Mansfield, Katherine. Nesbitt, Elizabeth. O'Connor, Flannery. Porter, Katherine Anne. Jewett, Sarah Orne. Keller, Helen. Lavin, Mary. Rawlings, Margerie. Spark, Muriel. Tey, Josephine. Vining, Elizabeth. Wedgwood, C.V. Yourcenar, M.
"The Only Even Ground. From A to Z, Women Authors Challenge Men's Pre-eminence."

Ayer, Frederick. The Man in the Mirror. "Spy Thriller Rings True."

Ball, George W. The Discipline of Power. "Why All the Fuss? Brisk tale of our dilemma."
Ballard, Phoebe and Todhunter. The Man Who Stole a University.
Barlow, James. One Man in a World . [Binder. December 10, 1966]
[Beckett, Samuel].""A most necessary man for our lives"". Toronto Star. February 20, 1971
Behan, Brendon. Brendon Behan's Ireland. "To Dublin, With Wit and Love."
Bence-Jones, Mark. The Remarkable Irish. "Bland mixture makes fine sleeping potion."
Berrigan, Daniel. Love, Love at the End.
Bessie, Alvah. Inquisition in Eden. "This Film Writer Wanted Both Penny and Bun."
Bialer, Seweryn, ed. Stalin and His Generals; Soviet Military Memoirs of WW II. "The Soviet System in a time of crisis."
Bissell, Claude T. The Strength of the University.
Bergonzi, Bernard. Innovations.
Bloodworth, Dennis. The Chinese Looking Glass. "A must for China-watchers."
Blum, Ralph. The Solicitous Man. "Drugs and the battle to win men's minds." [Binder July 1970]
Bonime, Florence. A Thousand Imitations.
Broderick, John. Don Jauneen. "The Knack of the Irish."
Brown, Christy. Down All The Days . "A Story about Dubliners." [Binder February 1971]
Brown, G. and M. Trudel and A. Vachon, eds. Dictionary of Canadian Biography. "Who Was Who In Early Canada ?"
Broderick, John. Don Juaneen.
Bryher. This January Tale. "A masterful tale of the Conquest ."
Buckler, Ernest. Ox Bells and Fireflies.
Buckley, William. The Unmaking of a Mayor. "Defeat in politics."
Burgess, Anthony. The Doctor Is Sick. "But the Patient is Fine."
Burgess, Anthony. Tremor of Intent. "Joyful carillon for the spy."
Burgess, Anthony. Urgent Copy. "Some great essays from a top novelist." [Binder March 22, 1969]
Burnett, H. The Ice Saints. "Tangled Web of Dilemma."
Burnett, Hallie. Watch On The Wall. ""Watch On The Wall" Jars Us With Truth."

Calkins, Thomas. Kisimusi. "Christianity Can Come Hard."
Callois, Roger. The Mask of Medusa. "Essays Open New Vistas."
Cameron, James. Point of Departure.
Carroll, Ludovici. Fabella Lepida in Qua Aliud Aliciae Somnium Narravit: Aliciae Per Speculum Transitus.
Carroll, Ludovici. Aliciae Per Speculum Transitus: Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.
Castillo, Del. The Seminarian. "A book with a deadly message."
[Binder May 18, 1970]
Catling, Patrick Skene. The Experiment. "The naked truth about sex myths."
Cattley, Robert E. Honoris Causa.
Chardin, Pierre Teilhard. The Making of a Mind. "...A Vision Emerged from the Holocaust."
Chaze, Elliot. Wettermark.
Christopher, John. The Little People. "Don't Read It At Night Unless Door Is Locked."
Christopher, John. The Little People. "Not At Night."
Cleary, Jon. The Pulse of Danger. "Old Theme in new clothes."
Cleary, Jon. The Pulse of Danger. "Sense of Danger Etched In Hunt-and-Chase Novel."
Clifford, Francis. The Naked Runner. "Hero Returns In Spy Yarn."
Coates, Robert M. South of Rome. "Beauty Below Rome Untapped."
Collins, John Connell. Wavell: Supreme Commander.
Colum, Padraic. The Stone of Victory and Other Tales.
Conlon, Pierre and Lotte. Mari Vaux: Two Plays. [Binder January 6, 1968]
Conron, Brandon. Morley Callaghan. "Twayne's Portrait of Callaghan."
Cookridge, E.H. Inside S.O.E. "The Secret Agent..."
Cooper, Edmund. All Fool's Day. "Noted in brief." [Binder September 17, 1966]
Cornell, Louis L. Kipling In India.
Cousins, Norman. Present Tense--An American Editor's Odyssey.
Craig, John. By The Sound of Her Whistle. "The Trent Steamboats."
Crawley, Aiden. De Gaulle. "De Gaulle: The 30-year legend."
Creasey, John. The Oasis. Feathers For The Toff. "Simple fun and spying games." [Binder May 30, 1970]
Creasey, John. The Sleep. "Snow brings forth monsters with tale of the New Man." [Binder December, 1969]
Crowe, Phillip Kingsland. World Wildlife: The Last Stand. "Wildlife: the last stand." [Binder October, 1970]
Cunha, George / Cunha, Dorothy. Conservation of Library Materials; a manual and bibliography on the care, repair and restoration of library materials. Canadian Library Journal. Jan.-Feb. 1973
Cuomo, George. Sing Choirs of Angels. "Stories don't deserve to be in book form." [Binder January 10, 1970]

David, Janina. A Square of Sky. "'A Square Of Sky'. The Story of a Polish Refugee."
Davies, Hunter. I Knew Daisy Smuten. "I Knew Daisy Smuten." [Binder November, 1970]
Davis, Marc. Spector. "Spotlight On The Sad Side of Showbiz." [Binder August 8, 1970]
DeMaria, Robert. Don Juan In Lourdes. "Don Juan In Lourdes" Outrageous."
Dever, Joseph. Cushing Of Boston: A Candid Portrait. "No Pablum In Portrait Of Cushing."
Dever, Joseph. Cushing of Boston: A Candid Portrait. "Truth and Sentiment About Hub's Cardinal."
Dickson, Lovat. H.G. Wells: His Turbulent Life and Times. "H.G. Wells: An outstanding figure in an age of giants."
Dobbs, Kildare. Reading The Time.
Donaldson, Gordon. Fifteen Men.
Dunkin, Paul Shaner.  How to catalog a rare book. Canadian Library Journal. April 1974.
Durrell, Gerald. Two In The Bush. "Collector's story ... Collector's item."
Dylan. "A Tryout Review of "Dylan" "
Eber, Dorothy. The Computer Centre Party.
Edelman, Maurice. David: The story of Ben Gurion. "Sings Praises Of Ben-Gurion."
Edelman, Maurice. Shark Island. "Voodoo, storms and sex season the Edelman mix."
Eliot, T.S. To Criticize The Critic. "A Part of Eliot Canon."
Ellul, Jacques. The Political Illusion. "The paper solution."
Evans, H. The Adventures of Li Chi. "Intriguing Comic Hero, China-Style. From China With Laughs."

Box 34
Fielding, Gabriel. Gentlemen In Their Seasons. "Another Fielding hits the mark."
First, Ruth. 117 Days. "Incarceration of Journalist."
Flood, Charles Bracelen. More Lives Than One. "Back From Korea."
Flynn, Robert. North To Yesterday. "Ireland and the West, for a pair of winners."
Flynn, Robert. North To Yesterday. "Novel of West Concerned With the Dignity of Man."
Forester, C.S.  Admiral Hornblower. "Tales of a sea-dog in his prime."
Forester, C.S.  Long Before Forty.
Fowles, John. The French Lieutenant's Woman.
Friel, Brian. The Saucer of Larks. "Craft of Short Story Is Eire's Top Commodity."
Furlonge, Geoffrey. Lands Of Barbary. "Far-away lands and folk tales."

Ganly, Andrew. The Desolate Sky. "A Book of Tragedy and Truth."
Gardner, Brian. Allenby Of Arabia. "Allenby, Bull of a Man, Superior to Lawrence."
Gaskell, Jane. All Neat In Black Stockings.
Geller, Stephen. She Let Him Continue. "This Novel's Chief Asset: It's Brevity."
Gilford, C.B. The Crooked Shamrock.
Gissing, George. New Grub Street. "Victorian Masterpiece Warns of Writer's Life."
Glyn, Caroline. The Unicorn Girl. "Girl Guides" Delight. "
Godbout, Jacques. Knife On The Table. "Frenchman of a wider France. "
Gold, Herbert. The Great American Jackpot. "Shocker with touch of comedy." [Binder May 9, 1970]
Goodspeed, D.J. Ludendorff. "Germany's evil genius."
Gould, Richard A. Yiwara. "Living with a doomed people." [Binder December 6, 1969]
Green, Gerald. To Brooklyn With Love. "Too much consolation."
Greenberg, Joanne. Summering.
Greene, Harris. The Thieves Of Tumbutu.
Griffin, Gwyn. The Occupying Power. "Old-fashioned tale with lots of punch." [Binder November 23, 1968]
Griffith, Winthrop. Humphrey: A Candid Biography. "Humphrey Biography Frivolous."
Griffiths, James. Passages From Memory. "Memoirs of Welsh Socialist."
Grolier Society of Canada. Encyclopedia Canadiana. "Nothing But the Facts."
Gruber, Frank. Run, Fool, Run. "Noted In Brief."
Guinness, A Salute to Alec
Guy, Rosa. Bird At My Window. "Negro Writing Forceful."
Guy, Rosa. Bird At My Window. "Voice of a Negro Crying Out for His Deliverance."

Haase, John. The Noon Balloon To Rangoon. [Binder January 6, 1968]
Hambleton, Ronald. Mazo de la Roche of Jalna.
Hamilton, Ian. Dever Die In Honolulu.
Hammett, The Novels of Dashiell. "Hammett's Five Novels Still Fresh."
Hanley, Gerald. See You In Yasakuni.
Harbage, Alfred. The Complete Pelican Shakespeare.
Hayes, Helen. A Gift of Joy. "Helen Hayes Recollections."
Heinl, Robert Debs, Jr. Victory at High Tide; The Indo-Seoul Campaign.
Hellman, Lilian. An Unfinished Woman. "Reminiscences of the literary milieu."
Hemingway, Ernest. Islands In The Stream.  "Islands in the Stream." [Binder October, 1970]
Henze, Anton. The Pope and the World. "A History Entertains and Exalts. "
Hiebert, Paul. Willows Revisited. "Old Anglos Talking to themselves."
Hood, Hugh. Around the Mountain. "It's Montreal, the city you'd like to live in."
Hood, Hugh. The Camera Always Lies. "Hugh Hood Scores again. .."
Horan, James D. The Seat of Power. "Reporter Searches Corruption."
Howard, Clark. The Doomsday Squad. "The squad." [Binder November 1970]
Howard, Maureen. Bridgeport Bus. "The Bus To Bridgeport Novel Gritty With Truth."
Howe, Irving, ed. A Dissenter's Guide To Foreign Policy.
Hurd, Douglas and Osmond, Andrew. The Smile On the Face of the Tiger.
Hutchison, Bruce. Mr. Prime Minister: 1867-1964.
Hyams, Edward. The Last Poor Man. "The Last Poor Man Set In Classic Mold."

James, Robert Rhodes. Lord Randolph Churchill.
Jones, Glyn. The Island of Apples. "Celtic World In Eerie Tale."
Judd, Gerritt, ed. A Hawaiian Anthology. "Hawaii history cuts through fairy tale."

Kanelli, Sheelagh. Earth and Water. "Wedded To Man and Country."
Kanin, Garson. Remembering Mr. Maugham. "A merciless self-portrait of Maugham."
Karl, Frederick. An Age of Fiction. "Fiction Fountain British."
Kennan, George F. Memoirs 1925-1959. "Prophet without honour."
Kinross, Lord. Ataturk. "Father Of Modern Turkey."
Kirk, Russell. A Creature of the Twilight. "Carrying Their Cross In Africa."
Kirkup, James. Streets of Asia.
Klinck, Carl F., gen. ed. Literary History of Canada: Canadian Literature in English; Alfred G. Bailey, Claude Bissell, Roy Daniells, Northrup Frye, and Desmond Pacey, eds.

Lane, Mark. Rush To Judgment. "Was Oswald the Assassin?"
Lang, Daniel. Casualties of War. "Leaders in the battlefield." [Binder May 15, 1970]
Langford, Cameron. The Winter of the Fisher. " A year in the life of the rare fisher." [Binder January 1972]
Langguth, A.J. Jesus Christs. "A cry in the screaming wilderness."
Laski, Audrey. The Keeper.
Laurence, Margaret. The Fire-Dwellers. "Rachel's Ultra-Lucky Sister, Stacey, Proves She's Not So Lucky After All."
Laurence, Margaret. A Jest of God.
Leakey, L.S.B. White African. "Scientific signpost to literature."
Lee, Alvin A. James Reaney. "Out of the Pony Class. Twayne series picks a Winner." [Binder Sat. Jan. 18, 1969]
Lessing, Doris. Children of Violence.
Levi, Uri. The Assassin.
Lincoln, Evelyn. My Twelve Years With John F. Kennedy. "President in paperback." [Binder September 10, 1966]
Lockridge, Ernest. Hartspring Blows His Mind.
Lodge, David. Ginger, You"re Barmy.
Lovell, Bernard. The Story of Jodrell Bank. "A far sighted vision in more ways than one."
Lynes, Russell. Confessions of a Dilettante. "The artist as an alien."

Box 35
Macdonald, Malcolm. People and Places. "Naive biography of Malcolm Macdonald."
Macdonald, Ross. Black Money. "Mystery Fills Leisure Fare."
Macdonald, Ross. The Chill. "Fine Quality In Thrillers."
Macdonald, Ross. Harper; Name Is Archer; The Chill; Black Money. "Pick of the private eyes?"
Macken, Walter. God Made Sunday.
Mackenzie, Compton. Paper Lives.
Macmillan, Harold. "Harold Macmillan: The Fourth Volume."
Malamud, Bernard. Pictures of Fidelman. "Splashes of painting for the imaginative."
Martin, Ralph G. The Life of Lady Randolph Churchill. "A glimpse into the world of a lady and her morals."
Masters, John. The Rock. "The rock." [Binder November 1970]
Maugham, Robin. The Wrong People. "The wrong people." [Binder October, 1970]
Mauriac, François. Five Novels. "Mauriac mirrors middle class society."
Maxwell, Gavin. Raven Seek Thy Brother.
Maxwell, Robert S. La Follette.
Mayfield, Sarah. The Constant Circle. "Unhappy sage in a paper bag."
McBain, Ed. The Sentries. "Author Frees Fever and Fear."
McCarthy, Eugene J. The Limits of Power.
McFadden, David. Letters From the Earth to the Earth. "State of mind in Steel City."
McInnes, Graham. Finding a Father.
McNeill, Janet. The Belfast Friends. "Noted in Brief." [Binder September 17, 1966]
McLuhan, Marshall. Counterblast.
Melby, John. The Mandate of Heaven. "The somber truth of Chiang Kai-shek's defeat."
Menard, Wilmon. The Two Worlds of Somerset Maugham. "Prime Book For Students of Writing."
Moinar, Thomas. Africa: Political Travelogue. "Other Side of the Coin of Africa."
Monsarrat, Nicholas. The Pillow Fight. "Written For Tickle, Comfort."
Montaurier, Jean. One Man Must Die. "Life is not like this."
Moore, Brian. The Emperor of Ice-Cream.
Moore, Raylyn. Mock Orange. "A state of mind and of the union."
Moraes, Dom. Poems 1955-1965. [Binder January 7, 1967]
Moravia, Alberto. Man As An End. "Moravia's Primer For Writers."
Morressy, John. The Addison Tradition.
Morton, Richard. An Outline of the Works of Dylan Thomas. "Dylan Thomas."
Mousa, Suleiman. T.E. Lawrence: An Arab View. "Lawrence: just a legend?"
Muggeridge, Malcolm. Something Beautiful for God. "Mother Teresa...a love to share with the world." [Binder May 8, 1971]
Murdoch, Iris. The Red and the Green. "Other Side To Irish Revolution."
Murdoch, Iris. A Fairly Honorable Defeat. "Flavor stays true in baker's dozen." [Binder March 27, 1970]
Murdoch, Iris. The Nice and the Good.
Murphy, Dervla. In Ethiopia With A Mule."Irish homebody travelled far." [Binder March 18, 1969]
Murphy, Dervla. Tibetan Foothold.
Murray, William Cotter. Michael Joe. "Gombeen-Man."
Mustard, Fred. The Mephisto Waltz. "A bizarre, unique tale on the Prince of Darkness."

Newman, Peter. The Canadian Establishment. Vol. 1.
Newquist, Roy, ed. Counter Point. "Marching to a different drum." [Binder March 9, 1968]
Nobbs, David. Ostrich Country.
Nolte, William H. H.L. Mencken: Literary Critic. "Never dull, usually right."
Norman, John. Labor and Politics in Libya. "Arab Masses Awakening With Labor and Politics."

O'Brien, Edna. Casualties of Peace. "Disastrous Sullen Lives of Shipshod."
O'Brien, Edna. Casualties of Peace. "Life with the skin off."
O'Brien, Edna. The Love Object.
O'Connell, Marvin R. The Oxford Conspirators.
O'Connor, Flannery. Everything That Rises Must Converge. "Gusto for Life in Tales by Flannery O'Connor."
O'Faolin, Jean. The Heat of the Sun. "Successor to O'Connor."
Ogburn, Charlton. The Gold of the River Sea. "Nature of Amazon Unfolds."
O'Hara, John. Lovely Childs. "A horrible tale of vice, sickness." [Binder January 10, 1910]
Orkin, Mark M. Speaking Canadian English. "Speaking Canadian English." [Binder June 1971]

Painter, Charlotte. Confession from the Malaga Madhouse.
Pearson, Hesketh. Hesketh Pearson, By Himself. "He's a Man Welcome In Any Group."
Peel, Bruce. Librarianship in Canada 1946 to 1967.
Pike, James A. If This Be Heresy. The Bishop Pike Affair; by William Stringfellow and Anthony Towne. "'rebel' bishop trails his coat...while lawyer and poet rush to his defence."
Portis, Charles. True Grit.
Pottle, Frederick A. James Boswell: The Earlier Years, 1740-1769. "All's Well With Boswell."
Potts, Jean. An Affair of the Heart. "Dilemma of Women." [Binder July 1970]
Powell, Anthony. The Kindly Ones. "Anthony Powell's England Rides Toward Its Sunset."
Power, Richard. The Hungry Grass.
Prisco, Michele. A Spiral of Mist.

Box 36
Radana, Gene. Walking the Beat.
Rae, Hugh C. A Few Small Bones.
Read, Piers Paul. Game In Heaven With Tussy Marx.
Read, Piers Paul. Game In Heaven With Tussy Marx. [Binder October 22, 1966]
Reid, John. Horses With Blindfolds. "A Canadian tale to be cherished."
Richler, Mordecai. Hunting Tigers Under Glass. "Critical cool look at a mod mod world."
Richler, Mordecai. The Street.
Robb, Wallace Havelock. Arrayed-In-Wampum." Ontario earns debt of praise." Rogers, H. and E. Weber, eds. The European Right. "Parties to the Right in Europe." Roxan, D. and K. Wanstall. The Rape of Art. "History's Greatest Art Plunder."
Roy, Gabrielle. The Road Past Altamont. "Noted in brief." [Binder September 17, 1966]

Sa, Hernane Tavares de. The Play Within the Play. "The Diplomatic View."
St. John, David. The Sorcerers. "Hero makes 007 look tame." [Binder April 4, 1970]
Salsbury, Edith Colgate. Susy and Mark Twain. "Joviality was a shield to Mark Twain's Sorrow."
Schaap, Dick. Turned On. "A beast beside the highway."
Schull, Joseph. Laurier: the First Canadian.
Sciascia, Leonardo. A Man's Blessing.
Share, Bernard. Inish. "A talent veiled in Joycean tedium."
Shaw, Howard. Keepers of the Obelisk. "Rib tickling tale of a traditional butt."
Shaw, Robert. A Card From Morocco.
Sillitoe, Alan. Guzman Go Home.
Simenon, Georges. The Cat.
Simenon, Georges. The Cat. Long Before Forty. C.S. Forester.
Slattery, T.P. The Assassination of D"Arcy McGee. "A long look at murder of D'Arcy McGee."
Smith, Ed. Where To--Black Man? [Binder February 24, 1968]
Smith, William Ward. Midway Turning Point in the Pacific. "Admiral Relives Drama of the Battle at Midway."
Snow, C.P. The Sleep of Reason.
Solzhenitsyn, Alexander I. The Cancer Ward.
Spark, Muriel. The Bronte Letters. "A Spark that Rekindles the Brontes" Flame."
Stephens, James (unpublished writings). James, Seumas, and Jacques. "James, Seumas, and Jacques."
Stephens, Robert O. Hemingway's Nonfiction.
Stevens, William. The Peddler. "Canada shares same rat race."
Stewart, J.I.M. Cucumber Sandwiches. "Feast of delights" is a sour cucumber."
Stuart, Jesse. My Land Has a Voice.
Summer Hill, For and Against. "A very unusual school". [Binder August 15, 1970]
Sutherland, Douglas. The Landowners .
Symons, Scott. Place D'Armes. "A sorry mess ... but important."

Szule, Tad. The Bombs of Palomares. "The day the bombs fell over Palomares."
Thomas, Alan. The Professor.
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Lord of the Rings. The Hobbit. The Tolkien Reader. "From the hobbits - a lesson of love."
Tolkien, J.R.R. The Silmarillion. Review in the Ottawa Citizen, September 24, 1977.
Traven, B. The Night Visitor. "Dark Landscape."
Traven, B. The Night Visitor, and Other Stories.
Trease, Geoffrey. The Italian Story. "Opposite From "The Italians"."
Trevor, William. The Day We Got Drunk on Cake. "Despair under the clown's mask."
Trillin, Calvin. Barnet Frummer Is An Unbloomed Flower. "Much packed into 100 zany pages."
Troop, Robert. The Innocent Greed.
Troy, Una. The Prodigal Father. "Poetic Work by Una Troy."
Turnbull, Andrew. Thomas Wolfe.

Vere White, Terence de. Lucifer Falling.
Vicaire, M.H. Saint Dominic and His Times. "Holy Man in Time of Upheavals."
Wainwright, Andy. Notes For a Native Land. "At Last 'We're writing our thing'." [Binder December 12, 1969]
Ward, Barbara. Spaceship Earth. "Imbalance: our real dilemma."
Warner, Sylvia Townsend. T.H. White.
Warren, C.E.T., Benson, James. The Midget Raiders. "Deadly midgets that terrified the Italians." [Binder February 7, 1970]
Waugh, Evelyn. Brideshead Revisited. A Tourist in Africa. "Waugh Leads Autumn Book Parade."
Wells, Joel. Grim Fairy Tales for Adults: Parodies of the Literary Lions. "A book in the pillory."
West, Jessamyn. Except For Me and Thee. "Written out of goodness and quality." [Binder August 1969]
White, Gilbert. The Natural History of Selborne. "Parson's Classic Pen."
White, Terence de Vere. The Parents of Oscar Wilde: Sir William and Lady Wilde. "Victorian Vignettes. Life with the Wildes."
White, T.H. America at Last.
White, Theodore H. Caesar At The Rubicon.
Whiteside, Thomas. An Agent in Place.
Wightman, Edith Mary. Roman Trier: And The Treveri. "Rome of the north." [Binder May 1, 1971]
Williams, John A. The Man Who Cried I Am. "At last, the awaited American Negro novel."
Williams, Wirt. The Trojans. [Binder December 24, 1966]
Wilson, Edmund. O Canada: an American's Notes on Canadian Culture.
Wilson, Guthrie. Brave Company. "Here Is The Infantry."
Windsor, John. The Mouth of the Wolf. "Paratroop partisan."
Wiseman, Thomas. Czar. "Celluloid Empire Collapses."
Wood, H.F . Vimy. "Vimy! Among the best books to come from the Ridge."
Woodham-Smith, Cecil. The Great Hunger.
Woodham-Smith, C. The Great Hunger. "History of Ireland: Time of Famine and Horror."
Wright, Richard B. The Weekend Man. [Binder February 6, 1972]
Young, Agatha. The Town and Dr. Moore. "Doctors Gain Novel Places." Makeway, Casey and Kildare.
Zelver, Patricia. The Honey Bunch. "Feminine look at raw reality is a honey." [Binder December 27, 1969]

Boxes 37-8
Files on Parade, Scarecrow Press. 1982
1 file of correspondence relating to this autobiography. 1979-1982. Also manuscript and galleys of Files on Parade.

Boxes 39-41
The Poor Hater (previously titled "Solitary Parky") 1958
Holograph manuscript notes, interleaved with typescript notes (3 folders)
Typescript version. 239 p.
Typescript version annotated by Ready.
Bound typescript. 207 p.
Annotated typescript, interleaved with manuscript notes and the publisher's typed comments
Galley-proof, annotated. 432 p. (in 2 folders)
Published version, unbound. 337 p.
Newspaper reviews, poster from Marquette University.

Box 42
The Reward of Reading: A Guide to the Library by William Ready and Richard Matzck. 1964
Folder contains correspondence, 4 original published versions, and pictures used in the book.

Not published:
Necessary Russell. An Introduction to Bertrand Russell and His Archive. Holograph manuscript, 18 p.; annotated typescript version, 13 p.; typed manuscript, 140 p.
Necessary Russell. A Guide to the Life and Archives of Bertrand Russell. Holograph notes; Annotated typescript notes; published material on Russell.

Boxes 43-6
Tolkien Relation

Boxes 47-9
Not published: Material for a projected book, Chanticleer, on Pierre Berton (interview notes, research files, etc.)

Boxes 50-1
"End of Term"
"Madrid" (1974), Holograph manuscript
"Maritime", Holograph manuscript

Box 52
Annotated typescript and holograph manuscript notes
Annotated typescript version, 212 p.
Final Draft typescript copy, 212 p.

Box 53

Box 54
"Samos (1)" Annotated typescript notes
2 pamphlets entitled "Thrace and Marmara Region," and "Aegean Region. Turkey."
"Samos (2)" Typescript notes, 249 p.
"Samos (3)" Annotated typescript notes

Box 55
Unidentified manuscripts

Box 56
The Aegean Campaign
Speech given before the Military History Club, February 13, 1974. Holograph manuscript notes. Photographs. 26 copies of map of Mediterranean. 20 p. typescript
McMaster Convocation Address, May 1980. 17 p. holograph ms.16 p. typescript
Medicine and Literature: Doctors in Both Faculties. Paper presented to the Mayo Foundation March 2, 1961 p. 57-66.
The Single Culture Analytical colloquium #9. Given Monday, January 17, 1977. An appreciation of science through literature, 10 p. annotated typescript
The Tolkien Relation. Photocopy of the text of a speech delivered 10 June 1968 at the 23rd CLA-ACB Conference Banquet, Jasper.
The Two Technologies. 14 p. typescript
Zero Base Budget (1975-1976) 11 p. holograph notes

Interview (transcript) with Harvey Ladd, March 1976. For Labour Studies Dept., 18 pp. Typescript.

Box 57
University of Manitoba. The Political Implications of the Manitoba School Question, 1896-1916.
Being a thesis written for the University of Manitoba in partial fulfilment of the requirements leading to the Degree of Master of Arts. April 1948
Notebook on Welsh history
Articles about William Ready by others.
Articles pertaining to the Bertrand Russell Archives to McMaster University.
"When The Famous Scribble The Learned Collect."
The Globe Magazine by Alan Edmonds. June 26, 1971 [Bertrand Russell's papers]

Box 58
B&w portraits of Ready; family photographs, b&w and col.

Box 59
Theatre handbills and programmes

Box 60
File of biographical material; illustrations, programmes, misc. material.

Box 61
Unsorted correspondence, notes, printed material, miscellaneous

Boxes 62-3
Unsorted correspondence

Box 64
Tarrasa '70, Asambleas obreras en el campo
Universidad 1971/72, Luchas y manifestaciones universitarias en Madrid
Pedro Patino, La Muerte De Un Obrero
En las Carceles de Espana , Amnistia para los presos politicos
El Largo Viaje Hacia la Ira
Milan 1972.

Sound recordings
15 audio cassettes and 1 audio reel were removed from this fonds and located with the Division's audio collection.

Second accrual:
6 audio cassettes of Ready reading stories: Coo-Cullen 1-3; Barring the Weight / The Way to the Grave; Where Falls Not Hail / A Coat for St. Patrick's Day; Tales from Wales / The Sin of Cement.

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